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I leave in three weeks for a 14 day Mediterranean cruise. I have been on Medifast since Feb 8th and am down almost 40 lbs.

I am extremely hopeful that the excellent and healthy eating habits I have learned these past 3 1/2 months will keep me in line as I will not be OP while I'm away.

Has anyone taken a planned break and been successful?.

I am used to small meals now, I don't crave carbs anymore, and I have alot of willpower so the moment I return I will be back OP to finish what I started (I have about 22 lbs to go) I'm just hopeful the two weeks I'm away I can maintain my current weight. This will be a huge test for me that I plan to ace!.

Wish me luck!..

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If you search the forums you'll find most of us have stayed on plan during such occasions. Just pack your Medifast foods and some people also take their scale with them. Honestly no reason to be fearful, just make plans and stick them...

Comment #1

I went on a cruise after I had lost 40 pounds. I found that I couldn't eat much at any one time. I had a few drinks and the occasional dessert. After 1 day on plan and dropping several pounds of water weight from the trip I had gained 2.5 pounds for a 9 day trip. I got right back on the plan the morning after I got home. Have a good time on your cruise. Make better choices in general than you would have before Medifast and get right back on when you get home...

Comment #2

I went on a two week transatlantic cruise and lost 8-9 pounds. I brought all my meals with me. I never ate off plan. I had my shaker cup in my cabin, would mix up my shake, walk to a bar and have the bartender give me crushed ice. I brought bars, soup, shakes...this was before the pretzels and puffs were out. I knew if I went off plan I would have been a train wreck with the bread.

Have a great cruise!..

Comment #3

You have been extremely successful. If you feel it would be too much to stay OP while away (I would) I think you are right in making sure you make better choices. This is what we are in training for & the fish on a cruise ship is OUTSTANDING!! There will be many healthy choices & you won't have to make any of it. Have a great time, enjoy & get right back OP when you return...

Comment #4

You guys are all so wonderful and supportive. And WOW Ali - fantastic job on your loss during your cruise! My TA last year was mostly sea days, so I can see how Medifast would work but my upcoming cruise is very port intensive and long days no, I do not plan on bringing my Medifast food with me.

I actually want to see how well I do when making my own choices (and I hear ya on the bread too!) OMG Princess has the best bread! BUT I love their fish and I don't crave desserts, but when I'm in Rome I plan to drink WINE! But my mind is already set that I will resume Medifast the day I fly back from London so this will be a small test for myself to see how well I will do in T&M (albeit a little early).

Thank you for your comments and suggestions - they're very much appreciated and just knowing how supportive everyone is out there makes this Medifast plan so easy for me...

Comment #5

I got back from a wedding about a month ago in Mexico. I knew that I would be going off plan and was prepared. I honestly wasn't as hungry or tempted as I thought I would be. When I ate meals I always kept them to small manageable sizes. At the resort breakfast was a buffet, which can be quite a splurge, but instead of using one of the huge plates, I grabbed a salad or fruit plate.

At night when we would go out to the different restaurants and be given apps, soups/salads, main dish and desserts, I just stuck with soup and salad and then shared my boyfriend's main meal. I did partake in drinking my share of margaritas and pinacoldas, but we were so busy doing side trips, swimming and scuba diving, that I didnt gain any weight (didnt loose any either thoughhaha).

I also think that while you are on your cruise you will be doing excursions and getting lots of walking in, whether it is around the boat while at sea or visiting the fabulous ports of call. So you can still get your exercise in without even having to visit the onboard health club!.

Getting back into the swing of things when I got home was harder then being on the actual trip. But definitely worth it once you get going again! Good luck and have a fabulous vacay!!..

Comment #6

I just got home from a seven night cruise where I did not bring my medifast meals with me. I just tried to make good choices and planned ahead. I would check out the dinner menu in the morning since it was available and plan my food for the day. If there was something really good on the menu that night, I ate lighter the rest of the day. I did enjoy a few drinks, but not very many. I am proud to say that being away for nine days I only gained 2 lbs which I was able to quickly get rid of.

Just get back on plan right away when you come home. Enjoy your self and have fun...

Comment #7

I am leaving on a cruise on June 5 for 6 days. I plan to stay OP, and I am bringing ready-to-drink shakes, bars, pretzels and puffs with me. My plan is to do 4 and 2. I hope I can do it. I know there is absolutely no reason why I can't. Someone else is cooking all my meals for me, and I can request whatever I want. What could be better!?..

Comment #8

Leaving today, and packing my Medifast food, but no expectations...see you all on June 12!!..

Comment #9


I leave the 18th, Let us know how you made out on 4 and 2. That's also my plan since I'll be traveling with the in laws..

MissPebbs- I'm guessing you are cruising now. Hope you're having the best time. Let us know how you made out!..

Comment #10

Well, I got back on Friday, and weighed in this morning, and I gained .5 lbs since June 4. I hoped to stay the same, but I am pretty good with it. I would say on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being perfect, I was an 8. By the third day, we had picked up a sushi habit at 5:30 every night (LOL), but I picked off the rice and gave it to my son! I had one margarita and some chips on day 4 (definitely emotionally triggered), and birthday cake on my son's birthday on day 6. Other than that, I did really well. Dinners were especially easy.

I ate fish every night except one, when I had a petite filet. Wish someone could always offer me a ready made menu for my Lean and Green! The assistant waiter, after three days, asked me "Don't you like bread?", because I refused his offer of rolls every night when we sat down to dinner! There were a few tough moments, but generally, it was pretty easy. Now I am back to business, and would like to see my weight loss speed up a has gotten a bit slow. I am walking the Peachtree Roadrace 10K on July 4, so I need to add a lot more walking to my workout regime...even though it is hotter than Hades here in the south!..

Comment #11

Welcome back Normsnan and congratulations on the maintaining! It's funny you should say things have been slowing down for you - this last week I stayed the same weight for 8 straight days! Not even a tenth of a pound did the scale move and it was ******* me off!.

I went out to dinner Saturday night and ordered a small baked potato with my fish dinner just to "shake things up".

I got on the scale this morning and it dropped 2 lbs!!! YAY! I haven't had another carb since but maybe my body needed something different?.

I'm going to do what you did - order fish every night (or chicken and an occasional steak) and I hope to god I can stay away from the Princess bread! I may indulge twice on my 14 day cruise - one per week! I will hit the gym all days at sea - my ports are all walking, tons of walking! I'll be plenty active!.

Mary - I'm leaving Friday too - I fly to Heathrow and my ship sets sail from Southampton on Saturday!.

Good luck to you!..

Comment #12

Mary and MissPebbs, have a wonderful time, both of you! If you decide to go off plan, don't stray far. One thing leads to another. And make sure when you choose to deviate, it is for something worthwhile, and that you enjoy it wholeheartedly! Can't wait to hear about it and see pictures!..

Comment #13

Hi all!.

Well, I had the most fabulous cruise ever - two weeks in Europe was fabulous! The first three days I behaved pretty well (fish, no bread, limited alcohol consumption) but then little by little I ate a little more than normal, not too much, ate steak, ate bread (limit 1!) and drank a martini here and there, but in all honesty, I did not crave junk food AT ALL!.

I probably ordered dessert 6 out of the 14 nights and limited myself to three or four small bites but that was all I wanted!.

Anyway - got back on July 3rd and was sick as a dog for three days and didn't weigh in until the following Saturday and I weighed 2 lbs less than I did when I left for the cruise! SO - I don't know how or why I LOST weight (and I don't question it) but I have not gone back on Medifast (I tried the first day and brought chicken noodle soup to work and it was AWFUL yet used to be my favorite) but I'm thinking I have learned enough from being on Medifast for four months that I can lose 1-2 lbs a week on my own now that Medifast gave me the HUGE jump start I desperately needed.

I know some of you won't agree with this decision, but I have been back for two weeks and have been eating small little healthy snacks/meals and one lean and green (as we were taught) and I'm happy to say that I am down a total of 7 1/2 lbs since June 18th (and this includes the two weeks I was on the cruise) so I am doing my own modified version of Medifast without their food. It seems to be working!.

I do have some leftovers so if for some reason I don't continue to lose on my own, I have no problem seeking Medifast assistance once again, if needed. But I really learned alot about myself on the cruise and from Medifast and am very thankful for this product and mostly the support of all my fellow MF-ers..

I have 12.5 lbs to go til goal and I think I FINALLY kicked my food addiction! YAY! I don't want/need junk food, I still have an occasional glass of wine, but mostly I keep active and eat "good" food and don't feel I'm missing out on anything!..

Comment #14

Good for you misspebbs! it's all about finding what works for you and it sounds like you have! glad you enjoyed your trip - it sounds amazing...

Comment #15

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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