Starving on first day of Nutrisystem diet?

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Today is my first day. I am sooo hungry, I'm about to chew on my leg. Any suggestions. I really want to suceed on this. I've tried many diets to the point people are asking what are you on now...

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Your question was: Starving on first day of Nutrisystem diet?.

You need to make sure you choose filling add ins and eat all of them. Fill up on unlimited veggies, drink lots of water..

If you'd like to list out what you ate today people can give input on how to make it more filling...

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Different add-ins are going to fill you up faster. For example, yogurt instead of an ounce of cheese is much more filling. Cauliflower instead of a salad makes me fuller. Pineapple or apple slices instead of fruit juice, etc.

Don't forget to break up your meals into small sessions so you're basically grazing all day. By day 3 I was having problems eating all of my foods. You'll get used to it fairly quickly...

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I think the first couple days are always tough, no matter what the program. I'd suggest to eat more protein than dairy. I always have egg beaters with breakfast. I also space out my meals. For instance, I eat my lunch bar at about 11:00 and then have a salad with some cottage cheese on it at my regular lunch hour..

Just hang in there. I have lost almost 80 pounds since September. You can do this...

Comment #3


The advice from the previous threads is really good. I've lost 24 pounds so far, it's taken longer than I thought it would - but it's working. Here's a suggestion - eat your three daily servings of dairy/protein together, like 3 oz of protein (chicken, for example) in a salad. That really works for me..

Good luck!..

Comment #4

You should not be combining/saving three proteins into one serving. There is a reason for eating something every few hours and it is recommended to have a protein with your fruit serving to avoid spikes in blood sugar levels. When you have the choice of a dairy/protein serving, you can actually follow the stats of up to 100 calories, 3g of fat or less and at least 7g of protein instead of the 1 oz in the meal planner which is based on a lean protein serving as opposed to a dairy/protein...

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I started today too, and I was so hungry until people here pointed out that I wasn't eating my add-ins (veggies, yogurt, etc) or drinking enough water. Now the hunger is down to a dull roar. Any new program takes some getting used to...

Comment #6

My first week was really hard as well. I went to bed every night at 8:00 pm with my kids just so I wouldn't cheat So glad I did, because the reward was on the scale.....

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This is my third day and each day has gotten better!.

Take time to learn from your body - the first day I tried eating the meals and snack as outlined which made my HUNGRY to the point of a headache and dizziness..

Today I had my protein and fruit at 7:30am, breakfast entree at 10am, vegetables at 12pm, lunch at 1pm, etc...breaking it up like that has been helpful. As others suggested, play around with what you select for your add-ins. For me a 1 1/4 cups of strawberries will keep me full longer than 15 grapes..

Even though today was hard, try to revise tomorrow and keep tweaking until you find a good fit. I'm still getting there but it's easier every meal!..

Comment #8

Try big salads with unlimited veggies. I eat two a day and sometimes I am too full to eat my dessert. LOL I have never been too full to skip dessert. It takes a while to get the hang of all the add ins. I find cottage cheese as my dairy always fills me up and it is a perfect partner to fruit. good luck..

Comment #9

Here goes what I ate yesterday, any advice on what to add.

Breakfast QTY/Unit Calories Carb Fat Protein Fiber.

NutriFrosted Crunch Cereal.

1 Packet 120.0.


1 large 73.0.


0.50 med 52.5.

Add more food to Breakfast Total 245.5.

Lunch QTY/Unit Calories Carb Fat Protein Fiber.

Cheese Tortellini.

1 Container 170.0.

Beets, cooked.

0.50 cup 29.2.

With 2 tbsp. fat free dressing, if desired.

Lettuce, green or red leaf.

1 cup 5.4.

With 2 tbsp. fat free dressing, if desired.

Dairy or Protein.

Double Chocolate Almond Cookie.

1 Package 160.0.

Add more food to Lunch Total 364.6.

Afternoon Snack QTY/Unit Calories Carb Fat Protein Fiber.

Dairy or Protein.

Mandarin Oranges.

0.50 cup 51.7.

Add more food to Afternoon Snack Total 51.7.

Dinner QTY/Unit Calories Carb Fat Protein Fiber.

Sweet and Sour Chicken With Noodles - Made wi...

1 Entree 200.0.

Lettuce, green or red leaf.

1 cup 5.4.

With 2 tbsp. fat free dressing, if desired.


1 medium 25.8.

With 2 tbsp. fat free dressing, if desired.


1 medium 25.8.


Pita Bread, whole-wheat.

0.50 of 6 inch 75.4.

Add more food to Dinner Total 332.4.

Thanks for all the advice you guys are great!!! I am going away in August and I desperately want to wear a bathing suit without being mortified. LOL.

I am open to any ideas or tricks from the veterans...

Comment #10

If I'm reading it right, you can do some tweaking.

A chocolate cookie doesn't substitute for your protein serving at lunch. Check the book for better protein servings. With the cheese tortelini, you can add a Morningstar veggie burger to the mix as your protein.

Looks like you skipped your protein/dairy at your snack time. My suggestion is a greek style yogurt - high in protein and filling..

At dinner, bread isn't considered a 'fat serving.' I usually eat 6 almonds as an appetizer for my fat serving. But there are many choices - consult your book.

Your dinner veggie choices are fine, but add more lettuce or more veggies to your salad. Don't worry about counting salad veggies, make a nice big healthy salad with veggies marked "unlimited" and enjoy.

Also, don't forget you get a dessert after dinner...

Comment #11

Go for a walk, preferably with a friend! You will be shocked how effective a walk is to suppress your appetite. Plus, it keeps you away from the kitchen.


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