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I have a domain, I purchased to for development of information regarding the national organization. The name is USorganization .com.

I got an UDRP notice in my email today. I forgot I had it parked when I moved a bunch of domains over instead of pointing it to my nameservers.

The only thing is they sent me a form letter, but did not include any information on it. The letter follows a format like this: Is this notice not valid unless they specify the missing information? Should I just ignore it, or send them an email pretending to not know what they are talking about? Or should I just transfer it to them anyways? I did have some dev plans for it, but it was a name I aquired for reg fee so it wouldn't be that big a deal.


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Is "organization" in the domain a company? If it is a descriptive term, you might have a leg, but the fact that it was parked may have shown ads related to their business or product wouldn't help.

If it is a tm'ed domain, best bet would be to turn it over, but then again with a cookie cutter email like that, it almost looks like it may have been an automated system rather than a real company... there was some company a while back finding and generating notices for people/companies that paid them...

If they didn't give you any information to identify them, IMHO your best bet is to not acknowledge the email since you don't know who/where it came from and could be a scammer. If you get a proper email and/or snail mail, then would be the time to think about responding imho.

Not a lawyer, so don't take it to be legal advice...

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The was definitely from the company in question. They had a respond email atI also pointed the site to nonexistent name servers.

They just sent me a second email with all the missing information filled in. I'm just going to hand it over, not worth my $7.

I responded this morning but haven;t heard back from them yet...

Comment #2

Good move imho. Just hope they don't decide to go after you anyways (probably wont since it's typically too cost prohibitive)...

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I am not sure I understand..

Did you get an email from them only?.

Or did you get the notice from NAF or WIPO too?..

Comment #4

From his posts, they didn't go to NAF/WIPO. Just C&D and "give us our domain" letter...

Comment #5

Just make sure it's not a scam...they know many domainers automatically hand over domains when any kind of C&D is received...

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Offer then the domain for the registration fee. If not, ask for an actual snail mail letter.

I've had people write letters claiming to to take me to small claims court/or similar and nothing ever happened. Did worry me though!..

Comment #7

Just some scary letter from them telling me how they are right and I am wrong, and what can happen, blah blah blah.

I don't feel any special attachment to the domain so it's no big to me if they really want it.

I responded back to them telling them I appreciate their stance and wish to work with them, asking where I can push the domain to or what I need to do. No response, and this was over a week or two ago.I'm getting the feeling that since I took it off parking and pointed it to a page saying "wrong site, use google!" that that's good enough for them..

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Finally got the transfer request email and transferred the domain over to NetSol.

They did also accidentally send me 2 other people's domain requests as well Roll Eyes , so I guess they are taking a few people's names. Can't they keep emails straight?..

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