Tips for post Medifast transition?

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The holidays are really emphasizing to me how many opportunities there are to be healthy. Not just holiday food but everywhere. Had an interesting time analyzing a restaurant menu for it's healthfulness, and I'd recommend that people do that when they get the chance. When I've gone out to eat before, I simply looked for what would fit the Medifast plan. Now, I'm trying to become aware of the challenges that will face me once I'm through transition. It takes me awhile to develop those mental skills, so I'm starting early.

I want to have my own rules in place to take over, so I can feel in control..

What are some of your mental rules or guidelines for post-transition? Any mental or emotional exercises you're doing now (or did before you got to transition) to prepare?..

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I am still trying to get the bf% done. I started transition 1 week before meeting goal, about 4.5 lbs before goal. I now figure what my calorie expenditure is and since I am wanting to lose fat still I run at a deficit of 30% to 90% of TEE. I still eat six meals a day. complex or starchy carbs in the first 3 meals on low days, all meals on high, and the lean and green the rest. I allow 1 free meal a week and will have a free day scheduled for Christmas.

Things must be kept in reason at this stage. But it will allow me to enjoy some of the finer foods in life and not deprive myself of every thing and help keep me on track. Gives me something to look forward to. I eat more calories at breakfast and before weight training. I keep an eye on calories and nutrient ratio.

I don't care about what I weigh at any given time. I track progress by taking skin fold measurements and the measuring tape. As long as things are in a decline and I do not lose lean mass I am a smiles. Taking the new mind set keeps me form wanting to play games at getting the scale to go down. Weight is weight and is not a good indicator at what you lost.

I always eat protein and carbs together, never one with out the other unless I need to eat I may just have protein if no proper card is available. I weigh every thing for now as measuring can end up increasing your calories if you round to much or not enough if you under measure...

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I changed my diet from eating beef at restaurants, i.e., sirloin steaks, to eating salmon. Love it and my weight came off even faster. I'm at goal (haven't changed the ticker) but want to lose a few more, but when I'm on transition and maintenance, my diet will consist of a lot of fish and chicken and beef occasionally. I think that's the ticket that I never got before and now I do...

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First post on the forum, looks like a great resource, wish I had discovered it sooner..

I still have 9 lbs to go, but have lost 36 and am on track. My plan was to not do Medifast strictly 100% the last 10 lbs and thus SLOWLY wean myself into transition and post. The key is SLOW, and not go crazy with my new found "freedom". I'm pretty focused, and I've been consistantly losing 4-5 lbs a week, and am comfortable now if that is only 1-2 lbs a week for the last 10. I plan to do this by eating a few more carbs, maybe up to 150 a day instead of the less than 100 I've been, and not even every day. I didn't want to get to my goal weight and then not be prepared for what comes next, so I'm weaning myself into it slowly.

I feel so good after losing the 36 that I will NEVER go back, and therefor not jeapordize what I've gained...

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Just as in the 8 months before I started Medifast my plan is to make meals consist of lean meats, veggies and whole grains. If I have rice, it should be brown rice, if I have bread it should be wheat. Snacks will consist of an occasional fruit, and raw nuts.

Alot of the same principles can be applied when eating out. Chicken breast salads, easy on the dressing. Chicken breast with a side of veggies, Egg white omelettes, etc...

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When I visited NYC, we ate at an Applebees that published the calories for each dish on the menu. What a wakeup call about the mad, mad, mad world of calories. Even the choices that seemed relatively healthy were LOADED. Like 1500 was a lower calorie choice. For one meal. Oy. I can only imagine that the best strategy after transition to maintenance phase is to avoid eating out (for me at least :P)!! At least Applebees does now have a few under 550 calorie meals on the menu...

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I'm in maintenance and this is what works for me.

When I know I'm eating out, I check ahead for what's on the menu and ensure I can have or some how make up a good L&G.

If I'm traveling, I refer to this site and sites like this before I get on the plane if I run out of time to pack a healthy snack for myself or just flat don't have room.

99% of it is planning. For holiday meals, I make sure I know what's getting served ahead of time and plan accordingly. Even when visiting friends for a meal, I always make sure I offer to bring a dish to I'm sure there's something I can eat (usually a veggie dish)...

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The rule of thumb I try and use dining out is no cream sauces and no fried foods. We do not dine out often so I have really good control over what I eat. Like Doug I do allow myself a treat meal, however, I use my same rule of no cream sauce and no fried foods..

Even though this doesn't guarantee I am making the absolute best choice it is a guideline or a standard I use and it seems to be working...

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Hmm.. good question! I plan on doing the above like the rest have so well stated. Stay away from processed carbs, choose whole grains above white, no fried foods or cream sauces. What I do when I go out now is make the menu work for me. Unfortunately with my family I don't always have the choice of knowing where we're going ahead of time. They're usually pretty good about asking if a restaurant is OK.

Like last night for example, we went to a place called "Burger Deluxe". I asked their fat/meat ratio on the burgers... 80/20 - nope too high in fat. I figured the turkey burger could have added carbs... So I saw a Mediterranean wrap loaded with grilled veggies.

I think putting myself in sitautions where the food choices aren't always the easiest will make transition easier. Worst case scenario I figure I get a salad OR just have some water until I can go home and make my L&G..



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I still treat the majority of my L&G's as I did when on 5&1. Sure I could have sauces on my meats or veggies if I wanted them, but I've learned to really enjoy the flavors of what I eat without a lot of stuff on top or added. Same with my salads. Dressing always on the side and always "fork it"I will only partake of starchy stuff if it's whole grain and then, very little maybe just a couple of bites. Yeah, I may splurge from time to time if we go out (which is a rarity in itself), but it's usually to just have a bite or 2 of the hubby's dessert. I never order one of my own.

It's all about self discipline. When you get to transition, you really learn which foods are going to cause you problems and you learn to deal with portions and potentially finding that you may need to avoid certain foods forever. You may also find that some things that you used to love no longer taste good to you now (sweets, fried foods, etc) or that you can eat very little of them in a sitting. I don't stress over analyzing menus of restaurants we go to ahead of time, I just choose as best I can and enjoy the rare time out with my family...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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