Staying on Medifast Plan during Christmas and New Years?

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If anyone can share their plan for staying completely OP from now through Christmas or New Year's Day that would be so helpful to us all..

I usually plan ahead and bring what I need to stay on program when I eat away from home. I also ALWAYS make sure I have plenty of packets work, car, where ever..

I know alot of us eat for emotional reasons and feelings can get triggered with all the family WHAT'S YOUR PLAN TO STAY OP???.

Please share your definitely may help someone else or just let us know how you're doing...

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I am going on vacation to the Fla. Keys for a week next week. I have already mailed my Medifast meals ahead, except for the ones I'll eat during the actual travel day down. I have a kitchen where we're staying so will cook in some L&Gs and will check out restaurant menus on-line and plan my meals out before I even make reservations..

For the actual holiday celebrations, I'll do what I did yesterday at T-Day dinner. Eat what is OP only and supplement, if necessary by bringing something OP with me..

I spent Black Friday buying new clothes for ME, since I have so little left that fits. I had forgotten what a pleasure it is to shop for clothes when you're happy with the way you look. That and all the compliments at dinner yesterday are better than any off plan food, for me...

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Plan? Hmmmm.... I keep thinking of the sign in my office, "Man Plans, God Laughs"... I know that there are those that hold to the "fail to plan, plan to fail" theory, but my experience in this roller coaster we call weight loss, is to take one day at a time. For me that is the best. When one of these Holiday situations arises, I will deal with it on that day. I'm pretty sure, after getting through Thanksgiving, I can handle anything that is thrown at me.


Comment #2

I wore my smallest jeans on Thanksgiving and every time I got bummed about being on a diet, I reminded myself "Hey you are wearing jeans you haven't fit into since 2006!" For Christmas, I am most worried about the family Christmas Eve party, so I am considering buying an awesome dress to wear. So if my family makes a comment about my diet, I will just say, "Yeah it is a sacrifice, but I sure look good!".

As for the day to day, I will do what I do now - keep the junk out of my house and not linger too long in the break room at work...

Comment #3

No plan. Just doing it. We had no fewer than 7 items for Thanksgiving dinner and that's before the Pecan Pie and Pumpkin pie. I cooked more than half of it. I never even tasted anything. I almost took a taste of the stuffing I made for everyone without thinking but my brother walked in right at the right moment and he tasted it for me.

I just reduced turkey stock until it coated a spoon and drizzled a little balsamic vinegar in it. Delish. Nothing will change over the rest of the holidays. I'm just doing it...

Comment #4

Some good advice I got at at Weight Watchers meeting once was to remember that Christmas is ONE day. The other days between now and Jan 1 are just like any old day..

If you can embrace that way of thinking then it comes down to only one day of being tempted and needing a plan to stay OP..

There will always be special events and temptations no matter what the date is on the calendar. Remember that special days don't have to mean special eating..

Spending lots of time here on the boards is a good plan!.


Comment #5

For me, I am being much more by the book than normal - I figure the less slippery things are, the better..

I'm restricting condiments... no snacks... extra water... etc...

Comment #6

What Chris said - I'm not treating the next 36 days any different than the last 36 days. And just like every other day, the key for me is planning, if I know what's coming, I know how to handle it. I'm planning my L/G, drinking my water and doing my walking/jogging. I'm also planning Medifast brownies as birthday cakes for each of the four family birthdays at the end of the year. And I am trying to find other ways to celebrate and show people I love them without food...

Comment #7

Just keep doing perzackly what I've been doing for 7 months. It's working, it's habit, and there is no reason for me to change any of it. Hooray!.

Of course I do make sure to always have a bazillion meals everywhere I am, so I'm never in danger of not having my Medifast with me...

Comment #8

My plan is to have emergency stashes of Medifast foods in my purse and my car so I don't get stuck without them like I did on T-day. We were 2 hours away from home and I didn't realize I had forgotten to pack my Medifast meals until we were 1 hour on the road. I didn't use that as an excuse to go off plan - but I was a hungry girl on Thursday!.

Bottom line - my PLAN is to stay committed to not eating off plan foods, no matter what day of the year it is. Like Freya said - it's habit now, so why mess with it? It's as simple as making a choice. Which choice is more important to you? (a sincere question, not a judgement ) For me, staying OP is the more important choice...

Comment #9

Hmmm. Whats my plan. Simple. Don't put food in my mouth that is not on plan and will knock me out of ketosis...

Comment #10

I don't really feel the need to have a plan except for travel times. My husband suggested shipping our next order to my mom's house in FL, but I think I could pack the needed items in a suitcase.

Between now and then, I have the amazing gift of not loving cookies or chocolate, so that keeps me out of most Christmas related weight trouble by itself. (If people start handing out Christmas bouquets of french fries, I'm in trouble.) The next 4 weeks I have a goal to lose (at least) 4 pounds, so that will require no cheating whatsoever.

I am also unpopular, so the possibility of being invited to a bajilion Christmas gatherings is unlikely to say the least.

The day we arrive in FL, I know my mom is cooking spaghetti. I will need a way to get around that meal. However, the rest of the dinners she cooks should have safe items in them and I would like to eat with the family. Apart from dinner, I will simply stay on plan. If we go out for dinner, I will eat something that is lean, something that is green and some unsweetened iced tea. (A favorite anyway.) If we make a Starbucks run, I'll get a skinny vanilla latte. Disney should be interesting but portable food will be cheaper than park food as long as nobody checks my bags too carefully...

Comment #11

Well, I did it and even lost a half a pound between wednesday and today! During the "feast" I just stayed away from all breads and starches and had turkey and squash and greenbeans and some mustand greens. I had a few more veggies than I would normally have but it made me feel good to be able to stick to my plan...

Comment #12

Well, I was worried about the cookie swap, but then I figured it out. I am going to go and socialize, and bring celery. But, I am not bringing any cookies to swap, since I do not want to bring any home. And I am such a goody two shoes, I will not eat cookies if I have none to share, so unless somebody has a pepper they want to trade me for my celery, I should be all set!.

Holidays in my family were always awful, so crazy, too much fighting, too much BS, just AAUGH! Now I do not live like that. I do not put up with that, and I have friends who I love dearly, but there is something about Christmas that makes them nuts, so I do not hang with them. I do not need the stress, or to enable their bad behavior. We are close enough that I avoid their idiot relatives with the same zeal as I avoid my own.

And, really, it is just another day, and I have long since gotten to a point where it is not about food, or presents, or imaginary characters, and just having it be an excuse to get dressed up, and hang out with people who I like hanging out with, and who are similarly SO OVER the hoopla.

So I am not worried. )..

Comment #13

You guys rock with all your great ideas and thoughts. Keep 'em coming!..

Comment #14

I am just going to stay OP. No different than any other day...

Comment #15

Chew a lot of gum, drink a lot of water, fish, lettuce for L&G, plus 5 Medifast meals. And keeping my goal of being under 350 come New Year's...

Comment #16

Keepin' on keepin' on. Christmas will be challenging as I am going to visit my crazy family. They are loud and vulgar. I am not use to it. So, it will be a big challenge. I will survive it just like any other day, I will and the 5 and 1.

I will pack all of my Medifast meals of course! I will breathe and remind myself to keep breathing through out each day... I will return home feeling stronger and prouder of my resolve in the situation, knowing that I can handle anything that is put in front of me!!!..

Comment #17

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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