Struggling with Nutrisystem food taste

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This is my seventh day on NS. You know all those really happy people posting on these boards about how easy the program is and how the food tastes pretty good? I cannot relate.

I am trying SO hard. I am following the program 100%. So far, I have lost three pounds. So why am I not happy? Because I seriously feel like a crazy person. I am constantly hungry, I find the lunches and dinners revolting (despite an AMAZING effort to doctor them upgod bless Christina Gray), and I feel like every minute of my day I am obsessing about a) how I'm hungry but dreading having to choke down my next Nutrisystem entree, and b) how overweight I am but how incredibly far I have to go (95 pounds) until I will reach my goal and how far I will have to go (75 pounds) until I'm not at what I consider to be an embarrassing weight anymore. I feel so depressed.

I actually feel worse than before I started.

I could really use some advice...or just to know that there are other newbies out there struggling with this too. Otherwise, I don't know if I'll be able to stick it out...

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Your question was: Struggling with Nutrisystem food taste.

I don't think it is as much the number on the scale as it is the reward of smaller clothing.

I know it sounds ridiculous, but I have a sweater I got for Christmas that I was unable to fit into. I wore it today for the first time and it was an "awesome" feeling. It wasn't too tight by any means (and I have only lost 12 lbs.).

Today I was a different person...and she felt great!!.

For that feeling I would eat whatever anybody put in front of me...for as long as it takes. Your stomach will "shrink" so the hunger will def. go away. Stick with it, don't give up... I have found so much support here, I know I can do it...and so can you..

Comment #1

3 pounds in 7 days is great!.

There are many of the foods that I dont like either, but there are some that I do. I like just about all the breakfasts, The lunches I only like maybe 3 or 4 and the dinners, only about that many too. The first month is hard because you are trying all the difffernt types of meals, and believe me there are some that are not good. But I hope you will find some that are. The hamburger I love, the mushroom ristto is good too. I like one of the wraps.

Just hang in there, and your 2nd month, pick your foods. that you like. What about the hot dog for lunch. I split the dog several times, lye it on an arnolds thin bread, put ff mayo, onion, ff cheese, and mustard, and yummy it's a hot dog. if you like hot dogs, I love them myself.

Chocolate bars... anyway, I know you say they are ALL gross, but you may not have tried ALL of them. Give it some more time.

Also if you hungry, then split your day up and eat every 2-3 hours.

Heres my sched. in a nutshell..

Up at 6:00 and drink my decaf coffee.

6:45 take shower and get ready for work..

7:30 take 1st kid to school.

8:00 take 2nd kid to school and drive to work.

8:30 eat my protein (morning star sauage).

9:00-10:00 drink my 2nd cup of decaf coffe.

10:00 eat my Nutrisystem breafast and drink 1st 16 oz. of water with orange flavoring or apple flavoring.

11:00 eat fruit drink 2nd 16 oz. of water plain.

12:00 chew gum.

1:00 eat lunch drink diet coke.

2:00 depending on if Im hungry eat fruit or I'll wait till 3:00.

3:00 drink 3rd 16 oz of water plain.

4:00 chew gum or eat protein/dairy or I will save this and eat with dinner.

5:00 go to gym.

6:30 eat dinner and drink 4th 16 oz water.

7:30 eat dessert.

Im eating and Drinking ALL DAY LONG.

I rarely get hungry. try it it might work for you...

Comment #2

Are you eating LOTS of veggies and mixing the veggies with lunch and dinner entrees? Also, if you are only a week on the program, give it more time. you will find foods you like (try everything) and your tastes will adjust (no more Lay's chipslearn to like soy, etc.)..

Comment #3

Thanks so much, everyone. I guess I'm just beating myself up feeling like I'm the only person on Nutrisystem ready to throw themself off a bridge. I've been on Weight Watchers, and I never felt like this. I tend to do really well when I'm on a structured program, and I usually feel so energized and excited. This has been a very different feeling for me, both physically and psychologically..

Did anyone have a really hard time their first week?..

Comment #4

I found the first week to be by far the hardest. It does get easier, especially after you start seeing changes in your body! Hang in there, you won't regret it!..

Comment #5

Yes I did because I saw others on the boards and they lost so much their first week, and I didnt. But I didnt give up. I kept at it, and although I have come to the conclusion that I am a slow loser, I do lose. I started in December and while others have lost a LOT more than I have, I went from a size 10 jeans to now a size 4-6. so I do love NS. it does work.

But I know how I feel on Nutrisystem and I dont get stomach aches and hour after I eat. and I dont leave the table feeling like Im going to pop, and have to unbutton my pants. I eat and feel satisfied. and I love that feeling. it's hard to get used to the portion size.

But I eat on a salad plate and I eat with a small fork and a teaspoon. ive reduced all my plate sizes, and only increased my drink size. I got much bigger cups...

Comment #6

NS entrees are really such a small portion of our food - no reason to be hungry - look at the list of unlimited vegetables - there is so much we can have. Also make sure to have your add-ins...and if having meat for a dairy/protein it can be more than one ounce can go to 100 calories which is closer to 3 ounces. I made a tomato-veggie soup with low sodium V8, sodium free chicken bouillon and loads of unlimited veggies...have it frozen in small amounts - if hungry I can have that. Please try & work things out - Nutrisystem does work & you will feel so much better about yourself...

Comment #7

Post a lot. It helps. 6 posts is tiiiiny..

Shake your rattle and scream. But get involved with the community. Best forums is Food Tips. People there have great food help...

Comment #8

Food tips has been the best thing I've found to date. I love vegetables, and believe me when I say that I am eating PILES of unlimited veggies. I think the main struggle here is psychological. I cannot fathom feeling this obsessive and down and eating these foods for months. You are all wonderful for responding!!!..

Comment #9

Yeah...I know you are nervous at the start. Believe me, being at goal ROCKS. I am 10% bf and cut now. Look so much better. Wish I did this 10 years ago! You can get it done. And then come and counsel the newbies..

My mom thinks this program is better than WW because of more structure and more veggie eating..

Good on you for liking the veggies, but I especially think mixing with dinner helps both in a way. Gives more taste to the veggies and soaks up some of the sweet sauciness of the entrees..

Honest, in a way, don't even worry about the Nutrisystem food. I thought of that as an addin to my addins!.

Oh...and if you love veggies, try having every veggie in the store. I did that as a project and it took my mind off the diet. Would be starting threads on jicama and swiss chard and parsnips and all that...

Comment #10

Hi! I know EXACTLY how you feel...unfortunately for me, after a discouraging 2nd week, I gave up and quickly gained almost every pound back that I'd lost in that first week (7) Learn from my bad example...don't do what I did! Stick to it! You (and I) can do this!!!.

I'm starting back 100% today!!! Someday I want to be in those before/after pictures and I can't be there if I keep justifying the nibble here and swallow all adds up!.

Good luck to you and don't feel alone! Drop me an email any time, maybe we can help eachother out!.


Comment #11

Part of what makes the plan work is your mindset. Think about long term health. Think about walking easily, sleeping better, feeling more awake!.

Think about the food as it's own catagory - it will not be gourmet and it will not be like your favorite restaurant. It is like a new recipe you are trying to fit health into your life.

Truth? I thought the food was pretty scary and there were a couple I threw away. (Most of the chicken dishes, in fact.) But a can of chopped tomatoes and chicken broth are wonderful things! They can really change the direction of the meals.

Give us some examples and see if we can help you cook them well. Start with your favorite "real life" food and let's work it out. (Example, my favorite 'real life' food was chicken noodle soup. I was soooooo disappointed in the Nutrisystem chicken soup the first time I tried it. But I had so many, I decided to work it out. I added chicken broth, diced chicken meat and cooked carrots.

Regarding being hungry - the best solution is to add to your salads - more veggies and better protein!! Tell us your routine menu and maybe we can help.

The plan works!! You can do this!!..

Comment #12

I find the breakfasts okay, and I've been making the Paul's Apple Bundt Cake and the Maple Banana Rollup from the recipes I've found only. The lunches are, to me, the worst. I'm a vegetarian, so I can pretty much only eat the soups and pastas. I'm okay with the Cream of Broccoli soup and the Cheesy Homestyle Potatoes, but the Cheese Tortellini, Tomato Soup, and dry pastas literally make me gag as I eat them. I've tried putting sauteed (in butter Pam)mushrooms and onions in with them, reconstituting with vegetable broth instead of water, stirring in a spoonful of Greek yogurt, and I still find them repulsive. If it was not for a giant plate of steamed veggies I have at lunch, I don't know how I'd make it, and I worry that I'm not doing the plan right when I can't choke the whole Nutrisystem entree down..

As for dinners, I love the pizzas, can tolerate the Macaroni and Cheese, and have found ways to make the Vegetarian Chili and Sloppy Joes edible. Now if only I could return the Pasta Primavera with Tofu (which I actually could not get down) and Mushroom Risotto (one of my favorite foods in the real world, but the Nutrisystem version is painful)..

Comment #13

By the way, my entire life I have been referred to as "bubbly" and am frequently told that I am always smiling. Does that sound like the person writing in these posts? That's really what I find so scary about this. I don't feel like myself. I weighed in today and found out that I have lost 5 pounds this first week. 5 pounds! And I didn't even smile when I found out. I'm so sorry for the negativity I'm sending out.

Now if I could just figure out a better mindset!..

Comment #14

Here's a trick for the pizza, I chop up two artichokes hearts and some fresh tomatoes and put that on my pizza before the cheese. It tastes so good.

It is a major lifestyle change and I think we all resist change. I know I do..

It does help me to spread my meals out like someone else posted.

I'm struggling to get back on track right now, but I'm getting encouragement from the boards and I'm going to call NS, they are helpful. Reading posts like this help me somehow, I guess knowing I'm not alone..

Hugs, hang in there...

Comment #15

Like you, I struggled my first week. I was so used to spicy Caribbean foods - lots of rice and meat - that the Nutrisystem food really caught me by surprise. We all come into this with such high expectations; seemingly expecting a magic bullet to melt away the fat we've spent years piling on. But the Nutrisystem diet is about more than just food. It's about changing our relationship with food - which is a whole paradigm shift - and that takes time to achieve. Your stomach will shrink and you will gain control of your body and thus your hunger.

Trust the program. You say you've tried Weight Watchers before and succeeded but now you're doing Nutrisystem so maybe WW didn't really work that well. If you want to achieve success that is sustained for the rest of your life so you will never, ever have to diet again, give yourself time to adjust to this program, trust that it will work and open your mind to focus on your goals - not what's on your plate. Remember, you are eating to nourish your body: that's it. Food should be enjoyed but the actual act of eating is at it's core strictly utilitarian...

Comment #16

That tortelini was one that I also could not stand. I added chopped canned tomatoes and broth with garlic and red pepper. I basically made my own sauce and added the tortelini to it. For a protein add in, use low fat mozzerella. Then you can concentrate on the cheese instead of the pasta! lol.

For mushroom risotto, I would start with sauted mushrooms and onions in broth. I find the Nutrisystem meal a bit sticky, so I would add enough broth to make that sticky texture go away. Some people also saute spinach into the risotto. I imagine asparagus would be a good addition too..

Another idea for the risotto is to stuff a pepper with it. Cover with tomato sauce and lf cheese for an almost homemade meal!..

Comment #17

Hang in there. You are on a calorie constrained diet. Your body is literally starving. It's not happy and looking for excuses to bail..

After a couple weeks, it will get much easier as you are used to this. I promise that in two weeks (of adherance, no cheats), that you will have less discomfort, less food taste complaints, and just feel better about where you are heading long term...

Comment #18

Technically the macaroni and cheese is not vegetarian as it contains gelatin..

You can exchange unopened foods you don't like if you have received them within 30 days by calling NutriSystem and asking about returns. I just did that with a few things I didn't like from my first order and the customer service was great..

I hope you find ways to make this work for you. Good luck...

Comment #19

Have you tried the black beans and rice (lunch)? I like to add fresh salsa (not the kind in a jar - the deli kind) and fresh tomatoes and some low fat cheese. Really good...

Comment #20

Have you tried the Vegetable Fajita? Don't be frightened by how it looks. Cook it up and just smell - it smells fantastic and it really tastes good. Plus, it is HUGE and very filling. I add medium salsa to mine and a little bit of FF sour cream. Make sure to follow the directions on the package and cook at 50% in the microwave and not for too long (or it gets rubbery)..

Good luck to you - visits to the posts will definitely help you - and Food Talk and Tips is absolutely wonderful. Even if it's just small things that change the tastes - Laughing Cow Cheese (Garlic and Herb or Regular) is a wonderful addition to the pizza and the macaroni and cheese. Plus I sometimes use it to mix with cooked broccoli (one wedge for about 2 cups of broccoli). Saute some green peppers and onions in Pam, throw that in with the broccoli and it is delicious..

I really hope you get into your groove and this works for you - 5 lbs is absolutely fantastic!..

Comment #21

Spa, This program is a journey. A major lifestyle change. Some days I have to take it one hour at a time others following the plan is a breeze.

You are doing great. I hope you continue on plan...

Comment #22

I have been losing quite consistently, however now I am slowing down. I only lost half a pound this week, but hey, better than nothing! You are in the process of retraining your mind and your body. Expect rebellion! However, if you can dolly some of the food up as suggested it might help. I just scarf it down, and there is some stuff that I keep putting off eating. Soon I will have to eat it and I know I will surround it with grilled veg, pickled veg (made my own and it is so delicious!). Not sure if pickled veg counts a a free food, but it has no fat, so I am saying yes!..

Comment #23

Just wanted to say hello and tell you to stick with it. The results are so worth it. It is hard on most people the 1st week or so but it does get better. You need to find the entrees that you like and adjust your next order.

Make sure your eating something every 3 hrs, there is no reason to feel hungry. If you are something isn't right..

Try picking add ins with high protein and fiber to help. Drink that water too!.

Good luck..

Comment #24

Wow, this is like deja vu! I was in a terrible, terrible place when I started NS! I hated, HATED the food, and I was so down on myself! I just kept thinking, I'm going to quit! I'm not going to make it!.

Then I posted, just like you and I got these wonderful encouraging messages. I started exercising, and I took it day by day. As a matter of fact, that's my motto for life, take things one at a time. One day turned into a week, a week into a month, and I started finding some foods that I didn't hate (like the pizza).

I have had entrees that I couldn't choke down, sure! I've thrown some away and given others away. Not all of the food is bad. You just have to find the right stuff for you..

I started right after Thanksgiving and I now am enjoying Nutrisystem. It took some getting used to, but it's working well for me now..

Good luck! I'm happy that you reached out rather than just quit.


Comment #25

You are all wonderful. Thank you so much for your suggestions and support! I may be hanging by my fingernails at the moment, but at least I'm still hanging in there!..

Comment #26

Oh I can certainly relate. I have intense food issues (like having an emotional connection to food) so giving up all those "precious" junk items was intensely difficult, but it's so worth it. You can't "live" heavy, sure you can struggle your way through, but you're not going to have the full experience. It gets easier though, I swear. 20lbs later and i'm not even tempted by junk anymore! And the hungries really do go away as well...

Comment #27

Also, when you find yourself feeling hungry and there's nothing available for a while eat a nice big salad and then hit the gym. Working out is a huge appetite suppressant...

Comment #28

You need to remember that your body is detoxing from all the sugar and carbs that it was being given prior to starting NS. That can make you feel out of sorts for awhile, but as your body adjusts to a more healthy distribution of protein, fats and carbs that gets better. If you had been a big caffeine drinker and stopped that cold turkey or significantly curtailed it to get all your water in, you can be feeling the effects of that too. It does get better after 1 to 2 weeks (depending on what you diet was before NS).

As others have said, break your meals down and eat lots of mini meals and lots of salads. When you are hungry, have another salad. Keep trying the different Nutrisystem meals and keep trying different fixes for the ones you don't like right out of the box. There are so many suggestions in the food tips, recipes and the dietician's corner forums. You've got to keep trying things and trying them in different forms before you will find what really works for you. There are a couple of things that I've stopped ordering (thankfully many of these are no longer made) but for the most part I find that I can eat the meals out of the carton or with easy add ins to bring the taste or the consistency to where I like it much more.

Find those that are the most filling. An apple rather than apple juice or apple sauce. 1/3 of a cantelope rather than an apple. Greek FF yogurt rather than Yoplait or Dannon etc. There are choices that will help you feel more full.

When I started I had 139 pounds to loose (I usually just said 140) and when I finally reach that I'll be exactly 1/2 the person I was when I started. I've been doing this for over a year now and have lost 114 pounds. It's a slow steady loss... a little faster at the beginning and now I'm purposefully slowing it down some... but I'm feeling so much better. My lab results are fantastic which makes me feel even better and makes my dr.

I'm sleeping better, my knees don't hurt, no more reflux... I could go on and on.

All that to say that Nutrisystem does work. And you'll get those benefits before you reach your final goal. It it a day at at time. A meal or mini meal at a time. Focus on why you want to loose the weight. Get a before picture.

Then post your reasons for loosing weight where you will see them. Go back and reread them often. And then spend some time going through the Before and After Pictures thread (General Forum). The pictures there are very inspiring, and when I need a pick me up that's where I go and just start randomly looking at pages. There are hundreds of pages there.

It will help you to realize that you CAN do this. So much of this journey is the mindset. And it takes time to change your thoughts about food, exercise, health etc. Give yourself that time..

Have you started the MindSet Makeover? If not, you need to. It's located in the My Program tab at the top of the page. You will need to resign in to get to it. And Nutrisystem will open one chapter per week of the program for you. That gives you the time to really work through the issues addressed in each chapter.

Wishing you much success on your journey. You are worth doing this for. You CAN do this. Each day now it should start getting a little easier for you. Keep working the program. Your body is already responding to it...

Comment #29

I would like to pitch in also. I am stuck right now at 98.5 lost weight (By the way do not say lost because you can find stuff that is lost RIGHT) I went from a 54 inch waist that could not sit in a plane a seat belt to a 40 inch waist. PS I can breath much better walk much better and exercise a great will Please give it a shot to start again. And make sure you take that before picture to see the results about 4 weeks later IT IS AMAZING and a great feeling also..


Comment #30

I agree with what others have stated that the first week was the most difficult for me. I did feel what I thought was hunger but it may have been more the effects of ridding my body of sugars and carbs, or some sort of combination. At some point in probably the 2nd week I actually had to remind myself to eat all the food because I wasn't hungry, ever. I'd definitely recommend checking out the Food Tips and Recipe forums. There are some great suggestions there as far as modifying some of the foods in a Nutisystem friendly way..

Try to hang in there, it will get better. Good luck, you're off to a really good start...

Comment #31

Today is my 4rth day on the program and I am almost passing out with hunger! Although I dont expect miracles, but I am hoping to see at least a 2 lb loss at the end of the week to keep me going.

I was never the one to be eating junk and drinking soda all the time but since I am from an indian origin, the foods I make tend to be very filling. so even though I would eat breakfast lunch and dinner only, I need that stick to my ribs feeling when I eat and nutrisystem is depriving me of it!!!! when I cook food for my family, it drives me crazy not to be able to eat it!!.

I know I need to loose and loose bad,(40 lbs) but need some tips on feeling full cuz thats what drives me to be tempted. also can we mix up the salad with lunch or dinner or do you have to eat the seperate vegetable servings? iam mixing up greens with mushrooms cauliflower, radish and bean sprouts with very little dressing.

Also I cheated and ate 4 sticks of poki yesterday but didnt eat my dessert with dinner to try and balance out..

I cant exercise because I have tendinitis in my foot and am restricted for a month to do so, will I still loose weight???????.


Comment #32

Please remember that Nutrisystem is not a calorie counting program, but an exchange program. You are supposed to be eating certain amounts of different types of foods... protein/dairy, vegetables, fruits, carbs and fats. If you are a woman, your carbs are included in your entrees. Skipping a Nutrisystem entree because you ate something off plan (rather than flexing a meal) doesn't work. You don't get the nutrition requirements and that can add to the not feeling full feeling..

When hungry search through your unlimited veggie list. Make a salad... a big salad. That is going to fill you up and help you get past those "I'm hungry" times. Salads are definitely your friend right now.

Try to cook Nutrisystem friendly meals for your family, so that you are eating the same (or at least some of the same) foods as they are. Some of the Nutrisystem entrees are more filling than others. The mushroom risotto and meat lasagna are two that I turn to when I'm feeling especially hungry. At lunch I like to use the cheesy mashed potatos. I add 100 calories of chicken or turkey meat to it for my protein and lots of brocoli and that makes a very filling lunch meal.

Find filling options for your add ins. Think bulk and fiber and protein when you are looking for these..

Try going to the Dietician's Corner forum and the Food tips forums for help in figuring out more filling options and for adapting some of the foods you love to be Nutrisystem friendly. It may be that you can find a way to do that and occassionally flex out meals so that you can contnue to enjoy the (adapted) ethnic foods that you are missing..

Good luck. I wish you much success with your weight loss journey...

Comment #33

Thanks for your advice and support, I will try that and see how it goes. Hopefully even though I am not exercising due to my injured foor, I will still lose some weight...

Comment #34

If you follow the plan you will loose weight. Have you read Hazelangleyes' My Page yet? Take at look at her story. Here's the link: .

Also, check out this thread with tips for newcomers to NS.


Another My Page worth the time to find is read is PamSB's page. Here it that link.

You can do this. Give yourself time to detox from all the carbs, sugars and fats you were used to. Your taste will change over time and things you think you don't like can suddenly taste so much better. You are only a few days into this. You can do this. You are worth doing this for. You deserve to be healthy and at a happy weight for yourself...

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