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I need some help determining the history of a domain name. I recieved a phone call from a gentleman claiming to be an IRAQ war veteran. He stated, in a strong English accent, that his domain name had expired when, in his words, " it should'nt have".

He claimed he had been serving in IRAQ when the domain name expired. The domian had been expired for a year pryor to my registration of the domain.

I supose his claims could be true. I would like to be sure I'm not just getting "played"..

However, more importantly, I want to extend ALL due respects to a "Veteran"..

Any advice in this matter would be apreciated.

Thank You.


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Ask him for any proof he was previous domain owner...

Comment #1

Indeed. Trust, but verify..

Or use's whois history to find out....


Comment #2

Maybe I'm thick. Domains can be renewed out up to ten years in advance. If a domain is important to you, then renewing it one year at a time makes little sense...

Comment #3

First, I agree that it expired and you have the rights to it now. However, I have also had people say they accidentally had a domain expire that I picked up. Some have been scamming to just try to get the domain. Others really did lose it by accident. In some cases I've offered it back to the original owner for a much lower price (to cover my costs and time) than I'd accept otherwise if their story checked out.

If you want to help them out and can't find information, I don't think it's unfair to ask them to prove their claim with documentation. If they have trouble with that then they either don't have a true claim or don't care enough to do the work for it...

Comment #4

Thank you all.....

I've left a msg for him to please contact me with reg info. The whois shows a business as he described. Would it be reasonable to ask him to varify his tour of duty?.

And would it be reasonable to ask for proof of identity?.

If he is who he says and this happened as he described I'll have absolutely no problem giving him the name. Had it been any other instance I would negotiate an amicable resolve. For a "VET" I would not accept any funds!.

But I would like to know for sure.


Comment #5

You can also check to see what the site may have had posted before which could give a clue to his name or contacts. If you PM me the name, I'll do a whois history check at (if you aren't a paid member yourself) to see if anything turns up there.

Yes, I'd request proof of identity and proof of his Vet status since that's the basis of your giving him the name back...

Comment #6

In my opinion. If you regged it after it got expired, then you are the owner of that domian. No matter if George Bush was planning at the time and his domain got expired.

There are no rules like this. A real domainer does not thinks like this. The domain once gone is gone forever...

Comment #7

If you are thinking of giving the domain name back to him after he provides proof I will first say that is very noble of you to even think of doing something like that. Second aks him for his past whois information and proof of his identity such as his military card...and if you decide to hand it over then ask for the reg fee to cover your costs. Goodluck, AWI..

Comment #8

You're thick, John. Some people have no sense at all.

While at it, namenut, I won't be surprised if the guy will suddenly complain if.

You're asking too much. You can always tell him/her "if you don't take care of.

Your business, the business won't take care of you".

If the business really means that much to him/her, s/he'll do everything and.

Anything to take damn good care of it, even go the extra miles needed...

Comment #9


Perspectives are a great thing, and thank you all again. The only problem is I agree with all of you. There is a single thread of possible conditions that would explain why a professional man would let this happen. If they all line up and it was truly an accident then the consideration is warranted. However if this was carelessness and now simply a greedy after thought then I will feel differently for sure. I just want to find the right decision and make it.

Here is the kicker....the name is out performing, in visits, 90% of all my other names. (LLN).

It may sound odd but at this point I hope this person turns out to be whom he claims and all ends well for all. I might feel good about doing something in return for his service to my freedoms. If not then my disapointment will have a silver lining in that I will keep the name and develop it.

The whois shows a business site for 2 years then stops for one year before my registration. There is a phone number listed on the site. I will call this weekend from my lawyers (friend) home with him monitoring the call.


Comment #10

Thank you AD. I've recieved your info and it's exactly what I needed. Another quality namepro offering help. Gotta love NP members.


Comment #11

If a site existed on that domain, might we worth checking out:

Comment #12


It seems the former owner of the domain name was not the person that called me in regards to the domain name. He said " I never called you or any one about that name". We did not add to the conversation. We said thank you and good day..

Thank you all for your help and advice..

The domain name is:


Comment #13

OK then it's someone trying to pull a fast one on you..

Anyway you are the owner now. Period...

Comment #14

Sounds like it was a scam. I'm glad it's done. And you are correct that I am the owner now and period.....

Thanks every one for your help.


Comment #15

I see... and in what state do lawyers eavesdrop on phone calls without identifying themselves?..

Comment #16

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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