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I went to pick apples with my kids, sister and niece and my mom over the weekend and had my mom take some pics of me and my boys. I have been feeling so good about myself lately...fitting into sz 18's and thinking I look good. Well, the cold, hard truth just slapped me in the face...I don't look as good as I thought I did. I'm still fat. I really do know that, I mean, I do weigh 250 lbs, but I just thought I looked better. It's not getting me down too much b/c I already knew that my goal is still at least 60 lbs away, but sometimes my eyes/mind plays tricks on's like reverse fat goggles.

I just started a job on Monday (after 7 yrs of being a SAHM) and have been super-busy. I miss spending time on the boards!.

Have a good one!..

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Daisyv - Bite your tongue!! You have been such an inspiration to me (and I'm sure a lot of others too). You're way past half of your goal - don't focus on what you look like right now, which btw, you look beautiful! Focus on how far you've come and how soon you'll be at goal! Keep your chin up and your eyes on your goal - you're almost there!!..

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Be proud of what you have accomplished. We will always view ourselves fat. In our minds we will never live up to what we think we should look like. We aren't supermodels were human. I'm proud of you and I cant wait to get to where I want to be so that I can feel normal...

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Awe dont worry, I feel your pain and well I weigh 276 and I know that I'm no slim trimmings either LOL. But you have done such a great job!! Just hink about it, you are in the lower 200's and well you will start leveling out!..

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Hi Daisyv,.

Wow, congratulations on the great job you've done so far!! To keep things in perspective, maybe you could put side-by-side a picture of you before you started Medifast, and one of the recent pictures with your boys? That will help you to see what a big change you've already made!.

And the best part is that, with every pound you lose you're getting healthier, and that means you'll be around to see those handsome fellows graduate, get married, have kids of their own...

What you are doing for yourself goes far beyond what you see in the mirror, or what you see in a picture. Your family must be very proud of you!.


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I promise you there IS a threshold that when you cross over it you will NOT see yourself as fat. Having lost a significant amount of weight on Medifast the first time around, I was VERY disappointed in pictures of me even after I had lost 90 lbs. It was only as the last 50 was coming off that I REALLY saw the transition.

The thing I learned, is that big is big. And being on the wrong side of big again (gained the weight back) I understand in advance that yes, I will look large until my body passes that threshold again. It's just how I hold my weight. But the GOOD news is that you ARE 88 lbs closer to that threshold for you than you were when you started Medifast. Enjoy your accomplishment, and REMEMBER what it feels like to be large, because very soon you will be struggling to remember how it felt to be overweight. It will happen for you so long as you stay on plan.

And time we've got...

Comment #5

So the picture isn't exactly meeting your expectations right now. Mine isn't really, either, but what I want to know is, how much more energy did you have for that apple picking this time than you would have had 88 pounds ago? How many things have you done lately that were so much easier than they used to be, how many times have you finished something in one effort that you would have had to take a break during before? Would you have had the self-confidence to go out and get that new job when you weighed 341?.

The picture will catch up with your expectations in time. What really matters is how much better you feel and how much easier life gets with every lost pound...

Comment #6

Daisy, you've lost 88 lbs and counting! That is tremendous. I agree with GGRobin...I bet you had so much more energy picking those apples today than you would have had at your previous weight. Size 18 is only 3 sizes away from a 10/12. Not sure how tall you are or what size your goal is, but I think you are very close! Keep your chin up!..

Comment #7

{{{{HUGS}}}} I so know how you feel as I was experiencing the exact same thing today at the doctor's office. And I've only been back on Medifast for a week.


Girl! I feel ya! I do!!!! (((()))).

Great advice and love here. (((GROUPHUG))).

We're on our way, and I've been here before, but I think that we are given these momentary "thoughts" to remind us not relax or stray away or become complacent.

With our program or with ourselves.

Does that make any sense?.

Keep on going, you CAN do this! It's a WE program...

Comment #8

You are doing an amazing job! I completely know what you mean though... For the first time in a long time, I feel good looking in the mirror! However, half the pictures I see I am happy (and pleasantly surprised to see a little of the old pre-preggo me), and the other half I am a little disappointed..........

But- we're works in progress.. we'll get there..

Keep up the good work! You can do this!..

Comment #9

Thanks everyone! You've put this in perspective and since I'm still losing, I will be where I want to be SOON! Have a great've made mine!..

Comment #10

I know exactly what you mean! I had the same issue this past weekend. I was feeling especially pretty on my birthday and my mother took several pictures of me with my family. It wasn't until I saw the pictures posted on facebook that I realized I still had a looooonnggg way to go.

I am using this as encouragement to move forward and continue toward my goal because I *know* that I will be drop dead gorgeous at goal (not just regular gorgeous ) and so will you!..

Comment #11

Daisy, and any others feeling this way,,,you have done an amazing job, you KNOW you look better than when you started MF. You are continuing to do this, and losing more each week. don't let negative thoughts like these take away from your fantastic success so far! You can do this, and I can't wait to see those goal pics and do the Medifast happy dance with you!!..

Comment #12

Congratulations on your weight loss. You have done a tremendous job. Don't give up now...

Comment #13

This same thing just happened to me! Oddly enough it was a good thing for me personally and helped me stay on point!..

Comment #14

Daisy, does it help even a tiny little bit if I tell you that you are one of the first people on this board that stood out to me as an inspiration? You "stood out" to me not only because of our shared height (did you like that pun?) but also that my journey will be very similar to yours. I remember the first day I was on the boards I saw one of your posts and looked at your profile and thought, "Wow...she is doing great! I cannot wait until my ticker reads like that!".

Hang in there...I can only imagine I will have similar feelings along the way and hope that someone will point out that *I* helped them at a point in their journey...

Comment #15

I have to say that sometimes pictures do lie! Ever see a picture of a "thin" person and you know they don't look like what they seem to look in the picture...Bad angles..

I do know how you feel...I was like thirty pounds down, feeling awesome and then the pictures got posted on fb. Not a happy camper. I would swear I was half that size!!! I do think pictures are off sometimes.

Keep feeling great though because you are doing the hard work!..

Comment #16

Thanks again everyone! I am still as motivated as ever...maybe even more now since you've all had such nice things to say. And Ann, you've really made my day. Thank you and you can do this! I swear I'm going to make my DH take some update pics of me this week (and I'll pick the very best know...the ones that make me look skinny) and post them this weekend...

Comment #17

Daisy... gotta say...every time I looks at the threads I crack up when I see your title!!.

I have said that to myself everytime I see myself in a pic! I know it's not really funny, but I hear myself saying that in my head.

Thanks for the smiles.


Comment #18

AMEN Deb!!!! Daisyv, You should also be very proud of yourself!! This is no small are an inspiration!!..

Comment #19

Wow look at your success. You are an inspiration. Hang in there. You are doing great. I just started a job to after being home for 7 years. My youngest just went into Kinder...

Comment #20

I totally feel your pain.

I feel thinner when I put on smaller sized clothes, and they are even loose. But then I see pics and I get all bummed out.

I'm trying to use that multi chin shot of me somebody thoughtfully posted on FB as inspiration to stay OP. I'll let you know how that works out for me. In the meanwhile, there's my old friend the "untag" button...

Comment #21

Just know you are doing something about it. If it's is making you feel bummed, compare it to your before photos and you will see just how far you have come and feel proud of your progress so far. It's all relative..

Last time I was on MF, I started in Feb and when the school yearbook came out in May, I had lost about 35-40 pounds. Boy was I glad I had done something about my weight. My yearbook photo with my class was so shocking I could not even look at it. I was really glad I was doing something about it and had already made the significant progress I had made because I would have been devastated if I knew I was still that big..

Keep on plugging and when you are at goal, look at that picture again and you will be proud...

Comment #22

You may not be where you WANT to be but I would kill to be where you are right now. Just think of it this way: You are the envy of someone out there and probably more than one person. You are doing phenomenally well and who cares if you aren't "thin" yet, you're on your way and healthier than you were at the beginning of the year. Keep going and don't be so hard on yourself!..

Comment #23

Daisy-you took the words right out of my mouth. I have days were I feel like I am something special-hot mama, and then I look in the mirror, and think-"damn I am fat!" But focus on the success you have had, we will get there, and someday you will think-"damn I'm fine!!"..

Comment #24

Wow Nursgirl, you are doing great! 117+ pounds gone in less than 8 months is phenomenal. Keep it up...

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