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I want to have clarification about the possibilty to sell my domaine name.


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I think it is registered in bad faith.

It does have problems...

Comment #1

I dont understand what mean bad faith .plz explain.

I dont understand what mean bad faith .plz explain..

Comment #2

You registered this domain name because you saw templatemonster .com right?..

Comment #3

Yes , but I dont put illegal content ! so it not with bad faith ..

I can put like monster template but I know that is illegal..

Comment #4

Yes that's it. You know that it is not a good thing to do.

I hope you know the answer yourself.


Comment #5

Ok so you regged the name because you know of, you regged it for that very reason, bad faith all day long, selling the domain wont get you out of any future trouble either, best advice is to drop it, you'll never win with this one..

Comment #6

This day I have got the authorization to use fr the ..

So it becom leggal use ..

I want now to sell it..

Comment #7


Sorry I have no other words but that was WOW..

Comment #8

To post my sell offre I can give you my account in live support to make sure that it autorized ..

So now it legal to poste it ?

Comment #9

Don't know friend.

I would not like to guide you in wrong direction. Maybe someone else can help you. [To go in right direction].


Comment #10

Tank you so much for your respond ,i'ill do it and I will send to admin the parametre to make sure that it authorized ..


Comment #11

They gave you permission to sell that? I cant believe they did that, it's a clear infringement,.

Could you post there approval for us to see? I'm not saying anything bad here, I would just like to see it because ive seen them go for others before...

Comment #12

To be honest - I purchase bulk list of domains from other domainers and at times I end up with these type of "bad faith" registratrions - and since most of the time they are overlooked when I buy these bulk domains from others - I dont factor them in as reason why I bought the group.

So, I've pretty much found that by contacting the obvoius business/site relative to the "bad faith" domain - and letting them know about how I recently aquired the domain - and provide proof of that - then let them know I have no intentions of squatting on their name or doing anything other than offering it back to them - at which time most say cool - what do you want - I say what I paid for it - and then you've got yourself some respect and sometimes even a great future associate.

Now I only do this with obvious bad faith registrations...

Comment #13

Something tells me that since I can barely understand you, their "Live Support" (Which is outsourced and very lacking to begin with) probably didn't either, if they did, in fact, give you "permission" to sell them the name.


Comment #14

They give me the authorization to use the domain , as I want , without using the media on , template ...).

And I have mailed to the namepros admin my livesupport account in templatemonster to make sure what I told you ..

Because if I used copy past of message some member here will told me that I give a fake message ..


Comment #15

This could be entertaining...

Go ahead and post the copy/paste here if you want - I won't accuse you of faking it - being this brazen already I think a fake message would just be overkill.


Comment #16

This is the templatemonster response on authorisation.


Affiliate Program Support Team.

Posted On: 28 Apr 2008 07:34 AM.

Hello Alaweb,.

Thanks for reaching the Affiliate Support.

You can use the domain name for your website at The only restriction is, you can't claim that you are official local templatemonster representative, and you can't use any elements of layout, graphics, texts and logo from

Feel free to write more if you have more questions or suggestions..


Best Regards,.

Affiliate Program Support Team.

Tel: 1-518-312-4162..

Comment #17

They never say go on selling it Do they?.

Use it the way you like it but don't infringe.

Now if you are going to sell it. Then anyone who will be buying it will be buying it on the creditability of and not on the basis of the domain name that is on offer...

Comment #18

If I were you I'd redirect that domain to my Template Monster affiliate link.

It would be bad faith to use the domain to promote templates that compete with, but Template Monster has always been very good about allowing their affiliates to use similar domain names. Using the domain with their affiliate program would not be bad faith. (Please note, TM is the exception here.. many affiliate programs take a strong stance against using their mark in your own domain. Check the TOS or ask permission of other affiliate programs to make sure!).

There is an affiliate forum at where you'll regularly see templatemonster.ext names being listed for sale. I don't think you ethically wrong in offering the name for sale to another templatemonster affiliate.

Good luck!.


BTW, I've been a Template Monster affiliate for over five years. Great program!..

Comment #19

Humm..... Man am I seeing gold.

No intent to compete you RJ But that was a nice tip...

Comment #20

Partner with the TM affiliate program and put TM script on your domain.

I have a few MERCHANTNAME.TLD that I was authorized by the affiliate manager to use. I do know know if that would be legally binding given that they just authorized the use via email.

I am exclusively promoting the merchant products on the site.

Good luck the name...

Comment #21

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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