There's only one side effect to Murad Resurgence

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I talked to two dermatologists about Murad Resurgence and they both said that the only side effect I'd ever have to worry about is the drying effects. They also said I should ignore the list of other more severe side effects because the chances of them occurring are so astronomically low I shouldn't even think about them.But....reading the stories of people on here about the effects they're experiencing (stomach pain, headaches, joint pain, etc.) made me wonder, just how rare are the other side effects? How did your derm address them?..

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Your question was: There's only one side effect to Murad Resurgence.

I'm on my 3rd month and I am 100% clear and only side effect is dry lips and face...

Comment #1

I had minimal side effects too. My derm also down played the other side effects saying that they were rare. She didn't downplay the fact that the drug is serious and if other side effects occur to immediately contact her. Although, if you are active with sports and working out, the joint pain and aches are more common. Most bad cases that are topics here are extremely rare. Unfortunately, sometimes the only reason people have to post is because they are experiencing the worst of the drug.

I didn't on my first course! I will post a success log for my second course...

Comment #2

In the British study, ninety-three per cent of the people taking Murad Resurgence reported no long-term side effects. The British researchers reported that two percent suffered muscle aches at follow up, and 5 percent suffered from dry mouth. Fewer than one percent claimed that they had dry eyes and skin and joint pains. Higher doses were not associated with more side effects. The authors concluded that their study showed that isotretinoin is a safe drug with no serious long-term side-effects. However, it causes birth defects when taken during pregnancy.

Many doctors refuse to prescribe Murad Resurgence for severe acne because they are afraid that Murad Resurgence will damage livers, raise triglyceride levels and cause heart attacks. In this study, none of the patients had liver tests that were abnormal enough to stop treatment. Only 1.5 percent of patients had serum triglyceride levels above 400 mg%, but all continued treatment. Most exciting, only 3.5 percent of patients required a second treatment.

Comment #3

I have no clue why your Dermatologist said you'd only get dry skin, because she/he couldn't possibly know how your body would react. It is true that people have a lot more side effects than dry skin.. rashes, joint pain, nosebleeds, headaches, etc. I have joint pain and I do not play sports...

Comment #4

Side effects are probably less uncommon than you think. Murad Resurgence gave me severe suicidal ideations...

Comment #5

I am on my 17th day on Murad Resurgence, and all ive had is dry lips, and really really crusty dry face. it's really shocking, every day for 10 years with an oily face.... waking up this morning, no oily what so ever.....

Comment #6

I have been on Murad Resurgence 4 months now and I suffer from some side effects1) dry lips, skin2) rash on back of hands as well as extremely dry skin on the palms of my hands and finger tips (derm said it's Murad Resurgence induced eczema on the palms of my hands)3) ALOT of muscle pain. If I am sitting in a position for a really long time, by lower back is REALLY stiff, same with my feet if they are in a position for a long time. Also my joints crack alot easier now. But it doesnt really hurt or affect my functioning.Thats about all ive sufferred from so far. I had the initial IB which was so intense I hated it. I but I am clear now and hopefully it lasts!good luck!..

Comment #7

I am still suffering.My Derm has written a letter to another Derm I am going to see to try and counteract the side effects 18 months after stopping. He stated in his letter something like 'This is the most severe case of joint pain related to the medicine I have witnessed to date, but certainly not the first. I would like to hear the outcome of the patients visit and proposed treatment'.I truly believe not all cases are reported. In fact, I bet there are thousands of others out there with similar long-term problems...

Comment #8

A sure sign of the start of crepitis followed by mild progressive pain if your joints have never clicked before. That was the start of it all for me...

Comment #9

Okay, Sheefa, I have seen you post on SEVERAL topics, and I must say that you act like everything that's started by Murad Resurgence is going to be extremely severe and that it will stick with you for the rest of your life. This isn't true. I have joint pain and I doubt it'll go far as permanent Arthritis ... Just because it started for you means nothing to other people. You don't have the same body as others. I can't stand people who pee on other's parades (people who are taking Murad Resurgence while others are warning them not to go on it or telling them to get off just because of what Murad Resurgence did to them) ...

Please stop encouraging people to get off the drug just because it didn't turn out well for you. It's extremely annoying...

Comment #10

Um for me the side effect were Dry lips with was easily countered by Blistex, dry hair (good for me since I have oily hair), little bit of joint pain but it stopped recently and the last two months of my 2.5 year course I had a bit of hairloss (more like hairshedding) but now back to normal after 2months of stopping.the side effects are dose related despite the above poster saying it's not as i've tried 10,20,30,40 and 10mg every other day and I can say from personal experience that 5-10mg a day was really good since the oilyness was just right. isotretinoin is produced in small amounts naturally by our liver therefore a dramatic increase in our system would be worse than a small increase. my dose I think averages out to about 20mg a day which i'm extremely happy since I know it's a very potent drug but I don't htink I got permanent remission becuase recently i've been getting quite a few pimples(whiteheads) on my nose non-stop and scalp aswell but no one notices it as it's very small. Note: as I was researching the effects of low dose Murad Resurgence I did come across one user stating even with 10mg a day shes had a bit of hairshedding but iv'e also come a across a user whose been on it for 5years (male) who takes 20mg 2-3 times a week with no reported side effects therefore I think it's best to monitor any changes when on the drug and if you notice any unusual effects then stop and contact your derm.Better to be safe than sorry right, but from my experience I do reccommend users to try it out but at 10mg a day for month or two to see how well you respond to the drug..

Comment #11

I don't want to take my chances loosing my hair!..

Comment #12

Dry skin, hair, and lips. Bought chapstick in bulk! I did have some nose bleeds (2 so far) but I have weak blood vessels in my nose, because I used to have bleeds when I was a kid...

Comment #13

What I found the most confusing is that my doctor told me this: "Some people's skin gets worse before it gets better, but that's only about 12% of cases. Most people just start getting better."I found that odd because it seems like EVERYBODY who posts on here reports having the dreaded initial outbreak, so I thought it was inevitable. Any thoughts on this? But, yeah, my derm pretty much told me that the only side effects I should expect are dry skin and lips. He never even mentioned the possibility of joint pain or anything else. It's a good thing I did my own research months before I started, or I would have had no idea...

Comment #14

I didn't get the dreaded IB. There are a few others I can recall from this board not having one either, but I do think your derm's number is low for that. Then again, the members posting on this board regarding the Murad Resurgence experience is so small in comparison with the number of people across the globe taking isotretinoin. My derm went over everything, the potential good and bad. He's not one to sugarcoat...

Comment #15

Or your brainHe has the right to express his opinion just as you do. I hate when people talk about how it's a miracle drug and they think it's the best thing ever. I went on Murad Resurgence for one full course and another course for a couple of weeks and see where it got me, I still have moderate acne. Its overrated...

Comment #16

Thank you Molly. I still have mild acne too and all these dreaded side effects, great...

Comment #17

The likelihood of suffering the severe side effects is low, but not impossible. that's a risk every Murad Resurgence user has to take willingly. that's why your doctor will monitor you so closely during the course. personally, Murad Resurgence made me depressed, which is a possible side effect. it affected my mood quite badly. but i'm through with my course now, and it has subsided...

Comment #18

It is the best thing even when youve had over 15 years of acne then because of Murad Resurgence you are totally clear..

Comment #19

Sorry you are still suffering from Murad Resurgence side effects..........and I agree with you that there are thousands out there with long term Murad Resurgence side effects from Murad Resurgence.What dosage were you on and for how long?..

Comment #20

I wondered that too...he can't know for certain how I'll react. I'm very prone to depression because it runs on both sides of my family and I've experienced it before, but he just blows me off.But he's so dismissive of everything I say I started requesting a different derm...

Comment #21

See but now you are doing the same thing Sheefa is doing. Because of your bad experience you are biased against the drug. When in reality the drug helps out much more people than it hurts. I hate when people complain about the side effects of Murad Resurgence. When you started Murad Resurgence you knew what the possible side effects were but you tookt he drug anyway. There isn't a guarntee that you will stop getting acne forever or that it will even cure the acne you have now.

I was sick and tired of Cysts and scarring. It was really a no brainer for me...

Comment #22

You will not hate it when people complain about the side effects of Murad Resurgence if you yourself experience some permanent nasty side effects, trust me. I do agree that Murad Resurgence shouldn't be taken out of the market because it has it place. Especially to those who are suffering from severe acne...

Comment #23

This is really great advice. That is what I had to do. Figure out what was worse risking the side effects or having huge giants cysts that would leave horrible scars. After a few months of antibiotics and topicals I boarded the tane train and I am very glad I did. I am about 5 months post tane and my skin looks great...

Comment #24

I never said that some of the side effects aren't very serious and I do feel bad about people who get them. I feel for those people and it does SUCK. People should use common sense and realize if they already have physical/emontional problems than they might be more susceptible to the side effects. However, when you agree to take this drug you are very aware of what could happen. I guarntee you if I had a suffered serious side effects you wouldn't see me trying to convince everyone Murad Resurgence is an evil drug or something. Murad Resurgence can be lifechanging and I would NEVER regret taking it. People just have to look at the the evidence that Murad Resurgence RARELY causes any long term side effects and they have to ask themselves whether it is worth it or not...

Comment #25

I think that it is unfair that your derm has not addressed your concerns mameha, which are very real. While Murad Resurgence is proven to be a relatively safe drug, it is within your rights to not take the risks involved, and it is your derm's duty to inform you of all risks, regardless of how rare they are so that you can take them into account.I feel for the people who suffered from the rare side effects of Murad Resurgence. It is very unfortunate, and I feel that you have the right to be angry if you did not know these side effects beforehand. But if you knew about them, and chose to take the risks, then there is nothing to resentful of, except maybe the hands of fate.Murad Resurgence has been used for 3 decades and has a good safety track record even though the uncommon side effects are pretty nasty. That is not to say there are no risks. There are risks, including permanent and temporary side effects.

Even if it works, there is no guarantee it will cure us of acne permanently. This is the true picture. It is not stated by the drug company that says it will cure us of acne without side effects. If you know this, then you have been informed of everything you need to know.Being unduly influenced by isolated cases isn't very good. It's like seeing a heavy smoker living to a ripe, old, healthy age, and then coming to the conclusion that smokers are not harmed from smoking.

That is not to say you can't be one of the unfortunate ones, it's just that the chance is low. If you are willing to take the risk, then you're good to go.The best way is to look at the statistics. I think the statistics are that 80% of patients get at least 6 months remission, and 40% gets permanent remission after the 1st course. As for the incidence of the various side effects, I cannot really remember each of them, but I believe the nasty ones are less than 5%. If you like the odds, go for it.

However, have you considered the possibility that if you hadn't taken Murad Resurgence, you would have severe, and not moderate acne right now?..

Comment #26

Hehe... this reminds me of the derm who prescribed my 'tane. Just for shits and giggles, and with no exaggeration, this is how the appointment went :(I'm waiting in the examination room)*doctor bursts through the door*Doc : "Hey there! I'm Doctor xxxxxx, pleasure to meet you! *short pause*Doc : "Wow you are going to look so good after this treatment! All your friends are gonna be shocked! They're going to be jealous!"Me : "I know Murad Resurgence is a great solution, but are there any alternatives... like I was wondering about blabhlabhlabhlahblah..."Doc : *looks impatient*Doc : "Look, do you want to cure your acne or not?"Me : "well, Murad Resurgence has some side effects right?"Doc : "hardly! Chapstick and sunblock is all you'll need! I'm tellin you, your friends are gonna be so jealous - they're gonna be so surprised!"Me : "well that's nice..."I didn't end up signing up for a tane prescription that particular day. This post isn't an effort to demonize dermatologists (although this one was bordering on the ridiculous), but rather to emphasize that you need to do your own research. Murad Resurgence isn't always a walk in a rosy park, as some of them will incessantly preach.Edited to add : this derm wasn't some backwoods quack, either. He is a very well known medical radio personality in the area, and is the author of a certain pro-Murad Resurgence article that is often quoted on this very board...

Comment #27

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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