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Long story short:.

A guy sent me payment twice. He sent it one time to an incorrect e-mail address (A gmail address), and I told him to send to my correct paypal address, (An AOL address). He never cancelled the claim for the GMail address, so I accepted the money.

Am I at fault? He is threatening a lawsuit..

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Try to explain to him. At the first place I think you should reject the payment...

Comment #1

How did he get your incorrect gmail address as a paypal address? Seems you are scamming him and I would be going ape over it. You ACCEPTED both payments knowing full well in advance he made an error.

Seems you got payment...then told him to pay again...but you didn't delete the first payment but instead accepted it AFTER you got the second payment. That's a scam if I ever heard of one.

You can easily refund the payment so why haven't you?..

Comment #2

Because I've not got the money. I spent it on the internet, and I'm not going to go out of my way and spend money out of my own pocket for his mistakes...

Comment #3

Oh, if you accepted both payments and have twice as what you should have earned, then you are definitely in the wrong. Pay up now or get ready to go to court.

Yes or no. Did you ACCEPT both payments as labrocca claims?..

Comment #4

I don't understand how it's his mistake, if you.

Accepted the payment knowing it was done in error?.

How did he get your "incorrect gmail address?" and if it was incorrect,.

How did you get the payment? Just refund him otherwise you.

Know he'll keep asking for his money back. I know I would!..

Comment #5

Very interesting. You even got the nerve to come the forum and ask for a suggestion.

Clearly you are at WRONG here. In the first place, how did he get your gmail id without you giving it to him. Then he sent it. Okay mistakes happen. You gave him the right email id and you accepted the payment. And you accepted the payment again with your gmail id. Now do you have two paypal accounts with two different emails? Or both the emails associated with the same paypal account and you accepted two payments (clearly in this case, he did not have to send again though you asked him to do that).

Now be a man and refund his money...

Comment #6

I suggest the OP gets negative rep for what he has done. Clearly he is in the wrong and looking for people to agree with him...

Comment #7

You got it wrong buddy... Its your mistake. Pay up and I'm sure he won't press taking you to court...

Comment #8

There is no question your in the wrong... and guess what? you know it. You spent money that wasnt yours and he's probably going to file a claim with paypal and get it back. The excuse, "Ive already spent it" doesnt fly. Just give him back his money because if you were in the same spot, thats what you would want right? Fair is Fair... dont be "that" guy...

Comment #9

The error could have gone your way but you ACCEPTED both payments. I will be blunt I know you see the error was on his part and you're defensive that you shouldn't have to repay. But the error was on your part when you accepted the cash and even if you want the courts to see it through your eyes, they won't. They will force you to repay or they'll put you in prison. You can't debate your way out of it it's more complicated than saying a rant and hoping someone will see through your eyes...

Comment #10

You've got to be kidding.

That's really all I have to say.

That, and you should be ashamed, not posting your lack of ethics and common sense...

Comment #11

Exactly HOW did he send the payment in error to a gmail account you have access to?.

You said you told the buyer to resend payment. Now...why tell him to resend if you already had a payment from him? How did he get your incorrect gmail paypal to begin with? I think you scammed the guy. I really would like to know how you worded the email to him to resend payment. He may have been under the impression you simply never got payment.

You're a scammer...plain and clear and I would be contacting the local authorities as well as the feds about you...

Comment #12

So.... you told him to pay 2 times to 2 of your paypal addresses, then spent it before you could even get the refund. You are in definate wrong...

Comment #13

Yes you are at fault and I hope he sues you if you don't pay him back...

Comment #14

Sorry guess I didn't word myself well. I meant he saw the error being from the other party.

Oh well account closed. And that, boys and girls, is the end of story-time. But please come back when another little kid-newbie makes a showing. We have cookies...

Comment #15

It is wrong what you did big time! Its really embarrassing and you should be ashamed of yourself and need to take full responsibility and immediately refund the buyer.

On a another note, I believe namepros is a community forum that not only discusses domains but also promotes ethical standards, provides a learning and educational opportunity for everyone, and allow members to correct their mistakes, give and share advise and wisdom among each other. Maybe closing his/her account was the best available action at this time....and I am just wondering if there is, perhaps, another balanced alternative that better serves above mentioned goals.

Just my 2 cents.

Thank you!..

Comment #16

Let's start a list of the infractions he'll get caught up in:.

1.) Theft (keeping the money).

2.) Fraud (accepting the errant funds the buyer got the other address from somewhere, right?).

3.) Unlawful business practices (need I explain?).

What else do you think the law will try to do with him?..

Comment #17

Is being an asshole a crime? lol lol, I didn't even realise that! Nicely put labrocca...

Comment #18

You are wrong for accepting payment, I will never buy anything from you Soccerplayur012. Why would he just send his hard earned money to the wrong paypal account. You should be banned for even asking a question like that. I hope he does suit you...

Comment #19

Well you're right about one thingHe was banned for this..

Comment #20

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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