Starting Nutrisystem, how many extra point per day for Breast Feeding?

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Quick question: Starting Nutrisystem, how many extra point per day for Breast Feeding? Thanks for any response. Another question I got... I have the same scale I have had for along time it tells when I'm fat it tells me when I drop weight it tells me when I need to seriously do get the picture anyway I can't stay off the thing every morning at the same time I go on. My body right now is telling me some thing is going on (just feeling a little off) but I explain it as the weight I've lost and my body trying to adjust. I started Nutrisystem on Mon this week and this morning I am down a solid 7lb.s and today is Thursday? Is that normal? Looking for some averages I know men defiantly lose weight faster than women...

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the right answer. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I find an useful answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could give you an answer..

Comment #1

I lost 12 pounds my first week on NS. I'm sure most of it was water weight from reducing my sodium intake and adding in the 64oz of water daily. The next week I leveled off and from then on averaged about 5 pounds a week...

Comment #2

Week1 lost 9.6 pounds (7.2 pounds in the first 4 days).

Week2 lost 2.8.

Week3 lost 1.6.

Week4 lost 3.4.

Week5 lost 1.8.

Week6 lost 6.4 (I was sick this week)..

Comment #3

Great work guys.. I am trying to lose 40lbs by July 30th, my wedding. Hoping I can follow your great steps.

This is only day 4 for me, so I have not weighed myself, that chore comes on Monday..

Comment #4

I lost a bunch at first and then slowed down to 2 a week or so and then started cheating and gained and then got serious but still browsing a bit and still losing but not as much as I would if I didn't cheat but oh just you wait till Spring when I get my bicycle back on the road cuz I'm gonna be a skinny pimp with an attitude...

Comment #5

Great, cuz world definately needs more skinny bicycling pimps with attitude.....

Comment #6

For 4 months on NS, if I just looked "weekly" I was all over the place. I lost almost exactly 10 lbs per month though week-to-week there were huge differences..

I had weeks where I lost 1 lb and weeks where I lost 6+ lbs..

My own impression was this:.

When I really loaded protein and fiber and spaced out the 6x per day well and walked a bit farther/faster as my nightly exerciseand as I got this "right" and strung it together for more tended to sort of kick in the higher losses..

In other words, let's say that "perfect Nutrisystem management + fast walk of 2 miles each night" was my definition of a 100% day. Not a single bite off plan. Drank all the water..

And let's say that skipping an evening snack or only walking 1.2 miles or skipping some water was a "90% day" on NS..

Eating a few bites of real food off plan would be a 25% day for me, perhaps..

If I went Thurs-Tues with all 100%'sI felt better, slept better, and saw the weight really fall..

If I went 100% Thurs, 90% Fri, 25% Saturday, 100% Mon, 90% tuesthen I wouldn't lose nearly as much..

For me the secret came down to CONSECUTIVE 100% days. The more I strung together, the better I did. If something disconnected the streak then I didn't lose as much..

Not saying it's that way for everyone, but it was for me..

Interestingly, even though I've been off Nutrisystem for over 8 months now that is STILL how it goes for me!.

I do my jogging/walking every night and eat really close to the plan and I can drop 2 lbs in a week (still)..

I miss a couple nights walking, eat out (even doing well with choices), skip water, skip evening NS-type snack and I remain the same or even go up a bit..

I'm still working out some maintenance rules for myselfbut even without actual Nutrisystem food, if I do the right things I can pretty easily drop some lbs even now..

Just one guy's feedback.


Comment #7

I didn't read everybodies explanations. Early on you will lose a lot. In realaity I lost 3 pounds per week on plan 100%..

Comment #8

It's been 5 weeks and I have lost 13.1 lbs!..

Comment #9

I plan on doing an official weigh-in tomorrow. I started Nutrisystem Monday and so far so good. I did step on the scale the other day and was down about 3 pounds so I think I am on track. I could live with 2 pounds a week but I will have to be disciplined and not get back to my bad habits (beer and snacks)..


Comment #10

I'm losing my mind (as if I had one) :P..

Comment #11

The early fast losses come from the water associated with glycogen in your muscles. That's why if you go on a carb binge, the water comes streaming back on. Even though Nutrisystem is not "low carb", you are effectively low carb since you're in so much calorie deficit..

The massive drop the first week is a little fictitious, but after that the drops are for real. Just stick to plan and get it done...

Comment #12

I am just starting week 7 today and have lost 13lbs so far. That is just by changing my eating habits. I also noticed that I do better on the weeks when I am more diligent about tracking what I am stuffing into my mouth -.

I have another 18lbs to go to reach my final goal. Funny thing is that when I logged my weight this morning I noticed my last weigh-in from the first time I tried Nutrisystem (It is almost 4 years ago to the day) and I was at 204 then and to day I am at 213 (started at 226)..

I have not really started to do much exercise at this point, but now that the weather is starting to get a little nicer, I plan on getting out more and at least walking on a more regular basis...

Comment #13

I was worried about the rate of loss when I started. Obviously I had a long haul in front of me. After about six months in I realized I'd have good weeks and bad weeks but it all seemed to average out in the end as long as I was sticking to the plan. The less I had to lose the smaller the weekly losses became but by percentage it's also about even. When I was over 350 or so I could usually count on 4-5 lbs a week, then when I got near 330 it was 3 lbs a week, under 230 a good week was 2-3, and some weeks I'd stall and lose nothing. I learned not to obsess over how fast Id get to the end, as long as the overall trend is downward I'm damn happy...

Comment #14

Ya official weigh in this week was 8lbs not as stellar as I thought but not bad like I said in 4 days I was down 7lbs..

And that was with one cheat meal which I plan to do once a week for the duration of the plan. As I know myself if I feel trapped I'll drop this plan. Also two nights of that week had a couple glasses of wine with my wife. Also planned on from start..

All this makes this a diet I can live with it is 100% better than the way I was eating before...

Comment #15

I was a big ol' boy weighing over 300 pounds, I had many 4 and 5 pound weight loss weeks, but as I got smaller so did the weight loss per week numbers. When I first started out, I was told 1% of your body weight is the average. That didn't always hold true, I had weeks where I didn't lose anything for 2 weeks straight then all of a sudden a 3 pound weight loss. Without eating different or exercising different, I'd just suddenly lose weight. There is no crystal ball, a loss is a loss. Everyone is different.

Once you reach goal you don't get a license to eat and remain thin. This is a lifestyle change, embrace it...

Comment #16

I'll chime in and agree with most..

The first week is always a big loss week. Much of it is water weight. I lost 7lbs. The next week I leveled off and have lost around 2-3 per week. Then you hit that dreaded plateau and lose nothing for 2 weeks and get frustrated..


Suddenly the weight will come off again. I lost 5 lbs this week after stay the same weight for two straight weeks...

Comment #17

Damon had a cute essay about the breakpoints at 20 pounds and not faltering when there was a slowdown...

Comment #18

Good god two weeks no loss? Thats a tough one..

Comment #19

I lost 11.5 lbs the first week, then an average of about 5 lbs/week...

Comment #20


At the suggestion of the Mindset Makeover, I'm starting to incorporate going out to dinner once or twice a week, while still sticking to the program. I went out twice last week and had pan-blackened salmon, steamed vegetables, rice and salad. It was a great break from the Nutrisystem food and didn't seem to affect my weight loss. I look forward to doing it again this Thursday (tomorrow)...

Comment #21

Hi guys, it's the start of my second week and I have lost a total of 12lbs. I follow the plan and do weight lifting and very light cardio 3 to 4 times a week. I hope I continue to loose...

Comment #22

Nice start; stick with the plan and you will continue to lose...

Comment #23

Well my plan backfired on me this week if you look back in my post my approach to Nutrisystem includes one "cheat" meal a week. I have had great success with this method in the past it helps not to feel trapped..

Anyway note to self......fried chicken off the list.....tasted fine I didn't over indulge, but 1 am....up barfing my brains out. I'll take that as body saying "fried chicken ......not good" wow that sucked will choose better options next time...

Comment #24

Do you still have your gallbladder? You may want to check that out...

Comment #25

I find my self cheating less and less as I progress through the weeks. I have been keeping track of everything since I started (its the engineer in me) I find that it takes me almost 4 100%days to recover from a night of cheating..

I have also not cheated with fried chicken. It is usually beer, snack and a pizza (once)..

I think I am becoming conditioned to think before I eat, what is this going to mean/cost for my weight loss..

This weekend was my younger sons birthday party. Lots of kids, friends and family. We had bunch of food and pizza (my kryptonite). My long time drinking/College buddies were at my house. I just hang out, yapping and serving everyone. Did not cheat once.

I ended up losing over a pound that day. ( I was running around all day long and it was also 7th consecutive 100% days).

I guess I "am" learning something...

Comment #26

Well still down 13lbs in 2weeks not bad. I start back to work Mon after a couple winter months off that will put me on a schedule and make this much easier..

Comment #27

Here is what a chart looks like when you think you can "cheat". Not calling anybody out, just view this as a lesson you can learn from somebody that thought they could do Nutrisystem and cheat on a weekend or two or three and a beer here and there.....

Comment #28

I smell what your stepping in friend. Aint it the truth. One leads to another to another and yet another...

Comment #29

Hello all,.

I started on March 7 and I weighed myself after 1 week and lost 11 pounds. I hope more comes off like that but I realize there will be times I will lose much less. I have done about 90% everyday. I didn't eat all my Dairy and Carbs the first week. Hopefully now that I am doing 100% the weight will still come off.....

Comment #30

My weekly breakdown:.

Week 1 - 5.2lbs.

Week 2 - 1.4lbs.

Week 3 - 3.4lbs.

Week 4 - 1.6lbs.

Week 5 - 2.2lbs.

Week 6 - 3.0lbs.

Week 7 - Weigh in tomorrow but I've already lost 1.2lbs.

Mostly for's reducing the amount of food I was used to eating, because I haven't started exercising yet. Instead, I stay busy with Boy Scouts and am doing something with them every weekend..

Keep up the good work and try to think long term.....slow is the way to go and your body will adjust accordingly..

I am just glad spring is here now.....MORE OUTSIDE FUN! (equals more exercise!!!)..

Comment #31

I am on day 3 of Nutrisystem and was wondering if anyone else experiences the sensation of feeling off at first? Headaches, muscle weakness, tiredness does it ever go away?..

Comment #32

I'm pretty happy losing a few pounds a week at my age (58)..

I lost about 10 lbs the first week when I started exercising regularly and then another 10 lbs over the next 2 weeks after starting the Nutrisystem diet. Down another 4 lbs so far this week. It looks like about 4-5 lbs per week so far. All I know is my doctor was happy on Friday. My blood pressure was way down and hopefully my good cholesterol level (a real problem for me) will improve...

Comment #33

Not sure about anybody else but for absolutely I was all messed up for at least a week. Not so much headaches but my sleep patterns were kooky dreams etc. Hard to describe just generally "off"..

Comment #34

All so had a bad week put on 4lbs through over enjoying st pattys day with buddy's going out to lunch with a friend couple times. And pretty much falling back to old habits..

But back to work from a winter break starting tomorrow will pick myself back up dust off and carry on. I do much better with the structure of work. The system works it's when I fail the system that theres problems...

Comment #35

I'm almost a month into the program. I'm currently down 15 pounds. I'll probably be down about 16 by my month anniversary date. My first week I was down about 6 losing about 3 pounds a week on average..

I'm still struggling a bit in the evenings after the kids go to bed. That was always my main issue as I would easily consume 1000+ calories after 9PM each night. However, I'm drinking more water at night, chewing sugar free gum, and holding off on my after dinner desert until 9PM or so. I am also exercising three nights during the work week to help offset that "need" of late night cravings...

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