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Anyone here notice what I noticed before I bid on the above auction?..

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Yep... it's an "L". Still got bid up to $765.00! Somebody is gonna get a neg feedback!..

Comment #1

First time for me checking out an Ebay domain sale..but did find this only sells to the United States?..

Comment #2

The BIN was set at $3k when it first went up. If it was, I would have bought it in a second.

However, I knew it was too good to be true and I copied and pasted straight from the auction. I realized right away. BINGO!.

Guy knew what he was doing, but he TECHNICALLY didn't do anything wrong...

Comment #3

Lol glad I don't buy from Ebay...when I first looked at sure look like (captial I)..

Comment #4

May I ask what is so special about lsles vs Lsles ?

Comment #5

Thanks BinderGang, I posted this on my blog:

Comment #6

Lsles is not a word. isles is. Hey HotNames,.

Just read it. Great article , glad I can help people around here...

Comment #7

Wow, good catch. But how and where (what site or tool did you used?) did you determined that the name was illegitimate. It really does look like NOT eBay is a good place for certain things you want to buy for cheap but Domain names that cost more than $500 is sketchy. Thanks for sharing that one. If you have any other suggestions for spotting these types of fraud please share it with me and other domainers so that we can spot it if we get in the same situation. Thanks...

Comment #8

Seems like people are wondering how I did this exactly. I'll be more than happy to explain:.

Obviously, is worth alot more than $3000. If an offer is too good to be true, like I said, it usually is. HOWEVER, I have had some "too good to be true" offers in the past...actually be TRUE! So, I always check because you don't want to pass up on a legitimate good deal because you were afraid of being scammed.

Basically, I copied the word "lsles" from the eBay auction without the extension. I pasted it into my Google Toolbar as I knew that if the name was spelled wrong Google would suggest to me the correct spelling. Wallah! Google told me it was the wrong spelling and suggested the word "isles".

Pretty simple as I found my answer right away. If I had not, I would have done some more research on the domain through Whois info, etc...

Comment #9

In my opinion, that whole auction was a SCAM, The seller had intent to deceive, Imo, And the Ebay vero team should look into this, So I have e-mailed them about this auction, I will post what they reply when I get a notice from them...

Comment #10

If you look at the image, he has actually used and 'I'- so the image says this is misleading..

Comment #11

It's special for somebody like me who lives in the British Isles, not the British Lsles..

Comment #12

Out and Out con.

Why would you not capitalize the domain to start with?.

Only to try and fool people. Whoever bought this is going to be MAD...

Comment #13

Good advice...I do the same thing with most names I'm looking one lately that was too good to be true...tested...was the name.


Comment #14

3 Day auction as opposed to a regular 7 or 10 also raises a little suspicion as well. In his picture with the green highlight, the first "l" is fatter than the second "l", so as to differentiate it from second "l" so it would like more like an I. It does not look like he was able to do that with the ebay fonts...Is it worth that as a typo? perhaps legal issues?..

Comment #15

1) Copy the word from the auction listing..

2) Paste it into Wordpad and highlight the text..

3) Click "format" then click "font" and switch to an all uppercase font. Viola!..

Comment #16

I contacted the buyer. He is now aware of the situation. Luckily, he had not paid yet...

Comment #17

It is not just a problem on eBay (although it is a fairly big problem there). You have to be vigilant with most sites that list domains.

You should ensure the following before buying a domain name:-.

1) Ensure all letters and numbers are as they look and no substitutions are present such as in this case a lower case l instead of an uppercase i..

2) Ensure that all characters are a-z or 0-9. Another trick some people use is to use an International character instead of a standard letter.

The first 1 can be solver by looking at the domain in uppercase as well as lowercase. This will show easily what letter/number each character is (the word trick mentioned by briman1970 can do the trick).

The second can be a bit trickier. You will need to find somewhere that will show it in an easy fashion as IDN's will switch between upper and lower case and you may still be none the wiser for example in forodemsica you can see an accent above the you this will convert to uppercase as well (the accent will stay but otherwise will still look like a standard U). Although this is a fairly easy 1 to spot others can be more difficult.

Give THIS a try. I just created it and hopefully should work ok...

Comment #18

Exactly. Without the image one could say it's due to the way the browser renders the characters, the image however clearly advertises another domain and because of that it's fraud...

Comment #19

Blatent case of fraud you should get on to ebay about this because it could happen to people again and they will pay...

Comment #20

OMG what a terrible trick. He knew what he was doing if he didn't he would have been selling it as and if it really was he would have had it all in caps too to show the legitimacy. ha ha and I do feel sorry for the buyer and I hope he / she gets out of the deal. It reminds me of the case on Judge Judy where an ebay seller sold a print-out photo of a cell phone for >$400 to a buyer who thought she was getting, of course, the phone. The seller attempted to tell Judge Judy the buyer got just what the auction said she'd get because the picture in the auction was of the print out photo of the phone and it's specs. Needless to say, the buyer got her $$$ back and the Judge Judy blasted the seller...

Comment #21

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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