GoDaddy review : Suggest I pay for GoDaddy?? trademark violation??

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I wish to get a name that resembles a word + another word with it...


My domain.

If luv is TM'ed am I infringing? The site will be totally different then the company that owns the trademark for that particular word..

Remember that is just a example.....

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Depends on the term, it's usage in commerce and your intended usage...

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The usage is not relevant to the trademark owner or his company. It is completely different...

Comment #2

According to what you should be in the clear...

Comment #3

Registrations per se don't necessarily infringe. But if the word in question is a.

Unique one used as a trademark, more so if it's famous and defended by a rich.

Party, then you might have a hard time showing users won't likely confuse the.

Domain name with their mark.

There's a related thread discussing that right now:

One might think the domain name in there won't infringe. But if the trademark.

Holder believes otherwise, given it's uniqueness and popularity, you might be in.

For a potentially tough battle.

Weigh your risks carefully...

Comment #4

I know what the domain is, and I personally think your not allowed. It is a very famous and big company...

Comment #5

There are quiete a few examples of people losing names with bay in them because of ebays relentless pursuit even to the other extreme when they shouldnt have been able to get them..

Comment #6

Sorry, rant time, if you do not want to be offended, then stop reading here and move on. If you continue to read, you do so at your own risk...

It is getting a little tiring of posters who have a little bit of knowledge about circumstances and then blast that little bit across the forums. This has become increasingly annoying lately in almost every thread. It is quite clear many people do not understand the "bay" domains and did not even bother to understand why the owners lost the domain. It is stated read entire threads and understand what is going on, I am seeing too many people regurgitating nonsense they hear from other unknowledgeable posts. People lost the "bay" domains because they used them in bad faith. They did not lose because of simply "bay" or "ebay" was in the name.

If you did not know, they automate thier C&Ds, the reason they do so is because of the thousands and thousands of cyberscum that has ruined this business trampling over established TMs.

One last time, the "bay" or "ebay" domains do not lose based soley on having that string in the domain, it is because a judge or panel concluded there was bad faith in the usage if the name based on the facts presented. perfumebay lost because it was proven she used ebay to help her business.

So please, really read and understand. There cre many words with bay or ebay that Ebay does not go after, that is because they are not being used in bad faith.

Sorry, rant over, but got a little tired of reading about "bay" in almost every thread..

Comment #7

Me too, actually. When I see some people reusing such arguments even when.

There are other facts showing otherwise, it reminds me of Tom Hanks saying.

What scotoma is from the movie The Da Vinci Code...

Comment #8

You are right I stand corrected, I must have read one two many of the c+d letters posted on boards threating court actions, if the names were used in ecommerce of any nature, even though the names didnt come close to infringing on ebay either in useage or the names themselves. I would edit my previous post but when your wrong your wrong...

Comment #9

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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