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I searched the forums here and couldn't find a clean answer. Can you buy typos of a TM'd domain, park the page and collect earnings? Pretty sure it's no but there seems to be a lot of gray area. I am seeing other people do it on a site i'm looking at, does this give me the green light? Thanks in advanced...

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That action is pretty much considered a domain squatter and is looked down upon.

You are basically stealing from the trademark holder. If it ever goes to court or any other kind of action you are gonna lose.

Now that said people do it but you will never be looked upon kindly here.


Smokin Joe..

Comment #1

Yes, it can be done and there are a number of people out there doing it. Before you get into "cybersquatting" you might want to consider the risks involved. Depending on he country you live in, it might be illegal to "cybersquatt" and you might be liable for amounts of $100,000 for each incident (domain). Other countries have different rules and it might be okay to do it...

In the end it is your choice, but you should consider the risks!..

Comment #2

Thanks for the advice, @SmokinJoe24 - I read plenty of posts in here about typo traffic even if it's not a TM'd domain in my mind it's still pretty much the same your earning money on others errors. Also as far as I'm concerned most domaining isn't moral. Your either making money off typos (other peoples errors), buying and selling domains - off somebodies ligament interest in the domain or buying expired domains and collecting traffic or reselling because somebody forgot to renew. That being said I'm new to this and may be wrong(please correct)....what is the ethical way to buy and sell domains?..

Comment #3

Looks like you pretty much figured it out!! :-).

I feel your ethics are on the right track looking at your "boil down" of the situation, congratz.

To answer your question"what is the ethical way to buy and sell domains?' it is up to you but never regg a companies/celeb name if you are not the company or celeb :-) (and I am confident you are will never).



Welcome to NP!! :-)..

Comment #4

You sound like you are on track. The legislation is US Title 15 1125(d). Domaining is NOT moral but it is often very profitable. Suppose you are Federal Express or FedEx? The domains,, were owned by domainers cybersquatting last month. Those three appear to no longer be cybersquatted? is still cybersquatted. "Domaining" will be illegal very soon statutorily, as in JAIL time. A NEW LAW is needed but it is already creates fiscal liability of $100,000...

Comment #5

I'm pretty sure it's called squatting and frowned upon by many domain holders. It's the same as cherry-picking in a game of soccer. If a player scores a goal only to get tapped by your foot right before it reaches the goals doesn't mean that you scored any points at all. While technically you may have scored a point, others will not view it the same way...

Comment #6

As many will tell you, revenue from parking has been declining for years now..

Search engines who provide the ad feeds to parking companies are pretty much the ones who call the shots nowadays. They tell the parking companies to cancel accounts for things like Tm issues and spam traffic. It is in the interest of parking companies to comply or they could lose the ad feed..

There are parking companies out there who take the risk and allow these type of domains, but I think it is only a matter of time before we hear of someone loosing their ad feed...

Comment #7

That is an awfully broad generalization. Domaining can be a perfectly legitimate business and totally "moral".

Sure, there is a lot of shady stuff going on in the domain industry, just like virtually any other industry.

Anything "immoral" would be based on an individuals actions not the industry itself.


Comment #8

Sorry sir but I almost completely agree with you. I do not see a moral use but "morals" are generalizations by definition. I am willing to learn. Please post on example that you consider "moral" or PM it to me. I will not again post in this thread regardless...

Comment #9

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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