So unhappy with Medifast customer service.....ugh!?

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Well I am so enjoying this weight loss endeavor and I sure thought I would never say that about a diet....but it's fine...and I am 100% OP.....

HOWEVER - there is always a thorn on a perfect rose and here is mine!.

Customer service when you call regarding ordering are rude uncooperative and all it seems they want to do is get off the phone call......what gives!.

From my first order there were several things I didn't enjoy so when I called they said you can replace/exchange up to I did. Well I shipped it express on monday morning it arrived at Medifast on tuesday...when I called to wednesday to make sure I was told yes it was received - after much probing..then I asked when the replacements would ship - assuming it would be a immediate -ish turn around - which is what the replacement clerk alluded to when I first found out about this option....well I was told 7-10 ship from MD to PA....WTH!!.

Does this seem ridiculous to anyone else???.

SO hung up and called back today Friday to discover that it had not been processed on Wed as I had been told - and it was actually just processed today....not cool MF!.

Say what you mean...mean what you mom taught me that many moons ago!!.

SO now here I sit with a lousy taste in my mouth about the road ahead dealing with ordering and receipt of my lifeline...MY Medifast FOOD!!.

Anyone any thoughts on this dilemma....I will be Banana Shaking it all bloody weekend - thanks to customer service - could well be doing so into next week too...OMG!!.

Ugh.....happy MF'er who is not happy with Medifast support at distribution....may I suggest some manners/and perhaps a change of pace and more accurate information honestly delivered when a client calls in.....

Now that that's off my chest...maybe my chest is smaller! HAHA....

Have a good evening fellow MF'ers.....

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Yes...Ive said they are asleep when we call and want to go back to sleep.

Try asking for La Toya. She is genuine, concerned, and kind..

They did not send an entire order of mine one time. I wont go into it, but the entire thing should have been on Sat Night Live..

Maybe you can order online. It is so easy!..

Comment #1

I'm sorry you had trouble when calling. In general, the best plan is to keep 2-4 weeks of extra food around, and make sure to place all orders at least 2 weeks before you need it. Then, no drama!..

Comment #2

Kin! The first time I had to call them I felt the EXACT way as you did. I could not believe that I was going to have to talk to people who cared less about my doing medifast when I cared so much about doing it and when doing medifast was one of the most important things to me. It was SO deflating.

I order mostly online now...cant believe how easy, but in your case you had to call. I am sending good vibes your way that La Toya will answer. By the way, there is a young man that sometimes answers that is great too...

Comment #3

I had this problem also, almost the exact same outcome (see my blog). I got frustrated and moved up my next autoship order, because I knew it would be faster. So my autoship order was pulled on Tuesday (1st) and arrived Wednesday (2nd). I live about an hour from MFHQ, so it was quick. Need-less to say my exchange order still has not arrived and it has been almost 2 weeks now..

Where do you live in PA, somewhere close to the MD boarder? You could place an order for pickup from MFHQ then drive down and pick it up. The other thing I could suggest is find (via the boards) someone that lives close to you and barrow/buy/exchange some food with them. Or go to a center, they have a plan where you can pick-up your food from them (but it costs money to use the center, even to just pick-up food, crazy right?)...

Well I wanted to let you know that you were not alone when it comes to exchanges and problems with poor customer service and bad information...

Comment #4

There was an entire thread dedicated to "La Toya" and how rude, disrespectful and nasty she was several months ago. Either she was smacked into shape or all of the CS people are named La Toya.

Personally, the only customer service issues I ever had were contacting TSFL. I had to get my HC involved to get a simple ordering issue resolved. Never had a bad experience with Medifast service. Never had issues with my orders being shipped. I will admit that I never returned or exchanged foods. I tossed what I didn't like from my first variety pack and only ordered what I liked from that point on..

There are definitely things that could be changed, but that's true of all companies. I try to get by with companies I order from so that contacting any CS is an absolute last resort. At least when you call MF, you don't have to speak to someone from India or some other country that they outsource to that doesn't speak very good English..

Sorry that the original poster had a bad experience...

Comment #5

With the exception of one company, I have never been happy with customer service for any company...MF is probably not that different from other companies!.

I haven't had to call MF, though.

(This is not saying that all customer service agents are bad...I just seem to have that special luck in general...)..

Comment #6

I've called customer service 3 times and each time the CS rep was polite and helpful..

I'm not sure what the odds are that 3 out of 3 calls would be great...but after reading this thread, I guess I got pretty lucky. (One of the reps was a guy.)..

Comment #7

Now that I think about that it wasnt la toya who was so great. It was another girl, who had a long name. I just deleted it from my address book a few days ago, of course. It may have started with a C or S. Yes the guy I have talked to is super fun and professional...

Comment #8

I called customer service today and my rep (a guy also) was super nice and helpful. I think his name might have been Bruce...

Comment #9

I have only had to call CS once. The woman who helped me was very polite and helpful. She stayed on the phone with me quite awhile (I had to return several soy products to replace with whey products). And my new order came in a timely fashion..

Sorry some of you are not having such good luck...

Comment #10

Let's hear it for the guys!! The one I talked to a couple of times had a nice accent..could have been bruce, but dont remember....just an up beat, eager to help person..

Comment #11

Sorry to hear that you guys have experienced this....I have called 3 times and each time they could not have been nicer or more helpful...

Comment #12

I wonder if they contract out to a "call center", which could explain a lot of the unwillingness to be very helpful or symphathic...

Comment #13

I chuckled when I read this,,, the part about the accent.... are you sure his name wasn't PEGGY? I love that ad on TV. Violet..

Comment #14

In the beginning when I was VIP I had to call every month to get my return # so I could exchange a bunch of boxes. And I would also call frequently for updates on my shipment. I always had helpful and cheery people. Even when I was rude and cranky because I was almost out of food. The gal was soooo empathetic and helpful. After a few months I called to cancel my VIP so I could start using coupons and the guy was great, explained everything.

Either I've been very lucky or I call a different call center all together because I'm on the West Coast........?..

Comment #15

I've called CS twice to return at the beginning of my Medifast plan and always met with courteous friendly people. No problems returning what I wanted and very patient for me trying to figure out what I wanted. I would never order over the phone for the entire month order. I order through the Medifast site or TSFL. Never a problem there and since I live in PA, I order one day and get it the very next day. I'm pleased as punch with all things Medifast except the darn new pretzels. haha..

Comment #16

I have always had Jessica Taylor or Tianna take my calls they are awesome and nothing like the poor experiences reported here. I guess I have been lucky. Ask for them! They go the distance..

Comment #17

I've always done my order through my health coach. I am on auto ship and if I want to change something I let my HC know ahead of time and she changes it. Also, if I wanted to exchange something, I would meet up with her and she would swap with what she had. It's great having her on my "team"...

Comment #18

That's her name - Tianna, who was so great with me when I had the order problem. I had forgotten her name...

Comment #19

Sadida? May I have your doggy???.

He is precious!..

Comment #20

Has anyone called their health coach about problems with custiomer service? they might be able to get through to the powers that be. just a suggestion...

Comment #21

If you have a health coach, you are likely ordering directly through them from Take Shape For Life, not directly through MF, and yes, I have had to resort to having my HC intervene in the past. This will only work if you have a responsive caring HC...

Comment #22

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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