GoDaddy user reviews : Great idea to buy GoDaddy?? Told to give up my domain name. There business is more important..

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That is what I was told. I am still new to alot of this and have all sorts of different domains and lots parked with Sedo. Received a call from a tourism business and was asked and then told to give my name up, because they are more important than me. It would just be taken away so I shoud just do it. The next day received a call wanting to confirm my information for another different domin but again dealing with tourism and they wanted to send me a fax that I never did receive...

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They can only take it if they have it TMed. Find out if they do. If so then you might have no option but to give it to them. If they dont then you dont have to...

Comment #1

DomainBones always ask for their request to be in writing.



Comment #2

I hope you didn't give out any info.

To be safe, if you did...change your passwords.

And make sure your domains are locked...

Comment #3

Thats a bit bizzare. Is the domain name similar to theirs? is it a typo? Can we get a bit more information?..

Comment #4

To be clear, it takes several things to actually take a domain. First of all they will need to file a domain dispute, a costly process. This will cost them $1500 - $3000 just to file the dispute.

That is also no guarantee they will get they name. They have to prove three things.

1.) You are violating their TM or Name.

2.) You have no legitimate rights to the domain.

3.) You have used it in bad faith.

If the company really wants the domain it would be in their interest to just make an offer. Because with the cost of a dispute, and no guarantee of winning it is rarely worth it...

Comment #5

I don't understand why companies are always swearing and making absurd statements like this.

Next time they call tell them the facts. Tell them that if they want it they will get it the harder way. Tell them that you want them to either file a dispute and then get it in the court or you will take the shorter way and you will charge them something around $xxx or $x,xxx whatever you think your domain could fetch.

If they say they can't pay it. Then everytime they call tell them to file a dispute. Or even the better way would be to pick up the phone and cut it Pick it up and cut it, Pick it up and cut it. Pick it up and cut it It will give them some thoughts that everyone doesn't wants to take the sh*t from them..

Comment #6

Keep us updated DomainBones, this is an interesting case!..

Comment #7

Indeed it is interesting, can you give us some more info on the domain they want and why they think it should be theres, stick to your guns, but dont be rude,.

Be firm, you want ALL requests in writing, on faxed letter heads, or they get no infomation from you.

It would be good to know the name of the company who called you and the domain they want tho, so we can give you better advice..

Comment #8

If a company is trying to bully you into giving up a domain name keep a log of all correspondance. That is a good reason why written communication is better as it is easy evidence , without a phone log it would be hard to prove what heppened over a telephone call.

If something goes to wipo and they have been trying to bully the domain from you it can be used against them...

Comment #9

Thank you for the replies. One domain name a .com and one is TLD country code. I gave no information more than is listed on any look up site. Neither are TMed. Just good names. is the one I was told to give up.

We checked and are within the rules. We need approvals from the registrar to move it to a host. So we got the approval and moved it. So it's sitting as soon to come page. I like buying the domains like a hobby, my husband wants to do web sites with some and learning to do this has been a slow process.

I just like the name, he is trying to get it set up for people here that have limited Internet access. So again a slow process. But along the way, this little project I think is starting to branch out all over the place...any advice?..

Comment #10

Both of those are generic, and I wouldn't worry about it. ( Assume you meant PiRatesWeek and not PiTateswek).

Pirates week might be a festival, but I doubt very seriously they own exclusive rights to use the term judging by the google returns.

Tell them to get bent...

Comment #11

I assume you meant I'm not sure about Cayman Islands regulations but Pirates Week in Cayman seems to be a national festival. The problem with ccTLD's is that you are not only subject to ICANN's rules but also to the rules of the respective ccTLD operators. As I said I don't know much about the Cayman ccTLD so maybe someone with experience with the .ky extension can help. By the way is it the Cayman government that wants the name or a private hotel? If it's a private hotel then I don't see how they have much ground.

With, the only people I think that could have a claim on would be the operators of, if they've trademarked the terms 'fsbo' or 'for sale by owner'...

Comment #12

Thank you.....oops yes it is and yes here it is a festival. Not government wanting it but tourist agency the .ky cc can not be bought and sold....not done...not yet???? Must have legal address to register. What happens if the trade mark comes after my I still lose it??? And can FSBO even be trademarked???? I see it all over the place??????..

Comment #13

There are several US trademarks for 'fsbo'. Check here and search for 'fsbo'.

If the company that wants the fsbocayman name has a claim on it then they should send you a cease and desist letter with their claim. Absent this then they are really just talking. In fact it could even be another domainer trying to scam you, so they must send you something in writing with their claim before you do anything. As stated above, it is expensive to file a dispute so they may be willing to buy the name from you if they have a legitimate claim. Absent their claim in writing do not give them any information about your name.

As for i'm guessing that is a government board, so that may make it tricky, but as I said before I really don't know too much about .ky domain rules. From the site, it says that they use ICANN's UDRP, which simplifies things. Under UDRP, they could only get your name if they have a trademark, you have no legitimate rights to the name and that you have used the name in bad faith (such as to make money off their brand). They cannot claim the name because they feel they would have better use for the site. (Although there have been some recent ridiculous UDRP decisions).

Don't give the impression that you registered the name just to sell it. In any communication with state that you have legitimate purposes for the name. If they really want it either they will file a dispute or make an offer to you. From what I see I don't think they would have a strong case should they decide to file a dispute...

Comment #14

Thank You...I saved that spot so as to check other trademarks if needed. I did find out if I want a trademark here I must have applied for one first in the UK so it is very complicated reading and digging out the information. Also a $500.00 or more fee depending on the class of registration must be paid each year. From reading the UK requirements it seems like FSBO is just to general to be trademarked. Now US different but I am not looking for a trademark. I just want to know if I makd a bad move, but I believe your right...I need it in writing.

I thank you for your time given to this...

Comment #15

Never tell them to sue for a domain lol...

They will only be able to take it (aside from any other measures the cctld has in place) by filing udrp, and they have to show bad faith. If your usage doesn't infringe on their TM, if they even have one, most of the time they cannot win...

Comment #16

Is the name something like expedai or a typo of a famous mark? If so...they are more important than you...

Comment #17

No man it is not for entertainment. I think that is why people are always losing things...

Comment #18

Everyone has a right to every name, everybody is being sue, unless there is a "TM" issues I will say fight for it..

Comment #19

Even some TM names, if used correctly, can be defended.For example I picked up a drop name that I immediately after the snapnames auction got a letter stating that it was their TM, so I found another non-infringing use for it. I think he was just trying to startle me into giving it up, but regardless, he would lose at UDRP because I am using it for it's descriptive purpose, and developed. I have never done anything with it that would indicate bad faith...

Comment #20

TEll those fools to make an offer(probably serious one too) or get lost. They are using scare tactics, and from this should know they can't do much right now....

Comment #21

Correction: shouldn't be able to do much if anything.....

Comment #22

It's difficult to give an advise without knowing all the facts, but you certainly have many options, or at least you should wait until you receive a formal letter from them. You don't have to give up on your name just because they say so. Good luck!..

Comment #23

Pls Excuse My Capslock.. I Love Typing In Caps.. I Would Just Hung Up On Em And Will Expect A Formal Letter Which Its True.. Ppl Calling You Its Because They Are Tryin To Social You To Give Em Your Domain Names.. Id Tell Em To Take Their Gay Ass Domain Names And Shove Up In Their Ass. U Want To See A Black And White With Your Naked Eyes..

And I Know How It Works.. So Calling You By The Phone Is Futile! Get A Letter Is Real Thing With Company Header...

Comment #24

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