Tips and tricks to making Medifast pancakes?

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Hi everyone,.

I finally tried something besides a bar the other day (first time the whole month!)... I tried the chocolate chip pancakes... I made them as directed, but added a bit of baking powder to the mix... I sprayed some PAM in the pan and made 1 big pancake... I topped it with WF sugar free syrup and it was HORRIFIC.... It went right down the garbage disposal...

Any tips or tricks?.

Thanks so much!.


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What was so horrific about it? Flavor? Texture?.

I think they taste fine, myself...

Comment #1

Sorry you had to waste a packet. I don't care for baking powder in mine, but I would have ate it anyway. I make it as directed, let it sit for a few minutes then make 2 pancakes. You can add a little Splenda to sweeten it up a bit. I prefer the plain pancakes though...

Comment #2

Wow. I love the CC pancakes. I make into one big pancake, nothing added. Then, I put WF strawberry syrup on it. I have that every morning. Give it another try someother time.

I know things that I hated I do like now. And, things I once loved I am now having a hard time even thinking about eating...

Comment #3

See the post regarding combining brownies and pancakes....that looked good...

Comment #4

Wow, I love the pancakes, both flavors and love the WF syrup, too! I do nothing but shake five times, let set a few minutes and cook up to what's the best lookin' pancake I've ever made!..

Comment #5

I like the pancakes make sure you just shake 5 times don't blend or anything.....

Comment #6

The only thing I do is mix it in a bowl with a small wisk instead of shaking. I love the pancakes, and I do not eat pancakes in real world eating...

Comment #7

I mix it with the baking powder overnight, this helps to thicken them. The trick is turning them when the pan is heated enough that they won't fall apart. I love them!..

Comment #8

Same here! Chocolate chips pancakes are one of my favorite Medifast items! I follow the directions on how to prepare them, I add nothing at all. Spray my pan with Pam, let it get real hot and just make one big pancake. Delish!..

Comment #9

I like the pancakes (haven't tried the CC ones yet). I did read somewhere on the boards to mix them only with the five "shakes" and then I let it sit for at least an hour, if not overnight. Hope you find something that works for you!.


Comment #10

Have you tried any other foods besides the pancakes? If so, how do the other meals taste to you? Since you've been eating bars exclusively for a month, I'm wondering if your taste-buds have adapted to the point where other Medifast foods just don't taste "right" anymore. Just a thought.....

Comment #11

I had them today, my first Medifast meal. They tasted good with a little sf syrup. They were kind of dense and about 1/4 what I am used to eating! Maybe letting the mix sit first will help. Now the strawberry shake .............ughh!!!..

Comment #12

I ordered one packet of regular pancake when they first came out. I didn't like it either. It was the texture. But, I just ordered a box and will try them again with the baking powder and rolled into a cream cheese/Splenda crepe. I'll see how that is. If I still don't care for it, I will trade for something I do like at my TSFL meeting...

Comment #13

I liked the plain ones, but I thought the CC pancakes tasted salty. I top them with 1 tsp of low sugar strawberry preserves (1 carb).

I found when I cooked them that if you want one large pancake you cake cook after shaking 5 times, but if you want silver dollar pancakes, you need to let the batter sit to thicken a bit before cooking. I was not able to get as many as their picture shows out of the batter. I tried adding a bit more water, but that just made the pancake fall apart when I tried to flip it...

Comment #14

I LOVE the pancakes! I add one egg (not op but hasn't slowed my loss) and a dash of baking powder and it makes one huge, fluffy pancake. I add a touch of sugar free syrup and it's like heaven!..

Comment #15

Eggs are allowed on Medifast (not sure if that's exactly what you meant by "not op")..

There's a list of lots of meatless on-plan items. Go to the main Medifast page and click the heading "Learning", then Nutrition Information/Meatless Options List..


I like the plain Medifast pancakes, I make one giant pancake. Haven't tried the chocolate chip pancakes yet, but after reading some earlier posts here, I'm tempted to try them, too...

Comment #16

Yes, I know they are "allowed" but I don't count it as my lean. Thanks, though...

Comment #17

Rawhide, it stands for Waldon Farms products. They have all sorts of syrups and sauces that are op...

Comment #18

I bought walden farms apple butter the other day and put a tablespoon on my pancake and it was so yummy.

Had a cinnamon apple taste to it..

Comment #19

I have one word for Medifast pancakes MUFFINS!.

That's the only way I'll eat them!..

Comment #20

The CC pancakes totally ROCK! I make them according to directions but make just one big pancake instead of three smaller ones. I spray it with "Butterlicious" 0 calorie fake butter spray (Safeway house brand) OR I take the scrambled eggs and make a thin omelette the same size as the pancake and roll them together and eat them like a crepe. it counts for 2 meals if I do it that way, but keeps me full until lunch! I used to hate the scrambled eggs until I figured out other things to do with them...

Comment #21

I'm not overly fond of the CC pancakes as pancakes either but I LOVE them mixed with the brownies. I'm sorry that I don't remember who the original poster was but I mix 1 packet CC Pancakes + 1 packet Brownie mix + 3/8C water (6Tbs). I make these in Brownie trays and microwave them one at a time for 1 minute (haven't figured out the timing for both at the same time and don't want to mess with a formula that's been working for me!)...

Comment #22

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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