Stomach flu while on Medifast diet?

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Has anyone had the stomach flu while on the diet? I think I have it now. I have felt ill to my tummy since last night but today it gradually got worse to the point I had to leave my class about half hour early. Before that I was sitting down with a trash can thinking I was going to puke. I came home and took some pepto. Unsure about carbs in it but at that time I didnt care if it had any, my stomach was so bad. I laid down.

I threw up several times. I am now laying down again, feeling really horrid. I am unsure what to do about food. I dont feel like eating obviously. I also want to remain op.


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Hasn't happened to me, yet. I'm so sorry that you aren't feeling well. I'm sure someone will come up with some advice for you. Hope you feel better soon!..

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I have not had the flu while dieting, but I raised a child with type 1 diabetes. Gator aid, coca cola, ginger ale. just to get past this. you need to keep your blood sugar up to fight this. ginger and coke syrup settle your stomach and gator aid for the electrolytes. Don't worry about the diet - that will come back after...

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Thanks. I hadnt thought about this being an issue and like an moron I forgot to get my flu shot. I wonder if that would of prevented this from occurring? I am just really worried about being hydrated. I cant seem to keep anything down other than a few sips of water...

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If a person catches a cold or gets the flu, they can continue to follow the 5 & 1 Plan provided the symptoms are not too severe. Sometimes listening to the body is the best "medicine" and this may entail including "comfort" foods such as crackers, etc. It is very common for people to lose their appetite when sick. If you are so sick that you are unable to keep food down, whether it is Medifast or other foods, it is best to listen to your body and feed it what it wants and can tolerate - even if it is not the 5 & 1 Plan.

If you choose to include foods that are not in the 5 & 1 Plan, this is ok. It is just important to know that adding foods "off plan" may bring your carbohydrate intake greater than 100gm for the day and temporarily stop the fat-burning state. Once feeling better, you can resume the 5 & 1 Plan and achieve a fat-burning state again. This will effect weight loss but only temporarily - which illness tends to do anyway.

I hope this helps. There is no "right" or "wrong" thing to do with your meal plan when you are sick and not feeling well. Medifast provides suggestions and wants you to know there is nothing in the meal replacements that is contraindicated for use while sick as they are just food. As with any other day of your life, choosing healthy foods to assist your body in fighting a virus or bacterial sickness/infection is always the best choice. Medifast meals are healthy and small portions which typically work well, even when a person is not feeling their best..

Hope this information is helpful! Feel better soon!.

Jennifer, RD, LDN..

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I had it about two weeks ago. Didn't want to eat (couldn't eat!), and I didn't worry about it. When I felt like eating, I sipped some chicken bouillion, and then some Medifast chicken noodle soup. You could also do some sugar free Jello...

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Hi Marilee,.

I am not a doctor, nor do I play one on TV, I did however have a nasty stomach flu, very recently. I started feeling this past Saturday, tired, blah, no appetite, lots of naps. By Sunday, I was "recycling" everything I tried to get down including water. Monday, I broke down and called nutrition support and asked for help. They told me to do whatever I need to do to stay hydrated, and be careful with carbs. I had a lot of seltzer - for some reason the bubbles make me feel better and carbonated drinks are lighter than water, so they stay down.

I hope you feel better soon, and recommend you call nutrition support, I doubt they are there now, but try them in the AM. They always tell us our health is first and to do what we need to take care of ourselves, but you should check in for yourself, and let them know what is going on so they can give you tailored advice.

Yours in bucket carrying misery,.


Comment #6

Above is gfrom the dietician support. hope it helps..feel better soon!..

Comment #7

Oh thanks so much ladies. I will try to remain OP as much as possible. It will have been 6 mo in few days and the thought of not staying on (even while sick) is sorta disturbing to me. Ugh. I am also a huge baby about this type of sickness. thanks again...

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I am sick right now too. Left my classroom a few hours into school on Tuesday and have not been back since. I have been drinking Medifast cappuccino and cocoa in hot tea and having home made egg drop soup for my lean. I cannot stomach solid foods, so no veggies for me, but otherwise OP. I am taking a multvitamin to supplement my nutrition..

How I make egg drop soup:.

Brown 1tsp minced garlic in 1tsp of olive oil in a saucepan..

Add 3 cups of water and the appropriate amount of bullion for that amount of water..

Bring to a rolling boil..

While waiting for soup to boil, crack a whole egg (raw) into a soup bowl..

Pour 1 cup boiling soup over the egg. ***** the yolk and stir to completely cook the egg..

The garlic is in the recipe because it is a natural antibiotic. Feel free to adjust it up or down to your tastes. You will have enough soup to pour 1 cup over an egg three times, getting your full lean portion for the day. Make sure to bring the soup to a rolling boil for each serving..

I hope you feel better!..

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Feel better!! thanks for the recipe. I just drug myself to the store for some ginger ale, chicken broth, jello and saltines. I will only use the crackers as a last resort. ugh. at least I didnt puke on the journey there or back!..

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I have been fighting an upper respiratory cold this week and can barely get anything in. I am getting my water in.... the shakes are the easiest to get down for me... I am getting about 1/2 of one down at a time... but that's it. My throat is soo dry and scratchy and it's hard to swallow....

L&g have all been non existent for 3 days........ but I am refusing to go off program... right now my body is screaming for some comfort food... just going to go to bed.... maybe tomorrow I will feel better...

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OMG I just saw that my post got censored!!.

The censors don't take anything in context. The word that was blocked was "p-r-i-c-k" as in break open the yolk. LOL.

I found a use for the new cinnamon pretzel sticks... They work like saltines when you are having the stomach flu...

Comment #12

ROFL. I had a team member a while back who's mane was Cassie. When they first started editing, they would *** the middle 3 letters of her name. She called them and they fixed it, but it was hilarious..

Going to test now, but I'm still not sure you can post the name ****, as in Van ****.

ETA: Bwahahahaa The Above name was D-I-C-K van D-Y-K-E!!!!..

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Are you feeling any better Marilees? I'm a baby when it comes to stomach flu too. I've been totally empathizing!..

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Hope you are feeling better today - I just wanted to respond to your question about the flu shot. The flu shot prevents the upper-respiratory flu, not the stomach viruses.

So at least you know the flu shot would not have prevented this! I would suggest taking some probiotics to re-colonize your digestive tract as soon as you stop vomiting..

Hope you are on the mend!..

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I am feeling a little better so far today. I was able to keep some ginger ale, jello and broth down last night. I ended up have 10 saltines too. But since these were basically my only carbs (22) I am sure I still in ketosis. I was up all night with very bad diarrhea, still have this, basically just water coming out. I am eating some jello now, but haven't attempted anything else today.

Thanks for everyones concern...

Comment #16

I would think chicken broth and tea will help...

Comment #17

Try some Powerade Zero to get your electrolytes up. Hang in there and I hope you get to feeling better soon...

Comment #18

Hi Marilee, Sure hope you continue to feel better...

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Hey All. I tried to eat a little bit of chicken tonight and I am regretting it. I guess I wasnt ready for solid food at all. My stomach is very angry, making all kinds of noises and hurting worse and I have to run to the bathroom every 10 minutes or so. Ugh. I just wanted to vent.

I am tired and weak and have horrible head ache...

Comment #20

Sorry to hear it Try going back to broth and add an egg to get some protein. That is what got me through the week. feel better..

I ate chicken and broccoli for dinner tonight. It is the first solid food I have had since Monday night. I seem to be tolerating it well, but I feel too full. I am sure my stomach shrank from not eating any solid food the last 4 days...

Comment #21

I dont have any eggs. I should have bought some. I thought about it and I am not a fan of eggs really so I passed. I think I will get some tomorrow, yet another trip to the store. I am glad you are feeling better and are back on solid food!! Did you have the runs really bad too?..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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