The smart ones from Nutrisystem. are they ok to eat for lunch each day.?

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Quick question: The smart ones from Nutrisystem. are they ok to eat for lunch each day.? Many thanks for any comment. Another question on my mind: Happy Valentines Day my lovely Family! and even you lurkers.

LMAOOOOOOOOOOO at my typo in the title ... LOVE IT ... well thats what you get after me taking a shot of nyquil before typing this board.

Heh ...freekin fantabulous.

Soooo did you get your shopping done for your special someone in your life? Got any great ideas? lol.

I got nothing but a card and Im gonna get it all filled out tonite and put it on his car seat tonite so he'll see it first thing in the morning.

This would work for me or.

This would be even better.

Jus saying.

Maybe a nice dinner or something but I have class tomorrow so maybe I'll bring something home so no one hasta cook lol..

How was your weekend? did you get things done? did you get a workout in? did you get to relax? Ready for a lovely week?.

I have coffee prepped s'gonna be nice n hot by morning! come join us and have a cup !!!!!!!! see you in the morning..

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Good question... I dunno what is the answer to that question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I bump into an decent answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could help you..

Comment #1

Sorry worked sucked but lmao @ AI auditions..

Hey, thanks for the flowers!.

And the giant rock..

I hope I remember to get DH a card..

That's sweet you puttin his card on his seat..

Did you get that thing for DS's GF?.

I need a coffee IV this morning, no joke. I was up until 20 of 1 last night working on finishing that 1st part of the project. And then couldn't fall asleep right away because my body was in so much pain from hovering over a table all day in the cold a$$ room, my bones were frozen and I'm pretty sure I messed up my leg when I tripped over Chewie laying in the dark. I may have given myself a cold from being in that cold all day..


The first part (biggest part) of that project is complete..

Thank goodness! And I'm going to leave work early. I'm exhausted, my body is killing me and I want to curl up into a tiny ball..

On a Happy note.... today is Valentine's day and I hope you all enjoy it with your special someone whether it be your DH, DW, DD, DS, mother, father, sister, brother, furry children... Just make sure to tell someone you love them..

I love you guys!..

Comment #2

Thank you! I hope the same for you, except for the special lady part...

Comment #3

Need to go get ready for work.... I'll see you all later today.... alright, maybe I won't since some of you will probably cut out early to spend it with your hunny..

Have a great day!..

Comment #4

Ahhh how sweet! DH and I swapped cards this am.

I like mushy ones!.

Have a great day! I love you all too..

Comment #5

Can I have both please? LMAO.

Hugs you happy vday too ... how did your dinner go ...? what did you get the little woman? psst ... love you too.

Omg you tripped over da dog?.

Ive done that before in the dark too ... girl you gotta get that body some rest or you gonna end up sick like me.

Snotty nose n all ... it's glorious!.

Psst I love you!.

I will after zumba class tonite lol still havent figured out dinner yet ... but called DH asked him if the Vday fairy had showed up ... he said yeah... she was on his dash board.

I was like REALLY?.

But he answered the phone how are you doing lovely? lol so reckon he made my morning!.

Loveeeeeeee you snookums.

Hugs rickydoodledo happy vday..

Comment #6

Normally I don't do a lot for V-day, just cause we been together for so long and she really hates to see me waste money on flowers that will be dead in 3-5 days. However, this year I surprised her big-time!!!.

I got her some diamond solitaire earrings; she has a pair, I just upgraded to a bigger set of diamonds..

I figure she can give her older (smaller) ones to Lexi when she's just a little bit older. Ah yes, dinner was awesome... I had the Chicken Marsalla and she had the Pasta Carrabba (chicken fettucine alfredo), we split a bottle of Merlot and shared a cheescake; it was very nice and very romantic!.

Daytona was awesome, although a little cool in the night air. It was general admission seating so we got there super early and got great seats right at the start/finish line. I just love NASCAR; I don't consider myself too much of a redneck, but something about racing, I think it's so awesome. You really have to go to a race to experience the thrill of how fast those guys are really going!.

Happy Monday all!!!!..

Comment #7

Ive been to a few bike drags .. those were tons of fun and definately a redneck hillbilly kinda time lol .....

Comment #8

Well ty kindly ... what did you get for your bride?..

Comment #9

Ahhhhhhhhhh half the day is over bout n hour more to go and I'm outtaaaaaaa here YEAH!.

How was your Vday? looks like everyone stayed pretty busy today .....

Comment #10

Busy indeed....

I got a feeling, that tonight's gonna be a good night! Woooo-Hoooo!..

Comment #11

To you too Linda.

Hope it's a great day for you!.

Ok all you zonerz .... Im off to zumba and then see what wonderful thing I can whip up for dinner when I get home lol maybe light a candle.


See you then!..

Comment #12

I Hope Everyone Gets Lucky.

I know that I am not..

Comment #13

Lol ... hell aint no one even home at my house yet.

Zumba was bring your sweetheart to class nite and LMAO I cant believe even a few of the husbands actually showed up.

And did the whole workout lol that was pretty funny course doug was happy to bond w/guys there LMAO but they wont be coming back so they said lolol.

I mussa worked out pretty hard I coughed and OOOOOOY my abs are killing me.

Lol but it's a good pain.

Bbiab ... gonna find some grub..

Comment #14

AW Rick, no luckiness for you tonight?.

Hey Linda!.

Thanks for the pretty picture..

Mikey, did you go to Jared's?.

Aeri, so what'd ya get???.

Kama, did you have a nice quiet evening?.

Yup, tripped over Chewie. lol It was SO late last night.

I'm going to bed right after this. Course, DH will prolly want to give me his "present".

Weirdest thing... I got an envelope in the mail today from this hospital I've never been to..

Do you think it's fraud?.

Lol Maybe I should I open the envelope..

Going to be a busy week next week. I'm excited. I get to hit 2 stores. Oh! And my friend (the one that had knee surgery) when I went ot see her Saturday night she got me 2 purty beads for my bracelet..

And of course they are pink. WE may even play a little hookie next week and run to the Outlets. I've got a 30% off coupon and she keeps telling me she owes me a new bag for x-mas and my b-day..

Plus I do her taxes for her. So it's kind of like payment. lol.

Did you know they make greetings cards from pets?.

Yup. So Today Chewie got DH a card..

It was SO cute. I know, corny but come on.... we don't have human kids..

I think I've put too many smileys already. I should stop. Bed is calling anyhow..

I hope everyone had a fantastic VD..

I'll catch ya in the morning. G'night!..

Comment #15

Good Morning! Did everyone have a good evening?.

I was in bed by 10. Asleep by 10:30. DH not too happy bout that but hey... I'm pretty sure someone passed their cold on to me..

And since, not only did I not get out of work early yesterday but then had to drive to 2 other locations to drop off/pick up things, I think I am going to leave at 1 when the next shift comes in and then maybe "call out" for tomorrow. If I don't rest up now, next week will kill me..

And we don't want that..

I haven't been able to get any exercise in. Well, no real exercise. I did live banker boxes full of paperwork off a shelf and then up, over my head and back on to a shelf. 12 months of that on Friday. Then, my gf and I did walk around West Hartford for an hour..

Does that count? lol..

Comment #16

Good morning Zonies,.

Yes Alie - our night was quiet..

How is your foot?.

Aerie - LOL at Doug going toyour Zumba class too funny!.

Send some positive vibes my way, a dear loved one of mine needs some extra positive thoughts. There are tests today, and I hope it's all positive..

/crosses fingers..

Comment #17

Good Morning folks!!!.

I havent been able to come out and play as much...we have a huge payroll issue going on...that started on 2/2 and is still not resolved..

So I'm dealing with that plus all employee meetings, teenage bulls@%t, kids going to camp, and whatever else you want to throw in there! Suprisingly I'm sane and in a good mood this morning..

Yesterday was a nice was DS2's bday...he is 11. However, he went to camp yesterday so he wasnt here to celebrate.

DH and I went to dinner last night at Johnny Carino's...I probably blew my diet for the week...but was a special occasion. So I will just eat right for the rest of the week and get in lots of exercise. it will be fine!.

Well..tea is on deck and I have to get started trying to figure out and hopefully solve this lingering issue...hopefully Ill be back a little later..

Hope everyone had a wonderful valentines day (and night.


Comment #18

Booyah! Another successful Valentine's Day in the books!.

Wife is happy, therefore I am happy... got lucky (not once but two times!.

) last night! I know, I know TMI, but hey... I aim to please!.

Nothing says romance like a homemade card outta construction paper with a personalized from the heart poem about my sweetie... ain't it cool? Yea, I can be creative....


Gonna be a great day; the sun is shining brightly, gonna hit 75 today and I'm feeling like a billion bucks (that's like a hundo times better that a million)!!!!.

So... how did your night go?.

Inquiring minds want to know.....

Comment #19

What did I get? LMAO yeah uhm ... I got a lovely mush lil card and well dats what he got and we had the house to ourselves last nite so it was quite and cuddly but since I'm sick no lovings for me ... I am sure he is saving his money for the REALLY big day this month the 23rd .... for our 20th anniversary!.

That does count for a workout.

And yeah for 2 new beads! I totally need to go shop for some ones to add to mine too.

Ugh our office is now packed with a table and chairs for the auditor to uhm be in our office THIS should be a pleasant day indeed.

Zumba was so fun last nite with the added people in there I am betting they are a lil sore today.

Heh I need to go find out.

Lol I can relate w/the teenagers ... I Hope you find the payroll issues and your day gets better.

Your dinner sounds yummy what did you have?.

TWICE?!?! hows the back feeling there buddy? LMAO funny how much pain a guy will endure for a lil nookie nookie lol DH's the same way with his siatic nerve issues HAHAH ....

Off to get some coffee ... and begin my day!..

Comment #20

Good Morning, I am back, did ya all miss me?..

Comment #21

Hey Tim!.

I had an italian drink called a bellini..frozen peach nectar, white wine, champagne, and italian sangria...WOW! I had the pecan crusted salmon salad with lemon caper vinigrette, some bread and olive oil, and for desert a mini turtle cheese cake...YUMMY! DH had 16 layer lasagna and the mini chocolate cake with the turtle toppings (fudge, caramel, and almonds)! We were stuffed...and only 40 bucks for the 2 of us...well worth it. Do you guys have Johnny Carinos where you live?.


Comment #22

Hey timmy welcome home.

No we dont but MAN that sure sounds divine!..

Comment #23




........('(.......... ~/'...').


..........''...\.......... _..


Yeah, it's a fistbump. What's up?..

Comment #24

Hey linda.

Happy tuesday ....

I cant seem to stay awake today.

So much for getting to bed early.

And Mike that is pretty cool pretty cool indeed *raises fist n bumps ya* woot woot..

Comment #25

Well hey there pretty little lady! how are things in your neck of the woods? update us.

How was your valentines?..

Comment #26

I have 3 days off this week (worked way over on Saturday and yesterday, 11-some hours on both days...phew, so they're giving me a break).

Hope everyone's Valentine's day was awesome. Work was crazy yesterday, the baker who was scheduled that morning called off because she was sick (she was really sick and not faking...poor thing.

) so I baked bread and decorated cake and cupcake orders...almost 30 orders because of Valentine's day. On a Monday I usually have no more than 12 orders at a time..

Let me tell you that it was so difficult trying to do both at the same time.

Especially when I have no baking talents and one of the usual customers had an order for 80 loaves of french bread... The pressure was on not to mess it up. I messed up one rack of bread, but I had enough decent bread to fill the order.

Thankfully I got some help and we got the job done.

That's what it is about teamwork, it is so important. It made me think of you all because we do team up in a way to encourage one another to do our best and make the right choices and it is important to be accountable for ourselves and our goals and successes... Just a thought to leave you all with. I worked out for 40 minutes on the Wii this morning, so I'm off to enjoy the rest of the day.. Hope you all have a wonderful day!!!!..

Comment #27

Smiles thanks sarah .. that is true and that is what we are here to do or try to do.

It makes it so much easier when held accountable and when you have challenges to reach and stuff ... enjoy your time off..

Comment #28


Im so livid working for the next few hours is gonna sux ... the school has FINALY hit my last nerve.

And I just ripped into the asst. principal and left crying..

Comment #29

That's my girl... way to go!.

Don't let it get to you sweetheart, if you feel you did the right thing well then, who cares!.

You need backup?..

Comment #30

For real ... Im going to go to round 2 after school is out and that whole system can kiss my lilly white @$$..

Comment #31

Hey all! Finished our Valentines delivery yesterday so we are up about 600$ for our yearbook-.

I got some earrings and a ring with a nice card, and went out to my car yesterday to find big singing balloons all over it- who knew? "I got you babe" will be stuck in my head for awhile.

What happened Aeri? I know my principal can work my last one too......

Comment #32

OK, so far today, I am 100%, lets see if I can make through the second half of the day..

Sorry I missed Valentines day here in the zone, but I ate a peach to day in celebration of Valentines day..

Comment #33

That's right.... THAT'S RIGHT!!!!.

Take that! POW-POW!!!! Hell hath no fury like a scorned woman! Get 'em girl!!!.

So, other than that... how's your day going?..

Comment #34

What happened???? Girl dont let them make you cry.....cuss and throw stuff maybe...but not cry!..

Comment #35

My day is great I just wanna get home and goto bed and try again tomorrow breathe in breathe out move on .. and try not to hurt no one in the process.

Ooooo well least you got a lil peach biz in.

Awwwwwwww that is a good vday for you ... very nice.

Can you send your DH to come out n train mine.

Lol they have taken my sons cell phone and THINK they wont be giving it back for the rest of the entire year of school and thats just NOT going to float with me .... he pulled it out of his pocked to check the time and they confiscated it yet again ... Im just so done w/the petty stuff I can hardley see straight ... I said take it before school and give it back to him after school everyday I dont care but you arent going to leave my kid PHONE LESS incase of emergencies ... cuz of your school policy PERIOD so they dont give it back today I will have another one at home turned on tonite in his number ... I'm just angry that kids get all the discipline but the teachers/and principals can bully kids and talk smack and get nothing ....

Home schooling sure is looking better n better.

I am so sick and tired of it being my kid yanno? and the way that principal talked to him was unbelievable .. did he get suspended for a DAY?!?! did he get a bonus taken away ??? uh... prolly not yanno? but my kid lashes out and bam you need to come sign him out we are sending him home for the day for being defiant? ugh..

Comment #36

I have a feeling the score will be Aerial 2, school Zero..

Comment #37

Me course I have to ask- is there a history of phone stuff with him? Not sayin, just if teachers can SEE a phone, they take it away...but this is only after a **** storm of texting in class and phones going off etc....when one goes off in my class I just say "mute it folks"- but we have a real problem here with phones going off all the time so the rule isif it can be goes...unless there is a real need- like my daughter had one because of her sister being terminally ill....and that was an exception....has he had it taken away before?..

Comment #38

Yeah it was taken away jan 27 and he wasnt texting on it today he pulled it out to check the time and it was taken away for the 3rd time and this brought a 4th suspension and now an expultion from school.

How thrilled am I over a phone? Im gonna go be sick .............

Comment #39

Hey girly! Leg is feeling much better thanks! My back is still sore. And now I have the sniffles, dribbles, sore throat and vice gripped head..

How are you??.

Positive thoughts going your way....

I hope you get your payroll issue figured out soon. I know how much that sucks..

Glad to hear your night was nice..

Lol @ you aiming to please..

Hey, it's more than I got..

I'll send you a link for beads..

Hey Tim! Hows a normal schedule going?.

Funny how you described the drink first..

Sure sounds delicious!.

Happy Tuesday Linda!.


Hey Sarah! looks like you've been busy! Glad you got the order done. Yeah, teamwork is important!.

Nice job on the workout!.

Oh babes... don't let them pi$$ you off that much! I'm sure they enjoy getting to you..

Should I book a flight?.

I agree... checking the time is simple enough. And really, they end up punishing the parents because it's not like cell phone plans are cheap. And it's YOUR property..


Sounds like you had an awesome day!.

Great job on the 100%..

Comment #40

Blah blah blah is drinking my dinner tonite.

My head is throbbing and my eyes are swollen..

Comment #41

I feel the same way. I need something cool and smooth. My throat hurts...

Comment #42

Hugs ya back....

Least we can't get each other sick..

I'm headed to bed. Since I can't call out sick, I'm planning on leaving early everyday..

Yup. Cause I said so..

Have a good night everyone! For those of us that are sick~ get LOTS of rest and take it with a shot of Nyquil, Tylenol Liquid, Robotussin or whatever will make ya feel better...

Comment #43

Lol mix a lil cocktail together.

Dinner made muh tummy hurt so Im headed to bed too muahz family!.

Bleck I just want this day to be over with!..

Comment #44

Morning... not so good. head feels inflated. nose won't stop running away..

Went to bed early last night but I don't feel like I've slept much...

Comment #45

Wow... lotsa hurt bodies and sad souls in here... I'm sorry..

Everybody needs a big bear hug and a Mikey injection this morning!.

I, on the other hand, am feeling "Grrrrrrrrrreat!".

(remember Tony the Tiger?) On a 1-10 scale, I'm sitting at about a 12 today! Gonna be a good day..

So, get you a cup of java, pull up a seat and tell Mikey all about it... I'm here for you...

Comment #46

Ahhh sweetie did I give you my cold?.

I'm so sorry! Here have some sherbert..

Tests were done, we shall see what the results bring. It will be a few days. I'm trying not to obsess on it, you know?.

Aeri - The issues with DS school is putting you through is about ridiculous. I'm glad my boys are older. My 2nd drove my insane and the school here did not help at all in their handling of the situation. I totally understand the calls, come and get him he's defiant crapola. Hang in there sweetie. Mine did not have a cell phone, it was his mouth that constantly got him in hot water..

Mikey - I'll take that hug thank you sweetie..

Ok gotta work, cya laters..

Comment #47

Heard this song on the way in to work today, by Nappy Roots (a little hip-hop)... It made me smile!.

You know today I just woke up and I said you know instead of waitin' on a good day waitin' around through up's and down's waitin on something to happen I just say....

We're gonna have a good day and all my homies gonna ride today and all these mommies look fly today and the only one we wanna do is get by today heyyy, we're gonna have a good day and ain't nobody gotta cry today cause ain't nobody gonna die to you save that trouble for another day heyyy we're gonna have a good day!.

Hope it makes you smile a little too!..

Comment #48

I should probably go get ready for work but I don't want to go. *pouts like a spoiled child*.

Can someone call me out sick?.


Hope you all have a great day as usual. I'll see you this afternoon!..

Comment #49

I'd love a big hug.

Thanks for the sherbert! lol It actually sounds REALLY good..

No, it wasn't from you... it was from work..

Bastards. This is the second time..

Don't obsess. ((extra hugs)).

You always make me smile...

Comment #50

Awww I hate that feeling ... sudefed is my hero for sure the only thing that keeps me "snot-free" lol love that stuff! but mine isnt cold it's just sinus but when it acts up man just cut my head off for sure I can relate. I tossed n turned LOTS last nite could not sleep maybe I can sue the school for mental anguish?.

C'mere lemme feel ju ..... ooooooooooh you are rite you do feel great.

Oh trust me their mouths dont help ANY. I guess when I ripped the VP in the hall corridor all of ds2's friends heard me and stood there like.

GOOOOOOOOOOOO mom ... lol then course I dropped a few F'bombs in the principals office as well as I comtimplated flying over his desk.

But remained a delicate lady like I am LMAO ....

Well they can keep sons phone LMAO we turned a new one on for him last nite and I told him he better keep it in the GD truck or I shall hurt him myself.

*flutters eyes*.

Your lyrics are always the best! ty ... going to make it a good day today (or try really hard at any rate).

I will call you in.

Np gimme da digits ....hang in there babes ... hugsssssss da cutie boogie nose!..

Comment #51

TODAYS GONNA BE A GOOD GOOD DAY !!! thats the chant for the day ... say it with me now ......

Oh and gang? thanks for letting me vent yesterday ... yanno funny thing I have found out with my lil heart issues ... when I am HIGHLYYYYYYY stressed like hysterical (like yesterday) not one palpatation, nothing when I laid down ... yet a mildly stressful day or kid issue and bam it goes bonkers....?.

Go figure? just like when DS1 was in the accident ... I had nothing for weeks ... hes home recovering and viola.. they are back ... I think muh hearts backwards er summin..

Comment #52

LMAO .... it's gonna be a good good day!..

Comment #53

Also lunchtime and I am starving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

So, how's your day? Has been a good day? Mine has...

Comment #54

Happy hump day zonies!.

It's in the 50 s here?!?! I might have to sneak out for a walk this afternoon. Not sure I have the strength to take Slick but I know he won't let me out the door with any other dog. I know I could manage little Harley..

Sorry to hear Alie is ailin'. I think she should have called off!..

Comment #55

Mine could be better jus sayin.

Hey how is your sexy @$$ ??? heh .....

Comment #56

Just opened a bottled orange drink from Whole Foods, written underneath the cap.....



Comment #57

45 more min and Im outta here dunno that Ima make it to zumba tho .... dr told me today my meds are whats making me SOOOOO sleepy all the time..

Comment #58

Doctor told me that caffeine is what gets me all jacked up... I like it...

Comment #59

Lol god I was gonna say summin so nawty LMAO but I will be a good girl hahahaha..

Comment #60

Really.... hmmmm, what were you gonna say? Send it to me in PM. I like naughty, just saying!.

For everybody else... have a wonderful humpday! Now go home and let the humping commence!..

Comment #61

Ya'll are brazen! Are you not afraid your "others" will see this???lol!..

Comment #62

You prolly could sue 'em if ya had the right lawyer..

Lol, I think ya calle dthe wrong number cause I still had to work AND didn't get to leave early..

But it's all good cause I wrote myself out for tomorrow..

I could totally picture all that happening!.

It might be because your heart is so big.

I tried, believe me.....

It was nice out here too! Did you get to take Harley out? I'm glad you feel well enough for a walk. How are your levels?.

I stepped into Whole Foods for the first time on Saturday. I'm thinking I may go back..

Maybe take half?.

What others??..

Comment #63

Okay lovies, I'm off for the night. I'll catch you in the morning...

Comment #64

I'm baaaaaaaaack..

Good Morning dear ones, stopped at Starbucks and got some sort of Mocha Grande Venti Frapa Cappa Latte Chino this morning!.

All I know is the girl behind the counter asked me if I wanted an extra shot of expresso in it, sure why not?.

I feel the caffeine coarsing through my veins, like jet fuel for a rocket! Whooo Hooo, let's go get 'em!.

Regulators... mount up!..

Comment #65

Good Morning Zoners!.

Mikey you are too funny, didnt the doctor say to lay off the caffeine?.

I too love my home brew, nothing fancy like you have, but I'm sure I'm hyped up too!.

Alie - hope you feel better sweetie.

Ok let's make this a Thrilling Thursday!!!..

Comment #66

I can't believe the name of that thing fits on a menu!.

I couldn't even say that many words without some caffeine in me first!..

Comment #67


Never fails to put a smile on my face in the morning Mikey..

Thrilling Thursday... I like that!.

Thanks. STill stuffy as he11. I have an odd hummmmmmm in my ears. won't stop..

How are you this warm morning?.

They have it on the menu as: MGVFCLC.

Did you get to take your walk?..

Comment #68

So did I tell you on Vday the zumba instructor said we could bring our valentine to class and ... low n behold 2 other guys came with their wives? ONE being the new DR here at the hospital rite? so .. last nite I get to class and I could NOT believe he came BACK voluntarily he said he really liked it.

I think it's pretty cool.

Lol must you talk so nawty first thing in the morning? LMAO.

Thrilling huh? ok lets go with that ... Im still waiting for muh coffee to kick in ... I love me some starbucks coffee but I have switched to foldgers half caf.

Trying to be a good girl ... hows that arm doing?.

Hey whatchu doing up so early? hows you feeling today?..

Comment #69

Morning all. The boss is off for a few days and ive been really busy. Hope everyone is doing well. Im so ready for the weekend! The weather is supposed to be nice here today...55 or so! I cant tell you how ready I am for spring!..

Comment #70

Yes I did get a walk in and it's another GORGEOUS warm day here so I'm gonna do it again!!.

I am feeling pretty good!!! Even thinking about going back to the office a couple days next week to see how it goes...

Comment #71

That IS cool! I think I may need another cup. Full caf isn't working this morning..

How are you feeling today??.

No boss??!! *grabs box of party supplies*.

It's not bad out here either!.

Awesome! Although... maybe you should start with just one day......

Comment #72

Omg DITTO on the spring thing .. it's up in the upper 60's here and I'm feeling the itch.

Sucks to be stuck inside.

No boss?.

Woo hooooo you can have mine.

Oh wow dont you be overdoing it or you will get a zone spankin.

Glad you are feeling better tho that is excellent news.

Im feeling really good ... the sleepies havent kicked in yet that usually happens round 130 ish ... I ended up taking a whole pill last nite so maybe tonite I try haffa pill ... see if that helps any. I am worried to just stop taking them cuz they seem to work REALLY well! maybe I need to take them EARLIER then right before bed .. I just havent found the right combo yet!..

Comment #73

Zone Spanking?!!.

I sure as (blank) don't want one of those! Noone is going NEAR my butt after all the trauma those crazy doctors did to my poor booty during my confinement. It was cruel and inhumane for sure!!.

You should try some B12 in the afternoon. I always took a B12 an hour or so after lunch and it perked me up to get thru the afternoon. Got my friend hooked on it on last vacation. Currently I'm doing the liquid B though since the pills weren't helping my energy level much while my counts are still below normal...

Comment #74

Red Bull or Monster works for me, or sometimes nothing!.

I think I'm just naturally a spaz!!!!!!!!..

Comment #75

Awwww I never thought bout that but thank you for the picture you poor thing ... we'll find funner ways to torture you.

Hows that? and I will check into the b12 I have heard that before too ....

Thats why we love you !..

Comment #76

Lunchtime!!!! Who's havin what? Im having garden vegetable soup...homeade! It came out so gonna share this receipe! Enjoy..

1 small onion, diced.

2 tsp minced garlic (or 2 garlic cloves).

64 oz of 99% fat free chicken or beef broth (I like chicken.


1 cup diced cabbage.

2 cups chopped spinach.

2 tbsp tomato paste.

1/2 tsp dried basil.

1/4 tsp dried oregano.

1/4 tsp salt.

1 16oz bag of your favorite frozen veggies (I use Great Value Asparagus stir fry).

~Saute onion and garlic in 1/2 tsp of olive oil over low heat for 5 minutes or until soft..

~Add broth, tomato paste, veggies, cabbage, spinach, basil, oregano, and salt..

~Bring to a boil..

~Reduce heat and simmer (covered) for 15 to 20 minutes..

This made about 6 servings ( 1 cup per serving)..


Comment #77

Wooo hoooo I am moving right along getting stuff done today.

Whats wrong with me.


Comment #78

And if I'm not mistaken...these are allNutrisystemapproved foods!.

The asparagus stir fry has asparagus, green beans, pea pods, red pepper, broccoli, cauliflower, yellow squash, and carrots...

Comment #79

Yummmm!I loved reading right before posting-except now I've got drool on the keyboard.

Well, there is definitely something wrong with me because I don't get the starbucks thing but every teacher around me has a giant cappfrappa something or other going all the timeI can barely choke down one cup without getting sick to my stomach- that caffeine is oogy....

I need the weekend to get herewho's with me???*holds up palm* don't leave me hangin! We are taking my daughters and the new son in law to universal studios and to gumps for all our january birthdays.....

Aeri- what happened with your son?Is this the son who lost his girlfriend? That right there is a reason to have hias phone on him and on all the time- he may have PTSD and you KNOW the school doesn't want to get sued if he needs to talk to someone and doesn't have a phone..

Comment #80

Hey marie! I am totallllllllllllly with you on the weekend thang I dont have to work so WOO HOO! tho, my weekend wont be HALF as fun as yours is sounding.

Have fun at U.S. the one that is in the trouble now is my youngest not the one that was in the wreck but really ... it was my youngest that contacted me FIRST when the oldest was in the wreck....

I told them I get that what he did was wrong n there are consequences but he can turn it in in the mornings and then get it after last bell EVERY DAY until school is out I'm fine w/that but he wont be w/out a phone for nights n weekends PERIOD .. and they said uh they couldnt do that ... so.

I told them they could pay my bill.

And a few other choice words lol..

Needless to say .. I turned on a new one.

The old one before he "gave it up" he went ahead and smashed into pieces lol anyways. cuz hes brilliant..

Comment #81

I must have missed something...were they trying to take his phone period!? Which they cant do....I mean they can bar it from school but they have NO RIGHT to determine his usage outside of school hours....WHO THE HE%L ARE THESE PEOPLE!!!!!!..

Comment #82

Hi all, Can not believe I missed another Hump day. Hoping to get home in time to sign on to catch up tonight. Got to busy yesterday, and by the time I got done running around I went home a crashed......but I managed to keep my eyes open long enough to know that the CLeveland Cavaliers beat Kobie and the Lakers..

Comment #83

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