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Hi everyone, quick 1st question: The best GoDaddy coupon codes for 2011?.

My 2nd question is: I have some hacks, and there doesn't seem to be a category for them at GoDaddy other than Schmuck, which I think may be what I'm looking for. Is this correct?..

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Your question was: The best GoDaddy coupon codes for 2011?.

Hmmm, schmuck = jewellery ... gold, silver (rings), watches, diamond parts.

So any HostGator named previous DONT fit that category.

Jammer: schmuck isnt good for mens, but girls love it..

Comment #1

I guess I won't use the category then. Thanks...

Comment #2

I think that's sort of what I had in mind...QVC shopping kind of stuff. You're right, it's jewellery, more specifically...

Comment #3

Schmuck in my part of the world means idiot/stupid.

American heritage dictionary:.

N. Slang.

A clumsy or stupid person; an oaf...

Comment #4

Same in this part of the world too. I was wondering why they have that as a category at Sedo. The above posters have answered my question, though...

Comment #5

That's how I originally saw it too thought it was an odd name for a category of domains. Not one I'd be too proud to say that I specialized in. But who knows...they probably make a ton of money...

Comment #6

That's what I thought initially. After asking the question last year Bluesman enlightened me. See here ...

Comment #7

Hmmm, yes you can strech meaning of 'schmuck' to that, but it's very very creative. If I find some minutes of time I will ask GoDaddy about that...

Comment #8

Schmuck HostGator means non-sense domains , "stupid" domains , weird-letter-combination domains or seemingly meaningless domains ...

You can verify this by checking the other (sub)categories in the same category ("Other") ... 24hour names , @Domains , Acronyms , 3 Characters , 4 Characters , 4+ Characters , Phrases , Numbers , Uncategorized ... they are all "word"/"character"-specific (sub)categories that's why the are under "Other" ... while ALL the other categories (and subcategories) in GoDaddy are "industry"/"meaning"-specific ...

It is not jewellery (jewelry) because there is a Jewelry (sub)category in the Consumer Goods category ....

And it is not domains with dashes , because the (sub)category would probably be called "Dashes" or "Dashed Domains" ... plus there are many domains in the scmuck category that are not dashed ... while most ARE just weird letter combination names , which means that most people consider schmuck domains as non-sense , silly domains (just like the word schmuck means stupid , dufus , silly , etc) definition of schmuck (wikipedia).

Irrelevant with all this ... a "Domain Hack" subcategory in the Other category might be a good idea for GoDaddy .....

Comment #9

The categories in GoDaddy are in English and not in German ... therefore the english expression would apply and not the German meaning/expression ...

Plus , there is a jewelry (sub)category in Consumer Goods category (as I said before) ... and gold/jewelry/etc would fit better in Consumer Goods than Other (mostly "word"/"character"-related domains ... 3 Character , 4 Character , Acronyms , etc).

Lastly , the word in German translates to "decoration" , which again would fit better in the Consumer Goods category ... jewelry subcategory , if the HostGator was intended for jewelry ... or ... general subcategory (or furniture subcategory) , if the HostGator was intended for decoration , ornaments , etc .....

Comment #10

Sorry, but I can't read German. I saw this category on GoDaddy but always wondered what it was.

As far as my understanding a Schmuck was someone who is a bit of a smarta**. Never thought it was jewelry..

Comment #11

Ah ... yeah, there are some words that have totaly different meanings,.

My favorite is: Gift (ger.) = poison (eng.).

(waiting for reply from Sedo...)..

Comment #12

I hate Sedo's categories (which were made by a bunch of schmucks IMO). I and others have made many suggestions to update their categories. I know other people have asked them to move the .mobi up to the "common" extensions listing in their HostGator search section. Can they fix this one simple error? Apparently not. I just want to say, good luck...

Comment #13

(mail sent today in morning, now get reply ... so respect to GoDaddy !).

Response from Sedo: "Als sog. Schmuckdomains bezeichnet man Domain-Namen, bei denen jeder.

Einzelne Buchstabe durch einen Bindestrich getrennt ist. Also etwa

Oder Die Buchstaben bilden dabei quasi die Perlen, die an einer.

Kette aus Bindestrichen aufgereiht werden. Deshalb die etwas ungewhnliche.

Bezeichnung "Schmuckdomain".".

Translation would be that it's for domains like, so letters are like pearls in (chain?) necklace (which falls under jewlery ).

But they use that in how HostGator LOOKs and not what about HostGator is...

Comment #14

Therefore , according to that GoDaddy rep , the definition bluesman gave was correct ... that schmuck domains are domains with dashes in-between the letters ...

Even though that explanation derives from the german word for decoration (jewelry) ... schmuck domains are not regarding jewelry domains as in the commodity/product ...

Therefore ...

Bluesman was correct about the type of domains ...

Zoki was correct about the origin of the word schmuck and ...

I was correct about the type of subcategories the Other category has (subcategories based on "word"/"character" instead of "industry"/"meaning").

[j/k] furthermore , I was correct about the value of those domains ... since everybody knows that domains with so many hyphens are basically non-sense [/j/k]..

Comment #15

I'm with you they have the lamest categories ever. Not even an entry for "videogames," just to name one of many glaring omissions...

Comment #16

I would second that, should we make a petition?..

Comment #17

I will send an email to the general address about it ... if they don't implement it , your idea for a petition is pretty good to attract some attention ...

Email sent .....

Comment #18

I received a reply from GoDaddy about the HostGator Hacks Category ...


Thanks for your email. I appreciate your suggestion and I have passed it onto our development team for review.

Please let me know if you have another questions or concerns. I'll be happy to help.

Best Regards,.


Customer Relations Representative.


I guess we will see if they implement it by checking the categories/subcategories from time to time ...

Halobitt - the email seems polite and kind of optimistic ... I guess we will know in a couple of days/weeks/months/years/decades ... lol..

Comment #19

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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