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I just noticed that someone ripped my site design, and all the content (except probably the games), and made it into a whole new website!.

My site:

Ripper site: (contains adult material).

The introduction even says 'Welcome to'! Banner ads are mine (which is kind of a positive ), design is mine (although customized a bit), the script license is mine, and I think the site is feeding off of my bandwidth by linking to some of my games (I'm not 100% positive). What can I do about this?.

Thank You,.


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I would send the owner a letter telling him/her to immediatly stop use of your site designAlso there entire source is loaded with references to the gangster site.


The register link goes to your site as well..

Comment #1

Thanks. I tried searching for the owner's email through whois, but turns out it was a proxified email address. So, I've emailed the host (dreamhost) and see if they can do something about this problem.

Thank you,.


Comment #2

Their site explodes in firefox, while yours is fine.

How did you find this? You are lucky you caught it early...

Comment #3

I think you have done the right thing by contacting their host.

A few things I would consider adding / adjusting your htaccess file to try to prevent hot linking.

Also I would seriously consider changing the name of some of the images referenced in your code, then with the original named files.

1) change the pics to something less desirable/disgusting.

2) place text on the image saying something like, I stole this image etc.

3) if you can afford the bandwidth get a LARGE file and rename it to the image name and see how long it takes his site to load.

But thats just what I would do..

Their host should shut down the site ASAP considering it is so obvious they have stolen your code..

Comment #4

Hmn..its seen like you both using the same game script..

Comment #5

No, he totally ripped the source code because everything is the same All links point to his site and all text says his site..

Comment #6

Thanks guys. I got a reply from dreamhost today :S:.

Thank you for writing. We are always willing to assist copyright owners guard their.

Content and remove it from infringing websites, but we need to receive these.

Complaints in the form of a formal Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) notice.

This is a legal document that assures that you are the owner of the copyright and.

Asserts your rights over the specific content involved.


Hmm.. is it really that complicated?.

Thank You,.


Comment #7

Nope, it sounds like they're just being lazy (to me)? Hosts can pull websites down at the first sort of complaint, DreamHost seem like they're just being lazy/annoying.

Their coding is odd... their login box simply doesn't work.. try contacting them directly, and keep trying to contact DreamHost and see if you can stop them being lazy and making things more complicated than they need to be...

Comment #8

Ok I just replied with a more 'direct' message. Hope they will actually look at the site this time.

Thank You,.


Comment #9

Best of luck I hope you get somewhere with your query. In my experience, hosts pull websites down without following some copyright law/complaint.. (Freewebs is a good example of this - I've had two sites shut down within a week for copying one of my site's contents). I hope that DreamHost are more helpful this time around. Keep us posted!..

Comment #10

I sent you a very good DMCA draft that will take down any infringements efficiently..

Good luck and regards,.

Sonny Van..

Comment #11

Hi Donny,.

Here is a link to a extensive guide what to do... What to do when someone steals your Content.

Which will guide you through all the steps you can take to take action.

*Hint* (Such a guide should be stickied in my opinion)..

Comment #12

Lol the domain is kinda of funny, but the site owner is a retard for attempting such thing. what a lazy idiot,..

Comment #13

You have been given all the correct advice, however for the future I would suggest reading: DMCA Action - A General Guide to Taking Action Against Site Rippers using DMCA Law! by Dan Richard ( owner).

Detailed and well explained article about DMCA and how to use it.


(I also backup Damion's idea of making a sticky about his link, including this one as well)..

Comment #14

People are idiots. I can't believe that are this low to rip another person's site. I know it happens a lot but this is just stupid.

Wouldn't you think it would take more time ripping the site then developing your own?.

Possibly just using a nice arcade script thats free or very affordable...

Comment #15

I actually am getting some decent traffic from their websiteAlthough, what I'm worried about is the duplicate use of my game script license :S. I've spent good money on this, and don't want it to be taken away because some loser couldn't afford one himself.

Anyways, I got a reply from DreamHost:.

Taking content off a website we host can put us in a potentially legally liable.

Position. Because of this, we require a formal DMCA notice. I am not a legal.

Professional so I cannot give you advice on how to draw up a DMCA notice all I.

Can do is advise you to consult with an attorney if you are unable to draw up a.

Proper DMCA notice of your own resources.

Asian, I think I'll just forward your PM to them. See what happens ...

Comment #16

Follow the link to Dan Richard's website I provided above, he has put a template or sorts for people to follow.


Comment #17

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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