Unlimited Veggies on Nutrisystem?

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Many of the vegetables I eat are on the unlimited list. What is the bare minimum we're required to eat? 1/2c, 1 cup???..

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Your question was: Unlimited Veggies on Nutrisystem?.

In the e-class on Monday, Mary Gregg, the head Dietitian, was asked this question. She said to stick to the 1/2 cup cooked, 1 cup raw as the minimum on the unlimited, but there is really no maximum...

Comment #1

I'm pretty sure that the unlimited veggies are actually unlimited because they are so low in calories it's highly unlikely that you could sabotage your diet with them. I make a jumbo salad everyday for lunch. It's about 6oz romaine, 6 oz cucumber, and another 4 to 6 oz of green bell pepper...

Comment #2

Ok, this sounds just like me. Lettuce n cuke's.

But! Can we just double up on an "unlimited" vege and count it as 2 servings?.

(Eg: 2 cups lettuce for lunch & 2 cups cucumber for dinner.).

Would that equal 4 total vege servings for the day?.

Thank you...

Comment #3

Yes. The minimum is the amount to count as a vegetable serving. The unlimited part is just to keep you satisfied...

Comment #4

Ok, so if I ate 4 cups of lettuce in one day I'd be meeting the minimum vege requirements.

Phew, great. cuz I don't always get the chance to be creative. And I hoped 4 x's the minimum was ok...

Comment #5

I don't see how 1 cup of lettuce meets the vegetable serving requirement when 1 cup has 5 - 10 calories...

Comment #6

Huh, what?.

I'm just going by the booklet. I keep hearing "go by measurements listed in the back of the booklet and the on-line meal planner.".

When I click on it, it says .50 cup for cucumber and 1cup for lettuce..

Plus I don't know where you're finding the calories listed.

I've been told to ignore the calorie count in the meal planner and just mark off your items in the book..

Now it sounds like I'm not getting enough vege servings & I thought I was. oh mercy. I just keep hitting brick walls. been stuck for weeks...

Comment #7

ShrinkerBell: I would call and talk to a Counselor. 1-800-321-8446, Option 4..

Comment #8

Do you log your meals online on "My Program"? It has all the calorie counts and you can tell if you are staying within the recommended daily amount. Like on my program, it is 1350. You don't have to figure calories with the Nutrisystem foods, but it helps to stay within bounds on the add-ins...

Comment #9

You're both such lovely ladies. Thank you for your straight-forwardness. I'll have to call again.

But I'm afraid I don't even know what to ask anymore. Hopefully I'll have better luck w/a different counselor..

Seems like I'm getting nowhere fast w/conflicting information or simply info overload..

Once they tell me to do this or do that, I stick to it like glue.

Only to find out weeks later it's wrong, incomplete or misunderstood.

Glad I logged back in tonight. Thank you again...

Comment #10

Right or wrong...this is what I do and it's worked like a charm so far! I don't measure my unlimited veggies. I also don't really count my # of servings. I eat only veggies that are unlimited and I eat until I'm satisfied. For example, at dinner, which is my big meal of the day... I might start with a huge salad of romaine, red peppers, cukes, tomatoes, onions, etc. Then with my entree, I would have some roasted green beans or brussel sprouts or broccoli or eggplant, etc.

(or some COMBINATION of unlimited veggies). Some days I might not feel like a salad...or some days ONLY a salad as my just depends!..

Comment #11

I do pretty much the same thing...although I don't worry too much about even the limited veggies.

Just to clarify, for people who do measure limited vegetables, green beans and brussel sprouts are not unlimited...

Comment #12

Thanks Mimi!! I learn something new about this program everyday and it should have been a no-brainer...I guess I had basically been treating non-starchy veggies as unlimited...

Comment #13

Hi all. Could someone tell me how the frozen mixed broccoli and cauliflower is unlimited please? On the bag, it is 30 calories per serving, with 3.5 servings in each bag. How do you not count 90+ calories? Thank you...

Comment #14

As I posted on the other thread you started about this:..

Comment #15

This is what I do too. I really don't worry at all about measuring vegies (even the limited ones), and I fill up on the unlimited ones as often as I like Maybe it slowed my loss, maybe it's not exactly "right", but it's something I can stick to for the rest of my life, and it sure beats what I used to fill up on!! LOL..

Comment #16

I find it hard to believe the rule of 1/2 c. cooked and 1 c. raw for the unlimited vegetables - especially when we're talking celery or cucumbers! The online Meal Planner lists celery as 1 medium stalk, which is not 1 cup. So which is right?!..

Comment #17

IMO, it's CELERY Roo! Eat the whole blessed bunch if you want to LOL Seriously, I don't bother measuring anything with that low a calorie count (like radishes, the online planner lists 1 med as a serving at 0.7 calories...seriously? I eat as many as I want)...

Comment #18

Wow , Tess ! Im impressed with your weight loss. Do you set up your meals with veggies like they have on the planner...

Comment #19

I've really never measured my vegies. I eat a big salad once or twice a day, take carrots, celery, radishes with me to work, and have a big serving of cooked vegies in the evening (often broccoli or spinach, but lots of variety is nice too LOL). Thanks for the kind words, still struggling with the last stubborn pounds, but I don't think they're sticking around due to my vegie consumption..

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