Tips for eating on plan during Medifast

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In 18 days I leave for a 4 day cruise with friends. My husband and children are not going. Originally (before I had so much success) I planned on dropping Medifast for the few days and doing the best I can on my own, cheating here and there. Now, my plan is to bring my personal blender, shakes and bars with me. Any suggestions for a statigic plan for eating OP on a cruise. AND yes...I plan on not drinking too. WOW!! I have come a long way in 8 weeks!!.

I need help...feeling nervous...

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If you have brownies, make them at home, wrap in waxed paper or ziplocks and freeze them. When you get on the ship put them in the refrigerator in your cabin. Take enough shakes, pretzels, puffs or bars to get your through your meals. There are a ton of options on a cruise as far as your L/G. Just make sure to pass up that bread/butter at the dinner table. Not sure about the blender though..I just brought my shaker cup..

Losing weight on a cruise can be done..I lost 8 pounds on a 14 day one a few years back...

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Thanks so much for your response!! I will make ahead...great suggestion! WOW....8 pounds in 14 days...thats great at home, never mind on vacation!!.

Thanks again!!..

Comment #2

I'm so jealous that you're going on a cruise! Its been several years since we've been on a cruise so of course the last time I went was pre-MF when hubby and I would order 1 of every dessert on the dinner menu and share themI def. think there are plenty of options at dinner that can be Medifast friendly and in my experience they are always happy to accommodate the guest so I think you'll be able to get food prepared how you like it..

Good luck! I think you'll do amazingly well!..

Comment #3

Hey - saw your post - we also have a very special weekend and it has been a debate with myself about being good or allowing myself to cheat and go off plan for a few days..

I am celebrating my 20th anniversary this weekend and we are going away. I am down 50 pounds in 8 weeks. I plan to bring all my Medifast foods for the long weekend and stay as OP as possible. My DH has agreed to "be good" and not ply me with treats. I told him if I have cant find an option that is acceptable on the menu, I may have to "adapt" something - eat a portion and he can eat the rest. He is a beanpole - averages 4-6K cals/day and does not gain a pound.

NOT this year. I have worked too hard to get this far. I don't want to lose ground. I know it will take 3-5 days to get my body back into the fat burning state if I go off plan for a few days. I would lose a whole week of potential weight loss.

I am so excited when I think of starting the school year at or around 250! And when I think about the fall wardrobe waiting for me - practically all new clothes in 24s & 22s - maybe I can even be a size 20 or 18 before the new year. THAT keeps me motivated to stay OP more than anything else. I want to be healthy!.

Good luck and enjoy your special weekend!..

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Swimmom315. I too am going on a cruise in September and I don't know how to handle it. Please share your success secrets with me. I have recommitted as of 08/02/10. I lost 15 lbs the first time on Medifast in the Spring in 4 weeks but summer has got the best of me with weddings, camping, and BBQ's. I have gained 10 back but I'm back and that's all that matters.

I hope to drop that by the cruise or at least get close to my number. Have a great day ladies!!!..

Comment #5

I'm sure De will post here, she went on a cruise a few years ago and stayed 100% on plan.

I recommend taking your shakes, soups, etc, take a shaker bottle and anywhere on the cruise you can get water so you can mix your shakes and soups. Take bars and puffs.

If it were me I would do the 4 and 2 version so you can eat Medifast meals four times a day and then of course during breakfast, lunch, and dinner each your L&G (2) of them but by spreading it out through out the day..

I know it is doable, several people in the past have gone on even longer cruises and been good!.

Have a great time!..

Comment #6

Thanks everyone for your support!!! I am ready for this! I will bring shakes, puffs, pretzels and bars! My plan is to order coffee via room service every morning to have with my shake (just like at home) to start my day!! I will also bring my water bottle and fill fill fill!!!! I will go to the 4 and 2..

JSWife....Holy Commole!!! 50 pounds on 8 weeks that is incredible!! Way to go!! You feel just like me! The few days is not worth the set back! I just don't want to have to deal with that feeling of the first few days OP again either..yuck!!.

I will come home successful and with all my tips ready to share!! 2 weeks from tomorrow..maybe I'll get to ONEDERLAND before I go..that would be a huge incentive too!!.

Have a great OP day ladies!..

Comment #7

Oh and one more thing you forgot to mention, shove me in the suticase too LOL..

Comment #8

HEEHEE!!! Wish I could bring all Medifast friends!!! Would be much easier with all this support!!.


Comment #9

I did cruises and Vegas while on 5/1. And that was before the portable options they have now, and we only got one bar a day,(green wrapper)! I came home a pound or two lighter each time. Very easy to stay on plan,,just don't give into the breads, desserts and other "bad" foods. Make the cruise about fun and relaxation, and about the healthy choices you can make! I would generally split my l/g between breakfast and dinner, or some days, if lots of walking on shore, would do 4/2. In between I shook shakes into a bottle of water, stirred cappucinos or hot cocoa into a cup of hot coffee,and of course, had my one bar a day. I managed and always came home proud of myself and with no regrets.

Dh and I are going on a Bermuda cruise in September out of Baltimore. I have done 2 cruises while in maintenance, and even then,,I keep to my "on plan' healthy maintenance..

You can do this,,have a blast on your trip!!..

Comment #10

I also am going on a cruise to Bermuda in dh and sister and her dh going as well...sister and I are both on plan. We are planning to take shakes maybe a few packets of oatmeal, bars and have thought about purchasing the ready made shakes....My plan is to try to do the 4&2 as well. I refuse to gain even a pound....Anyone try the ready made shakes? other than being more expensive, do they taste good?..

Comment #11

I have not tried the ready made shakes but thought that might be a good idea for me too!! So exciting so many of us have fun to look forward too!!....and we are looking SO fabulous!!! WAHOO!!!..

Comment #12

I went on a 6day/5night cruise in June...I had been OP about 7 weeks...I was really scared! I got a minifridge in the room, and I brought RTD shakes, bars pretzels and puffs. I actually wound up doing 4 and 2 the entire cruise! I had a bar and coffee every morning for breakfast, just like I do at home. I had a shake or puffs midmorning either at the pool, or in port. I ate a L&G lunch every day...there was always grilled fish or chicken available with salad. I fudged a little...we were scheduled for 8:30 dinner, so at 5:30-6 each evening, my family would get sushi at the sushi bar. I would pick out the veggies and fish and give my son the rice! It was a nice treat; when I did that, I did only 3 medifast meals.

They had gazpacho, shrimp cocktail, sushi, salads. I went off program only twice; I had one margarita when we were in Freeport, and I had a few bites of birthday cake the night my son turned 20! I came home up .5 lbs, which I lost very quickly, plus more, in the week after the cruise. The hardest part for me was the drinking...they were constantly trying to ply you with fruity, sugary drinks at the pool. When I think of all the money I saved on alcohol, I feel great! It really was not that hard to do. Enjoy the fact that you don't have to cook, and that everything you eat is so fresh and clean..

Comment #13

DH & I are going on his 50th Birthday cruise in November - all of this advice is so helpful. He should be in transition by then but I will still be on 5 & 1. Thanks for all the great tips!..

Comment #14

OK....leaving on Thursday!! Waiting for my delivery of pretzels and swiss mocha(to have with my coffee every morning)!! Made a few batches of Choc. Peanut Butter cookies(if you don't have the recipe, let me die for!!!!) and almost ready to go!! Bringing my shaker cup and even my trusty 32oz water bottle I use everyday. I'm such a creature of habit!!! Wish me luck and I will report back on Tuesday!!!.

Xx All!!..

Comment #15

First, I think it's great that you plan to stay 100% On Plan while gone on vacation. The good news is, it can be done. Planning is key. Have back up plans too. I didn't go on a cruise but traveled often, I had one whole suit case devoted to MF! A suit case will hold a LOT of Medifast product and 1 blender! May want to pack that separately however so it doesn't crush your crushable Medifast foods. I also found that routine/schedule helped.

I tend to get in trouble when my schedule is messed up, as I tend to get hungry and my "will" power will then go down. Full/satisfied stomach, King Will Power Dan, if you know what I mean. You can do this and how Awesome it is to return home from a vacation, THINNER/Lighter than when you LEFT! YOU can do this! Focus on all the GREAT things, the scenery, the fellowship, etc., just not the food. Cruise Food is NOT Leaving the planet, so you aren't missing anything! Have a Great time! Again, You can do this! Dan..

Comment #16

Dan! Thanks for your pep talk!!! I think I'll print it and tape it to my mirror in the cabin!!!..

Comment #17

I'm on vacation now, not a cruise. My husband thought I should take the week off of Medifast - but like you I feel like I have come too far to take a break like that..

At times it has been hard, but you can make it work for you. Here are some things that are working for me on this vacation and one where I stayed in a hotel for a week..

Ready to drink shakes - nice for day trips.

Bars, pretzels, puffs - travel well.

Cardboard coffee cups and plastic spoons for oatmeal and soups - if you have a microwave.

The medifast mixing cup for puddings..

Bottled water - mix your shakes and drinks, if your fridge has a freezer, you can freeze them and they will still be cold for later in the day..

By the way, where are you cruising to?.

Have a great trip...

Comment #18

Thanks Milonotis for the tips!!! We are cruising to Canada. Can't wait!! Hope you are enjoying your vacation!! You will have to let me know how you did when we get home!..

Comment #19

Will do - I feel confident about my weigh in when I return, let us know how you do too. Those Ready to Drink shakes are ok, though I like the powdered ones better. There not as thick, and I don't feel like I'm getting as much. But they were great while I was in SF last month, I slipped one in my purse everyday for lunch. I also have used them when we travel by car for long distances..


Comment #20

Where at, id like my free pass please lol..

Comment #21

There should be a Medifast cruise reunion every year. We could have our own dining room where they only serve L&G or Medifast food!..

Comment #22

That would be a great thing...a Medifast cruise!!! Love that idea!.

Well Bon Voyage everyone!!! Thanks for all your great comments and support!!.

Be back in a few days!!!..

Comment #23

Hi Everyone!! I'm back!...chocolate and cheese buffets everywhere beware!!!! I had a great time and very little temptation!!! I am down 1 pound!! That is a triumph!! Thank you, thank you all of you for all the wonderful support!!! I could not have done it without your lasting words ringing through my head for 4 days!!!.


Comment #24

See you did it! It can be done when you put your mind towards it. Congrats! And isn't cruising fun? I leave in 10 days for a 2 week transatlantic from England back home...

Comment #25

I'm also going on a cruise in October and have been wondering how to do this right. Thank you for bringing it up! I hope you have a great time! All these suggestions make me feel like I can stay OP too. I agree that bringing the blender will help...

Comment #26

Wow what great posts I am off on a 4 day cruise myself come october and I already been thinking ahead of how I am going to handle it. I already was picturing myself bringing along most meals water after all hot or cold is free and easy to come by and if I lay around the pool most of the afternoon in a bathing suit well thats motivation right there and then enjoy my L&G with my family in the evening then off to the shows !!! Its just a matter of making up your mind before hand and planning for it thanks for all the helpful tips !..

Comment #27

OOOH!! Ali....sounds like a good one!!! Will you spend in in England before you cruise?.

Zuli and are both going to have so much fun and still lose!! Yep the bathing suit helped keep me motivated as well! I took advantage for the outdoor track and the gym!! We can all do this and still have fun too!! There is more to life than food and we are all proof of that!!!..

Comment #28

Dawn I fly into Heathrow the morning of the cruise, no down time in London this trip. Really excited about this cruise as the ports include Iceland and I've never been there...counting down the days until I leave on big bird in the sky. LOL..

Comment #29

Always wanted to go to Ireland...being an Irish girl!! Take lots of pictures!! Have fun!!!!..

Comment #30

I'm going to ICELAND! LOL The ship does stop in Ireland also, but I've been there numerous times..So excited to see what Iceland is all about and to see if there are still remnants of the volcanic ash...

Comment #31

Wow, the family and I are going on a cruise the end of sept and I was wondering how I was going to do this. great ideas posted and lots of hope for me since you lost 1 lb on the cruise...

Comment #32

Way to go - losing on vacation and a cruise at that is an amazing accomplishment. You should feel empowered...

Comment #33

I am going on a cruise January 7-17, eastern carribean.. My first one ever... Congrats on the weight loss! Hopefully I will not gain on my cruise!..

Comment #34

I'm going on a cruise in a week and I'm so glad to have found this thread! I'm not taking any Medifast meals but plan on just eating lower-carb and OP for dinners. I've had times when I didn't have meals and continued to lose, so here's hoping this is one of those times!..

Comment #35

HAHAHAHA!!! OK, well....Ooops!! Iceland is cool too!!! That should be a fun trip! My uncle is a geologist and visited Iceland a few times. It is beautiful!! Have fun!!.....still want to see Ireland....heehee!!!..

Comment #36

Good Luck to all you cruisers!! You can do it and still feel like you didn't miss a thing!! Lots of activities on those ships...take full advantage!!!..

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