GoDaddy reviews : Recommend I go GoDaddy?? Somebody is trying to steal my design and site idea

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Here is a video explaining:

Copy of my website:.

1. screenshot:

2. copycat website:

3. developers site:

I'm the /img/avatar4.jpg and designer of I have spend many sleepless nights working on this site for weeks and I still continue improving it. I worked on every aspect of the site to create a better user experience. I created all graphics, even very little things myself. Now those guys came and they are stealing my design and concept. I'm super annoyed by these guys.

Erdinc Post added at 11:24 AM Previous post was at 11:06 AM The "bid" links on the developer site redirect to UpName Domain Search Domain Docking.

They are actually pulling the data from our site because they made thousands of searches during the last 2 weeks. Then they add one extra column "Pagerank & inlinks" to our results. Post added at 12:14 PM Previous post was at 11:24 AM If anybody is offering for sale, don't buy it. That site is a fake. It doesn't have a functional database. It gets search results from my website.

It also seems to get some data from

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Yah, thats definitely a lame move. I think your best course of action is to simply ban their IP from accessing your site. I would also send over a C&D. Im not sure you stand much legal ground, but it may scare them enough to straighten their site up...

Comment #1

File a DMCA complaint with their hosting company. And their domain registrar.

Good luck!..

Comment #2

Detect their IP address and feed them bogus data...

Comment #3

Ditto. That should do the trick. Yes, have fun with it...

Comment #4

After DMCA notice to the hosting provider along with screenshots of server logs showing over 4000 file requests from the two infringing websites in question, they have taken down the website.

After legal notice to the developer, the development version on the freelancer's website has been taken down.

It looks like the was not pulling search results from my site but they were getting those from

They downloaded my code, the home page, my CSS file, and my images. Inside they code they didn't even bother cleaning up my site name. I've send a friendly letter to the site owner. I hope he will take it seriously and won't repeat it. He did not respond to my emails. The owner was a young person, also a domainer.

By the way, a 'DMCA Takedown Notice' along with some evidence to the hosting provider and if needed to the domain registrar, is definitely the way to go in these matters. However, to the infringing website instead a DMCA, a cease and desists letter should be send.

Thank you for useful information and support in this thread.


Comment #5

Glad it worked out for you - hopefully the other person has learned a lesson...

Comment #6

Yesterday the site was taken down by host. Now it is back up again. Domain Docking.

Inside the code view you can still see our site name. What should I do now against this guy?.

I know who this person is in real life. Also the developer who was hired to do the job is cooperating with me. What is the next step?..

Comment #7

DMCA is an American law, and the hosting company is not American.

Send notice to Godaddy, they'll pull it for sure...

Comment #8

I recorded a video: site rip off on Vimeo.

I can't believe the replica site is up again after it was taken down by host...

Comment #9

Yes it is still the same host. I checked whois on the registrar. The nameservers are still the same DNS.HOSTONY.COM.

This hosting company has taken down the site yesterday. I had posted them this screenshot: as a proof that files were downloaded from us.

Now today, that particular code is removed and the site is up again. Removing the link doesn't change the fact that my html, css and image files and my code was downloaded and is used now. It is my design they have on their site.

I live in the UK, the host is a UK host, the person copying my site lives in the US. Do I have to file a lawsuit in the US? In case the site is taken down later on I would like get this documented. I'm already taking screenshots and video. Is there a way to get this documented officially?.

I also have server logs and the freelance developers emails about what happened who was hired to do the job.

What is the next step? Post added at 10:43 AM Previous post was at 09:51 AM The replica site Account Suspended is now taken down for the second time by the host.

Yesterday it was taken down and went up again after a few hours.

This guy is just asking to get his ass sued...

Comment #10

Did you file a DMCA with Godaddy? They're usually very responsive to complaints. If nobody's taking this seriously, then time to lawyer up.

Of course, if this person's determined to be a ********, they could just keep putting the site up on different domains and hosts. Lawsuits are a pain in the *** but it sounds like you're in a good position to teach them a lesson.

BTW, I see they're hotlinking your ajax loader image with the full pathname - can you rename that image on your own site and serve up some different image just for them ?

Comment #11

Hi enlytend,.

The site has been taken down now for the second time by the host and is down at the moment.

I already filed a DMCA with Godaddy a few hours before the site was taken down by the host. Probably godaddy will check it and see the site is down. I don't know if they would still go ahead and cancel the domain.

Somebody commented here about DMCA being for the US only. Is this correct? Should DMCA be not mentioned when you file elsewhere?..

Comment #12

It's a US copyright law - I believe so, but I could be mistaken...

Comment #13


Has the owner responded to your email? Perhaps a friendly phone conversation at this point would "cut" the tension? Things seem to be much more real for people when an actual voice is on the other end of a phone and not just an email from cyberspace...

Comment #14

I have send him 3 emails and he didn't respond to any.

After the site was taken down by the host I have send him a legal notice with all the details and explicitly told not to repeat the offence. A few hours later he put the site up again. He is not the most reasonable person I've come across during the last few days.

He used this freelancer page to outsource the job to somebody: - Web Page to display sortable results from table with filters | AJAX | Javascript | PHP.

I'm now contacting as well about the situation. Post added at 03:27 PM Previous post was at 03:20 PM The site is back again: Domain Docking..

Comment #15

For what it's worth Erdinc, I think your idea is great and it's unfortunate that your going to run across garbage like this. Perhaps you should fix the problem as quick as possible as it will render what he's doing useless...

Comment #16

The site is taken down again for the third time. Post added at 04:47 PM Previous post was at 04:45 PM Can somebody tell me if I need to file charges in the US or UK?.

I'm in the UK. The host is in the UK and the site owner is in the US. Post added at 05:01 PM Previous post was at 04:47 PM I was just received an email from the host. They are annoying. They say they have let the site up again because the owner told them he removed the infringing material...

Comment #17

My recommendation is to try your best to block their site by technical means, before resorting to legal action. Can you block their IP address (or netblock) from accessing your site, for example?.

Edit: sorry, I didn't fully understand the situation...

Comment #18

You should continue to allow them to access your content. That's proof for you they are violating your copyright and directly stole your content...

Comment #19


Currently they are not downloading any data from me. They have already downloaded my home page (html code), my images and my css code. So they have a website that uses my user interface and's search results.

Last time we spoke the site was taken down for the third time. After that the person emailed me and said he is sorry he forgot a piece of code that links to my image. Now he is not hotlinking to my image but he has downloaded my image to his server and uses it from there.

Soon afterwards the site went up again. It is now up again for the time after taken down by 3 times. This hosting company, each time asks the person if the problem is fixed and each time the person says yes it is fixed. Then they put it up again.

The hosting company is in the UK. I think they are also liable because of repeat offences...

Comment #20


Perhaps it's time to lawyer up, especially if your content is valuable. Sometimes a well-worded letter from legal counsel can work wonders.


Comment #21

Ask the host for their legal contact because you plan to escalate this matter to an attorney...

Comment #22

They have now changed the host to godaddy or wildwestdomains.

The name in the whois for is made up.

The phone number in the whois +1.8888206292 is some kind of answer machine where you can only leave a message.

The guy has started responding to my emails: He simply removed the link that you see here:

After sending me this message the site went up again for the time after taken down by the host 3 times. Each time he was telling the hosting company the problem was fixed. The old hosting company was kind of stupid. They have a fake name as well. They claim to be located on a tiny island Jersey, in the UK. They use the term Limited in their business name.

I checked their name in companies house website it doesn't exist. Everything about the old host, is fake.

Anyway, now the guy has moved the hosting to wildwestdomains or godaddy. I have send a DMCA to godaddy. His whois name is also fake.

He has send me a new email fro this address: - Web Page to display sortable results from table with filters | AJAX | Javascript | PHP.

This information was provided by Matthew himself. This is what John told Matthew about the job: John Armonk, who is behind all this, has many friends on his facebook profile. Welcome to Facebook.

Some of the people on his facebook friends list are people like Adam Dicker and Ari Goldberg.

John Armonk, the wannabe kid, also likes to call himself the CTO (Chief Technology Officer) of Upname, on his facebook profile. I contacted one of his friends and he told me "we don't know that person".

When I questioned, then why he is on their friend list they said, they don't want to be rude so we accepted his friendship request since the domain domain community is a nice community...

Comment #23

This is the point where I'd stop messing around with this fool and call my lawyer. If you're lucky, one well-worded, threatening letter may be all it takes...

Comment #24


This letter should go to both the thief and the thief's host.


Comment #25

Sorry to hear this, I have only just found Namecatch but think it is amazing for what it does...hope you are successful in whatever you do to these thieves.

(Though I would love to see more extensions available in the future hint hint lol)..

Comment #26

Enough playing games with this guy, go after him. The programmer officially killed any possible loophole for the thief to use. He clearly knew what he was looking for & stated as such. If his site does not get removed, it would be a crying shame...

Comment #27

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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