The total Dukan Diet...where you eat two bowls of total a day...does that work?

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Got a quick question: The total Dukan Diet...where you eat two bowls of total a day...does that work? Looking forward for any response. Second question of mine... I am picky about vegetables so I've been eating alot of canned green beans and to be honest I'm sick of them! Anyone know of an idea to make them taste better/different etc.? I hate steamed fresh green beans they taste raw to me. I've been cooking the canned ones with beef boullion and onion flakes in the microwave for a few minutes. Help please!!..

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer to that question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I find an anything. You should email the people at Dukan Diet as they probably can answer it..

Comment #1

Thanks Birdie.

Does anyone have a recipe that will give them a different flavor? Maybe some spice or sauce that will change them up a good bit in taste?..

Comment #2

Mrs. Dash, extra spicey. It gives them an extra kick. Tami..

Comment #3

You will be amazed at how much more flavor they will have by slow cooking like that but am sure others will come up with something. Do not stir them. It breaks them up..

I do not like frozen beans. I do love fresh ones cooked 'my way' too..

I use some precooked bacon bits and onion. Not much grease in the bacon that way but it does flavor them...

Comment #4

Good idea Birdie about the bacon bits, I was wondering how to sneak bacon drippin's in some how, I'm from South Mississippi and love southern cooking, I will try your stovetop method for sure, I still want to find something to "mask" them and make them taste different as well. I know I will still get tired of them when I use the stove top method so I need something to break up the monotony (Is that spelled right?) Has anyone ever used a salad dressing on them maybe?..

Comment #5

Here's a recipe I have modified that we can use. The original in.

My Best to You.

Calls for lots of bacon grease, brown sugar and bacon. Very yummy..

Mix 2 tbs. vinegar and 1 tbs. prepared yellow mustard with 2 tbs. splenda brown sugar. Make sure you dissolve the sugar. Heat 1 can of french green beans and strain, Pour vinegar mixture over green beans, sprinkle with bacon bits and stir.

You should be ok with the extra free foods because a lot of the liquid will be on the bottom of the bowl when you are finished eating..

I also season green beans out of the can with Mrs. Cavender's Greek Seasoning or Spike, both give all vegetables a little umph..

Hope this helps...

Comment #6

I love canned grean beans. I chop some tomato, some onion, some olives, artichoke hearts, whatever, and just put some garlic or garlic powder, some vinegar and true lemon on them. I usually don't even heat them...

Comment #7

Wow, that sounds good bettysue1.

I may have to try that...

Comment #8

Thanks Birdie. Oh, yeah, I really like the Italian Green Beans best. Yummie...

Comment #9

I sautee some onion and mushrooms in a pan, then add the green beans followed by any kind of spices you like - the more the merrier. When using canned green beans, I find they taste better if you drain and rinse them first..


Comment #10

I'd be sick of canned green beans too. Try fresh or frozen and saute a few mushrooms or add a sprinkle of sliced almonds. Other than canned corn, I think canned vegs aren't worth eating. Try the frozen steamer combos. No harder than heating some canned stuff and way more interesting and delicious...

Comment #11

Try them cooked on the stove in tomato sauce with a bit of tomato paste, cumin, salt and pepper. Sometimes I even like to add fresh chopped dill or cilantro...

Comment #12

Canned green beans are great with a little balsamic vinegar on them...

Comment #13


Can we make a simmered mushroom sauce? reduce it and then pour it over the beans..

I like cold beans marinated in Italian dressing; the clear one with the spices in the bottom..

How about tossed with spicy grilled tofu?.

How about added to your salad?.

How about as a filling in an omelet?.

Good luck...

Comment #14

My grandkids started me on this one they eat everything with ranch dressing..

I now put lf ranch dressing on cold green beans and serve it with a sprinkle of fake bacon bits...

Comment #15

My grandma always heated green beans in Catalina Salad a pot, on the stove....very good! ;o)..

Comment #16

I put lemon pepper on mine. Gives them a real tang/kick. Sometimes I put garlic powder and lemon pepper both...

Comment #17

I like to take a can of Italian cut green beans, drain them well, sprinkle one pack of sweet n low over them, a little no sodium salt, pepper and onion flakes and "fry" them in a small amount of olive oil. I like to cook them until they are a little charred. I also fix carrots the same way, minus the onion flakes...

Comment #18

Canned green beans are pure evil.... Eeeeeeeeeeeeviiiiiiiiiil I say! ;-P..

Comment #19

I use lemon zest and a little fat free butter spray it's to die forThe fresh lemon completely compliments the beans. It's my fav...Lori..

Comment #20

A little garlic salt does wonders... or a touch of soy sauce if you're having an asian dish...

Comment #21

I use French style green beans, drained, and stir fry them in a non-stick skillet with mushrooms, garlic, and onions. Then add a slice of ff swiss cheese on top...

Comment #22

I have just tried this for the first time & they are yummy! I didn't have any bacon bits, but I did simmer them with a little onion. It really.


Change up the flavor of the green beans..

Between this & the other thread that talks about cooking them slow & low in the oven, I have 2 new veggie choices!..

Comment #23

Simmer a can of green beans, a can of sliced mushrooms, and some LF or FF Italian dressing. Top with sliced almonds...

Comment #24

Put some thinly sliced onion in a casserole dish. Add the canned green beans (either cut or French style), a few sliced mushrooms, some garlic salt and soy sauce. Put in oven at 350 until onions are tender (30-40 min.). Really good!..

Comment #25

OopsI meant to say garlic POWDER and low sodium soy sauce...

Comment #26

Thanks for all the great ideas. I started this thread a few days ago and I appreciate the help. One thing however.... most of the recipes involve mushrooms and I HATE mushrooms. I even pick them out of the traditional green bean casserole! Any non mushroom recipes out there for green beans? I am going to try some of the ones suggested and leave the mushrooms out. What could I sub for them?..

Comment #27

Have you ever made french cut green beans into a salad?.

Drain all juice from the can..

Chop one large tomatoe.

Green onions or Walla Walla sweet.

Garlic to taste.

Cover and let marinate.

With your favorite fat free or lite vinaigrete.

For several hours. Yum Good..

Comment #28

E-Peaches, great idea - I need a veggie change. And if you look in the deli dept. of the supermarket, you pay big bucks for something like that per pound! I'm gonna give that a try! Thanks for an easy recipe...

Comment #29

Thank you, I use to make this all the time using just vinegar and for one reason or another I forgot about it. Thanks for the reminder. Another veggie for my meals...

Comment #30

I too am a fan of the French style green beans. Mushrooms, onion and garlic are great I like to use them as a sub for noodles, like with the beef and mushroom gravy w/pasta dinner poured over it...

Comment #31

Microwave with some Tony Chachere's More Spice Seasoning. Its awesome..

Comment #32

I'm a fan of fresh green beans but this might work with canned too.

1) Oriental flavor-.

I found this recipe on and have not adapted it to Dukan Diet yet- but you essentially sautee green beans with red onions. The red onions caramelize making them sweet. Then you add soy sauce, honey and powdered mustard. (maybe you can replace the honey with the splenda brown sugar) They did actually use chicken broth too but I bypass this step to make it less liquidy. This is excellent if you like this flavoring..

2) "butter" and garlic salt.

I also like to sautee my green beans, spray a little ICNB spray and sprinkle with McCormick's Sea Salt/Garlic grinder. VERY GOOD.

3) Viniagrette with parmesan.

Then there is the pasta salad flavor approach- hot or cold- you can mix them with a fat free vinigrette dressing and sprinkle with parmesan..

4) just a little dill- dill has a nice flavor different from anything else..

5) experimental idea that I haven't tried but some sort of green bean caaserole adaptation? maybe with laughing cow cheese and a little bread crumb and bacon bit topping?.



Comment #33

Me again- I'm so glad you posted this question- I've been scanning recipes on to convert and I didn't realize there were so many opportunities..


Comment #34

Today I bought Del Monte Italian Green Beans. They are what we can down south "Kentucky Wonders" They are flat green beans. They don't have any Italian seasoning, they are just a different variety of beans. I tried Birdies idea and cooked them with bacon bits (real not imitation) onion flakes, beef boullion cube and a little ham I found in my freezer from a spiral ham we had at the holidays. I cooked them about and hour and they are great!! It is a break from the traditional Blue Lake variety. I grow Kentucky Wonder beans in the back yard in the summer so these are just what I was looking for.

If you are interested in growing fresh ones, you can get the seeds from

Comment #35

I had the same problem! I only ate green beans and got sick of them. But what I do is drain the can then cook them for 40 seconds only. Otherwise all of the moisture gets sucked out..

To spruce them up I add pepper and a little grated parmesan..

Or, my favorite, if I'm eating something with sauce like lasagna, I eat the lasanga then put the green beans in the rest of the marinara sauce. It may sound weird but I love it!.

Hope that helps...

Comment #36

Ohhh that is a good idea about the Parmesan cheese. I will have to try that, thanks..

Comment #37

I like to put a little Mrs. Dash and fat-free non-stick butter spray in them undrained and let them cook until they absorb the juice ( dry cook ) They taste just like home-cooked ones they are great! I know this sounds weird but my sister told me to put Light ranch on top for flavor. Well, I tried it and it is also really tastey. Happy tasting!..

Comment #38

Spread fresh green beans in a single layer on a cookie sheet. Mist lightly with Pam or Olive oil spray. (alternative - toss with soy sauce in a zipper bag) Dust with garlic powder, or other seasonings. Bake in a 450 oven for about 20 minutes or until the beans are crisp tender and turning brown. Dust lightly with parmesan and turn on the broiler to toast the parmesan. You can also add some thinly sliced onion to the cookie sheet when you start to bake them...

Comment #39

I usually do my green beans the way yellerdog posted. I like to add a few cloves of garlic on the cookie sheet also (instead of the garlic powder). Instead of putting onions in with the green beans though, I like to carmelize shallots in a pan on the stovetop and then add them to the green beans later. There's something about carmelized shallots that give the green beans a little bit of sweetness. So good!..

Comment #40

Wow, I thought I was the only one who loved canned green beans. I buy them by the case! Like so many others have mentioned....I love them with any meal that has gravy or tomato sauce. I could just eat them right out of the can. Thank you all for your suggestions, I'm definitely going to try some of them..


Comment #41

Oh my gosh! I am so glad that you made this post...this is awesome! I just started Dukan Diet and I love green beans but I am sure that eventually I will get sick of them too...great ideas. Thanks for sharing!!..

Comment #42

Hey- another idea- there was someone who posted they don't like mushrooms-.

Campbell's cheddar cheese soup is 100 calories for a half cup so a 1 1/2 TBSP would be about 20 calories and that's a free food..

You could use the cheddar cheese soup and a little milk to make a cheese sauce...

Comment #43

Drain the can and put gb in a microwave safe bowl. Pour in 1 tsp "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter" spray and 1 tsp ground rosemary. (feel free to adjust these qty's as you see fit). Cover, but leave slightly open for steam to escape. Microwave on high for 2 minutes. Yumm!!..

Comment #44

I drain them and sautee them with chopped sun-dried tomatoes (the kind that come pack in oil in a jar, not the dried out kind), sprinkle with a little lemon pepper, and voila!..

Comment #45

Red or Yellow Peppers would be a good option instead of the mushrooms, adds a nice color and texture!.

I have a can of green beans at least once a day. I can't eat any other canned veggies. That and frozen broccoli are my staple. Some fat free italian dressing, or hot sauce and I'm good to go. Mustard is good as well as mentioned above, I used to do that and almost forgot about it..

I mix most of my veggies with the entrees, it helps make a nice filling bunch of food, and most Dukan Diet meals have so much sauce that there's plenty to coat the veggies as well...

Comment #46

Do this and add a little piece of bacon and a few pieces of cooked potato, and it's a meal. Dont know if you can do this on N.S, but good!..

Comment #47

I know having bacon or bacon drippings for your beans it great, and adding tasso(spicy ham) is even better. BUT, regular tasso is not Dukan Diet friendly. But I found Turkey Tasso at the Supermarket yesterday and I am going to add it to my next serving of green beans. Adding 2 oz of Turkey Tasso is only 70 calories and full of protein. The company that makes it, if you cannot find it in your meat coolers, it called Richard's Cajun Country in Church Point, Louisiana. If they will not order it for you, you can call Cajun Grocer at 1-888-272-9347, Monday through Friday until 5 pm CDT and they will send it direct...

Comment #48

I Use My Teaspoon Of Olive Oil (dinner Fat) In A Skillet Put Green Beans In Slillet And Add Garlic Cloves-make Like Stir Fry! My Children Love Them!..

Comment #49

Simmer like other suggested till liquid is gone but beans are not burnt then add bacon bits and fat free ranch makes them creamy kinda like green bean casserole really really good..

Comment #50

Try adding fat free chicken broth, garlic and a tsp of bacon bits, simmer for 20 minutes. YUMMY..

Comment #51

I love them sautee'd in a pan with a little PAM and sprinkled with some garlic powder and bacos. Get the pan REALLY hot then dump the drained green beans in!.


Comment #52

Saute and add lemon juice and lemon zest just before they are done cooking...

Comment #53

I always miss green bean I take a can microwave for about 1:30 and then add 1 laughing cow cheese (the garlic and onion kind) and 2 tsp fat free cream cheese!yum yum so good!..

Comment #54

In a pan, a dime size of sesame oil. Heat. Drain beans. Place them into the hot pan with the small amt of sesame oil (like a stir fry). Heat through. Add a pinch of sesame seeds, salt and pepper. Goes great with the chicken and dumplings entree..

Comment #55


My all time fave is Gujerati green beans - spiced, Indian style beans. Saute onion, garlic and ginger in some PAM or olive oil(allotted fat). When translucent toss in a dried whole chili(use chili flakes if that's what you have), add drained beans and a chopped tomato. Heat through..

This is also a great summer salad served cold...

Comment #56

I drain them and add a slice of FF cheese and heat! If you make sure that you get all the juice off of them, they are really cheezy and good..

I also tried them once with raisins. Drain them and spray a pan and saute them. They carmelize a little. Very good both ways!!..

Comment #57

I cook Green Beans with Rosemary..oh so YUMMY, I actually do not eat canned green beans due to the sodium content, Fresh in a steamer or a slow cooker..


Comment #58

I don't have any spices but what I've been doing was when I had a beef dinner I just dumped my cup of cooked green beans in with it, and ate it all together......I love the gravy in these meals and it makes the green beans taste yum!..

Comment #59

You CAN"T fix up canned green beans! YECH!! Just my personal opininon..

Comment #60

Then you haven't tried Birdies recipe posted here, it is WONDERFUL!!!!..

Comment #61

I just discovered dilled canned green beans. They remind me a bit of three-bean salad (without the oil)a little sweet sour thing going on. And the dill that comes through is very subtle. I'm sure it would be possible to make your own by adding a packet of Splenda, some white (or flavored) vinegar, and a touch of dill. Unfortunately, they are more of a warm weather vegetable and don't have quite the same appeal in the cooler months of fall...

Comment #62

I use to think that, also. You have to get rid of that liquid first...

Comment #63

My daughter makes them in a skillet with some minced garlic, a dash of soy sauce and just a touch of tobasco...

Comment #64

Not as bad as canned peas, now those are eeeeeviiiiiiiil!.

But fresh, now there's just no comparison..

We've always eaten green beans cold with Italian dressing. We discovered this as good hurricane food (no cooking involved) but liked them so much we continued to eat them this way...

Comment #65

I like to use Herbox Sodium free chicken bouillon and I cook 'em slow like Birdie! My kids will even eat green beans this way...

Comment #66

What great great ideas everyone..

So many different ways to fix canned green beans - fast and easy..

Who would have thought it ??????.

Thank you for all your suggestions...

Comment #67

I make my green beans into a salad. I generally get the french sliced green beans and keep the can in the fridge till opened. I then place them in a bowl, add onions, small amount of olive oil, then vinegar ( either red wine vinegar, apple vinegar or balsamic. Season to taste and eat! I love it. Amy..

Comment #68

I think I may have posted this before but cannot find it. Anyway, I take French green beans (drained), spread on a cookie sheet, and season. Bake at a low temp until crispy..

Great crunchy treat!..

Comment #69

Drain, then heat the beans in the microwave, take a small bit of FF mayo and mix with curry powder to put on top the beans.... One of my favorites..


Comment #70

When you drain the green beans, be sure to rinse them too. Then prepare in any of the ways listed above..

Rinsing canned vegetables in cool water really helps get rid of that 'canned' taste..


Comment #71

I always season green beans with vinegar. Growing up my family always had a cruet of vinegar on the table, and I think the whole family used it on green beans....I know I did and still do...try it, you might like it...

Comment #72

I like them with some light cottage cheese and garlic salt...

Comment #73

I enjoy canned green beans w/ I Can't Believe It's Not Butter (ICBNT) spray and garlic powder...

Comment #74

I love canned green beans as they are so I've never tried any of the recipes above but I will now. I always had the same feeling about fresh green beans so now I boil them until they are soft then place them in a preheated pan with spray pam and fresh diced garlic that has cooked down a little. When you cook them twice, you know for sure that they are done and I don't know if anyone else loves garlic like me but it really compliments the flavor of the green beans...

Comment #75

I like to add low sodium soy sauce to the canned ones and simmer on the stove for about 20 min. YUMMY!..

Comment #76

I add mushrooms with a touch of mrs. dash seasoning...

Comment #77

I add garlic cloves to the beans..

I also do a vinegar splenda salt pepper mix and put on the beans and sliced onions. and heat all together...

Comment #78

Rose, thanks girl. I think I'll try these tonight...

Comment #79

LOL such a simple thing huh? Make sure that you saut the onions in olive oil first.....

Comment #80

I am not a fan of fresh green beans, so I use canned and when I use a full cup serving for my veggies, I will melt a wedge of french onion or garlic and herb laughing cow cheese...

Comment #81

I add italian tomatoes and coo together and when I get my serving out I all FF mozzerela cheese on top..


Comment #82

I made mine yesterday (canned) with fresh garlic and hot sauce...

Comment #83

Saute some onions, mushrooms & garlic til done and onions are carmelized. Dump green beans (drained) onto cooked onion mix and heat thoroughly. When thoroughly heated, spritz with some olive oil just before serving..

Optional: sprinkle with 20 calories of imitation bacon bits; see container to determine serving size..

Comment #84

I usually put on 1-2 tsp olive oil, Red Wine vinegar, salt pepper, and dried Italian Seasoning. Place in the fridge for 1/2 serve as a cold salad. Sometime I put slices of avocado, or splash of tobasco sauce. My kids eat it that way...

Comment #85

TGIFriday makes green bean french fries, which of course are not Dukan Diet friendly, but they are really delicious, and your recipe sounds like it might be similar to them, what with the toasted parmesan. I think I'll try it. Thanks...

Comment #86

I've never used canned green beans with this recipe, but I saute a tsp. of sesame seeds per serving in a serving of olive oil just until they start to brown, then I dump in frozen or fresh green beans, stirring them until they turn bright green. Then I add a little bit of chicken broth/bouillon (1/2 cup for a whole pound of beans), cover them and let them cook until the beans are tender (I don't like them crispy). Then I take the lid off and cook until the liquid evaporates. Salt to taste and add lots of freshly ground black pepper (the pepper is very important). This is a family favorite, and they are good cold or hot.

One teaspoon of sesame seeds has about 17 calories...

Comment #87

It would be tastier with frozen or fresh but canned will work. If you haven't had your fat serving, pour oil into pan and when hot add a spoonful of mustard seeds. When seeds "pop" add some chopped garlic and dried crushed chili. Dump in canned beans. You can also add black pepper or a pinch of sugar..

If you don't like spicy, try Italian seasoning, chili powder, cinnamon, ginger, basil...

Comment #88

I didn't ready this whole thread, so forgive me if I'm repeating..

Saute some chopped onions in ICBINB and Splenda. Add chopped deli ham (you'll have to save a protein for this) and vinegar. Dump in can of green beans and let it simmer until they are mushy..

Yummy, but can you say SODIUM...canned veggies are loaded with sodium. You really should try to find some fresh veggies that you like. There must be some...

Comment #89

I like to add some chopped mushrooms and onions and a little bit of spray butter (zero calories!). I also add some garlic powder...

Comment #90

I have used canned green beans to throw in salads but always drained & rinsed first...I prefer frozen - dont like snipping/fixing fresh..

Comment #91

Thanks for the idea. I did that the other day and it is so nice to have well seasoned green beans readily available...

Comment #92

My mom always dumped a can of (drained) green beans in a pan, added lemon juice, and just let it sit for a while on medium heat. It was SO good. Definitely one of my favorite side dishes, even when I was a child. I still eat them this way, it's quick, easy, and very tasty...

Comment #93

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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