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Could some please explain to me how is listed in the auction website at 40K with dozens of bids? Isn't this a trademarked name? Unless I am missing something, isn't buying that domain at all, and certainly for 40K+ a waste of time and money? Somebody please help me understand!..

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There is always trademarked names being bought and sold, this won't be the last one either...

Comment #1

The bids are totally insane... they can't be real, can they ? .

Anybody who bids tons of money on a worthless name like that deserves to get burnt..

Comment #2

I understand that, but it's one thing to reg it for $8 and then drop it later and entirely another thing to reg it for $40K and then have to drop it later or cease and desist it later or am I wrong?..

Comment #3

Yeah... I don't see how you can win on that one:.

-dot me.


Comment #4

Who knows maybe toyota themselves are bidding :0 They might have been a bit late on the Sunrise auctions (to be grated the domain based on tm)..

Comment #5

That is a good point. If that is true, 40k is nothing to toyota. They would only have to sell a few cars. That's nothing...

Comment #6

Light touch paper and retire to a safe distance and enjoy the fireworks on that one ..

If your mad enough to bid on that. This as has already been stated on the thread well sorry but you deserve to get burnt ..

Who in their right mind would think that is worth anything less than reg fee?? and a C+D.

Rant over .. sorry all but I could not believe what I read...

08 08 08 happy olympics .. good luck to all.

I love it..

Comment #7

Yeah but if it's Toyota bidding, thats nothing to them to protect their brand...

Comment #8

But Toyota bidding in the auction doesn't quite make any sense either. If I was Toyota and knew with my army of lawyers that there was unequivocally no way anyone could dispute my trademark then why would I even bother fighting in out with a bunch of schlubs in an auction? I would wait till the auction ended and then cease and desist immediately. Participating in the auction by Toyota would almost be a complicit acceptance that the domain does not necessarily belong to Toyota...

Comment #9

Just playing Devils Advocate here....

But Toyota is a common last name...

Comment #10

I was thinking the same thing only I don't believe it's overly common(not like Smith or Jones in the West), but then it would boil down to usage after the fact. Still $40 g's is far far far too much...

Comment #11

IMO: Spend 40k and get a very good dot com...

Comment #12

If Toyota is indeed a name and perhaps even a common one at that, perhaps Toyota Inc could find itself in a somewhat similar situation with as Google is with am still curious though as to this 40K+ auction, it still seems strange. I agree, the more I learn about domaining the more it seems that having one great domain is far better than having a whole slew of average domains...

Comment #13

From my point of view, if I own Car dealership through Toyota, forexample, If I am selling cars.

Maniacbits Toyoto.

Buy Toyoto cars etc.

So now, here in, Instead of using or (there is one Michael Toyoto, in fresno, ca).

So instead of using if I use Iam sure I will get more salee with easy and nice memorable name.

If I get some sales in couple months, most Likely I will recover my money, and now here I go, with in postive profits with making more sales with nice memorable name.

I am sure, there would be alot of domainers, who will visit, and thinking about buy a car, or if someone trying to open a dealership at .ME (country), then it's worth a name.

Most likely if it's the criteria, am mentioning here then this guy will make profits alot.

But, if buying a name thinking of, Toyota company will come to him and buy it , then whoever is bidding shud know this name not worth anything at all.

But if it's dealership criteria case,. then huge profits...

Comment #14

Most of those .me auctions look to be fake bids. No money is going to change hands at that level, the name isn't even worth $7...

Comment #15

Uh, it's doubled today, now over 80K, what the heck is going on here?!

Comment #16

I wonder if it would be worth getting and keep track of the lawsuits with domaining TM names...

Comment #17

I got, perhaps it should be developed to track all the nonsense and problems that have gone on with the .me unveiling.....

Comment #18

I am a big advocate of .me but some of these auctions are ridiculous. sold for 15000$ for example. is at $18,005. So I dont know whats with this Toyota one. Might be real bids as I am sure Toyota is not the only one that has a right to the domain...

Comment #19

Has any payment been made yet for all these .me sales ?

I have a hard time believing it will happen..

Comment #20

I dont know.. some .asia went is much stronger than .asia imo.

Is toyota also a word? A Japanese word? Maybe not. maybe thats nissan or something. Oh yeah it is... Nissan doesn't even own it's .com rofl..

Comment #21 is over 6k, the domain godaddy made me believe I had...

Comment #22

Can you start a cookie company called toyota - or a gardening store or something?.

There's plenty of companies called Commodore... I'm sure there's lots of other examples...

Not sure why you would tho..

Comment #23

This is one of the classic example of TM names being sold by the registrars. I've seen a lot of them by the way if you look around.

My question is why can't the registrars face the same penalty as some domainers do when they hold some TM names?.

Isn't WIPO supposed to enforce and penalized anyone not just the domainers? Or the registrars are immune?.

If they really wanna stop anyone holding someone's TM would it make more sense to stop it from the source?.

I'm still learning this domaining and curious what expert domainers with highly decorated rank think of this.

This question had been in my mind for quite sometime now so I am curious?..

Comment #24

Indeed, it is a strange thing that we can register trademarked domains in the first place. I mean how hard would it really be to have the trademark database cross referenced with the domain registry? This way when someone tried to register any given domain, they would at the very least be warned that there was a trademark registered under the name they are trying to register...

Comment #25

I dont think it should be up to the registrar to litigate who can and cannot reg domains. This gives them far more power than they already have. Let people reg what they want. Only way to be free. Let people duke it out and settle in court if they have issues amongst each other.

Registrars are not government nor should they be.

I am an odd ball though, I believe strongly in personal freedom. Ron Paul FTW!..

Comment #26

I agree with you 100% in personal freedom of what we and we cannot register ..however, these registrars are already dictating what we and we cannot register, exhibit number one .ME.

If we are really free to registrar what we want to register why are we not free to register those names being auctioned in .ME? (TM name excluded)..

Comment #27

Hey, I never said that it should prevent us from registering what we want to, just warned when we do so..

Comment #28

Of course the name is worth $7. Don't be ridiculous...

Comment #29

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