GoDaddy review : Recommend I try GoDaddy?? TM question regarding generics & typos

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Hi everybody,.

I have a question regarding generic terms & typos.

Lets take the hypothetical term "teeth cleaning":.

-> I understand that and

Could not be trademarked as they are generic.

-> But could something like "teeth cleaning" - and the.

According domain be trademarked?.

I'm asking because I'm thinking of registering a.

Two word typo .com and redirect it to the main.

Site's affiliate program - which would mean:.

1. People who directly type in the domain with the.

Typo get to the correct page - which in my opinion.

Reduces user frustration who otherise might get a.

PPC parking page and.

2. the main domain /img/avatar9.jpgs lose no business - but just.

Pay me a commission for grabbing the typo traffic.

And redirecting it to the correct site.

Do you see a problem with that?.

Thank you in advance.



Comments (11)

The primary issue I see is potentially the affiliate program membership being canceled if they catch on. If it's generic enough, I'd say you should be OK*...

*I am not a lawyer...

Comment #1

If I followed correctly, why would they pay you to hang on to the domain when they can do it themselves by registering it or getting it from you assuming they can?.

Note: Not a lawyer either...

Comment #2

Thank you Pursey - I realize the risk of the.

Affiliate partnership being cancelled.

@Elven6: Thank you for your reply:.

If I got the domain before them they could only.

Get it by some legal action and they might like.

To avoid it in case of a generic term..

This very much depends on the term of course and.

How they use it.

I'm under the impression that some affiliate managers.

Allow this type of practice to at least get some of.

The traffic / customers.

Thank you both.



Comment #3

1) Double-check that they DON'T have a tm on that term..

2) Read your affiliate terms and conditions - some of them very clearly state that you're not allowed to use their name or variations of their name. A few may turn a blind eye to it, many others would see it as you trying to get commission on traffic which isn't rightfully yours. If you redirect straight from a typo, I would agree with them - registered tm or not, you're blatantly typosquatting on their brand. They don't lose *business* but they do lose the money they pay you in commissions.

Let's face it: These days, most people who mistype and end up on a "not found" or a parking page en route to some well-known site are going to realize that they made a navigation error and try again.

If you want any kind of longevity in Aff. marketing, don't steal from your merchants...

Comment #4

Thank you enlytend:.

I guess the best way would be to ask them upfront,.

Tell them I've got a typo domain of theirs and if.

It would be OK to redirect it to my affiliate link.

I do realize that this is very much a case-by-case question.

Depending not only on the terms/domains used but also on.

The affiliate managers.

Thank you all again for your input.



Comment #5

In my view, the biggest risk is the affiliate program sees you earning lots of money, and decides to gain control of the domain so they get all the money without having to pay you commissions anymore.

From a legal aspect, such action by an affiliate program is not necessarily a slamdunk, especially if one was previously granted permission to send traffic from such a domain and was doing so for a long time.

However, even if you have permission and the affiliate program is a-ok with the arrangement, there's the issue of web browsers and search engines suggesting (or some instances automatically redirecting) typos to the "correct" site. Download Chrome - the address bar / search bar all rolled into one is likely going to become standard in Firefox and MSIE in the near future. That will reduce typo traffic.


Comment #6

Thank you Ron - great point with the automatic.

Typo correction.



Comment #7

This statement has domain squatter overtones to it.

It sounds like what you are saying is if they cancel your affiliate account, you can always sell the domain to them.

Go flip burgers at McDonalds if this is your idea of making money online...

Comment #8


Thank you for your input. No, selling the domain.

To them would not be my intention - I'm sorry if.

It came across like that.



Comment #9

So many new members are looking at this method. When you aquire a typo of an existing brand, it is in fact, cybersquatting. Or to give it it's proper title, typosquatting. One has to question the integrity of people who go in this direction...

Comment #10

Thank you for your input exsedo:.

Guessing by all postings it really is a risky field and not recommended in most cases.

Thanks to you all for taking the time.



Comment #11

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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