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I am collecting all forms of scripts for various sites and have found forums as these a good source of collecting them..

My dilema is this many of the scripts sold on nampros can be found just by doing a google search and many for free....for instance a Url shortening script advertised a few times on namepros 1 even with a $200 bin with resale rights!.

But which I downloaded free a few minutes ago!!.

Myspace resource websites and scripts advertised by the bucketload!.

Sms sripts sites 170 countries copyright claimed by the sellers!.

Can I challenge these people??? can I heck the hostility is unbelievable, I am not a programmer or a coder so when someone says ah but my script is unique I am meant to understand that!!! or have you looked at the code? and compared it with the other programme?.

But my script is written in php and the other script is not! what is that all about ? .

Some clever and talented individual or company has spent a lot of time and effort only for some spotty school kid to rip off their product and sell it on namepros as their own..

Can I commision someone to rewrite vbulletin in another programming lanquage and legitimately sell that?.

Whatever the rights and wrongs my estimation of namepros has been extremely damaged to such an extent when someone says they have the right to sell something I am more inclined to do a google search...........and finding that the same type or even the same script free............but of course, that wont be the same as the unique script thats for sale on namepros!.

In order for namepros to have credibility they should have sellers justify their right to sell scripts or at least make an assesment based on probability Ie. seller claiming resell right or exclusive rights to a script thats been sold loads of times before...

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Someone has the right to sell/give away any script that they have made themselves or bought with resale rights...

Comment #1

I am a little confused to the meaning of this post ? .

What point are you trying to make in the Legal Issues & Disputes ? .

If you dig deep enough you will find scripts that are unique and that are not freely available.....

Comment #2

He's complaining that of two similar scripts, one may cost money,.

Eg: by his logic vB should be free because PHPBB is..

Comment #3

You can challenge them all you want! But you won't get very far. They have done nothing wrong (unless they're selling without the right to do so). It is up to YOU to do the research before you purchase a product, to see if what someone is selling is freely available. Just because someone else may be giving it away for free, doesn't mean that someone else shouldn't sell it for a fair market price (if they have the rights to do so). Of course you may! As long as you don't use their copyrighted code. That's the free enterprise system at work.

Car companies clone other car companies ideas all the time. Food manufacturers see a hot selling item and cook up their own version. That's how the world turns...

Comment #4

First off all thanks for the 50% off Awesome!!.

The meaning of the post is really for me to find out what constitutes legal and the "Can I commision someone to rewrite vbulletin in another programming lanquage and legitimately sell that?" response by Gene. Fair enough but who polices who has the licence to sell or not to sell. With vbulletin, serbflipper it's reg numbers but the same with sms scripts, rss scrips myspace scripts it's impossible to check and even at that you would get verbally attacked for even suggesting that they dont have the right to sell..

Result? sell whatever you want and buyer beware.

Dig deep enough?? I am talking of blatenly selling extemely common scripts as your own without even an iota of enhancement. I have better things to do than deeply scrutinise sales I want to take people at their word.

Also how much do you have to change someone elses script before you can call it you own or not even change the script but just add some html to to a site which uses the script to call that site unique. Err No! Complaining of slight changes and clever use of words to sell someone elses work off as your own. Thus satisfiying the legal requirement to have done enough work to call it your own.

I noticed a sales thread crashed by someone posting that they had found a free script had I done that I would have got a warning!.

Instead we should have a duty to one another and create a place where we can download such scripts or be able to make known to sellers that identical free scripts exist and be helpfull to them..

(anybody remember the concept community?)..

Comment #5

Pay2Post, you PMed me regarding the Bakward script. It was settled in chat last night, and you never replied. As Fish stated, the script you claim to be the same is is in JAVASCRIPT bakward is in PHP....(Bakward was written for me by a coder here) The buyer is fine with this, he even PMed me about it.

As I Pmed you before I think you have confused CONCEPT and Unique SCRIPT..

As I said, you can try and disprove me all you like, heck I even apologised for disproving you, but I have nothing to hide and have done nothing wrong...

Comment #6

Its called a dignified silence, your script is only one of many scripts going around that claim to be unique...unique conveys the allusion that one is getting a one off...........not a copy of a concept.

The object of the posting is to see where the legal barriers are. This has been cleared up by Gene then he sites Microsoft!.

We know that they are thieving bullies and can get a way with stealing, in most cases, but whoe betide any one that tries to steal or adapt microsoft code. So what I see is, it's morally wrong to replicate another persons programe unless there is a positive improvement over the old programme...

Comment #7

I think you need an understanding of software licenses. Start reading about GNU/GPL. If you don't understand it then read it over and over until you do. There are some sites that explain it as well. There are other licenses as well and even some authors are lazy and do not create a license (legally they still own copyright though).

You can't copyright an idea for software. You can only copyright the code itself. So forum software (as an example) can be written in many various ways..heck they could operate the exact same way even. There are some instances of patents for software such as Amazon and it's 1-click checkout. However those are disputed and many experts feel software patents are weak in nature.

Keep in mind that only an original author can create the original license for a script. From there it has to be alterered only if the original license allows it. GNU/GPL allows alterations and changes within certain parameters.

As for making Namepros responsible for checking the credibility of each script and poster...that's ludicrous and not possible. It's up to the buyer to be aware of what they are purchasing. However NP is good about banning those caught with ripped scripts. You should always be careful about buying unique scripts. Often they are not as you noted.

Good luck..btw why are you collecting scripts?..

Comment #8

Alot of scripts that are being sold by people are complete freeware, meaning, yes you can download the exact script if you search for it for free. People compile a package of scripts and then sell them to other people who are looking for those types of scripts. In most cases, those people have done nothing but compile freeware scripts and the only "product" they are offering is their intial time to download them all and send them to you.

I think it's wrong, but it happens all the time. I think in a community setting like this, with like-minded individuals, this type of senseless profiteering should not be permitted. We are here to exchange ideas, help each other, and generally promote a sense of community, yet it still goes on. And like you said, usually if you find a post of someone offering to sell something of this nature and try to point out the fact that it's available free to download, you get yelled at. It's really a struggle between trying to help people and not being rude and *busting* a topic. I don't think people should be allowed to bust topics, so the moderators are right in that sense, but at the same time people should be encouraged to help each other out.

I mean if someone codes their own script and wants to sell it, thats one thing, but passing off freeware scripts for profit is just wrong...

Comment #9

I disagree...we are all here to conduct business or to enhance our business. It's common in the marketplace for script packages to be sold...normally they are cheap though. I see no harm in it. If buyers are not interested...this stuff wouldn't sell. As long as there is nothing illegal or breaking TOS/license then there is no harm. Having a 500MB download of 1000 free scripts can be handy if the price is right...

Comment #10

Been a fan of Wht, Sitepoint (what have they done!) and digital point but it's the namepros page that is always open.

The primary reason to be honest is that sites and scripts are as cheap as heck! but have to admit been ripped off a few times thats when people promise one thing but dont carry through.

So in my estimation unsrupulous members are taking advantage of other members with little recourse to sanction. and that does not instill confidence in Namepros...

Comment #11

Maybe provide links and proof.

As all I can see now are accusations..

Comment #12

Any complaints there have have dealt by staff extremely effectively..

I am sure Mark and RJ will confirm to you the procedure. if you are suggesting that I name members I am sure that it would cause serious embarressment and recriminations..

Some domainers in the right or wrong learn from their experiances and put matters behind them not doggedly hold on to their point of view irespective, or deliberately set out to bait others.

Down boy!!.

Bonzer Yes as Almac dont wory I wont have someone make it more unique for me to sell on ( it's already unique enough)..

Comment #13

Now I am just really confused as to what you want. What is your complaint? What do you think people should be doing? You keep up with this Namepros is a problem routine and I think other members are going to take issue with that...escpecially since you refuse to name anyone that has ripped you off. Seems like total BS to me. Ughh..that should be standard practice along with asking for a demo. It's your responsibility to be diligent against fraudsters and thieves. It's your money they are getting NOT namepros.

Namepros has been EXCELLENT at banning people that are fraudsters so I really don't understand most of your complaint...

Comment #14

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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