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I got a quick question: The best GoDaddy coupons to use?.

I also got another question: I have this fear that as the years go by and an ever decreasing number of web companies become more and more globally dominant (you know the ones), that these global net corporations force the internet guardians to totally change the way the internet is organised to suit their own corporate ends.

I fear that they could arrange the net so competition is impossible by scrapping extensions. In other words, you just type in "property" and you get the property brand owned by one of the global net corporations. No need for .com. No need

This would mean all us small guys who own our own little piece of internet real estate would suddenly find our domains and websites are worthless.

Could this come true?..

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Your question was: The best GoDaddy coupons to use?.

The one thing that can never be controlled is the client and I think when (notice I didn't say if) the corporations try to monopolize the internet, there will be some counter-culture browsers that start to appear. I'm actually sort of surprised that there isn't already some sort of 'green browser' extension for FF that scores the environmental stewardship of the company whose website you are visiting. I would expect something like that within a year or two...

Comment #1

This has been discuss'ed before.

Yes!! that is the (premium) .coms' (and owners') worst nightmare.

People say ICANN will not let this happen as that will mess up the whole cyber space..

(who knows).

My own thinking is that: We all have to add a .earth behind our .com/.net.

We need to communicate with Mars/other planets.

So my becomes

Scary right?..

Comment #2

What, and only be able to sell a HostGator once? doesn't seem to make any business sense to me.

Ownership of the registries could certainly become consolidated into a few large companies, but they would buy those registries based on the fact that every year there will be revenue from renewals.

No sense in buying an income stream and then throwing it away...

...also the governments of the cctlds would have something to say on the matter...

Comment #3

You have to realize that the internet is the least monitored, least censored of all forms of information out there.

Wait...did I say least? There IS no monitoring.

As long as that reality stays, web realty stays...

Comment #4

Its scary indeed.

Internet world is fragile, and so is real property world..

A hurricane might just come and sweep away your house.

So yeah, it's fragile world, just stay positive, and do your best to earn as much money now...

Comment #5

I hope it doesn't come to this sort of thing..

Comment #6

What I see is this. Consider 3 domains., and If the .org is developed and the .com and .net are parked pages, then whey you type into the browser "abc" and enter, it will take you to instead of

In other words, it will take you to the HostGator that is most visited. This will kill all the cybersquatters hoping to get some traffic off the domains with same name but lower extensions...

Comment #7

That will never happen, Imo.... Money is power, I agree with that, But millions++ pissed off people, Is to be feared, I don't care how much money these people have, The closest two words that come to my mind are " Kick Ass", Money can keep people from that happening, for a while, But sooner or later, an ass whoopin is imminent, My suggestion, Don't screw with our domains corporate people, That is, Unless you want to purchase them..

Comment #8

In fact, this is what some of your browsers (ie. firefox) are doing right now. No?..

Comment #9

Then, my memory must have fail'ed me. Oops. sorry..

I read it somewhere, that, if no extension is entered, firefox(? or is it another browser) will approach the search engine (google?) and lead you to the top rank'ed site.

Someone enlighten me please..

Comment #10

Do you have any data that would make you think that, or you just pulled it out of thin air?.

I could say I fear that eventually everyone will have to have websites through Google and HostGator names won't exist at all. When people want information, they will search and it will bring up a Google page. If you search sports, it will bring up instead of showing But there is no grounds to think that... so I don't.

I think you're just being paranoid..

Comment #11

I typed abc into my firefox, and it goes to

Ahhhh the sky is falling .... runnnnnn..

Comment #12

Why wouldn't it go there.

The bully is Comcast.


Comment #13

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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