GoDaddy service : Suggest I use GoDaddy?? Someone grabbed my domain

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I was typing in domain names randomly and for some reason I came across this really premiun domain. every single extension was taken except one. I used a few registrar to double check the domains availability and it was. So I registred the domain with my registrar. I was waiting for the domain to be active and after many hours waiting I got an email from my registrar stating that "could not register this domain" I was very disappointed because I knew the domain was available since I cheked quite few registrars. I traced the domain using whois and guess what I found? The domain I registred. There's is no name nor company who it belong to except this:.

The Registrar company name.




As soon as a found out I called my registrar and told them what happen and they told me that the domain belongs to me. They are working on getting it back so I could have it. I need some feedback from all the expert domainers about this issue. Am I going to get this domain?.


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Sounds like you checked for it at a bad site. There are some domain registration sites that automatically grab a domain after you query it's availability in the hopes that you'll pay extra to buy it from them. The good news is that if you wait a few days it will probably be released and you'll be able to pick it up without much of a problem. In the future, try to stick with reputable sites like GoDaddy when checking on domains...

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You mean that I will be able to get the domain even though it's registred to some else right now? Hopefuly my registrar would be able to get it back for me. I learned my lesson well not to check it with different registrars...

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You lost the domain by checking it at various registrars. Why would you do that? Use reputable sites like to check if available. If so then go to your registrar and attempt to register it.

Also lots of poor registrars will "taste" a domain within the 5 day grace period (or is it 4 days?). So check next week to see if the domain was released...and what ever you do..DO NOT GO TO THE DOMAIN. It will be counted as a unique view and the registrant might keep the domain because of that...

Comment #3

I always use to check domain names. If you use big companies, you won't have this problem. Stay away from small registrars...

Comment #4

So this is a non .com domain name being referred to?.

If the registrar indeed says the domain name is registered to you, it sounds as.

If they're having a billing issue. Work with them...

Comment #5

Simply remember ONE thing.

Domain is yours only after it is paid for and it is in your account.

You can pay, but provider can be able to not be able to reg it. And many other things.

Domains is not yours until it shows up in your account...

Comment #6

In responds to labrocca..yes it was stupid of me to check the domain in various places. And for Dave San..yes it is a non .com domain but the domain is a great name and no question about it. Thank you all for your feedbacks. I guess life is a learning is buying a domain...

Comment #7

I guarantee you'll go places with that kind of attitude...

Comment #8

I would just like to point out that occasionally some of the registries (the people responsible for keeping the database for that extension) go offline or down, and may show the domain as available when it actually is not. This would result in a failed registration and happens often! On the whois, did you check the date of registration to ensure this wasnt the case?.


BTW - .info is notorious for this!..

Comment #9

After knowing that the domain was taken away I checked the whois and it was register to some company in Asia on the day I registred the domain...

Comment #10

I checked it with 1and1, godaddy, and some others I couldn't remember...

Comment #11

No I did't get it back. it's now parked at sedo and so far the domain has 100+ clicks in less than 2 weeks. unfortunately I don't think the new owner will drop it. and no it isn't wan fu. I guess my biggest mistake was that I registered it with 1and1. I have different registrars and for some reason I registered it with 1and1. That's a BIG BIG BIG mistake..

Comment #12

Not always true with some registrars. I usually don't count on it till whois shows my name. I use Moniker though and have not once have I had a registration issue. Oh wait..I did lose one IDN before they were supporting IDNs. I wasn't aware at the time they didn't support IDNs but I do believe they do now.

See....we all make mistakes. It was a good domain too.

What was the domain you lost? We are all so curious...

Comment #13

I guess the rule is that we can only post the domain name that belongs to us. Now that the domain is not mine I could only give a hint. it is a 4 letter dictionary word and has 180,000,000 google result. not a dot com but an excellent extension for the domain name...

Comment #14

Ugh that rule is for sales and for appraisals not for general discussions like legal issues...

Comment #15

Oh ok..labrocca...yup it's a big ouch for losing that domain..

Comment #16

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