Solution to transferring "unlocked" website to godaddy from Hosting city?

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My first question is: Solution to transferring "unlocked" website to godaddy from Hosting city?.

My next question is: Let's put together as many auction results over $10,000 to get an idea of the real premium domains that have been available in an open market. $12,500. $13,500. $11,501. $26,000. $15,500. $19,019. $19,308. $11,502. $13,500. $14,500. $10,700. $22,501. $16,251. $12,100. $21,500. $13,500. $12,500. $83,334. $53,607. $29,000. $23,200. $22,500. $20,501. $20,500. $19,500. $15,500. $13,499.

OnlineCasino $12,600. $11,500. $11,000. $11,000. $10,200. $10,000. $20,500. $11,500.

Anyone know of other confirmed auction results over $10K?..

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Your question was: Solution to transferring "unlocked" website to godaddy from Hosting city?.

Who are the specific "buyers" (verified as completed sales and transfers via full escrow) ... of these HostGator names?!? IYHO's.


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If you need to know - Look them up in the .asia Whois, jeff...


Comment #2

Do you have a link for the .ASIA Whois? ... and then we can all look each of them up and compare notes and discuss here, IMHO.

Who handled the escrow for the "sales" listed above, respectively?.

Thanks for the assist..


Comment #3

Hi Jeff,.

I know you are shaking your head at some of these sales (to be honest so am I with some of them!) but rest assured they are genuine.

The whois can be found here -

Jeff, maybe it's time you accepted, with good grace, that maybe you have underestimated .asia after all and there has been and will be at least a chance to make a decent $ or two through them. Go on... admit it..

Comment #4


When you enter a search in the dotasia Whois for the names that have sold at Landrush auctions (eg as listed above), you'll find completed transactions (ie paid for & transferred) show the new owner's details...

...Those auction winners that have not yet completed the transaction obviously don't yet show up...

Eg as of today, you'll find new registrant details for, say,, and - but, not yet for provide the mechanisms for both the auctions, & the payment process.

(btw - before you ask, I've won three names at .asia Landrush auctions - and, the auction process, winner confirmation, payment, & transfer process, has been flawless, both times).


Comment #5

Righto, I'm genuinely shaking my head regarding many of these referenced "sales", IMHO.

Thanks for the Whois link, I'll check them out and we can continue the discussion here ... can we agree that, at these prices, these "sales" must be to End users who will soon, if not already, have fully developed ".ASIA" websites on these domains? IYHO's.

Thanks for the assist..


Comment #6

I can recall a domainer on other forum said that the final auction price always meet his max bid, that's "weird"...

Comment #7 is currently at $20,500 < 23 hours remaining...

Comment #8 just closed yesterday for $15,500 so I'll add that to master list above.

Klrsmith, thanks let me know how it ends.

Anyone else have any contributions? I'm sure there must be plenty of people on here who can see results from 1,000's of auctions???..

Comment #9

Hmm that's weird I might be using a wrong whois tool

Comment #10

Yeah it's only just closed. Give it a couple of days I'd say...

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I created a website, especially to show all .asia landrush and sunrise auction results:

I also made a section with only results. With this website it's easier to appraise your .asia domains.



Comment #12

It's over - Jun 26, 2008 22:26:00 $20500 Jun 24, 2008 14:41:54..

Comment #13

Nice one webecri, REP+.

Have pulled a few big ones out of your list to add to this thread at the top. Total value of ones listed here $633,323.

Not bad seeing as we're just about at the halfway mark for general auctions.....

Comment #14

I read somewhere yesterday, that up to June 16, .asia sales in Sunrise & Landrush had totaled $3 million at that date...


Comment #15

Wow, dude, that's a massive call...hope it pays off for ya. Big money.....

Comment #16

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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