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Originally Posted by grandad at DP:

I have noticed both here and on other forums that many holders of domains issued by Nominet in the UK, (,, etc), are unfamiliar with the requirements that Nominet make to transfer "Legal Registrant" status of a domain.

In the case of most other domain transfers (, .org etc) a transfer of legal title can be made simply by 'pushing' the domain to the Registrar account of the buyer, or by approving a transfer out to a new Registrar - however THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE BY NOMINET for a transfer of "Legal Registrant"status. What does "Legal Registrant" status imply?.

"Legal Registrant" status provides for a legal claim to '/img/avatar8.jpgship' of the domain and a certificate of registration is issued by Nominet confirming "Legal Registrant" status, (you wouldn't buy a car or a house without the papers would you?). Does that mean I cannot use and administer a .uk domain that has been pushed to my account?.

No! - A .uk domain pushed to your account will be administered within your account control panel in exactly the same way as any other domain. So why should I care if I get "Legal Registrant" status from some UK quango?.

Good question - lets look at a couple of scenarios:- Your have which you bought from a seller here at NP, a big company wants to buy the domain for mega-bucks because it suits their brand. They check the Registrant details with Nominet but it doesn't show you because you received the domain by a 'push'. Problem is that it doesn't show the details of the person that sold it to you either because he bought it from someone else and got it as a push to his account. Sadly the original registrant died last week, but Nominet shows him as still being the "Legal Registrant" of the domain! Your chances of getting a sale on are looking very slim indeed because you can't deliver "Legal Registrant" status to the company wanting to buy! You receive a domain by a 'push' from someone here at NP and later sell it on to someone else, pushing it to their account. After a while your buyer tells you that he has spotted that he is not the "Legal Registrant" of the domain and he wants full title. Problem is you aren't shown as the "Legal Registrant" either because you didn't go through the Nominet process to become "Legal Registrant".

But you can't! Okay, what do I need to do to properly transfer "Legal Registrant" status of a .uk domain?.

Let's see what Nominet say

Another excellent webpage on the process can be found at

I'm not looking for Reputation or anything similar, I just want to make it clear to all /img/avatar8.jpgs of .uk Domains that a simple push does not suffice the transfer of domain /img/avatar8.jpgship.

Once again, thanks to grandad at DP...

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I finallly got it cleared!.

Thanks for your Great article dhscott. The domain I bought on Ebay, I didn't know it has to go through all that process.

Thanks again dhscott,.


Comment #1

Thanks for the link.

A few people are put off .uk due to this transfer method, however there has not ever been a .UK stolen..

Comment #2

Thanks Daz,.

For the useful info highlighting this important issue re names.

Many will not be aware of the nominet quirks.. and could easily fall foul of the the uk system.. a push will not just suffice to ascertain true ownership the registrant is critical ...

Rep added and deservedly so ...

This info is essential knowledge for all buyers ... you must complete the transfer documents and that is both the seller and buyer ..

Caveat emptor ... "buyer beware"..

Comment #3

Just to confirm the above a push is NOT acceptable to transfer a .uk - you NEED to fill out a transfer form.

One sale on here was lost due to the owner not being in a position to sell the name, as previously he aquired it via a push.


Push the name to a new ISP..


Change the Registrant.



Comment #4

May I ask what the .ORG.UK name was that you p[urchased. I own a load of 2 character .Org.Uk names.

- Luke..

Comment #5

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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