Things I wish I'd known When Starting Medifast?

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I just got a lovely message from Chris (hope I'm not embarrassing you!) which contained some very useful information called 'Things I Wish I'd Known When Starting Medifast.'.

All you experienced people, will you please share things you found out the hard way, things you didn't find out until much later, things that have made it easier now you know them?.

Thanks for the generous sharing of your tips!.

Here's what Chris said (again, hope I'm not making anyone uncomfortable sharing).

Hi There! Welcome aboard!!! I enjoyed visiting your page and reading your blog. I have been on Medifast for 18 weeks (since January 8) and have lost 56 pounds and 5 sizes. The plan works!!.

A few things that I wish I had known when I started Medifast and things that work well for me are as follows.

1. It is perfectly fine to split your Lean & Green (L&G). You still do all 5 Medifast meals. This can help with the hunger by allowing you to eat a little more often.

2. A great lean to use when you're first starting out is the Eggbeaters. One lean serving is 2 full cups. This is a lot of egg so it makes 2 nice sized portions. You will find Eggbeaters listed under the Meatless Options on the My Plan page. I also find I lose faster if I use Eggbeaters as my lean a few times a week.

3. The shakes are much better when you make them in a blender and add some ice.

4. To avoid lumps in the hot drinks, puddings and cream soups, add just a little bit of water first and stir with a fork into a paste until smooth. Then gradually add the rest of the water.

5. The soups are all much better if you allow them to soak - especially the chili. If you don't soak the chili the beans will be like bullets. I hated it the first time I tried it but love it now.

6. All of the soups and the eggs are better with a little Tabasco sauce. Some people also add boullion to the soups.

7. Don't overcook the eggs. It makes them rubbery. Pull them out of the microwave while they still look a little runny because they will continue to cook after you pull them out.

8. If you are on thyroid meds, eat a non-soy product for your first two meals because soy disrupts the absorption of the thyroid medications. Hot drinks, cream soups, and Momentum products are all non-soy, along with the eggs and tropical punch and teas.

9. Drinking the water is an essential part of the weight loss process. You need to drink the water in order to flush the fat and ketones from your system. Medifast says 64 oz but there is another school of thought that says to drink 1/2 your body weight in ounces. I lose much faster when I drink 1/2 my body weight in ounces..

10. If you're a big diet soda drinker, cut them way back. No more than 3 a day but I would personally recommend no more than one. Diet sodas can stall your weight loss.

11. Medifast recommends to abstain from exercise your first 3 weeks unless you were already exercising. If you were already exercising, cut your exercise intensity and duration in half. If you feel fine, a nice healthy walk never hurt anyone.

12. You must keep your carbs below 100 a day to stay in ketosis. It is optimal for weight loss to keep them between 80 to 85. Utilize the My Plan page so you can keep a lookout on the carbs. I find I lose faster when I keep mine between 70 and 80.

13. If you find you are losing slowly, check how many crunch bars you are eating. Not everyone can tolerate the new crunch bars. When I added them into my meal plan, I went into a 2 week stall. I cut them out and dropped 7.3 pounds in 8 days. So just some food for thought if your weight is not dropping like you think it should be.

14. Sipping on hot boullion is on plan and is a great crutch if you get hungry. Just sip on it slowly and it will take the edge off of your hunger. It also helps with headaches, dizziness and hunger in the first week. Any kind of boullion will do.

15. The Vanillia Shake is a great substitute for cream in the coffee. Make sure you mix it up first before adding it to your coffee. When you're thru with your coffee, drink the rest and you have one Medifast meal accounted for.

I hope I have not overwhelmed you with too much info, but again those are just a few items I wish I had known when I started out and a few things that I have found work for me.

If you don't like some of the foods, put them away for a few weeks and revisit them later. Your taste buds will change and you may find you like them later on.

I wish you great success on your weight loss journey. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask.


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So my 'things I wish I'd known' for the day:.

If you think the strawberry creme shake is a little gross, and you think to add Momentum Berry Flavor Infuser and a bunch of water to it to add a little kick? DON'T. The fake-sweet-fake-berry overload had me literally gagging over the sink. ;-)..

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Something I've learned- I was eating my crunch bars WAY to fast, like under 2 minutes. I've found if I freeze them, I can enjoy them for a much longer period of time!.

Diet Sprite is a great addition to the Tropical Punch and Cran-Mango drink!..

Comment #2

Great post! thanks so much for taking the time. besides, it's never too late.....

Comment #3

A little miralax in the morning coffee, helps too without the I gotta go you can get from the stool softners.. miralax is gentel and tasteless can add it to anything.

Great post....

Comment #4

1. Never think you'll get home in time to eat. Have a supply in your car/purse at all times!.

2. Orange Crush is pretty good mixed with the vanilla shake. Tastes like one of those push-ups we all enjoyed as kids..

3. Connected with #2: Don't shake the Orange Crush in the shaker cup. You'll end up washing your ceiling..

4. Don't shake Cocoa with hot water. See #3. It's great to shake with COLD water - then heat it up - no lumps..

5. Pudding is also lump-free if you shake it in the small shaker jar. But shake quick - it thickens up fast..

6. Cook the eggs in a skillet sprayed with a little PAM. Much better than nuked..

7. Medifast is here for you later if life throws you a curve-ball. (like Prednisone!!). It works the second time too..

8. The maintenance bars (Mint & Oatmeal) are great warmed in the micro for about 8-10 seconds. Eat with a fork for a warm, yummy dessert!.

9. Re: #8: Take the bars OUT of the wrapper first or you'll be treated to a fireworks show..

10. Not sure if these people qualify as "things", but I wish I knew my cyber-friends earlier. Would have made the first few days a lot easier. Ahem....Rogues.....<cough>.

Another Chris..

Comment #5

Adding the hot chocolate to coffee is good too... I just mix the powder in (stir well).

A vanilla shake and eggs baked together makes a pretty tasty egg custard. Add a little pumpkin pie spice to jazz it up. (I think the recipe is still floating around the recipe section).

When it comes to soups - a thermos is your friend (especially if you work). Boiling water added to the soup in the thermos at 7am is the perfect temp (and texture) at 12:30pm..

Never start with Oatmeal as your first meal... It doesnt not taste ANYTHING like the instant packets you are used too... Best to wait a couple of days for tastebuds to adjust. Otherwize you will be wondering who switched out the oatmeal for wallpaper paste...

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This is one of the best threads i've read to get started. thanks for the great tips....keep 'em coming........

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1)Rinse your bowls and cups right away, or keep a grinder near the sink.

2) Never close up your shaker cup or container while out to clean later, or leave overnight in a bag unless your kids (or you) need a quick and easy and VERY POTENT stink bomb.

3) DON'T SHAKE SODA OR HOT COFFEE WITH DRINKS I have repainted my kitchen 3x in the past year. (Obviously I still haven't learned the lesson).

4) Thrift stores will save you a few dollars on clothes you are only going to wear for a month anyway. Think of it as "renting." Honestly, save your money for your goal size!..

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I have heard this several times on this forum and it is so true - just because you hate something at first, don't give up on it. I hated oatmeal and soup at first and loved shakes and bars. But, I got tired of them, and was thankful for the oatmeal and soup I had left from a previous shipment..

The soups and oatmeal are SOOO much better cooked on the stove than in the microwave..

You may feel like you are going to die the first few days, but it goes away! You will actually feel full with the 5:1 and surprisingly, cravings are greatly decreased..

Don't even try the shakes without a blender. No comparison...

Comment #9

Just a question - why would the crunch bars SLOW weight loss? Any thoughts? I eat them for all 5 meals. I'm wondering if I should switch..

Comment #10

I like to mix up several shakes at a time and freeze them. I can thaw them in a MW for about 1 minute and eat them as a slush. It also makes it easy to travel with them and let them thaw out slowly. I also mix several puddings at a time and just keep them in the fridge to use over a 2 day period. The chicken soup is so much better when substituting broth for the water. A dash of hot sauce and black pepper help the flavor or all the soups.

I also appreciated Chris posting her great tips Chris on my page. Way to go Chris!..

Comment #11

Tip about Diet Orange Crush. Unlike every other diet soft drink I know of, Diet Orange Crush is NOT a zero calorie beverage. Each can contains 25 calories, which is fine if you want to invest 25 calories on a diet beverage. If not, you may want to consider Orange Fanta Zero if you prefer caffeine free or Diet Orange Sunkist if you don't mind having a little caffeine..

Yeah, just this evening I "rented" 8 shirts, 4 pairs of pants, and 1 skirt and walked out the door with them for $57.32. Gotta love Goodwill..

I'm not sure why crunch bars affect some people's losses; they don't affect mine. If what you're doing is working for you, keep it up. Everyone's experience is different, and you've lost over 30 pounds eating five crunch bars a day. Good for you...

Comment #12

Thanks to all for these great tips! I haven't been very adventurous with the food yet, so this inspires me!.

I'll second the tip about washing out your bowls as soon as you are done. My husband will only let me use one Corelle bowl now for my oatmeal in the morning because it has left a film on all of our other dishes!..

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I've been on Medifast since March of last year and I've learned:.

1. Just because the scale isn't moving down, it doesn't mean your body is not shrinking..IT IS!!! Measure your waist, measure your hips, your arms, thighs, wrist..everywhere. You will be pleasantly surprised when that scale shows a 2,3 or even 4 week plateau that your body is actually changing and getting smaller..w/o showing it on the scale..Honest. Jo..

Comment #14

Sometimes the tape measure can fool you as well! I take my measurements once a month, they moved. I lost nothing last week, but my ring fell off in my sleep and my necklace dropped an inch. I generally don't measure my neck...

Comment #15

Please feel free to click on the links in my siggy..

They are there for newbies and oldies alike..

One is from my dear friend and role model here, RG.

A couple of the links are Medifast Recipes and the Medifast Survival Guide..

One is an all encompassing fitness site..

There is even a link to my story..

Hope this helps!..

Comment #16

What a great post! I did a scale watch even tho I said I wouldn't but the scale didn't move in my second week?? But I found my jeans slipped on much easier. And the best thing to happen this morning was my son hugged me and said, "mommy I can reach my hands together", he is 9..

Comment #17

My list:Cauliflower is a very versatile veggie...stock up! You can make "rice", "bread sticks," "pizza crust," "fauxtatoes" plus it's great steamed or roasted."Just Eggs" egg whites work better than eggbeaters (IMO) for cakes and cookiesReady to drink shakes are awesome frozenlike ice cream or a Wendy's frostyPudding is best (IMO) blended up with ice and popped in the freezer for an hourwith or without FF or LF cream cheese depending on your day's 'cal/carb' numbersWhen you are really hungry, eggbeaters make a HUGE volume for a L&G mealShirataki noodles aren't for everyone but I LOVE 'um. House Foods brand. Great for faux pasta dishes and stir fryPlan your meals at least a day in advance. Targeting the 'optimal' carbs (80-85) and lower end of calorie recommendations (below 900) worked well for meYou WILL LIKELY hit a plateauweek or more where you don't lose weight. Don't get discouraged, stay on plan. It will pass. I did over a month losing nearly NOTHING! Then bam, 10 lbs the next month.If you are unsure what you like from the Medifast selection, try ordering 'sample' packets either online from or thru the Medifast PHONE ordering...

Comment #18

I love this thread! Great posts!! I am new to MF. This is my first week and this is really helpful I can't wait to read more...

Comment #19

I just ended my third week on Medifast and these are some great tips!..

Comment #20

I have to agree with everyone here... I will probably read this through a few more times to let it sink in!..

Comment #21

Second day, so far so good. thank you so much for all the info. i've spent hours, trying to find recipes; what's up w/ the oatmeal; how to make something palatable. I keep a notebook near the computer, write down things I don't understand, or mf'ers who I want to come back to later..

I especially love the advice I got today, just taking one day at a time, one meal at a time..

Mahalo, char..

Comment #22

Great thread! Each time I spend quality time on the discussion boards I find so much helpful information. Thank you everyone for contributing! It keeps me OP and motivated!..

Comment #23

Awsome post, this has really helped me out in my first week...

Comment #24

7. Medifast is here for you later if life throws you a curve-ball. (like Prednisone!!). It works the second time too..

Hi Chris, what did you mean about the Prednisone? I met goal over a year ago and after this past summer of being on Prednisone for a month I was up 20lbs!! It happened very quickly? Wondering if there is some link to weight gain?? Thanks! Dianne..

Comment #25

Exercise!!! Exercise!!! Exercise!!! Specifically, toning and conditioning exercises..

All the planning and food advice the previous posters have given is fantastic and spot on. Let's not forget exercise though..

My biggest regret is that I didn't do serious toning exercises during my weight loss phase. The weight was coming off so regularly that I just kept procrastinating and pushing off doing any serious exercising aimed at toning and conditioning. Now that I'm in maintenance it's hard work trying to tone up all this flabby, jiggly stuff.


Comment #26


I was prescribed Predisone and after two months of taking it, I was up 35 pounds! Since going off the medication, I have been unable to get the weight down. I am hoping Medifast is the answer...

Comment #27

Thank you, thank you, thank you for this thread!!! My coffee was delicious this morning with the French vanilla shake mixed in for creamer, then I enjoyed the rest of the shake later (with no added calories and carbs from using SF creamer!!).

Things I wish I'd known: You really HAVE to stick to the 3 condiments per day. Several pieces of SF gum add up carbs, as do several tsp of Equal used throughout the day, along with several Crystal Light packets. I wish I'd been more careful all along to limit my condiments - but boy it is hard...


Comment #28

Been there done that!.

I am a gastric bypass patient from 2004. I lost 87lbs and was doing fine UNTIL I came up on a bad bout of chronic bronchitis this past year and half. I also, thru my exercising dmg'd a disc in my neck so was having some pain. My dr prescribed both prednisone and lyrica. In approx 2-3 months I gained a whopping 25-30 lbs. I have tried everything I can to include nutrisystem to no avail or success.

Medifast is the final straw for me. I went thru all the pain and misery of surgery due to gaining 100lbs on steroids (prednisone, medrop dose packs, etc) and to have to lose all the success all over again for the same reason is disheartening. Anyway, to answer Lumpydi's question steroids are miracle drugs when needing a cure to whatever it's prescribed for, HOWEVER, it is a walk down a 100% weight gain road for sure!.

My shipment is due in tonight and I am not only nervous about this program, but excited as well. I know I have to feel bad in order to feel better and I will be strictly OP on this..

Hugs all!..

Comment #29

Put a couple drops of Peppermint Extract in 4 oz of water and add the Choc. Pudding and shake. The pudding tastes like a peppermint patty...

Comment #30

I went on a disney cruise two years ago! they are the best! awesome!.



Comment #31

Thank you, I needed this. I was getting very depressed as I have not lost for 7 days. I have been on plan too. I just keep plugging away in hopes that the fat will decrease around the middle and help get me healthier...

Comment #32

Just sent this message to an Medifast friend who is starting out on the program and asked me for some advice. Perhaps others would benefit from what I've learned? I also got a beautiful list of advice from Chris in my first week - made me feel like I had an extra leg-up on this thing!.

Well, first, buy a few things if you don't already have them. 1. a magic bullet or something similar. You can get away with stirring soups and puddings but you MUST have a mixer for the shakes. 2. really really good water bottles.

I fill two 64 oz bottles half way with water and stick em in the freezer. In the morning I fill one up with water and a crystal lite pcket and it's finished by the time I get home. Take the second one out and do the same thing and it's gone by night's end. 3. lots of tupperware containers - the soup/salad size is the best.

I tend to make a bunch in advance. For example, I make 4-6 packets of chili at a time then I seperate them into containers and split em between the fridge and freezer. For the first two months you have to be totally OP - on plan - no exceptions. You got some big event - family reunion, girls' night out, birthday, whatever - if it's during these first two months tough crap, you DO NOT cheat. Use the MyPlan feature in to track every single day's meals.

Be religious about it. You will lose 20 lbs the first month and another 15-20 the second. After that, you can loosen up. One night out drinking with the girls won't kill you. Just eyeballing your L&G and not measuring is good enough.

Your weight loss won't be as great but it's gonna slow down regardless and if you're too strict you might give up totally. Oh, and DO NOT exercise the first two months. Then, do something simple to start - an aerobics class twice a week, a walk around the track fo a half hour a couple times a week. If you don't hold off on exercise, you won't see the big numbers on the scale. Search the boards - I hink it's the one about recipes - for advice on how to do different stuff with the Medifast meals..

Comment #33

I'm copying the link that dundeegal posted so that the info doesn't get lost..

Link to Table Conversion: Vegetable Volume to Weight..

Comment #34

Waiting on my first Medifast shipment- linict sent me a link to this thread..

What a great thread especially since I haven't started yet- Looking forward to joining everyone and their successes!.

Thanks for the great read!..

Comment #35

Hello HeLovesMe, I'm waiting on my first shipment too... will be here, according to UPS, on Thursday. Would you like to be Medifast buddies with me? I'm starting out at 221 lbs, 5 foot 7 inches tall... you?..

Comment #36

T7sconnor, I'll send you a message and friend request!..

Comment #37

If you are having trouble drinking all your water, have an Medifast soup. It's higher in sodium which should make you thirsty.

I use the least amount of water in my oatmeals, splenda brown sugar and extracts. This makes them tolerable...

Comment #38

Always, always do an internet search for "Medifast Coupons" before ordering. I am always able to find a $25 or $50 coupon (which one you use depends on the amount of your order)...

Comment #39

Several places...just type "Medifast Coupon" into your search bar (I usually use Google or Dogpile) and you'll get lots of results...

Comment #40

I am not a fan of parmessan cheese puffs kind of bland but I do add them to my chicken soup or my salads as croutons...thanks for the great ideas!!!..

Comment #41

What a GREAT thread! My first shipment should be here tomorrow, and this thread was the perfect thing for me to know before I start. Can you use a coupon every time you order?..

Comment #42

Great ideas. I can see that if you're on this program for a while, you have to start thinking of ways to jazz up the food..

The oatmeals actually taste a bit bitter to me. I put in a packet of Stevia, which is an all-natural sweeter that you can get at health food stores..

I've also put a dash of extract in the shakes (i.e. Almond extract in the vanilla shake)..

Comment #43

I do, plus order through something called Big Crumbs, which gives me a cash back also. Let me know if you want the info on that - you join it through a referral, and the person who refers you also gets a cash back incentive on your orders.

So anyway, yeah, I do both on every order. Saves me quite a bit more than the automatic shipping or ordering through a health coach...

Comment #44

Look for hidden carbs in adding ingredients to recipes. Sweetners and baking powder do contain carbs. I count a carb when a serving even says less that 1 carb...

Comment #45

Not sure if this has been posted, but I wish I knew when I started Medifast that it works. What I mean by this is, I wish I'd had the trust in the plan that I do now right in the beginning. That would have saved me so much heartache when the scale didn't move or went up for a few days. Now I trust the plan and enjoy the journey - would have loved to do that from the get go!.

So TRUST the plan, people. It is physiologically impossible NOT to lose weight on Medifatst, but your timeframe may vary...

Comment #46

I looked at Big Crumbs, seems pretty cool but also seems pretty limited on Medifast products. Did I miss something?..

Comment #47

It's not limited. Once you're signed up, you go to the site, sign in, and pick Medifast - it brings you right to the Medifast site to order..

You place your order as normal, and use whatever coupon you want to use, and pay your bill. Then, Big Crumbs later provides you with your cash back thing. I've forgotten how many days - seems like it might take them 60 days for that credit...

Comment #48

Thanks, I went into the site and did a search for Medifast without signing in. That brought up a very limited selection of foods. I will try it again after signing in...

Comment #49

Thanks for posting this! I am getting ready to start medifast within the next few weeks and this thread was very helpful!..

Comment #50

A thing I wish I'd known - how AWESOME I was going to feel at 70 pounds lighter! It would have made all those deprived feelings I had in the beginning a lot easier to take!..

Comment #51

Wow! Thanks for all that info. Today is my second day and I know I will use a bunch of those tips! Thanks!..

Comment #52

THANK YOU!!! What great ideas! Medifast should send these in their introduction box. You all make this so much more fun. I love reading the posts and blogs.


Comment #53

I now know how HUGE a part the water plays on this plan, I should have been drinking tons of H2O all along....

If I make the soups in a pot instead of the microwave, they taste a lot better (in my opinion of course)..

Not just Medifast related, but I didn't realize that I would loose lots of hair! I have been losing lots of hair since July and didn't think it was related to weight loss. However, I now know that when you loose a lot of weight quickly, (on any diet, not just MF) a result can be hair I am trying not to freak out too much and I pray it comes back thicker when I am done losing weight!..

Comment #54

My thoughts, FWIW:.

1) WATER - I heartily concur with the "half your weight in ounces" for daily water intake - maybe it's my imagination, but once I started drinking that much, the weight really started to go. (I get it all in before 4pm every day, so I'm not waking at 2am to go to the bathroom.).

2) EXERCISE - You'll notice your daily calorie requirement (as shown on the My Plan page where you log your meals) will decrease as your logged weight decreases. Medifast recommends not exercising the first two weeks on the program, but after that you should consider it for the future - especially as your daily calorie requirements decrease. I like to keep my daily calorie deficit at around 900 to maintain the speed of my weight-loss, so at this point I have to exercise (walking 45 minutes in the morning - no big deal).

3) FLAX SEEDS - I know, sounds weird. But although 1 tablespoon of milled flax seeds has about 60 calories and 4g carbs, I decided it was worth it to add that to my diet every day. Makes me regular as clockwork! With the added benefit of Omega-3s. (I tried Miralax and other products, but flax seeds have proven more reliable and gentler for me.).

4) 100% OP. Every day. If you're going to play around, you won't see the results you want..

Anyway, I apologize if that's TMI, but I wish I had known those four things when I started.

Best of luck to you!..

Comment #55

Thanks! I am going to try this for sure. I am only on my third day and a little frightened of the pudding, since I have heard it is so gross. Thanks again!..

Comment #56

Actually, you can take pretty much ANY of the Medifast foods and find an equal number of people on each side of the fence who either love or hate them. I've seen an entire 5 page thread dedicated to the love of Medifast chocolate pudding, so there you go!..

Comment #57

The pudding is AMAZING! All in the way you prepare it.

Like Cheryl said, there is no one Medifast food that everyone hates and no one food that everyone loves. Everyone is different and we all have our own preferences!!.

They only thing that everyone seems to agree on is that you need to soak your soups...

Comment #58

I really LIKE this one! I SO know I will feel better with 25 or so pounds off I just need to keep reminding myself. I am on day 3, so I have a ways to go..

Thanks for the advice...

Comment #59

This may be alright if the person receiving the advice is under 180lbs. More than that then this becomes irresponsible to advise drinking that much water. Drinking too much water can wash too many electrolytes and minerals out and IS DANGEROUS. The best advice is to stick to the 64oz recommendation and listen to your body and drink more if you are thirsty..

Diet sodas stalling weight loss is a myth. Please stop spreading this. There is data that suggests diet soda creates more craving for sweet items. However, drawing the conclusion that diet soda stops weight loss or adds weight IS DRAWING THE WRONG CONCLUSION. People would gain weight drinking diet soda BECAUSE THEY ATE MORE FOOD. When we are adhering to the Medifast plan we aren't eating more food..

I think people need to stop with drawing conclusions that since event B followed action A then action A was the cause. When drawing conclusions you need to provide a necessary connection. What this means is that since you can't explain why the crunch bar had the effect you are assigning it (especially with no data to support your conclusion beyond your anecdote) then you have to acknowledge other possibilities. One piece of advice I didn't see on this list was that weight loss is nonlinear. Any slowing or plateaus can easily be attributed to the bodies nonlinear processes. Since these processes are not fully understood (especially by semi-informed consumers like us) we have a tendency to assign anything but the nonlinear nature of weight loss to explain a stall/plateau...

Comment #60

Thank you so much for this!.

1. I love tofu and you get a lot for your lean- 15 ounces. I used to cut it into strips bake it with a little soy sauce, then throw it on a salad or broccoli. I found out that I can't handle that much soy on top of a mainly soy Medifast diet without getting major breast tenderness..

2. The crunch bars DO cause gas for me- especially the S'mores. The main problem with the bars (for me) is that they trigger cravings for: more bars. I used to carry bars in my purse "just in case" but found that I always ate them. Now I carry the shaker cup and two shake envelopes in a baggie, "just in case"..

3. I am weird: I mix my shakes in the shaker cup and drink them down all at once. I use 6 ounces of water. When I start adding ice and Splenda and vanilla, etc etc etc, it's too diluted and doesn't fill me up at all..

4. I swear by the ketosis testing strips ("Ketostix"). I rely on them more than the scale. If they are purple (or pink) I know I am doing the right thing. If they are beige I look back to see what I ate the day before and I can always identify the off plan item that I thought was OP..

5. IF, I mean IF, I am literally starving, or dying to munch, and I know I am going to go off plan, I eat a string cheese or a piece of chicken or another nearly no carb item. It won't swing me out of ketosis and set me back to ground zero..

6. A stalled scale is money in the bank. It will come off next week...

Comment #61

That I would need new clothes faster than expected. Holy inches, batman!.

That people really don't know how to give a PROPER compliment about someone's weight loss. As in "wow, you lost your double-chin!"..

Comment #62

This really made me chuckle, because my HUSBAND is guilty of "improper compliments". Well actually, he'll start out with something really nice, but then he doesn't stop while he's ahead. Like for instance, couple weeks ago it was "Wow, your stomach looks nice and flat!" to which I say "Well THANK YOU HONEY!" to which he responds "because it was getting a little wide there..." or just yesterday it was "Your face is looking so much thinner!" to which I say "Aw, thank you sweetie!" to which he responds "because you were developing a bit of a double chin there" <<<SMACK!!!>>>>..

Comment #63

Haha, I actually like to barely cook my soups so that the noodles are still crunchy!!!!!!..

Comment #64

LOL your hubby sounds like he means well.. Poor guy! I think they're all a bit clueless when it comes to a woman's appearance if they even notice to begin with, right? ha ha!.

I just would have expected more from a woman, who is a friend, and is also overweight. *sigh*..

Comment #65

I'd also like to add that you are ROCKING this program. I'm so proud of you...

Comment #66

Your order "status" at bears no relation to where your order might actually be.

For example, I received my boxes last night, but at my order still says "processing". (And my credit card company says the charge is still "pending".)..

Comment #67

This post is totally freaking me out. I woke up this morning thinking about the things I wish I'd known when I started MF.

Gads, this is great!!!..

Comment #68

I wish I would have measured myself when I started. I had no idea I would be shrinking so quickly! I wish I would have known how quickly this works a long time ago!..

Comment #69

If you are truly in the XTRA large category (300+) don't freak out that it takes a while for your clothes to get big. I started in a size 28 and it took 50 lbs before I went down BUT I do drop 2-3 sizes each time, lol. I went from 28 to 24 then 24 to 20 and now I'm 85 lbs down and getting into 18Ws..

Also, get yourself a support system. Join a group, find a friend, but do it. The accountability is great so is being able to talk to people who really know what you are going through. Even if you fall off the wagon, get thee to your support group. Everyone here has had tough times, slips, etc. It's how you handle them that REALLY matters.

Don't hate on yourself if and when you do slip, take corrective action immediately, and keep on going!.

Love yourself!.

Okay, that't my 2 cents worth...

Comment #70

Angela- you are so right! It took me losing 40lbs before people started to notice. I'm also tall (6'), and it took FOREVER to go down in sizes. I started at a 26, now I'm a 14. My goal size is 12...

Comment #71

Petite people have the opposite issue. People scoff at us when we say we need to lose 30 pounds but that's equivalent to almost twice that amount on anyone else...

Comment #72

If you are in the VIP program with autoship and want to customize, make sure you give yourself several days before your posted process/shipping date. The order "locks" a couple days before the posted processing date My mistake for waiting until the last I am getting the same variety pack and will need to hassle with returns and paying for a smaller re-order...

Comment #73

Bump for all the new MFs. This is great information...

Comment #74

OMG! I have expereinced the stomach cramps. This is a great thread..

I like a half can diet sunkist soda or diet grapico in my shakes in a blender with ice. Let it sit a little and it tastes almost like the real thing!.


Comment #75

This is all such helpful advice for us newbies. (I start Wed and am excited!) Thanks one and all for letting me borrow your wisdom!.


Starting Medifast 11/10/09..

Comment #76

... that despite the wall-paper paste taste and all my convinctions that I would NOT.... I too, have now been able to eat the oatmeal just as is. And it's fine...

Comment #77

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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