Thanksgiving -Any Nutrisystem members using flex points?

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Quick question... Thanksgiving -Any Nutrisystem members using flex points? Looking forward for any answer. Second question.. G'morning Gang ....

So you make sure to check the DATES in the new thread we are gonna run for 4 days this time see how we do ok?.

I anticipate alotta people will be missing today due to being off.

Unlike ME.

But thats ok ... life goes on!.

My kids are off 1 plans on sleeping all day the other working all day ... typical day in my house..

Well IT Hottie came over last nite and got all my biz done on the laptops so now I got yet another new laptop.

Set up for some work from home, chat, and stuff.

This one has a webcam.

But I havent figure out how to use it yet LOL ....

Anyways time to get serious and blast away some weight this week. Im gonna try for 3 pounds this week ... I have 3 workouts planned and a FULL glass of water at my desk already..

Having a bowl of kashi for breakfast and some coffee and I vow to stay away from the capachino this week.

What about YOU? Can you give up 1 thing this week?..

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer to that question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I got an useful answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably can help you..

Comment #1

Good morning Zoners!.

I'm at work today too, no rest for the weary. LOL..

Comment #2

Phew Im not the only one then I dont feel so bad .....

Did you see what I learned to do Linda?..

Comment #3

So I made it thru the day with ONLY 1 1/2 cups of DECAF like a good girl! starting on water.

... it's yucky rainy and gray out bleck! I need the day OFF !..

Comment #4

Goodbye Zone Family.

Instead of just disappearing and stop posting, I wanted to properly say good bye to The Zone..

I remember when the Zone started, back in the beginning of February, 2009, by Stephanie and Aerial as a spin off of The Gutter. I started posting and became a part of the Zone less than a month later. While we did have some history from the Gutter, I really felt welcome and enjoyed being part of it because of how well we got along and it was a smaller group and a lot easier to connect with.....

It has been 2 whole years and a lot of people have come and gone. I was typically sad to see Steph leave. When she was here, I feel it was the high point of the Zone. It just hasn't been the same to me since that time and over the last few months, more and more people have left and not stayed as a constant presence..

If you are wondering if there is a specific reason for my departure, I will admit that there is, but I will not discuss the specific reasons. I do not want to take away from the positive intent of The Zone to talk about negatives..

I truly appreciate the support I have gotten here and enjoyed being part of your families both here and your personal families from the highs to the lows..

I wish everyone well and hope you keep the Zone alive for a long time. You will still see me around theNutrisystemsite, so dont be shy and afraid to say hi every once in a while. I hope you continue your journey of health and weight loss..

Good luck,.


Comment #5

Take care Roberto.

Hope you drop by and visit..

Comment #6

Well, I just get back and Robby leaves- stop by my profile and give me a thumbs up R....good luck.

Im home, just finished watching the Kings speech and now Im ready to get out and about- got a new color yesterday...Im officially a beachy bleached blond...haven't had this for several years......

Good luck to everyone today and off to tomorrow!..

Comment #7

Well hello darling ... hows things going for you? I just love when I get a fresh color on my hair!.

I hear that movie gots lots of awards ... we are glad you are back.

How was the days food and water?.

I still have such a hard time getting 8 glasses in ... blah but I do seem to pick it up a bit after the workout course by then Im dying of thirst .....

Comment #8

Roberto... buenos dias amigo. I wish you well in your life journey. Stay thirsty my friend...

Comment #9


Sorry to see you leave. Enjoy the playoff ride..


Comment #10

Good Luck Robby.

I hope it is not because I am rooting for the Jets to kick the Steelers Butts Sunday!!!!.

On a serious note, good luck to to and your family. I do hope to see you around now and then...

Comment #11

Best wishes Robby!.

And GO STEELERS!!!!!!!!!!!!! (all the way baby!!).

Annie (aka Donkey)..

Comment #12

Smiles ... nice to see the family Zone support!.

Thanks ya'll..

Comment #13

I had to work.

I need to loose something soon or I will go insane!.

I'm sure ya look gorgeous!.

DH didn't seem to enjoy it as much as me either..

That's why I brought the brocolli. For snackin. Although DH did pick me up more of them 100cal snacks last time he went to the store..

See how easy it is!!!.

Hi Linda!.

I need a day off too... wish I could get one of them 4 day weekends everyone talks about..

HI Marie! So good to see you!.

Guess we'll need a new pic then huh?..

Comment #14

Lol Im like a picture junky now hahahahaha.

You n marie created a monster!..

Comment #15

Did I miss you guys or are you still here?????????..

Comment #16

Alie, did the picture I sent come through? I had never sent pictures straight off of a camera before, so sure am hoping I did it right...

Comment #17

Hi Linda Lou,.

Look I changed my avatar, just like I promised, I would change mine when you changed yours.


Comment #18

Whoa! I'm at work for a couple hours and this happens?.

The King of Hump Day is stepping away from the throne?.

I don't understand..

I have to say I'm a little saddened that, the way I read it, you are implying The Zone has gone downhill since Stephie left..

It's certainly not the same without her. She was part of the reason I joined this group..

But I'm pretty sure the goal of The Zone is still prominent. And I know that I enjoy the company of the friends I have made in here..

INCLUDING you Robby..

I am shocked. I really just... I don't know..

I appreciate your goodbye and I wish you the best. You know how to get a hold of me if you need/want to. And I hope we do bump into each other..

Remember that The Zone door is always open......

Comment #19

Hi Tim,.

You are a man of your word! I said I'd get around to changing mine someday, it just took me longer than I thought..... How are you?..

Comment #20

Yes you are!.


I did Tim. I'm sorry... I meant to respond but I need about 4 more hours a day...

Comment #21


I am doing pretty good, in the midst of a 5 week stretch of night shifts, and of course tax season..

Alie, thats ok, I was just wondering, see, Aerie and I both learn a new trick this week...

Comment #22

How the heck are you? things going good? getting ready for school? update us update us!..

Comment #23

Hiya shugar!!!!!!!!! How are things?????.

I'm hearin ya, things never seem to slow down do they!..

Comment #24

Yep you learned to post pictures, and I learned how to down load picture from my camera and send them via email..

Comment #25

Had the weekend from hell!!! I was up in the mtns with the kids, yesterday morning, ds's dog got hit by a car! AGAIN!! We (ds, dd1 and dd's bf) rush off to the Emergency Vet....... While we are there, dd2 calls and is on the way to the hospital (she's the one that is pregnant) and there is a potential miscarriage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND, she is in San Diego!!!! I drive as fast as I can to get there (2hours away) - I can't believe I didn't get a ticket....... All is fine with her and the baby - the dog has a fractured hip, but he is home healing - can't afford surgery for him.

Saying prayers for proper healing..

School is somewhat on hold till I can figure out the financial aspect....... I'm not giving up, just repositioning myself.........................

Comment #26

Gotta run for now y'all - have a good night. I'll get back here tomorrow!.


Comment #27

OMG Linda! You were busy this weekend!.

Glad to hear everyone is okay..

Great to see you again! Have a good night!..

Comment #28

Things are just dandy.

I have happy pills LMAO.

Ooooh shooo nuff we did dint we.

Oh linda ... you were busy glad the dd2 is ok phew that was scarey.

Poor pooch ... sending smooches to heal da owie .. well we wont let you give up you know that.

We are here for you!.

So good to see you .. cant wait for you to get back here more often Im liking having you back and marie .. it's awesome..

Comment #29

Time for me to go to bed..

Maybe I will fall asleep quickly and get almost 8 hours..

Good night friends! <3..

Comment #30

Good Night Alie,.

I will be here till 0700. Not working tomorrow night, but hoping to sign on for a couple minutes tomorrow evening. Maybe I will post a newer picutre of me..


Comment #31

Good Morning,.

Looks like it is going to be a cold one today. Working in tax office this afternoon. Then will try to stay up late because I work night shift again Wed night. I really want these night shifts to end, right now I can get track of the day of the week..

Hope you all have a great those of you who were on a holiday.....welcome to your short work week Monday..


Comment #32

Good morning Tim! Got here just in time for you to be getting of your shift..

No, I didn't plan for that. lol Get lots of sleep, okay?.

Btw, I went to CHS too. No seriously! Cathedral High School..

A new pic never hurts. And by new, I mean updated..

Not that we don't like seeing Young Tim...

Comment #33

Hello... good morning gang. Happy Tuesday to all, back at work today after being off yesterday. I hope the day finds everyone happy and healthy. I am way behind at work; being off for so long over the holidays has taken a toll on me. No worries, it's all good.

Stay thirsty my friends...

Comment #34

Good morning MIkey! Good to see you bundled up for the snow today. Already got covered taking Chewie out. DH brushed my car down but I am sure I will need to uncover it when I go to leave for work around 9..

I can help you with your work if you want to help me..

Don't worry... it's not really work..

Oh yeah.. And shame on me for forgetting but I just realized the significance of today's date. 1. I think there is a teenage boy out there who is in need of a cake. 2. It's a 12 year celebration for me and DH.

Especially since he was at the ER yesterday for a contusion or something. Basically he pulled a muscle or bruised a rib pushing a car at work yesterday. Release papers says he's to take 3 days off. He left for work 10 minutes ago...

Comment #35

I'm going to go. I'm sure my ride in will be twice as long because of idiot drivers. And I'd like to get there sometime before lunch..

Wish my phone was better at logging on here so I could stop in at lunch time and hang with you all..

But I'd like to leave you with this.....

I hope it makes you smile...

Comment #36

Good Morning Zone! Whew Mr. Toad's wild ride in today for sure.

I shanghai'd son's awd car, had to fill it up with gas.

Pick up car pool buddy and slowly come in. I have a interview, still don't know if that person did come in, most of our dept is working from home..

After interview, if it happens, I'm taking said car, and car pool buddy and going home. Wish me luck! Older DS stayed home, he has laptop and can work. Younger DS does not have that option, neither does DH. So they went in together. I think tomorrow is more of the same. I'm taking my laptop home today just in case..

My tummy is about all better (whispering, don't tell anyone, it might relapse!) Finally I'm able to eat and keep it down. What yuckiness. I need to re-schedule my fitness trainer. I cancelled Sunday due to illness. I also need to get my heiny into the gym..

Mikey! Good Morning sweetie - I'm always thirsty! Hang in there, too bad you were born good looking but not filthy rich eh?.

Hey Alie - sorry I missed you. Grats on your anniversary! That's wonderful. I hope your DH recovers from his bruised rib, be easy on him huh?.

Ok I must do some work, blech. Be Safe My Friends...

Comment #37

Lol did it work? I cant even function w/out 8 .. I get a wee bit crabby.

Oh maybe this time it will be a baby pic?.

Oooh you had yesterday off?.

So unfair ... did you atleast catch up on some sleep and have fun?.

I cant imagine how organized I would be if alie worked with me LOL.

Happy anni ... and owie chris.

Hope hes ok he sounds like DH too, he broke his wrist at work went got a cast went back to work.

I didnt know it till he got home from work .. thanks for the call.

DH bday is the 23rd and sons is the 31st I have nothing bought for either.

LMAO is that chewies raincoat? hahahaha that is the sheit!!!! love it .. I dont think turbo would wear that since he eats everything.

Soooooo glad you are feeling better being sick is the craps .. no pun intended LOLOL hugs! I can relate to kids vehicles always being EMPTY when you need to use them I followed DS2 into school today "just incase" ... good thing half way in he runs outta gas pulls over ... Im like .. did you bring a can? hes like uh no I forgot.

So now Im driving thru town looking for someone who has 1 then a trip to the gas station then back to his truck.

Lovely morning!.

Least I have coffee now and all is rite w/the world again LMAO..

Comment #38

Hey Roddyro.

Nice to see you drop in ... did you have yesterday off too?..

Comment #39

Sheesh IT just gave me MORE work to do.

... mumbles..

Comment #40

I have been 2 days w/out a capachino ... Im so proud of myself.

Im gonna make it the week. sure wish the machine was further away from the coffee machine lol but I'm gonna make it..

Comment #41

Hey Linda hows you?.

WOW it's gotten soooo icky cold out .. yesterday in the 50's today back to the 20's ugh ....

Almost done w/work woo hoo ... ok well still bout 2 hours but .. Im watching the clock lol..

Comment #42

Finally warming up here too ladies, a tropical 70 today... not too sunny, mostly overcast, but I'll take it!.

Linda... so good to see you again, hope the day finds you well!!!.

Aeri... a pleasure always! How's your day going? Mine is busy but I'm managing to keep my head above water!!!.

Anywho ladies, gotta go... be back soon..

Mikey out...

Comment #43

Hey you.

Catching up yet? I wish it was 70 here ... psst looks like I might be headed your way in July.

Jussssss sayin! wanna give us the grand tour?..

Comment #44

I work in the oilfield.... we don't have many holidays!!..

Comment #45

For sure... whatcha wanna see?.

More importantly, will you be traveling alone?..

Comment #46

Nods not many in the health field either.

Rearranges the plans LMAO..

Comment #47

Awww you boys are so nice.

... ty.

Smoochies see you all in da morning .....

Comment #48

Slidin in to say hinew classes today for the new semesterseem nice...but it is the first day-I'll be back in the morning- when my mind and my body match up again..

Comment #49

Lol have a great nite good luck w/the new class..

Comment #50

Good Evening,.

Quick pass through, screwed up day, so that we did not get time to get picture updated. Nice photo Arie..

Poor Chewie, he looks so embarassed..


Comment #51

Glad you made it in and home safely..

Maybe you should work from home today. Let your boss know I said so..

Thank goodness you are feeling better!!!.

Lol @ Shanghiid a car.

I think cranky is putting it mildly when I don't get my coffee..

Lol @ baby pic.

You'd be SUPER organized! Which would then make you super efficient..

He's walking around in pain. Yet.. he wanted to get busy last night..

*writes on calendar*.

CHewie chews everything too but I'm making sure this little outfit lasts. Tell ya what though... it's thick and it's nice and fleecy on the underside. I'm a little jealous. We don't leave it on though. The first night I did so he could get a little used to it.

No spare can? I had one for the diesel and then DH used it one day for something and never put it back..

Then he started using it for 3cycle and now I'm out a can. I wanted one for the Golf too but just haven't thought of it at the right time, ya know?.

Hi Roddy! How is it going? HOw are your temps down there? How's Katie doing? Did you two do your usual family party at New Years this year?.

So you got a new Lady friend, I read a short while back..

Where'd ya meet her? How long?.

I'm sorry I'm bombarding you with all of these questions. It's just that I've only really seen you pop in and say hi and no chatting. And I haven't really been around to chat back anyhow and I finally got a chance..

It'll be okay. One day at a time..

You can do this..

Hi Linda! I see you're going all out with the voodoo thing. Everything alright?.

I'm jealous! Although it doesn't feel too bad out this morning considering..

I think you need to get your self an assistant so that you can come back and play more..

I miss your motivation and smile..

Hi Tim! Did you get some rest?.

He was embarrassed I am sure..

He's slowly getting used to it though. And it's really for him. It keeps his paws snow-free and his back from being chilled...

Comment #52

After having the plow guy (my dad.

) show up and plow so I could get my car out, I still had issues getting up the drive. He had to leave before I got out... which was fine. So between knowing how to get out of a rut and a little help from the shovel, I got out..

Stopped and got me a coffee for the long drive. It's actually only about 35 miles, 45 minutes or so depending on traffic and weather..

Yesterday wasn't so bad, I left about 1/4 of 11. Once I hot CT though... apparently they didn't plow yet. The roads SUCKED! You couldn't make out the lanes at all. And then there are the morons speeding by you thinking they are invincible. 3 accidents on my way down.

I get to work shortly before 12. Not bad timing I must say..

Worked my tail off getting those files done. They were just about complete by the time I left..

DH had been sent home early in the day. I left work around 8. Stopped up at the other store to say hi and then went out to clean my car off. tt my dad, he told me I should stay over night there. I'm like uh... with what money? And what clothes for work tomorrow?.

Anyhow, I headed out of the parking lot about 9. It took me like 1/2 hour to clean my car off!.

LOTs of ice..

I start heading out and almost get to the highway enterance when my car starts shaking. I pull over and check out the tires. One looks real low..

So I turn around, head to a station and put a little air in it. Back on my journey I go. It was 9:11. I got home at 9:58. The roads were perfectly fine. In fact, quite clear.

Wusses. lol.

So I go in again today and work till 6:30 then home. I do get tomorrow off so maybe I can actually converse with you all..

Although I have some errands to run. And my missing weeks pay was supposed to be overnighted to me for me to get today..

And I have been bringing my tasty salad, yogurt, broccoli and water to work everyday. Like a good girl..

Time for me to run. I miss chatting with you all. Have a great day!..

Comment #53

Wakey wakey... Rise and Shine Zoners!.

Know what today is? Anyone.

? Yes, it is humpday, but that's not what I'm talking about! I mean, well we should all do a little humping on humpday...that's a given..

But what else is today? Hmmmm....

Today is the first day of the rest of your life!!!.

Pretty cool, huh? Yea, I woke up in a great mood, haven't felt this good in a long, long time! (I think the old Mikey's back... watch out.


I had a lot of personal issues over the holidays and was kinda down in the dumps, but no more my friends... no more! Gonna grab this opportunity to seize the day and make the most outta things!.

Life may not be all you thought or hoped it would be, but is what you choose it to be. I choose it to be GREAT!!!.

So my friends, happy humpday and happy first day of the rest of.


Life too!!!..

Comment #54

Your turn timmy.

Wow you are such a busy lil camper lol ... I got home last nite logged on briefly and then fell sleep on ds1's waterbed LMAOOOOO.

He just covered me up awwww.

I am on day 3 NO capachino ... and Im plan on seizing summin *grins*.


Morning hun.

Ahhh theres the mikey we KNOW and LOVE .... and ty for your committment! *gives you a free hump card*.

Jus sayin lolololol.

I know rite? lol ... stick round it's contagious!..

Comment #55

Off to a meeting someone poke me in bout 15 min to see if Im still awake..

Comment #56

Ok so hey the meeting was cancelled and I am happy to report I avoided the HUGE tray of home made pastries for "snack" .... *sips my decaf*..

Comment #57

Happy for you and no meeting... good job on avoiding the pastries!.

Uhm, decaf??? No thanks... just had a SF Red Bull, gives me wings!.

Have a vendor taking me to lunch today... Olive Garden or Longhorn?.

Decisions, decisions... Either place I can do good at....

Happy humday......

Comment #58

Oooooooooo OLIVE GARDEN and take me with you.


I think OG is my very fav resturant of all times ....

Im all about the pasta baby! course my @$$ reflects that.


Enjoy ... they are having ham n beans here uhm ewwwww looks like nice big salad for me today..

Comment #59

Glad to see Mikey is back to being Mikey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..

Comment #60

Thank you Rick, good to be back... and since the Ravens are out of it and I despise the Steelers, GO JETS!!!..

Comment #61

Weather is turning purdy yucky out dont know if I will make it to zumba or not.

If it starts sleeting I'll probably head home!..

Comment #62

We have yet another storm headed this way for Thursday night into Friday..

Have I ever mentioned how much I hate winter..

Comment #63

Must be whats going thru here NOW ... it hasn't hit where Im at but doesnt mean it wont tonight but the rest of the state is surely getting a lil summin summin ... huge "wintery mix" I hate that term .. it means you dont know whatcha gonna get but it wont be good and it'll be cold!.

I even broke out the scarf n mittens today..

Comment #64

Today is sunny and high of 74 degrees, gonna put on some shorts and go for a jog this afternoon. Ahhhhh, I love Florida!.

Hey Tonya, long time no see... I hope all is well in your world!!!!..

Comment #65

Woman! good to see you .. hows it going your neck of the woods? always nice to see you drop in!.


Comment #66

Hey Mikey!!! Im good...74 degrees sounds worthy of a pair of shorts...but uh...are you supposed to be jogging? Did you heal completely yet again!? You are truly amazing MAN!!!.

Hey Lady! Im really good. Keeping busy and out of trouble. How bout you?..

Comment #67

No, not really.


To be jogging per say... however, I feel like the bionic man; they have rebuilt me and I'm better, faster, stronger..

I will be careful, I promise... no worries..

(I think it's so sweet you care about me... makes me blush a little!!!.


Comment #68

I do care...and you are cute when you blush..

Comment #69

I have given up capachinos for the week.

And so far so good.

And I am still doing zumba but now 3 times a week so Im hoping to shake a lil bit of something offa me soon and reach some goals..

Comment #70

Ok off to change and zumba ... shake shake shake muh booty!..

Comment #71

Looks like I snuck in late today- staff meeting in 10- man, I wanna go home- hope everyone had a great day..

Comment #72


I am new to NS. My name is Lisa and I am 41 years old. This is my second day onNutrisystemand so far, so good. I have been eating the frozen and will taste the shelf products tomorrow (they just came today). Well, I will see you all..


Comment #73

Good evening, I will try to catch up tonight, and post while you all catch your beauty rest. Superbusy here tonight, been trying to post since my arrival at 7pm...

Comment #74

Lov you Mikey!.

Thanks for making me smile!.

Either sounds good! But were YOU good???.

Don't say that Rick!!!!! I don't want any more..

Hi Tonya!!! When are you kickin those IT guys out so you can hang out more.

Welcome Lisa! How much are you looking to lose? I think there's only 3 Zoners that have tried the frozen foods. Are they as good as they've said?.

I'm Alie. Just turned 32. I joined up in November of 2008. Found the Zone in spring of 2009. I love it here!.

Everyone is so supportive with everything. We've got a great bunch here. And you are welcome to come by as much as you like. We're all here for each other no matter what you need..

HI Linda! Hi Tim!..

Comment #75


I probably will not get to a new picture for 2 weeks. My schedule is kind of tight for the next 2 weeks. I did send my the picture I am planning on posting to Alie. So she does know it actually does exist. It is a self taken photo while I am standing on the Helipad here at work..


Comment #76

Good Morning All.

Just turn the coffee on it is all set to brew, set some oatmeal out to boot. Forgot to buy fruit..

Welcome to Thursday. Today I go pay for my new truck. I purchased a new to me pickem up truck on an online auction yesterday. My purchase price is a about 50% of Blue book. But it is what I want.....almost. 2001 3/4 ton dodge, standard cab, full size truck.

I really wanted an extended cab, but hey, beggers can not be choosers..


Comment #77

Welcome Lisa...good luck on your journey.

Hey Tim! enjoy the new purchase!!!..

Comment #78

Well hello there Lisa... I too am 41 years young. I'm Mike and it's a pleasure to meet you! I must admit the frozen foods are quite a bit better than the shelf products; however, they all work and help you lose the weight! Follow the program as directed and you will lose weight, it works!!!.

Try to throw in a little more exercise than you normally get and the pounds will melt away!!!.

To all my other Zoners.... happy Thursday, which by the way is the.


Day of the rest of your life!!!.

Whoo Hoo, almost the weekend... looking forward to some more NFL playoff action, go Jets!.

Alright kiddos, taking my daughter to a dance audition for a "magnet school" this morning. She's trying out for a school of the arts middle school, that way she can focus on her dancing and what not..

Anywho... be back around lunchtime..

Your day is what you make it... I choose it to be FANTASTIC!!!!..

Comment #79

Good Morning All..

Good day so far....had oatmeal and fruit for breakfast...not too much on tap so it looks like it might be an easy day and I will maybe get out of here on time for a change...maybe I shouldnt say that so loud...shhhhh.. IT/foot tapper (ill get to that in a minute) guy might not be back for awhile because they took the computer from the desk on my left (which puts him in eyeshot of what I'm doing on my puter) and gave it to our new intern. So even if he does make a return he will have to sit on my right...where he cant see my computer....YAAAAAY!.

Now...about the foot tapping. He, the IT guy, taps his foot constantly. Probably some type of nervous figgiting type was annoying as hell! One day it was so bad....I wanted to break his ankles! I mean really...who taps there foot for 2 hours straight! That was not a good day!..

Comment #80

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