GoDaddy reviews : Good idea to pay for GoDaddy?? typos/miss-spells copyright question

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Hi guys,.

Have a question for the more experienced domainers here.

Will there be any problems buying miss-spells of big companies FOR EXAMPLE or

Im thinking of buying miss-spells of established sites and putting up adsense pages..

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Huge problems.

It is one thing to do it to generic words that have no trademarks attached like cimputers, but quite another to do it to a leviathan like Google who could and will crush you. Even if it means they permanently disable your adsense account, since you have no problems taking money under false pretenses.

I would usually state that this is my opinion as a non-lawyer, but I don't have to since it is pretty much common sense.

You are asking whether it is a good idea to siphon traffic from the biggest internet giant in the world, the one that basically controls it illegally so I have to ask, have you been drinking or smoking in the last 24 hours?..

Comment #1

Right..i have changed the wording of my post to make it more accurate..

Comment #2

Yes it would be a problem that can result in civil penalties of as much as $100,000 per domain name...

Comment #3

Ok, thxs for the reply jberryhill.

As I am a non-us resident, will this actually be a problem for me ?

Comment #4

I can't believe you asked that question.

What kind of lawless society do you come from ? .

There are international trademarks, regional trademarks and common law trademarks..

It's not only about the legal aspect, it's about your integrity as well..

You may lose potential business relationships based on how you conduct yourself...

Comment #5

Thing is, I check out just about everyone I have dealings with, if they engage in dubious practices it makes me wonder if they will screw me over in the future too.

I start to wonder if they are going to start siphoning my hard won traffic or spreading rumours about me when I have bought a site off them so they can re-establish under a new name.

Any way you look at it, if you are not absolutely above reproach you will harm yourself further down the line in the future when people will wonder if you are worth doing business with. So make sure everyone knows what a paragon of society you are so they can recommend all their friends to you.

Any kind of issue like this sets warning bells off in peoples heads, so do you wish to be known as a white knight in shimmering armour rescuing the damsel or the sociopathic black hat tying her and her pony to the traintracks?.

Stick to generic domains, with or without typos if that is your wish. But keep well away from company domains and established sites just to steal traffic...

Comment #6

Yes, it can be.

You were thinking of putting up "adsense pages". Presumably, you are referring to Google adsense or some other service situated in the United States which, by necessity, will result in your entering into a contract having a situs in the US or otherwise conducting business in the US, whether you are physically located here or not. That may provide a sufficient contact to render you subject to personal jurisdiction in a US court relative to a matter connected with that business conducted in the US, and then a US court judgment against you can be enforced under the relevant treaty.

However, it is unlikely that you live in a country which does not have it's own relevant legal mechanisms...

Comment #7

Thanks again jberryhill.

I see lots of miss-spells domains in the hands of domainers, like, I thought it should be ok owning a domain like that..

Comment #8

I wouldn't be too concerned with what other people are doing and seemingly getting away with. All it takes is your domain to get noticed for you to lose, and those people getting away with it won't even give a damn.

They are playing with fire and a live grenade, do you really want to up the ante for yourself and add juggling and a chainsaw into the mix?..

Comment #9

I was going to reply to this, but jberryhill and sparhawke said it all. (Nah - I can still come up with another $0.02 ).

Yes, sadly some domainers make a practice of collecting these types of names. Doesn't make it a smart thing to do and it certainly isn't a GOOD thing to do. Lots of other domainers collect, sell and profit from generic or brandable domains which are NOT a ripoff of someone else's company or product name - that's a better road to take.

Deliberately pissing off other companies is business suicide. High profile squatting cases tend to make news, which pisses off lots of people in addition to the business they were infringing upon. That in turn makes us all look like idiots and prompts people to think up new and creative ideas for making the domaining industry obsolete. That's industry suicide...

Comment #10

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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