"This page is currently parked FREE by!" What does this mean?

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My first question is: "This page is currently parked FREE by!" What does this mean?.

My next question is: The deal never got confirmed though.. yes ............... no?..

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Your question was: "This page is currently parked FREE by!" What does this mean?. ($2.6 million) (typo pizza).



Comment #1 is at sedo auction for $2500 eur, anyone see this bid as being legit?..

Comment #2

Wow...I bet all you guys who were around when these names where selling at reg fee would be feeling pretty bad right about now. Could be millionaires.....

Comment #3

I am only 17...I am not sure exactly when you could get these names for reg fee but I think I would have been less then 5 years old...

Comment #4

The HostGator was handregged on June 17th 1994...

I'm sure lots of people on here wish they found it available on June 16th and handregged it then.....

Comment #5


And the very first .com HostGator that was registered was

Back in 1985 when every .com HostGator was free and available to handreg, I wonder how many NP members would have chosen to register first...

Comment #6

FREE to test for investors not for users like us..

There is no free meal in the US.

Here's the list of first 100 registered .com:



Comment #7

And free for the taking prior to 1995.


Comment #8

Private whois doesn't mean it sold.

Great news if it does all round, but tbh I never expected it would..

Comment #9

I think delivery was a little later than expected, meaning that the buyer got a Free bottle of Coke and a 10% discount coupon for the next purchase...

Comment #10

Must be a domainer that bought it ?? I very much doubt one of the big pizza companies would have a private whois, they would be wanting to get all the press they could IMO.

Would'nt the whois show as sedo's if it was still waiting to go through ?


Comment #11

I think your right. The pizza company wouldnt mind their whois being available. Unless the registrar they transfered it to automatically uses private whois info...

Comment #12

Sometimes companies want to keep things under wraps while they put together a BIG marketing program that will announce/debut/feature their NEW product/brand/packaging/ or whatever to the public.

If the public is already aware of the new product/brand/packaging/ or whatever, then it looses a lot of it's "specialness" (is that even a word???) and thus considered to be less of a unique point of interest or differentiation...

Comment #13

Whois details haven't changed one bit since the auction.

This is a fake sale and Sedo is to blamed for that confusion which arose...

Comment #14

Large sum of money does not transfer the same way as small amount. It may take longer to close, I think...

Comment #15

1. I've been monitoring the name servers till date, it hasn't changed. That shows the name is still with the old owner.

2. Regarding the fake sale, it surely is true, otherwise why hasn't it changed hands after the sale. Someone suggested it could be the nature of the large transaction but then it should be in escrow...

Comment #16

Before the sale the HostGator was in the guys name, a week or so after the sale the whois was changed to a privacy one. I can't prove it.....but I did see it did see it with my own eye.

Maybe the site was also part of the deal ??.


Comment #17

Yes, especially if there is a European business with that name, and they are trying to secure rights to the domain...

Comment #18

Updated Date: 22-jun-2006.

The HostGator hasn't gone anywhere, it still is with the owner...

Comment #19

Anyone have any news about the sale ? Did it sell or was it a fake one ?



Comment #20

I don't understand how you can know if it changed hands or not when the Whois is private.....

Comment #21

I guess the only way to find out is to check with Sedo? But I doubt Sedo will disclose this information without the consent of the parties involved due to privacy issue...

Comment #22

I wonder if the sedo will be able to at least confirm that the transaction has been completed...

Comment #23

It`s still with the old registrant, I know a person who just spoke with him...

Comment #24

Bummer, did the payment fail or was it just a hyped sale ?


Comment #25

I don`t know that, all I was told is that the HostGator is still with him...

Comment #26

So in a world where it is hard to get one corporate/ retail buyer to even pay attention to domains, this HostGator had 4-5 such buyers bidding?.

It appears to not have gone through, probably SEDO has asked owner to do Private whois so most people would still assume it went down after all the press.

Most of the world will still think this sale happened and if you are trying to buy at fair prices then the owners of similar domains will hold this sale up in your face. Very sad it is all fake and SEDO does not come clean...

Comment #27

Thanks The article I read from the owner sounded pretty convincing though, saying his kids were all excited watching it etc.

Either way, whatever happened - sad for the guy if it did'nt go through and sad for the industry if they are bullshitting everyone.

...sooner or later all will be revealed.


Comment #28

Certainly SEdo will go after all high bidders since they would get a nice 200,000+ out of the deal ($260,000 in the event the top bidder was paying) so legal stuff or other things at this level may take months.

Anyway I learned my lesson that you should not consider the sale till money is in your bank account. Obviously that guy nothing know about domaining, he was just the right guy at the right time registering the right domain.

Anyway I don`t think he`ll have a problem to sell it even for just $1,000,000 should anything fail with Sedo...

Comment #29

If you're convinced by someone saying they know someone who knows someone I have a bridge in Brooklyn I'm looking to sell..

Comment #30

Are you accusing me to be a liar?.

The source is very good, otherwise pick up the phone and ring him...

Comment #31

Of course not Lorenzo, you know I have a lot of respect for you...

Comment #32

I've been keeping track of this HostGator name since it was on Sale and it hasn't gone through. That's the fact...

Comment #33

Now sounds like you`re flirting with me.

Seriously, you can find his phone number quite easily...

Comment #34

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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