Trying to host e107 on server...HELP ME PLZ!!?

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My first question is: Trying to host e107 on server...HELP ME PLZ!!?.

My next question is: Sahar is now comparing Domains with Commodities.

He has got this "concept" from HostGator King. It just goes to show how many misconceived ideas this guy has managed to propagate through TRAFFICS.

Here is a definition of a Commodity:.

"A physical substance, such as food, grains, and metals, which is interchangeable with another product of the same type, and which investors buy or sell, usually through futures contracts. The price of the commodity is subject to supply and demand. Risk is actually the reason exchange trading of the basic agricultural products began. For example, a farmer risks the cost of producing a product ready for market at sometime in the future because he doesn't know what the selling price will be."

Does that sound like a HostGator Name to you?.

It is clear that if they are still confused about the fundamental nature of what a HostGator Name is, then they are probably wrong about 50% of what they say. (I am just taking that as a statistical average in a two option multiple choice test.).

But the scary thing is that people still think everything they say is as valid at the tablets of stone that Mosses brought down from Mount Sinai...

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Your question was: Trying to host e107 on server...HELP ME PLZ!!?.

Well Lottery Tickets are commodities.

No wonder a lot of people seem to confuse domains with lottery tickets.

Just on the off chance some of these people are actually listening: It actually does matter what character combinations you register!..

Comment #1

Lol, this is worthy of "joke of the day".

We should open such a thread here on Namepros.

On subject: it is very often when people try to compare domains with "tangible stuff", because in general humans tend to see real physical items are more valuable than virtual things. Comparisons like this one are merely made to increase the perceived value of HostGator names.....

Comment #2

I still like the commodity analogy. The big difference: domains are not tangible assets. But commodity is a powerful word that non-domainers can understand. It means trade, supply and demand, risk, speculation, opportunities.

I would not say Sahar is nuts...

Comment #3

The problem is that when a product becomes a commodity, it has gotten to the point where the products are all the same and the cheapest cost always wins out. People/Companies don't want their products to become commodities. That is why Intel got out of memory chips back in the day...

Comment #4

But they are not understanding or promoting understanding they are causing confusion probably because they don't understand.

If they understood, they would have got this and they would have filled their boots by now!

And for those who have not got to grips with URL Translation in Google:

Comment #5

What drives me nuts is IDN promoted in every non idn thread...

Comment #6

Well get used to it. It is going to be a hot topic. It is going to be the hot topic of 2008. If you want to avoid all the chatter, you are going to need get far away. Even renting a Camel and taking off across the Sahara is unlikely to get you away from IDN this year! Mind you I guess you'd be safe enough holidaying in Boca. I think they still run IDNers out of town there.

The problem is for most the chance has already all but evaporated in the fresh regging market.

Many have been holding back for IDN.IDN, but JPRS at least are pursuing DNAMES, which basically means they are going to be paired or the same as dot JP. So all gone I am afraid.

Having said that this Japanese registery is obviously promoting dot coms in front of dot JPs.

The biggest opportunity going begging with be dot RF, if the Russians don't screw it down so tight you don't get a look in.

Anyway, this is an IDN issue. People need to understand that domains are need to understand with concept that people can visualise. That means using script and languages your target audiences understand and feel connected with. Outside the Anglo Saxon Ghetto that is automatically going to mean IDN. IDN will transcend domaining. We ain't talking mere extensions here...

Comment #7

No I don't have to get used to you posting off topic hyping IDN, I will see those threads are dealt with by Management.

SO no off topic hyping will not be accepted it will be dealt with...

Comment #8

But there is not a single extension of any significance that does include IDNs in their registry or intends to do so shortly. Most of the ICANN meetings both this year, last year and next year will be dominated by IDN. How can you state categorically that IDN are irrelevant to any discussion, unless you are declaring this Forum an English only zone? It is all starting to sound a little bit Xenophobic, which is exactly where we came in with Rick. There has never been any discussion of IDN at TRAFFICS because Rick just won't tolerate it.

Anyway, on the Hype thing. Where exactly I have I been listing domains either for Sale or even just for interest? It is perfectly acceptable to create endless meaningless list of just about any extension. Dot Mobi and Dot Asia, which are equally worthless are hyped endlessly. There never seems to be a problem with that. Where are the issues? Do you have a technical problem? Do you have a problem getting your head around the concept? Or does it come down purely to discrimination?..

Comment #9

NO NO NO you can discuss IDN, heck we have a whole section, I said bringing IDN into a thread where the thread is not about idn in anyway. The whole topic has nothing to do with different languages or different scripts.

This thread as an example was started by you to take a shot at SAHAR. Now I realize you do that as set up so you can then bring IDN into the conversation. But you started this thread ok. I am talking where you do it and the op was not discussing IDN in anyway. No offense but if someone is talking about something like .mobi or hypen domains there is no need to bring IDN into those discussions...

Comment #10

HA.. now, now, who is getting his 'area of interest' attacked. Must be of a concern to you too, as you've changed the subject with a long defense of your 'area of interest'. Sucks doesn't it. And it's just beginning in this 'area' too...

Have Fun!!..

Comment #11

Take your point, but those backing lame extension that have been Hyped up at TRAFFICS would do well to take a good look at the things that have not. I don't think it is any coincidence that TRAFFICS attendance was steepily down this time. I think a lot of the domainers are beginning to realise that they are paying through the nose to be pitched at by a lot Snake Oil salesmen. No actually, I don't really give a toss. It is quite clear to me that relying on the Asian parking traffic is the way to go for us, not trying to sell most of our portfolio to US domainers. The last lot of domains I sold, I only sold because it was a fellow IDNer that has trod much of the path with us.

We have met our cash-flow targets for this year, so we are in no hurry...

Comment #12

I have been saying for a couple years here Ricks words, often qouted and placed as truth in the Dnj are way off base regarding the term commodity. When Rick says domains are the fastest growing commodity on earth and the HostGator Journal prints it I wonder why?.

A HostGator is not as fast growing as gold, silver, wheat, copper, rice or any other type of commodity. Why? Because a commodity is a physical thing. Domains are a investment. A commodity is something to be consumed or something that can be used in the production of things.

Maybe Rick and Dnj can retract the commodity thing as most domainers are stupidily passing on this concept as truth...

Comment #13

Domains are assets, just like a limited edition print or book, it makes no difference whether they are tangible or not.

I agree that commodity is the wrong use of the word when describing domains, but that is just semantics, we all know what is meant by it...

Comment #14

I can see some validity to domains being compared to commodities for new registrations. But not for regged domains. I wouldn't say,, are commodities.

I think from regfee to $750,000 in 10 years for outstrips the growth of any other commodity on the planet..

Comment #15

Are we going to have to restate they are not Generics either?..

Comment #16

Sahar is one of the best domainers and very well respected!..

Comment #17

Domains are not commodities as far as I am concerned. They are assets which I would classify as "Virtual Real Estate". They are empty lots that a company can build on, and there are limited quality lots to start with...

Comment #18

Rick parks his domains and makes a certain return on each. From this point of view there is no difference between them other than the ROI. So from that narrow perspective they are commodities.

But that is old-time, "PPC is all that matters", thinking...

Comment #19

Rick is well respected, but that is really the problem. Sahar is just reiterating the rubbish that he spouts. Having said that I cannot really respect a Guru that just reiterates the rubbish spouted by his mentor.

I am sorry, but I don't care who these people are, if their arguments don't stand up to scrutiny, I will call Bullshit, because in the longer-term that is how the market will call it. Well, I am not sure that top generics benefit from development, but then that should not trouble Rick unduly as most of his Portfolio does not fit that criteria anyway. Still doesn't make domains commodities, the reason their is so much bullshit is that the value of each individual HostGator is very subjective, purely because each one is so unique. How can we ever have a proper discussion on the subject, if the "Gurus" cannot even apply relevant vocabulary to describe the most fundamental aspects of the business...

Comment #20

Maybe we do need Idn.

Very few here see the english meaning of the term commodity. Ask any school teacher, look it up in any dictionary. Since domains are an electronic address with a claim of use it cannot be a commodity.

Saying a HostGator is a commodity is like saying a payment from Pay Pal is a commodity payment. No it is not, it is a electronic transaction.

This is the kind of stupid stuff being past off and if not corrected by us right here, right now, don't wonder why other business leaders laugh at domainers later.

Lets bring the level of domaining up a notch o.k.? Lets use the proper term. Media is being used to advance domaining as in right now. Domains are not the fastest growing commodity on earth. Because domains are a right given to the registrant to use that address. Hello! Addresses are not a commodity, so a HostGator cannot be either.

When a name is sold or transferred the person does not hand over some object and say here is your domain. They initate a transfer electronically...

Comment #21

Well by that logic nothing online can be a commodity...the reason a HostGator is not a commodity is not that it is electronic or something-you-can't-hold-in-your-hand, but because it doesn't really follow most rules attributed to commodity trading and pricing.

Not just that, but every HostGator name is unique and it's not like the value of one will rise because of a rise in the value of another (unless it's a typo domain)...

Comment #22

And wrong. Nominet are introducing IDN. There are a lot of people in England whose primary language is not English.

Comment #23

I would rephrase it as an Online Commodity .... But, cosidering future contracts, it is no way related...

Comment #24

A HostGator name is the complete anthesis of a COMMODITY, the words should only appear together in sentences that also contain the word NOT...

Comment #25

Using 3 year old articles isn't very valid "proof" that nominet is going to launch IDNs anytime soon, especially when: I believe it was research into whether to implement IDN. And .org still doesn't plan to full out launch it's IDN capabilities...

Comment #26

Well I was aware of it because I read about it more recently in ICANN transcriptions but frankly I just could not be arsed to try to remember where. Just take it from me you are wrong.

Dot Org is rolling out slowly but many of the important ones are already out there. Just because they haven't done the whole lot it doesn't mean they won't. They are just trying to ensure that it is done properly...

Comment #27


Nothing online can be a commodity. Following rules about trading and pricing does not make something a commodity. Trading and pricing are techniques, not a thing. Values attributed to something does not make something a commodity either.

Lets write this on the chalkboard, domains are not a commodity even if Rick S. says so or the HostGator Journal prints it. Domains are a unique address with the usage rights given to the holder for a certain amount of time...

Comment #28

Doesn't leasing out HostGator names be like a Commodity [ based on futures contract ]?..

Comment #29

Not unless somebody is prepared to pay you for a thousand 4 letter dot coms for July delivery...

Comment #30

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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