Thanksgiving- Any one on Nutrisystem Flex points plan?

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Got a question... Thanksgiving- Any one on Nutrisystem Flex points plan? Many thanks for any comment. Another quick question... G'morning gang....

I know it's only the 2nd week of the NEW YEAR woot woot but lets not slack off with our challenges. This time we want everyone in on making challenges, what youd like to see, how youd like to be challenged..

So let me know and we'll get right on it and make it happen..

Did I mention the kids have a snow day off from school.

And they been already out "testing" their 4wd.

I tell you ... cant get my kids up before 7am any other day but give em a snow day and they are up at 530? *shakes my head*.

Anyways Im going into work late I least wanna see what Im driving thru so waiting for the sun to come up a bit..

Have a great day my friends..

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the right answer. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I find an decent answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could help you..

Comment #1

Gonna get ready for work and take a slowwwww ride in..

Comment #2

Awww how cute is that?.

G'morning Linda ... did you have a good weekend?..

Comment #3

Happy Monday all.... Weekend was uneventful which is good... Got to watch a lot of football... Looks like the Ravens will be playing my Steelers this Saturday.... Should be a good one.....

The snow is expected to hit us tomorrow... Should be interesting to see just how much we get.... I would listen to the weather people, but they are right only about 10% of the time......

Comment #4

I know AND not only a sighting but a PIC of her !!!!!!!!! sheesh.

Cant wait for her to be back for good.

Lol thats what weather ppl are good for robby.

But our meterologists were spot on this storm hitting us now ... Im the only one paranoid to drive in it, everyone else walking round like nothing and Im ready to book outta here.

So Im patiently tryin to get to 3 so I can blast out of here it's coming down in HUGE buckets full at like 23 degrees out UGH and sposed to be a low of -3 tonite YUCK..

Comment #5

Well it's still snowing here.

And I have coughed SO much my sides are hurting..

Undecided about going to zumba tonite in this weather Id just much rather be home but WOW I hate to miss the class perhaps I just go home and do it there.

Anyways I will see youz all tonite..

Comment #6

Be careful out there and drive safe.... Watch out for the idiots who either think there is no snow on the ground or the ones who act like they have never driven on anything but dry road.....

I am gone for today.... Have a good one... Se ya tomorrow......

Comment #7

Lol If you don't like them , you won't go, right? That's how I'd feel. I'm glad to hear you are keeping up with it..

I'll think of some.

Lucky kids! Wish I had another snow day..

Okay. Next vacation, you come too!.

He is insane with the snow! The first morning he was a little freaked but that lasted a whole 90 seconds..

If we had a fenced yard I would just let him out to run. lol @ picturing Turbo trying to keep balanced on the water bed..

Dude, I don't know how they do it either!.

I have a hard enough time getting dressed!.

Got a happy surprise today..

I have Thursday off this week too!.

Hello to Linda, Rick, Robby, Tim and Dana!..

Comment #8

Oh gee sounds like you need vicks vapo rub, chicken soup and no zumba!.

Glad to be home, the drive was blissful..

Figured out with DH help how to remote access for work, because even if it snows a bazillion inches, I have a 2 hour meeting I must provide input at. ummmm..

Cya laters!..

Comment #9

2 hour meeting! Oh no. Good luck!.

I'm going to go and sprawl on the couch. Relax a little. My back is killing me!.

Good night Zonies!..

Comment #10

Thankfully we dont have "traffic" like that out here the highway was clear as a bell but IN TOWN? geeze straight ice.

Need snowmobile.

Im telling you if I dont start feeling better soon ima have thursday off too ugh I just cant seem to get "over" this crud!.

I went ahead like an idiot and went to class.

But I couldnt get into it I just didnt have it in me.

Im like you huge meeting tomorrow 2 of them and then one on wednesday no time to be snowed in or sick and I hate it!.

My sides are just killing me from coughing ............

Wheres Mikey been ?

Comment #11

Good Morning,.

Just to let you know I am still here. 10 hours of classes today......hope I stay awake.



Comment #12

Hey Tim - Here have some coffee.

Aeri - Girl get thyself to a Dr stat! Really, you may need extra help to rid this cough you have going on..

Alie - hands you a warm heating pad for that back..

Yeah, where has Mike been? I bet his boss locked him in the office and he can't get out to talk to us!.

Ok kids I gotta get a zillion things done today. Cya later!..

Comment #13

You don't have snowmobiles yet?.

I've been blowing lime green with hints of red for over a month now..

I should prolly call the doctor, huh?.

But you can spend Thursday with me anyhow..

I thought you only had 1 two hour meeting tomorrow. Now you have 2?.

You definitely need to rest up. No more Zumba till you are better. Or at least till your cough goes away..

Uh-oh. *hands you some Mikey energy drink* I hope you stay up for them classes too! Good luck!.

Good Morning to all of you!.

I'm bout to go get ready for work. Thinking I'm going to go for the simple look today so that I have an extra 5 minutes to stop at DD..

I'm a member of their perks program and they sent me a coupon for a free card because of the special day this month..

I'm thinking I may get out early today too..

Wouldn't that be nice. The varience came in and we are only off $7900..

We've already figured out what happened to $1600 just by looking at the sku's. So I'm thinking that I may get this all done in the next two days..

The beads have 80 problems..

So I have to figure out what's up with 80 beads and where they are. It's prolly just counted as a wring sku since they don't have tags. But 80 out of 1200 beads? That's awesome!.

Okay, I won't bore you any longer..

Have a great day!..

Comment #14

Oh man good luck timmy ... id give you coffee but you dont drink it.

I know I need a dr can you find me one .. young, sexy .. like from a soap opera sexy heh ... omg it's freeking 5 degrees out this morning that is insane!.

LMAO took me forever to think wtf you meant by blowing lime greens ... I'm thinking to myself why is she blowing limes ahahahahah omg.

Sorry my bad I havent had any coffee yet ....

I slept just about sitting up last nite and it helps my to cough less and I get more rest that way..

So the freeking meeting I thought was today is NOW tomorrow which really blows tomorrows meeting outta the water so now I gotta do some rearranging STAT ! .... blah thats what I got to say bout that lol ....

Back later .... mikey o mikey where are you !!!!!!!!!!!!..

Comment #15

Wow LOTTA meetings tomorrow ... everythings been changed ... Oh joy..

Comment #16

Wonder if they will miss me if I crawl unner my desk a for a lil siesta ?

Comment #17

Poor timmy sitting in class all day.

Wheres tonya been *scratches chin*.

Oooh I heard from Mikey he said hes really slammed w/big wigs in town but will try to check in ....

Did I mention it is SO cold here .. single digits? like a whole whoppen 5 degrees out !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

And windy..

Comment #18

Do you need me to move over a little bit?.

Snowing like crazy out there today. I guess the weather guy got it right, for once... I think we are going to get a few inches when it is all done... Looks pretty from the window, but not so much when you have to drive in it.....

Good morning Kama, Aerie, Alie, Tim, and all... Anyone else getting confused a little whether they are reading Alie or Aerie's posts? I keep having to check the name......

Comment #19

LMAO it confuses me too.


I will get a new pic Im sure thats your way of saying please please please change your pic.

The snow is melting here cuz the sun is out but tis still like 9 degrees out so thank god for the sun atleast! i'll b happy to see NO more sheets of ice!!!..

Comment #20

My Weather Forecast:.

Statement as of 2:45 PM EST on January 11, 2011.

... Winter Storm Warning remains in effect from 7 PM this evening.

To 6 PM EST Wednesday....

A Winter Storm Warning remains in effect from 7 PM this evening.

To 6 PM EST Wednesday..

* Locations... Long Island..

* Hazards... snow... heavy at times. Scattered thunderstorms are.

Possible late tonight..

* Accumulations... 12 to 18 inches... with locally higher amounts.


* Winds... northeast winds increasing to 15 to 20 mph with 20 to 30.

Mph gusts late tonight... turning northwest with 25 to 35 mph.

Gusts Wednesday morning..

* Visibilities... less than 1/4 mile at times..

* Timing... heaviest snow occurs after midnight tonight into.

Wednesday morning..

* Impacts... hazardous travel tonight and through the day.


Precautionary/preparedness actions....

A Winter Storm Warning for heavy snow means severe winter weather.

Conditions are expected or occurring. Significant amounts of snow.

Are forecast that will make travel dangerous. Only travel in an.

Emergency. If you must travel... keep an extra flashlight... food....

And water in your vehicle in case of an emergency...

Comment #21

Hello friends... hope the new year is treating you all well. Sorry I have been MIA for awhile, I've been slammed at work and in the evenings all I am is a taxi. Alex plays high school lacrosse, Tyson plays high school baseball and Lexi dances 4 nights a week!!!! Anyway, hello and good bye and I will be back soon!..

Comment #22

So do your bosses expect you in those kinda conditions to be at work everyday or is there lienancy? I would die to have THAT bad of weather.

We just have the SUPER wind chill of -20 dont be out in the wind for more then 10 min or skin will freeze ... I think the snow has mostly fallen and we are waiting for ice to melt ... be careful out there.

We been missing you.

Glad you checked in ... I cant believe we are already into the second week of the new year my how time flies eh?.

I got dh's bday coming up and son's coming up and a certain special someones coming up VERY soon.

I must get to the PO !!!!!!!!..

Comment #23

Hello Hello!.

Wow! What'll happen with your meetings if you can't get to work?.

Lmao @ lime green. I figured it would make someone think..

Isn't DS's the 18th?.

You'd better bundle up! We don't want a KS popsicle.

I get confused too..

But it's okay. I'll get a new one too. I have to be all purty Friday cause I need to go and renew my license. I'm planning on going to the DMV first thing Friday and get it over with..

Mikey, we do miss you but parental duties are important. Work on the other hand....

Rick, they are predicting 12 inches here. Not sure how that'll pan out cause of last year. They said we would get close to 2 feet and we only got a couple inches. And this last time they said 6-8 inches and we only got bout 3. Drive safe and stay warm!.

Robby, I hope you've been wearing your winter gear. I was thinking of getting a snow suit..

It is icy out though. Not actual ice, but your hands sure feel like it when you're outside...

Comment #24

Oh, you know as long as I can see that beautiful smile, I am happy....

That is not cool at all, Rick... Be careful out there if you have to be out there....

Oh, you know I always wear protection when I go out, Alie... Does it make you mad when you think you are getting 6-8 inches and then only 3?? Wow!!!! that must suck.... I hope you get the 12 inches that you want this time.......

Heading on out into the snow... See ya tomorrow for Hump Day if I survive.....

Comment #25

Haha! It is a little disappointing..

I mean, I'm all ready to get 12 inches. I'm prepared. And then it's like: what?! That's it?!!! You're kidding, right? But... but I was expecting more! *sigh* Oh well. I guess it's alright..

Drive safe!..

Comment #26

I think my toes are still frozen..

Going to be an early night since it'll be an early morning. Hope you all stay warm and stay home tomorrow if you can...

Comment #27

Good Morning Gang! Happy Hump Day!.

Woke up to winter wonderland. Not too happy bout it. Can't really tell how much is out there. Wish DH would get his ass up and shovel so I can go to work..

I think the malls should take over the slogan of the mailpersons...

Comment #28

Good Morning Kids!.

This is my first check in of the new

Happy New Year.

To all my Zone buddies!.

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season...but now it's back to normal life. Ive been way busy with year end stuff at work...but I wanted to make sure I got in here today to say hi to you all and to let you know that I miss you guys like crazy!!! Im gonna stick around for awhile today...I hope everyone is ready for a great hump day!!!..

Comment #29

Ahhhh well we are getting slammed with the white stuff. We all decided to stay home, yet I have a meeting I must participate in. I'm going to finish getting ready for said meeting then back to bed. I'm sick.

Yesterday at work I got tummy issues, and went home early, it was a rough night I have a fever and aches, wonder if it's the flu? Not sure. Bundle up kids it's cold out there. Be safe, don't go out if you absolutely don't have to..

Happy New Year Tonya! Happy Hump Day to you too..

Comment #30

Hey Tonya! Glad you are hanging out today..

I haven't had a chance to do my month end stuff at work with everything that's going on..

Poor Kama! You'd better bundle up with some blankies and get some rest today! Hope you feel better soon!.

Okay, so normally I would be running out the door right now but seeing as how the towns are closed and the roads aren't even plowed... I'm not rushing. Haven't even showered yet..

DH has been out shoveling for bout an hour and the cars are still not out. His step dad is on his way with the plow but without getting the cars out, there's no way to plow the driveway since we parked up top last night..

Called my AM to let her know I was going to be late.

, she said no worries she was going to be late too..

DH keeps telling me I'm not going in. But the mall is still showing as opening on time and I've got all the news channels and mall website open and refreshing for updates. Really want to go in so I can get lots done with no one at the mall, but then really don't want to take the 1/2 hour drive which will probably end up being closer to an hour with the roads the way they are. Did I mention they aren't plowed yet?.

Anyhow, not sure how long I'll be here for...

Comment #31

I guess I should go shower so I can be ready.....

Comment #32

Off work today and it's snowing!! Went in yesterday and the roads were horrible, so they got us pizza and ice cream for coming in. I was bad and had some, I was just about to go home and there it was I'm getting ready to workout extra hard today...grrr.....

Comment #33

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