Soy protein and Medifast?

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Do you even believe that? Why would Medifast which is created by doctors have an awesome product that can hurt us? I don't believe this rumor...

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Here is the Medifast information sheet about soy and it's benefits:

Comment #1

The research is mixed. It is best for you to speak to your own doctor or do your research if you are so inclined. Or you can ask NS. And you might be directed to the Medifast document on soy that Freya provided a link for.

That said, I do know women who have been advised by their physicians, medical oncologists, and nutritionists to have only soy free products because of the research that says yes (medical research, not rumors). Perhaps it depends on the woman, the medical history, the medical doctor, etc.

Take care!..

Comment #2

Oh, and a study in 1992 linked lettuce to cancer. We live in a carcinogenic stew. It didn't stop me from eating at McDonald's, and I know you've been through a Carl's Jr. at least once - so clearly our actions show we just don't care *that* much about putting toxins in our bodies. *grin*.

MF is temporary. If you're worried about too much soy, eat more of the whey products. If you're worried about eliminating all possible carcinogens from your life, you're going to have to move to another planet because there is no "safe" place on this one...

Comment #3

Being overweight increases your chances of getting breast cancer- and a bunch of other cancers- significantly. I'd rather have tons of soy (where the jury is really out on whether it increases cancer risk) for a year than keep being overweight...

Comment #4

Actually, because of the soy/estrogen connection, only people with ER (estrogen receptive) breast cancer are typically advised by oncologists to avoid soy...

Comment #5

I wouldn't go to Medifast articles to find answers to this. They are a business trying to sell their product and make money. They are a business I love and am so grateful for, but a business is a business. There is a lot of research that soy raises estrogen levels which can contribute to breast cancer, but having 80+ pounds of extra weight does too since the more fat you have the more estrogen your body carries. I figured doing a shortish diet to get to a healthy weight was A LOT more healthy than staying soy free and staying 200+ pounds.

(BTW, the weight stuff I wrote is regarding my own weight, not yours!!)..

Comment #6

I agree with what Freya said. if you look hard enough, anything and everything causes cancer, according to some study. But I know where yoau re coming fromit is concerning to hear this but then, it IS only temporary and with the jury still out, I would rather do this than have the alternative of being heavy...

Comment #7

I agree about speaking to your own doctor. I'm a school librarian and have access to a good online database called the Health and Wellness Research Center. Very current, valid sources. Seems more current research is actually leaning the other way, one recent study showed that Chinese women who ate soy protein were less likely to get breast cancer and more likely to survive it. Overall, though, research is still pretty inconclusive and it depends on what you read. I must stress I am not a doctor and reading about one study doesn't make me close to an expertDefinitely talk to your own if you are worried...

Comment #8

I have a client who had breast cancer and one on a estrogen blocking drug. We were of the opinion at first that she would need to use on the non soy products but once she spoke with her doctor he assured her that only huge amounts of soy would cause an issue...

Comment #9

I agree with myself that speaking to your doctor is the way to go...

Comment #10

I have also heard that eating charred food from the grill will cause cancer..

Certain veggies will cause cancer.

Breathing the air will cause cancer..

Frankly I haven't heard of anything that WON'T cause cancer! <snicker>.

Heck - LIVING will cause cancer!..

Comment #11

Definitely talk to your doctor. We can Google ourselves silly looking up information, and in the process scare ourselves into inertia. Your doctor knows your health concerns and is able to assist you in the cost/benefit analysis of anything you choose to do in regard to your health...

Comment #12

This is so true, one year something is great for you, the next it's bad for you, then they clear it again and it's great for you.

But as everyone has said, YOUR personal Doctor knows best...

Comment #13

Part two of my post. After I thought some more on this. You know there is mixed reviews on whether HIGH doses of soy can effect your chances of breast cancer but studies absolutely show that being overweight causes all number of cancer including breast cancer. Fat produces estrogen soo....

Comment #14

And eggs! First they're nature's perfect food, then the yolks are the source of all that is evil artery-clogging death in this world, then they do some more studies and find out the yolks have good cholesterol that helps with the bad cholesterol, and basically I think they have no idea...

Comment #15

I was aware of the health risk before starting MF. Like everyone else said, talk to your doctor about the risks. My desire to achieve weight loss outweighed everything else so......


Comment #16

Cancer is the new old age.

Think about it.

(Don't we all have to die one way or another??)..

Comment #17


If you let the possibility of cancer (any kind) scare you into hiding, what kind of life would we live? I am a thyroid cancer survivor and my mother a breast cancer survivor. I am a firm believer in living my life and not living in fear of "what if" or "could be". What's the point, really?..

Comment #18

Here's my two cents fwiw.

POSSIBILITY of dying early due to POSSIBILITY of cancer POSSIBLY caused by Soy.


PROBABILITY of dying early due to obesity..

In a world where many things can be carcinogenic...I choose to focus on the things I KNOW can damage my health...

Comment #19

I have always thought that those studies that say soy is bad for you are most likely sponsored by companies that have a stake in meat production. Cultures where meat consumption is low and soy and other plant based foods high, are also WAY healthier than we are in the good ole US of A.

Just sayin...

Comment #20

Someone may have already mentioned this but here goes: obesity is closely linked with breast cancer..

My mother had estrogen-positive breast cancer (survivor!) and has been advised to avoid soy because of that. I weighed the pros and cons of the risks and decided that years of my extra weight are much more worrisome and long-term risk for breast cancer than several months on soy protein..

Hope this helps. I also agree with was it Freya who said we live among multiple carcinogens all of the time. It's downright impossible to avoid them all. We are all on these boards in a search for a healthier lifestyle and losing unhealthy weight is a crucial start :-).


Comment #21

My mom died of breast cancer (she was a normal weight), but as others have said obesity was a greater risk to me than the soy. However, I was aware of the studies and a few months into the program I decided to lessen the risk by having two non-soy meals every day...usually an antioxidant shake and a hot cocoa (my favorite Medifast meal!)..

EDIT: When my mom passed away the testing was not yet available to determine whether or not her cancer was estrogen-positive...

Comment #22

LOL @ Kerrigan. As my favorite aunt says, "We all have to die of something. Nobody is getting out of this world alive."..

Comment #23

I also weighed the pros and cons of the Medifast food very seriously before deciding to go for it. I ate a pretty clean diet, mostly organic, no weird chemicals, no packaged foods, etc - and some of the ingredients in the Medifast meals scare me a little. Crunch bars have fractionated oil which is a nice way of saying "hydrogenated," the soy is GMO (yes I called and asked), etc..

But I am (was) looking at 240 lbs. And nothing else has worked. One year or so of my life won't do me in (I hope) I think it's really ironic that packaged meals can take the weight off when everything the "experts" said was healthy and optimal; whole grains (nothing white!), organic yogurts, meat as a condiment, pastured eggs, etc etc at about 2000 cals a day (I was always STARVING) had me GAINING weight..

So I shut my mind off and placed the order. I do wish Medifast had more soy-free options. I'd pay even more for soy-free or at least non-GMO, if they had the option...

Comment #24

My mother also had estrogen-induced breast cancer (also a survivor.

I have recently been diagnosed with a high estrogen level. Therefore, I have mostly all whey Medifast products. I do 4 out of 5 a day whey. One soy..

I agree with the others, you can find a study to say everything is cancerous and deadly.

I'd rather take my chances with minimum soy then take my chances being obese. The soy may or may not cause a problem. I know the obesity will...

Comment #25

I saw a photo of myself at my pre-MF highest weight the other day and was SHOCKED. No matter how many times you tell yourself that you don't ever really SEE what you look like, the truth hits hard sometimes. I laugh like everyone else at the "People of Wall Mart" photos...... but yikes, I guess I just have to be grateful for the protective self-delusion that never saw me as being as heavy as I really was..

I work HARD to find something positive in my experiences. It is a lens I have to consciously focus, because I was raised in a household where I was the brunt of much cruelty and criticism. I have to strengthen and flex the muscles of happiness, and joy, and affirmation. Otherwise like so many people I will easily slip into negativity, and that's just not as fun. It definitely gets in the way..

There is a thread on the boards right now about Medifast food having too much GM soy in it, and questioning is that increasing risk for breast cancer. Well, previous to 2 years ago I would never have eaten GM soy, and given you a lecture why. Now, I have spent 2 years eating it a lot, and I have to do the obvious equation: it MAY be a contributing factor to estrogen-triggered cancers. But morbid obesity WILL shorten your life span measurably.

It is all about choice. When you're a kid, you don't get to make many decisions, and things just happen to you. Now, everyone here is an adult who apparently woke up one day and said "I don't want to be fat anymore." The purpose of blogs and comments and "support" for each other is because making changes is darn hard, and temptation to act out and be self-destructive is around every turn. Knowing that others can do it successfully is the light in the path, knowing others have gone before and believing you too can achieve this goal..

Meanwhile, you'll excuse me, I've got a mule to catch. I gotta ride...

Comment #26

I have always wondered... how does this affect you if you have had a hysterectomy and have no ovaries.. hence no estrogen... does the soy have less effect on you since you dont have any estrogen at all.....????.

So confusing...


Comment #27

I had a total hysterectomy 18 years ago. I didn't like taking the prescription estrogen, so took OTC Estroven with great results. While on MF, I didn't need the Estroven at all until I started maintenance. Estrogen is a necessary thing for all of us. It helps keep the machine working properly...

Comment #28

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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