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To which I replied this morning:.

Actually, it kind of would. If your puerile amusement cost me any money, you can be sure it's going to cost you a lot more.

Anyone else want to share thoughts/advice?..

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TWA can stand for several things and is not unique to the airline.

You are NOT using the domain to make money off TWA, the airline. In fact, you're not making money at all. The domain is not parked, nor is it "inactive." Instead the site offers a Bible verse and links to charitable organizations. No one would mistake this site for an airline.

If anything, this domain has probably cost you money.

I'm not a lawyer, but if I were, I would NOT see this site, as it stands right now, as cybersquatting.

However, as a commericial property, it seems very limited; I would hesitate to sell it to TWA's parent company, even unknowingly (for example, through a broker), so if you do sell it, be sure you know who the buyer is. Maybe have the potential buyer sign a waver promising not to sue or file a UDRP.

In terms of selling, this is a tricky domain, given that TWA was very well-known in the airline industry, but they don't own the acronym itself.

I believe that some people on this forum have WAY too much time on their hands and should attend to their own affairs.


Comment #1

Where is the original thread? I would like to view the original thread so I can understand the context of how this came about...

Comment #2

This came out of a .ws appraisal thread that has been cleaned up. It was also a continuance to the 7 million portfolio thread that has been cleaned up as well.

I did loose my temper yesterday, but I do believe I remained civil for the most part. If someone disagrees with me about something I post that's fine. To have a conniption and go straight to ridiculing me is not ok. Threatening to attack my pocketbook for "puerile amusement" is way not ok.

To Ms Domainer - Thank you...

Comment #3

Are those PMs? It's imho very uncouth of you to post them with his username intact...

Comment #4

No. Those were in the thread. If he did what he said he did then I don't see what the problem is.

Got anything on the merits of a UDRP regarding this name?..

Comment #5

There are internet archives of you directly using TWA related content and marks with this domain...

Comment #6

OK, I still don't see the whole thread and how this came about, but from looking at the site, you have no problems whatsoever with a UDRP.

I believe a line in the sand has been crossed by Dongsman (from the evidence I see), it's not even funny IMO, and I have a pretty good sense of humor.

I would suggest an apology is in order...

Comment #7

Ahh... The old after-the-fact "National Bible Association" defense, huh?.

Yeah. LOL. Good luck with that. TWA.ORG | TWA Just because one can fabricate some sort of deniability doesn't mean that deniability is going to hold up under scrutiny...

Comment #8

That was a cheap rss mini script I tried. Then I had a custom cms about Washington Agriculture. It's my name so I'll do whatever I want with it. I'm sure you'll keep going.

"But beyond that, I'm more interested in assisting the mark holders with jerking your name than I am with tipping any hands, so good luck to you. You can sleep well about it tonigt... The process moves pretty slowly.".

Thanks, I'll sleep fine.

Anyone else on the merits of a UDRP regarding this name?..

Comment #9

The biggest offender was in fact as a parked Godaddy page, surprise surprise!.

It is quite apparent that the domain has been used in the proper manner going back into the nineties. It is not your place to threaten people with UDRP's, especially on this forum IMO.

If you bothered to look way back you will see it was a religious based Tibetan website for many years...

Comment #10

1. I don't see any tm issues on this tbh, a udrp would be a waste of cash. Specially since the airline was shut down in 2001. Not that the site has anything to do with any airline.

2. Threatening other members of the community is against NamePros TOS: 3. Can I request the both of you to just walk away from this right now for a cooling off period, I can see this ending badly all around.

Just use the 'ignore user' feature if it's that much of an issue.

And it's an internet age, doesn't pay to make enemies, here's some recommended reading: I Will Hunt You Down Like The Dog You Are.

Basically to show that knee jerk reactions to online comments can have far reaching implications for all parties involved...

Comment #11

Technically that's not true and it's that attitude that will get the into a UDRP...

Comment #12

Of course I could have gone into detail w/ my statement. I already said I absolutely never have used any TWA mark.

I have maintained registration of the name in good faith.

I do appreciate the participation in this thread regardless of position...

Comment #13

Is there a purpose to this thread?.

Why is it here? or anywhere, for that matter?..

Comment #14

Either way Dongsman stepped over the line, a threat is a threat, I'd be ticked off if I received such PM's about a name I owned and certainly wouldn't just brush it under the rug, who the heck do you think you are anyways.....

Comment #15

I see that both of you guys have ended up having issues against each other and none could be holded responsible for that.

But don't you guys think that if you don't end this up now, both of you loose a possibly wonderful future business partner/customer or seller as well.

Just think about it as small quarrel and stop messing up with each other wasting your own valuable time.

I personally have seen you guys around for a some time now and I feel that you guys have more domains to work on than issues to waste time on..... so guys get goin....

All the best and cya..

Comment #16

Yeah, I have no problem with that. I've said all I need to say, done all I needed to do..

I have no problem calling an "end" to it, as far as my own participation is concerned. As far as the mark holders, at this point, it's up to them..

I will not share any communications I've had, but I'll just say this no longer has anything to do with me.

As far as those who "see no problem" with this name from a TM standpoint, I would suggest actually reading up on a few UDRPs that resulted in a transfer order..

"IT WAS JUST PARKED!!!" or "I DIDN'T KNOW!!" or "IT'S MINE AND I CAN DO ANYTHING I WANT WITH IT" aren't accepted defenses.

Anyway, I'm done. Glad I've always known better than to own names like this. good luck amenzl...

Comment #17

You don't get to lob those kind of grenades and say you're done...

Comment #18

Sure I do.

Watch, I'll do it again.

I'm done. Good luck to you and yours this holiday season...

Comment #19

You're an amusing character. Of course he can. What are you going to do? Tell his mommy?.

I'll get a fairly good chuckle from all this if we see a UDRP happen for in the future. Dongsman is 100% right. You're statements about the domain won't fly in a decision and you'll end up losing the domain...

Comment #20

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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