Tangible Goals during Medifast?

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I know almost everyone has a weight goal, but do many of you have tangible goals? I still have my favorite pair of jeans from my pre-baby body and they are my "goal jeans". If I can't fit in them at my goal weight (which I'm pretty certain I should) I will lower my goal till I do.

So what is YOUR tangible goal?..

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I have a dress from 2001. I've never actually worn it, although it fit nicely when I bought it. (I thought I might have to go to a funeral with my ex after September 11, but it ended up that his uncle was OK after all!).

When I can wear that dress, I'll be almost there...

Comment #1

I have a goal of getting to 200 pounds right now haha..

Comment #2

I want to get back into my Size 12s - there's a whole bunch of them in storage under my bed...

Comment #3

I have 2 of those bags you take all the air out of in my closet FULL of clothes of several sizes. Wont have to buy new clothes for several months if I can lose 20 lbs. After that it will be Goodwill here I come...

Comment #4

I love all of these. Having recently reached goal, I will tell you I had no idea when I started what size I would be.

I had these jeans that I actually bought in the wrong size and at one point I was able to squeeze myself into them. At the time I started, it was my goal to get into those jeans comfortably. They were a size 12. I started at a tight 18. Today I am sitting here, comfortable in a size 6!.

Keep your eye on the prize ladies!..

Comment #5

I have three trash bags full of "goal" clothes from when I was in the 190's. That's my first milestone. Going to chuck these 18's and never look back!..

Comment #6

I bought three pairs of booties/ankle boots from Avenue that I *thought* would fit over my fat ankles. They do not, which makes me sad because they are very cute. I do honestly think I have abnormally fat ankles. I think this because I look at pictures of others and look at their ankles and they all seem proportionate to their calves (even if the calves are plus size).

My near-term tangible goal is to lose enough in my ankles so I can wear these adorable shoes. Sadly I have about an inch to go (lost 1.5 inches so far in 12 weeks). Yes, I measure my ankles. ::hands on hips, stern look daring anyone to mock::.

You know what... I think I'll start a post asking for ankle measurements... ::easily distracted::..

Comment #7

I have a pair of 30 year old Calvin Klein jeans (the really good ones). They are in a size 10 which would be today's size 8. I have saved them because they are awesome jeans. I will wear them again, )..

Comment #8

My size four pants. Oh boy, I can't wait :-)..

Comment #9

LOVE THIS! I think I may have some Jordache jeans I bought a few years ago. They are in the classic 80s style I loved so much; they are even unhemmed! They aren't in the size I wore in my thinner days, but probably still too small for me today..

I will have to go through my closet to see if I still have them..

Anyway, you should post pictures of you wearing your Calvins: "nothing gets between me and my Calvins"..

Comment #10

Great thread!.

Even though I have a weight goal, I have had the idea of size 8 stuck in my head for awhile. I have an old pair of hand me down size 9 jeans from my aunt that I have been using as a guide. Look forward to getting them on and zipped up then size 8's are right around the corner..

Comment #11

My wedding band ........ I weighed 155 when I got married, then steadily gained up to 215 over the next 9 years! at about 180 I had to take the ring off cuz it was hurting my finger. Its been sitting on the shelf in my bathroom - and this morning I was able to get it on again. It's still too snug to wear - but I had it on my finger for a minute! I think when I reach my goal weight of 140, I'll have to have it sized DOWN!!! Now isn't that a shame! I'm looking forward to taking it to the jewelers and having some gold removed...

Comment #12

Tomi I love this because I actaully have the opposite problem. I weighed 262 when I got married (9 months pregg) and have never been below 200 married. I'm at 212 ish (on and off meds the past few weeks) and it's starting to turn around my finger! Can't believe we actually lose weight in that spot.

Have a great weekend..


Comment #13

I bought a gorgeous red dress in a size 6 a long time ago. It's so beautiful! I would love to be able to wear it proudly someday!..

Comment #14

I have a black button-up super short mini skirt, size 6, that I used to wear in the mid 90s. I just want to fit into it...not that I'm going to wear it out, LOL! I'll probably donate it once I get into it. I've hung onto it for so long because it was my favorite skirt at the time. the Calvin Klein idea! That's awesome!..

Comment #15

You and I are cut from the same cloth... I wasn't able to wear my wedding band for a while after I had the baby... I finally bit the bullet and got it resized (they had to add some white gold to it)... I'll probably have to get it resized again when I hit my pre-preggo weight (also around 155... my 'good' weight).

P.s. Beautiful picture by the way.....

Comment #16

I have 5 pairs of size 10/12 pre-preggo jeans waiting for me!!!! I can't find pants for the life of me in this skinny-jeans trend... Can the skinny jeans thing just die? Ha ha!.

It's vital I get into those pants before it gets too cold! I can put them on and button them up, but they still don't 'fit' yet.... (about 10 pounds to go).....

Comment #17

I have a pair of GUESS jeans from a long time ago that I want to get into, don't even know what size they are...

Comment #18

My sister bought a pair of size 14 Michael Kors jeans during her weight loss journey on NS... she called them her "thinspiration!" Sadly, she was only able to wear them a short time before she gained the weight back.

These jeans now proudly hang in my bathroom and are my "thinspiration..." So my tangible goal is to wear size 14 Michael Kors jeans or just jeans in particular since I haven't worn jeans in a least 8 years..

Comment #19

2 pretty, age appropriate sun dresses in size 10. Can't wait to zip them up again!..

Comment #20

Tomi and Kim I actually got to put on my wedding band and engagement ring for the first time in over 15 years, after losing 20 lbs in the past 2 months. My husband was thrilled! By the time I'm done, though, we may have to get them resized so I don't lose them!..

Comment #21

Hah! I have a pair of 80's acid washed black jeans that I'd never be caught dead in public in. But I *rocked* those jeans back in the day, and someday I'll rock them again.

At home. While dancing around to 80's music...

Comment #22

I'll join you remote! YAY! Adam Ant! Flock of Seagulls! Safety Dance!..

Comment #23

I can put my wedding rings on, when it's cold, but if it warms up and my hands puff just a tiny bit, I can't get it back off. My goal is to be able to wear my wedding rings 24/7 - even over night (my hands are puffy in the morning). But I weighed 117 when I got married and there is no way I am going to get back to that weight. I don't even know if I'd want to, but I will be thrilled with 125. As far as clothes, I have a box full of clothes I bought when I reached goal with optifast five years ago - can't wait to wear them again...

Comment #24

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