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I wonder whether FACT(federation against copyright infringement) formed the acronym after the name or vice versa.....

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It was eventually going to happen, but inevitably someone is most probably wokring on a replacement as I type. The truth of the matter is that there will always be people wanting to view things on the interenet for free. That will never change, because If you can get something for free, you will. Its how the majority of people see it. may have been the biggest video streaming website, but It certainly isn't the only one. Many clones have been created, people will simply go elswhere for their streaming needs, it's sadly how it will go, and this will continue to happen..

+ Rep for providing the story.

Just my thoughts,.


Comment #1

At least with the movies (not sure about the TV shows), they were all hosted on other sites, such as Veoh, and various other chinese sites and even Google Video.

I know it's still wrong to link to pirated material, but taking down this site isn't really going to stop it... Especially since most of the content is hosted on chinese sites, where they seem to be pretty much immune from copyright laws...

Comment #2

I agree Herb shutting down TV-Links is not going to stop this free-media movement whatsoever. While I can't condone piracy, there has to be some kind of compromise between the motives of people online and enforcers such as FACT. It's kind of like fighting drugs or terrorism. People are going to do what they want/feel regardless of the consequences; the only way I see to combat these type of things is education and compromise, trying to control people and their actions only seems to make matters worse...

Comment #3

I used it all the time!.

Sad to see it go!..

Comment #4

I've used it, so I'm sort of disappointed as well.... But honestly, the quality of picture was horrible in most cases. If theres a movie I really want to see, I'll go to the theaters... I was just there last night and paid $23.00 for 2 tickets (and $11 for a popcorn and soda)... If it's a movie I have a strong desire to see, I'll rent it... But if it's just a movie that I might want to see, but otherwise never would bother, than I'll watch it online...

Honestly though, if we're talking about the overall industry, whether music or movies, I find it interesting that the more the companies release "cookie-cutter" crap... the more it's pirated... Maybe this is because people dont want to pay good money for something they've heard or seen a hundred times before???.

Really I'm not trying to justify it... Clearly it's theft... But honestly, I dont have any trouble sleeping at night...

Comment #5

Video quality of pirated movies is often terrible, but people can see them now instead of waiting months for them to be officially released on dvd.

Going to the movie theater, at least here in the U.S., is often not a pleasurable experience - 15 minutes or so of TV-like ads after the movie start time.

In addition, the service at many multiplexes is worse than ever - lack of ushers, out-of-focus picture, bad sound, etc. And then add on top of that the inconsiderate folks who one must often contend with, but I digress...

Point is that for many people, poor quality free / low-cost pirated movies and the associated linking services are a better deal for their needs.


Comment #6

Oink goes the same way ... Story here.

Police in England and Holland co-operated in a dawn raid.


Comment #7

Oinkybank is really rakin in the cash it looks like.

Oink is going to be able to afford OJ's lawyer soon..

Comment #8

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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