GoDaddy user reviews : Advise I sign up for GoDaddy?? This is why it's not Paypal's problem when there is fraud.

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If you think it's paypal responsibility to find all fraud you are wrong. If you pay attention you can prevent being ripped off. It's like keeping your wallet in your front pocket instead of sitting on the bar.

Here is a message I just sent Ebay. Now I won't be shipping to either person. I would rather not take the chance. I can always sell the item again and ask that the final value fee be refunded. It kind of sucks to lose the listing fee but it's better than losing it all and shipping the item too.

Anyways...I thought this a good example of how I don't get ripped off simply by paying attention to transactions. If someone out of the ordinary occurs it's usually fraud. I am tired of people blaming the hammer when it's the carpenter that has poor skill...

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And Paypal didn't provide you with any information on how to investigate the matter further?..

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That contact was for Ebay...since it's them whom I would need to contact and ask for a final value credit. At paypal I will simply refund the payment or wait till paypal takes the funds back. However Paypal charges nothing for chargebacks..a credit card processor would charge $10-$30 per transaction. I don't really need to investigate further's obvious to me it's fraud or at least an attempt. People should take responsibility for their own actions. It would be my ineptitude if I were to ship these items...

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For domain registrars, it's even higher. From one registrar, it's up to $100 per.

Domain name...

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Everything you need to know about paypal is in their TOS..

If you take the time to read all of it, and there's a lot AND they stipulate that they can change it without notice AND they do as and when a new situation arises that might lose them money you will see that they are covered for almost every eventuality so THEY dont lose money.

They have all this fancy BS about buyer and seller protection but it ultimately boils down to paypal protection. Everything they do is to make money They have shareholders to answer to and if you think that the guys at the AGM are concerned abot your $1000 going walkabout they're not. They're concerned about how much their portfolio has increased in value....

The ONLY way to afford yourself some kind of protection when using paypal is to use your credit card for purchases. They at least have various laws and statutes to answer to. Paypal do not....

A common misconception is that paypal is a bank. They're not a bank and as such have a lot less to answer to in the legal department.

My advice - If you're buying anything over $50 use your credit card..

You dont have to use your paypal balance, you can select your method of payment when 'checking out'.

I have had a few people rip me off on ebay through paypal..

Well, they thought they had ripped me off, for a while at least.

Heres what you do:.

Report it to paypal and then forget about them.

You will know the address and name of the fraudster..

Contact these people:.

The State Attorney..

The local sherrif's department.

The local town council.

The local chamber of commerce.

The local radio and tv.

(All their email addresses/Phone no's/Fax No's are online somewhere).

Inform all of them you have contacted the others on the list (This is good for getting the local sherrifs department to act if they think the state attorney is involved).

The 4 times I have been ripped through paypal my money suddenly re-apppeared.

The key to getting the local sherrif involved is not to tell them you have been ripped off or are the victim of fraud..

You MUST tell them you are the victim of somebody obtaining money by deception. This forces them by law to investigate it..

Otherwise they will tell you it's a civil matter and they cant get involved..

Same goes for the state attorney..

Amazng what a visit from the local police department will do...

Doesnt matter where you live (I was successful and Im in Asia!)..

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This is some really good iformation. Nobody has done anything to suspicous with me on ebay or paypal and I have not had any problems. However, I am sure that could possibly change.

Thank you! rep added...

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Hate to sound like a broken record, but the best defense against losing money from your PayPal account is to NEVER put any money in your PayPal account in the first place! I've been both an eBay buyer and seller for years, and have always used my PayPal account strictly as a "beard" - a buffer between other eBay members and my credit card. Never had a prob.

That's another reason why I can so easily laugh at all those hokey fake emails (that I get, and everyone else gets) stating with great alarm that my "PayPal account money has been violated," or "someone has added an extra name to your PayPal financial account," etc., etc. As hustlers those guys sure are amateurs - PERSISTENT ones, but amateurs nonetheless...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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