Sum nice Nutrisystem recipes thanks?

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My question is Sum nice Nutrisystem recipes thanks? Thanks for any answer. Another quick question... I've mentioned in another thread that my employer caters for us daily. So we have a rather large cafeteria and I usually sit with the same group of people 4 days a week and eat lunch and talk and the usual stuff. Since starting the diet I've had to remove myself from the lunch room because the food was too enticing. I've survived pizza, Qdoba, Subway, Chinese food, wings, but unfortunately broke down the other day and ate a little chicken tikka with rice and some lentil soup..

I wind up sitting alone at my desk browsing the web..

Once a week on Tuesday me and a group of people go to a restaurant called Vinnie's. We're there every Tuesday, without asking they started reserving a table for us, and they even give us free appetizers from time to time. Anyway, getting off topic. So to stick to my diet I've stopped going out to eat with them. I'm trying to stick as close to the diet as possible as often as possible. And even though I know there are probably some things on the menu I can eat within the bounds of Nutrisystem, honestly I don't trust myself not to order something else..

Then there's tonight. There's a group of people going to Outback. I came home and ate so I wouldn't be hungry when I went out but I'm still hungry. I could eat a steak right now. So I'm not going out so I can stick to the diet..

Does anyone else deny social outings?..

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the right answer. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I find an anything. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably can help you..

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I'm sorry, but my initial reaction to your subject line, was being FAT actually affected my social life for 40 years, and I was sick of it..

To better try to answer your question, after reading your post, is yes, sometimes I think we have to decline social situations, and/or eat differently than our friends, but it is probably a temporary thing (while we get the pounds off, learn new habits, and learn to handle the temptation - it DOES get easier.

), and well worth it. You have to decide what is best for you, and your health: socializing, or eating healthy? Maybe you can figure out a way to do both. There are lots of tips and tricks on these boards for how to "flex", and how to make healthy eating choices when eating non-NS foods. It takes more will-power, planning, and discipline to eat smaller portions, low-fat, low-cal choices than your friends, but hey - they probably need to be following your example..

I don't know if any of this rambling helps at all. Bottom line is you have to live in your body, not your friends and co-workers, and you have to decide how important your health is to you..

I recommend you hang in there! This works!..

Comment #2

I used to go out to eat with coworkers for lunch every single day. Then I startedNutrisystemand I started bringing my lunch to work. Soon everyone else stopped going out because I was no longer going out and they too bring their lunches most of the time. I feel bad for what I did (breaking up the lunch group), but I did what I had to do for me..

I think if you still want to go out once or twice a week it is not a big deal. Just control yourself when you do go out and also don't go out everyday of the week...

Comment #3

I have a similar issue at work because we have free meals cooked by a chef. However, there are no options - some days he makes a salad, but often it's already mixed with croutons, cheese, etc. Usually there are good veggies as sides, but the entrees are things like chicken pot pie, chicken parm, jumbalaya, steak, and lots of fish and seafood...but it's always cooked in a lot of butter or a ton of heavy cream is added to the soups. So, I understand the difficulty in avoiding these readily available and yummy foods at work! I just try to avoid going up to the kitchen during lunch, but then again few people at work take a lunch break because of the free food and because there are a lot of salespeople who work through lunch..

As for the social side of it, I've decided to eat myNutrisystementrees separately when this comes up (business dinners, outings with friends, etc) and will eat salads with a dairy/protein I've saved when going for a planned outing. I can't say that I've tested this too much yet, but maybe that's an option for you to keep up with the social side? If it's too much temptation to do every day, maybe you can just go to lunch a couple times a week?.

Edit: I gained 10 lbs or so in a year or so of working at this job with no other major changes to my habit. I'm already losing and it's being noticed, so I feel the sacrifice is worth it!!..

Comment #4

Take a look at my "how do you get drunk without ruining all of your hard work"? thread in the 20's forum..

It's been a challenge for me socially to be on this. This week alone, I've already declined to go out twice to the bar/restaurant with friends (and it's only Wednesday!). My fiance understands that I don't want to go out, and she is really happy that I'm losing, but I can definitely see that my friends and family are a little disappointed when we go out to watch a game at the bar and I have a water or diet soda instead of a beer..

That said, I'm down almost 10 lbs since 1/5/11... so what is more important?.

Though it doesn't hurt that my bank account is growing while I am shrinking thanks to me not going out as much, and when I do it's really cheap...

Comment #5

JW- what great will power! Certainly shows where you priorities are. It won't be forever, and once you grasp the program and are strongly following it, I think you will be able to join your friends and still eat healthy and stay to plan..

Good luck to you!!..

Comment #6

First and formost, this isn't a diet it's a life change. My favorite item at Outback is the lamb but when I found out the calories were over 700 and the sodium is 1400+ rethought my thinking. Yes, it's hard to change bad habits, but you need to do it in baby steps not all at once. Good luck with your journey JW..

When I go out I order a protein from the appetizer list and a house salad. Some places offer veggies and dips on their appetizer menu. You just have to find out witch restaurants do that..

WTG on the weight loss. I did see your thread. You've really adjusted well.

Nothing wrong with having extra monies in the wallet. Continued success...

Comment #7

My company also does bi-weekly catering and I'm the one in charge of set up! I know how hard it can be... Especially when you have people that also dont support you or believe you can do it.....

Try your best... It does kind of put a damper on my social life......

Comment #8

I have found that I can still go out, I just can't eat the way I used to eat (or drink the way I used to drink). I'll order water or coffee, and as long as I don't have "just a bite" or someone else's food (harder for women, I think, than men), I'm fine. When going to parties, I stay out of the kitchen. When having lunch at a restaurant, I eat a large portion of unlimited veggies before we go, and then as someone else has suggested, I eat somethingNutrisystemfriendly and small..

It took me a long time to figure out that socializing should be about the company rather than about the food. It definitely gets easier the longer you are on the diet because you will not want to mess up the wonderful results you've achieved. Hang in there!..

Comment #9

I'm 22 and before I started NS, I had such an abundant social that it affected my weight tremendously. I admit, I've been quite a hermit since I've started NS, but my weight loss is more important to me than being social. I don't trust myself enough to go out and do this in the real world ("nonNutrisystemfood") yet..

I did however have dinner with a friend last night and it was the first time I let myself out of the cave since starting NS. I had myNutrisystemdinner entree and dessert before dinner and had a chicken fajita pita with a side salad. I used the dressing very sparingly and only nibbled on the pita. (it wasn't as tasty as I thought) I also left some chicken on the plate and I totally devoured the veggies. Overall, I think I did pretty well, it being my first nonNutrisystemmeal..

I also have not been to any bars since startingNutrisystemand it's quite difficult. I live only two blocks from downtown and there's about 6 bars that I usually tour on a good night..

Anyway, to answer your question, yes, my social life has taken a hit since starting NS. But I think it's a worthy sacrifice since I've already lost 7 lbs...

Comment #10

The most important word in the short phrase "social life" is the second one...without it the first word is meaningless..

Lets all get healthy and insure the second word will last a while and then we can work on the social part?..

Comment #11

I am really totally amazed that, in this day and age, the workplace is often where we find the unhealthiest food...when we're working and busy and sometimes don't have much time to eat and may grab anything (if we don't plan ahead.

). And I'll bet that 95% of the people in offices would say that they "need to lose a little weight" and find that the foods either supplied by employers, clients, or other employees is not helping! My niece has gained all kinds of weight since she started working in a Dr's office and drug reps bring in food from restaurants every single day..

I don't know your office situation, but I wish people, like you, who are concerned about all the enticing, but high calorie/fat food, would speak up about it, and see who else has these concerns....why can't catered food be something more healthy?? No reason! I used to go to meetings with my work that had the donuts and muffins and pastries, and gradually I noticed there was a shift to more fruit, light cream cheese to have with whole wheat English muffins, and less of the glazed, gooey stuff. Even people who don't have issues with food or excess weight are at risk of gaining weight if they have catered meals all the time..

Of course, the only thing you can do now is try your best not to look at trying to lose weight as being a "victim" (my old mindset!) which is easy to do if you're feeling not part of the office fun. Just sit down and do some major planning about what you're going to bring in to eat for lunchbring something you really love and be confident that you're not falling into the trap that everyone else is in..

Just wanted to give you a major pat on the back!!! Congrats!!!..

Comment #12

It's hard to give advice on this one being a girl and all. In the girl world the ladies thrive on being supportive and before you know it everyone is on a diet. Problems come later when you drop the weight look great and then some friends can't take the change. (That happened to my sister in law...She was always the fat friend-the safety).

On the other hand my husband is a NYC fireman and they live to torment each other so if a guy in the firehouse was on a diet they would prob enjoy messing with him. They are great when they do it as a challenge. Seems about every year they make up a pool and have a weight loss challenge and the winner takes home the big bucks!.

I personally would miss my friend if they felt they could not share their diet struggles with me and took themselves away. Like others have said it is a lifestyle change. Staying away for a little while seems fine for a bit but so much of obesity is linked to social situations and relationships. Anyone can be succesful in a bubble it's life that screws us up! start back in slow...order salads dressing on the side...veggies steemed. You will feel weird but honestly I am sure your friends would rather have you around than watch what you eat and when you start dropping pounds you are not gonna want to eat the crap because it will mess up all the great work you have already done!.

Good Luck! Can't wait to hear about your succesful journey!.


Comment #13

Hang in there and be tough!! You have already decided to put yourself first on your list of priorities, as you should, by joiningNutrisystemand adjusting your lifestyle. As Coach said, "life" is more important than "social" - and right now you do not feel comfortable with the combination. We are all here because of how we were living our lives and our use of food. Whether we were influenced by social groups, employment environment, family/relationships, emotions, etc., we paid the price by gaining all the weight and making ourselves unhealthy. Clearly, we needed to change in order to have a life. Unfortunately, we cannot change our environment or those external influences, but we can change ourselves and how we handle them.

Living in the South, I am bombarded on a daily basis with social gatherings/occasions that ALL revolve around or include a lot of food - most of it loaded with sugar, fat, and every other bad ingredient. My office cafeteria does not have ANYTHING that is not "greased", "sugared", or even remotely healthy, so I bring my own foods. I have had many, many people ask me how I lost my weight, and my first response is "I don't eat in the cafeteria - ever", and then I tell them I'm eating Nutrisystem...

Comment #14

Absolutely does. Just turned down a hot chicken wing party at work which is one of my favs. I dont even wanna hang out with these ppl cuz thats when you get all the questions and the "you dont need a diet" and "oh just one wont hurt" stuff. Which irritates me - let me be on a diet if I want to geez. Also, too early in my program for that kinda temptation...

Comment #15

Ginger, that's a good point that sometimes you just don't feel like you want to have to confront anyone/any food, so it's good to just take it at your own pace...

Comment #16


I've missed out on so many events in life because of weight/insecurity issues. Now when I walk down the street, I don't give a flip what people say about me, because I feel fine. And I used to hide out and decline almost all invitations from friends 'cause I just felt like trash. The payoff has been worth so much more than that poisonous junkfood ever was...

Comment #17

I just realized this about myself and I'm only on week two. I love dinning out and having wine with good food. This is why I gained over the past year and feel bad about how I look. It became that I didn't think I could have a good time if I didn't indulge at every opportunity. I love to cook, but it became a habit to have a glass of wine while doing it, every day! It adds up over the week!.

I went out last weekend for the first time and budgeted for a glass of wine that I didn't end up enjoying. I had a great salad w/dressing on the side and ordered an app to share with others so I only had a few bites. I have to go this Saturday again and will budget the same way. I will only have 1 glass of wine and a main, no apps or dessert. I will also do a good workout before we go. I found that I am looking forward to going out anyway, even without the promise of too much food and drink.

The turning point I think was loosing my first few lbs and realizing that it is worth it. It is not forever. There are hundreds more dinners I will have in my life, once the weight is lost. For now, until I loose my weight this is my time. My friends and family should be supportive of that..

Once I loose I know that I can make good choices. I eat healthy most of the time and indulge on occassion. I maintained my weightloss after my first child for 7 years before I had to joinNutrisystemso it works for me..

Keep you goal in mind. Work on changing these old habits when you feel strong enough to. It should get easier ; )..

Comment #18

I have to agree. I've literally missed out on many, many social events over the past few years due to low body image. Weddings, family reunions (I live a province away from any immediate family and relatives), club nights, etc. I would make excuses that I liked being a homebody, or that I was really busy and couldn't make it out for Christmas, etc. I avoided cameras, wouldn't post recent photos of me on facebook, and would hide behind people IF the camera was on me..

So, although it's just been 3 weeks I can say that Nutrisystem has not affected my social life.. the WEIGHT GAIN has already done the damage. Nutrisystem is what's making me get out of that funk and back to being the sociable person I was. It's affecting me for the better...

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