The Medifast honeymoon is over...?

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So I've unofficially lost 20 pounds (yay!) and have been on Medifast going on two months. I realized this week that the honeymoon and excitement is over and I'm feeling a little glum looking at the long haul ahead. I'm basically writing just to whine The feeling that I won't actually lose any more weight is creeping in. I know it's untrue, but old, bad thought patterns are really hard to change. Sigh. I'll keep on keeping on, but man, sometimes this weight loss stuff gets old...

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I think if you concentrate on smaller goals, mini-goals so to speak, it makes it easier. I averaged less than a pound a week so it took me 10 months to lose half of what you've lost already. Talk about frustrated! The thing is, you need to remind yourself why you're doing this and very day commit yourself to the next 5 pounds or 10 pounds. Remind yourself you're past the half way mark and now is not the time to be a quitter! Winners don't quit and you're obviously a winner. Hugs and hope you get over the hump...

Comment #1

Try making mini-goals of 10 lbs. each and rewarding yourself with something when you reach each one. (see my sig. below). I felt the same as you after I lost my first 20 lbs....then, when I fit into those size 10 jeans a new honeymoon period started! you are doing so good. before you know it you will be in onederland. hang in there..

Comment #2

I am right there with you Sassy! I am in exactly the same place and feeling quite down and not sure if I was going to be able to keep on keeping on. All my clothes were baggy and I felt just as fat, but I'd lost two sizes. So I went shopping and saw all these really cute size 8 clothes that I really, really want! I have been shopping at the plus size shops for my entire adult life and I'm sick of it! Well, I went and bought some 16 and 18's and they fit great and make me feel better. I only bought a few peices - not too much because hopefully in another two months I'll be shopping for 14's?! (BTW - clothes are cut so much bigger than they used to be!).

But anyway, I feel so much better now that I have revived my motivation - seeing those cute clothes were just what I needed. I know it sounds a bit shallow; that I should be doing it for my health and I am - really! And I am constantly thinking about maintainance now and how I will have to always be vigilant and how I will make food decisions when I'm off Medifast - even though that is many many months away. I am trying to prepare my mind now. It is a long long road - a lifetime of healthy food choices and it can be exhausting. There will never be a time in my life when I will be able to eat what I want. But, as shallow as it may seem - my desire for those cute size 8 clothes is more than my desire to eat what I want.

Let's face it - we all have a relationship with food and our bodies, right? And relationships are full of ups and downs. Right now you are just having a "down" time. You will get through it! Just keep moving forward, it will get better!..

Comment #3

Hang in there Sassy and Marie. It's a marathon, not a sprint. Those first few weeks are amazing, when the weight just seems to be falling off. Then you get down to the hard work of finishing the job.

Use the great support here on the boards and the chat rooms. The folks here are amazing and will pull you along through these tough spots.

Good luck!.


Comment #4

No advice, but I'll whine with you. Awwwoooooooooooooowahhhhh! *stomp stomp stomp stomp stomp my feet in tantrum* That felt good. Now, back to the regularly scheduled weight loss program. Sigh..

Keep on keepin' on...

Comment #5

I was feeling a bit down about things today as well and decided to focus on long term success by gathering new L&G recipes to try. I want a large stash of GREAT meals I know will help me continue my success and maintain my weight loss once I hit T&M. When that time comes it almost feels over whelming at how to KEEP the weight off and I feel this is something I can focus on that is not only working for me during 5&1 but will be great for later on as well..

Variety is what is keeping me focused right now. No matter if I am losing weight or just holding steady...I needed something to keep me interested. Maybe you would find this helpful as an alternative too.

Congrats on your hard work and at least things are still headed in the right direction!! Hang in there..

Comment #6

The only way that you can be assured of reaching your goals is staying on plan. Use these feelings to commit to doing the work and getting through transition. There's only one way to stop the roller coaster, and that is to make this the last time. The secret is taking it one day at a time. That turn into one week at time, which turns into a month which is about 10 pounds... and so on, and so on. How happy are you to be in control and eating healthy?..

Comment #7

Thanks everyone Tomorrow's a new day, the start to a new week, and hopefully a better attitude...

Comment #8

I'm in a similar situation. I've almost lost my first 20 and the excitement of the new diet is wearing off. I've also been a little disappointed that people at work really weren't noticing the loss. I started some pretty ugly self-talk about how I must be SO fat I'm going to have to lose much more for people to notice... blah, blah, blah.

But I went to a friend's birthday party on Saturday and saw some friends I hadn't seen since I started Medifast. Everyone was SO complimentary and supportive! You can tell when someone is sincere and these people were just fabulous and truly proud of me. It was just the kickstart I needed for my motivation.

I've realized that those who see me every day may not see the change as much. But just think, this time of year gives us lots of opportunities to be around loved ones we don't see very often. Now I CAN'T WAIT for Halloween parties at the end of this month so I can wow them all again! And Thanksgiving... and Christmas... and...GOAL!!..

Comment #9

I'm with you sister. Seriously, I could have been done months ago but that nagging feeling of being over all of this has just been at me and at me and I stay at the same weight..

Today, however, I officially resign myself to finishing... after a tailgate mess-up yesterday this is a must. This has to be done so I can start fully enjoying life! It's getting so out of hand to have to worry about this all the time!..

Comment #10

Ya know, I've lost 20 pounds on Medifast and I'M only beginning to notice it, so I certainly don't expect others to notice it. It makes me grumpy how fat I let myself become, but as I'm telling myself this morning, time will pass whether I lose, maintain, or gain, so I might as well lose!..

Comment #11

Sassy - If you think it, it will happen. Why not look at the 20 lbs you've lost and rejoice in that? Negativity will kill your weight loss as quickly as carb binging will. You are doing great. Refocus and move forward knowing that you WILL win this battle...

Comment #12

It also helped me to be mindful of the weight loss/gain cycle that we all go through:.

1. I feel bad about how I've let myself go.

2. I'll start a "diet".

3. I enjoy some success on my "diet".

4. I don't feel so bad about myself any more.

5. I let myself return to my old habits.

6. Start over again.

I think many people on these forums could tell you personal stories about how they did great for a while on diet X (even MF!) and then fell off the proverbial wagon and gained it all back, plus some..

Not to go all Mahatma Ghandi on you, but you must become the change you wish to see. Tell yourself that the weight-loss phase of this program is NOT a life sentence it isn't. It's a tool to get your weight in check. Once it's in check, you will have other tools to use and your nutrition will become more varied..

Also, remember that while working the program is not easy, being overweight isn't either..

Take care. <3..

Comment #13

What is it about that 20 lb. mark? I too lost 20 lbs. and then I think I got a little 'cocky'; thinking I could just have a little of this or a little of that. So now; I'm up a few pounds and re-committing It is so easy to go off plan or lose interest once you've had some success..

Something I've had to remind myself that just because I am eating Medifast; doesn't mean I am 'Doing Medifast'. If I'm not following the plan as written then I'm just having some really expensive snacks. So, today is my day to do this the right way and get back on track! I want to get past that 20 lb. mark like so many of you have done so successfully here.

Good Luck Everyone!..

Comment #14

I was definitely skeptical of this claim until recently. I bought some lean hamburger sliders because I LOVE hamburgers, but they just sorta felt heavy and I didn't feel that great afterheadachey and nauseous. I guess I'm sticking to veggie burgers (which I never thought I'd like), salmon/tuna/mahi mahi burgers, or just your general fish, chicken, turkey fare...

Comment #15

First, congratulations on your progress What helps me in these phases where the process seems endless is to try to change it up a little, like try some new recipes for the L&G as someone else suggested or add or change your exercise. Also, you might try focusing on the process; i.e., staying on the program and getting some exercise, and on how much better you look/feel already, rather than a specific weight loss timetable. Weight loss does not always progress at an even pace, but the fact, is, if you stick to the program, the weight WILL come off, and probably pretty close to the time you are envisioning, but if you don't focus on the end point, it can help reduce short term frustrations. have faith that it will happen!..

Comment #16

So if 20 lbs seems doable, why not "start fresh"? Make this weight your starting weight and your goal weight 20 pounds down from here? Dividing a seemingly large task into small pieces makes it less overwhelming?.

Also, if you think it's bad now with the "cocky attitude",wait until you reach transition. I had to have several stern conversations with myself about sticking to the plan all the way through transition. I often had to fight the feeling that I had done such a good job reaching goal that I could loosen up a bit through transition. Bad Lori, no cookie! ROFL..

Comment #17

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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