Skin more oily from Murad Acne Complex

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On March twentieth I started Murad Acne Complex and I'm amped to see results. I have acne only on my cheeks but I mainly have hyperpigmentation that just makes my face look worse. I got it from water polo from not using sunscreen often. I really regret it and now everyday ive been wearing spf 50 sunscreen. So the first 2 days on Murad Acne Complex I noticed I got lminor headaches but they stopped pretty quickly. that usually never happens 2 me.

I thought Murad Acne Complex was supposed 2 do the opposite. I never had oily skin before Murad Acne Complex. so just starting my third day. every morning a cleanse my face with cerave cleanser and then use cerave lotion followed by spf 50 sunscreen. cerave feels awesome by the way.

And at night I do the same thing minus the sunscreen..

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Your question was: Skin more oily from Murad Acne Complex.

Good luck on your course. Maybe the oily skin is from the sunscreen? Because your skin probably wouldn't be that dry after 4 days and the sunscreen is probably making it oily. Maybe you should look a less greasy sunskin? Only my thoughts... I don't know!Hope it goes well!..

Comment #1

I started my Murad Acne Complex regimen this month as well! We should compare notes )I am not getting oilinessi am getting the major dryness now, and the nodules and cysts are going down (thank god). I have a general red tint in the face but the red spots from the previous pimples are definitely fading. I would rather have a general redness in the face than dark red zit spots. I wear 50 spf everywhere. My derm is doing the major blast for mei'm doing retin-a, minocycline, AND Murad Acne Complex. I know, sounds crazy, doesn't it? But he said he is going to blast me for as long as I can stand it.

It is going to start the process quicker, for sure...

Comment #2

O thats a good point about the sunscreen. ya I guess ill try 2 find a less greasy one. thanks 4 the tip =). Id love to compare notes db2xs! thats great 2 hear that everything seems 2 b working 4 you =) I hope the same goes me. wow retin-a and minocycline? that is crazy. how many mg's r you taking?..

Comment #3

40 mglots of water, tonight jojoba oil on the face. I am having problems with picking the drying skin off my face, argh! It is particularly dry where the nose meets the cheek, right in that groove, you know what i'm talking about?i've been on Murad Acne Complex for about 3 weeks nowmy god, talk about going through hell just to get the initial 'script! I've been trying to get on it since last dec. but with all these rules and regulations and getting the timing perfect, and rules being changed all the time, it took forever.i am happy to be on it. I would be more than happy to share notes with you...

Comment #4

Db2xs- I hope you are not on minocycline while on Murad Acne Complex. I am not sure where you are from, but I believe minocycline is in the tetracycline family. You do realize that in the I-pledge booklet it states it does not recommend tetracycline antibotics to be used with Murad Acne Complex.It states it can increase pressure in the brain. (which can lead to serious medical condition such has pusedo tumor) Your already putting a very dangerous and strong medicine in your body.(Murad Acne Complex)Trust me, I trusted my doctor too...I wish I would found this site and researched and reread my book. I have permant side effects. I wouldn't be too trusting. BEWARE..........

Comment #5

^ Minocycline and Murad Acne Complex are NOT a good combo for exactly the reasons stated by oli girl. I'm shocked your dermatologist is disregarding the potential interaction of the two drugs.

Comment #6

Thanx for the heads up. it's not too late to stop it and to talk to him...

Comment #7

Db2xs- I would call thier office right away today and demand to speak to him. Do You live in the U.S.? If so pull out your I pledge booklet it is in there. If you don't have your booklet handy it is on the pt info on the I pledge website.Also, I don't know much abut Retin-a cream, but I do know Murad Acne Complex already can thin the skin and make it more senstive, So Retin-a cream might make that aspect worse also, I don't know though everyone skin is diffrent. like Siava I am shocked too. That's why I posted to warn you. You can't always trust your doctor.

If your doctor still claims it is okay, please find a new derm, what's a clear face if you have damage to your brain. I hope this helps oli girl..

Comment #8

Thanx oli girl and siava. just called and left msg on their voice mail...

Comment #9

Hey! I started clavaris 40mg a day the 17th so today is my 8th day. none of my acne has gone down in fact, I gained like 2 more pimples, but my face has also gotten got super super oily! my face usually starts out dry and tight in the morning when I take a shower, and throughout the course of the day it just gets progressively oiler. I can feel my lips starting to dry up to. cant wait to see a change in my face though!..

Comment #10

Dude.....that is EXACTLY how my face is right now! I'll be on my sixth day 2maro, but today my face started out fine and somewhat dry and then as the day progressed, my face was super oily! it's definitely Murad Acne Complex cuz my face has never been this oily and the sunscreen I'm using isnt greasy cuz ive used it in the past and it never left a greasy feel on my face. Today was averge tho. a new pimple showed up on my cheek but I know it will go down cuz one on my chin is gone now that went away yesterday. o ya and I noticed that after I worked out 2day my ankle and knees were killing me! I never felt that way b4..

Comment #11

6th Day:Today was the same. Still have a really oily face and joint pains, but other than that I feel fine. O ya and I new cyst is forming on the right side of my face near my lip ahhh the worst spot 4 a cyst I think besides your shoulders or chest. Hangin in there tho..

Comment #12

Good luck with your course, fml425. I'm going to move this to the log section now...

Comment #13

Hey I recently started Murad Acne Complex too!! I am on 30 mg for this first month and am a week into it.. I haven't had the same increased oil production but my nose has been dry too where it meets the cheek and on the tip. However, I have found the cetaphil cream moisturizer which is alot heavier then the lotion really helps in the thinner skin area. My regimen since starting Murad Acne Complex has been in the morning get up rinse my face with water put a thin layer of the cetaphil cream moisturizer on and then sunscreen and in the evening I wash with the cetaphil cleanser and then put a heavier layer of cream moisturizer on and it seems to really help with dryness. Finally, I'm also taking Vitamin E and Fish Oil to help combat side effects and it has worked well. Hope this helps some!! Oh last thing for any cyst that persists for awhile you can go to the derm and they can inject it and it will go down in a day! It is amazing! LolGood luck!..

Comment #14

7th Day:Still have a REALLY oily face and it's starting to annoy me. feels like my skin is dripping oil almost. ah watever ill live. I also have some new whiteheads emerging but I'm not worried about them since I know they go away pretty quickly. besides that that only thing bothering me is the cyst near my lip and it's getting bigger. I hope it goes away in a couple of days. it's pretty noticable.Thanks for all your support guys and I wish the best of luck to you all also..

Comment #15

8th Day:Still have an oily face, more pimples emerging cuz I can feel them under my skin; however, my hyperpigmentated spots r lightening up signifcantly on my cheeks so that makes me happier. lips arent even dry yet either which should b common after a first week I'm guessing but nope not 4 me I'm really bummed cuz I have a date 2maro with my girlfriend and I have whiteheads everywhere and oliy skin and I'm always soooo embarrased and have no self-confidence when I look in her face. I cant wait 4 this 2 b over so I can finally look her in the eyes without having 2 worry about a thing on my face. thats gotta b one of the best feelings..

Comment #16

9th Day:Im writing in the morning right now but ill add on if anything else happened in the evening. Well acutally my face looks way less inflammed and lumpy than yesterday the cyst near my lip is almost vanished. I'm sure in a day or 2 it will be gone. my face was really oily when I woke up. it looked like I just got done running a 5 mile run. I'm glad my face looks somewhat better so that will keep my more confident during my date.

Ill let you know how it wentEvening:K well my date went well my face isnt that bad and I feel good about it. some more whiteheads coming up especially inbetween my eyebrows which is so annoying 4 anyone 2 look at. no side effects other than dry lips. my face wasnt as oily..

Comment #17

Don't worry about more oil. it's just the Murad Acne Complex pushing everything out. you'll dry up soon enough. as for your date, I hope it goes well :]..

Comment #18

10th Day:Pretty much the same as yesterday. still oily. I have a new whitehead coming up on my right cheek. it's annoying because my face switches from being inflammed then it's not as much ahh. I'm going crazy cuz I have 3 whiteheads inbetween my eyes and I know ppl arent looking me in the eyes when I talk 2 them but ill live...

Comment #19

11th DayToday was great! All the whiteheads on my face are diminishing and my hyperpigmentated spots are lightenening up knock on wood it stays this way. I am starting to break out on my neck which is annoying cuz these zits are just really red and bulging. other than that, I'm doing well. working out everyday, hanging with my friends and gf. life is good..

Comment #20

12th Day:Things are looking good still. got some new whiteheads but I'm not worried about them anymore cuz they go away in 2 days. the breakouts on my neck are going down. I'm glad they are cuz they hurt pretty bad actually. my face isnt as oily as it used to I can tell I'm starting 2 get blurred vision so I'm wearing my glasses now so it's fine. I have also noticed my nose is always stuffy and there is more blood in my snot.

Joint pains are no longer occuring after I work out..

Comment #21

13th Day:Wow time is flying already! almost 2 weeks now! everything has been great so far. I think/hope my IB is over cuz I only have 5 active whiteheads but other than that no cysts!! really hope it stays this way. still have hyperpigmentation but it's slowly lghteneing up. feel way more self-confident looking ppl in the eyes now. ive been dying 4 this day 2 come again..

Comment #22

14th Day:Everything is still all good. have 2 new whiteheads coming up on my jawline but honestly I dont care anymore about new breakouts cuz I know they go away so I'm content. starting to breakout on my chest more but I dont care cuz I dont take my shirt off that much at all right now. skin is beginning to get more dry as well. besides that life is good. just got donw with my track meet.

I run the 100m 200m 4X1 and long jump if there are any track ppl at all on I ran an 11.3 for my 100! so amped! all time record so far. next week is spring break 4 me and I'm going 2 Macchu Picchu, Peru. I cant wait! I will b able to practice my spanish and see the ruins ive always wanted 2 see...

Comment #23

15th Day:The two whiteheads on my jawline are getting bigger but I'm not letting them bring me down. face is finally getting drier and my lips are getting to the point when I need to put chapstick on every second. face looks wayyy better than last week. ive seen improvment. this stuff is great and I'm happy of my decison..

Comment #24

16th DayToday I took my ACT .....ahh my brain was fried but I think I did well. didnt really care watmy face looked ,ike cuz I just took a test all day but it's breaking out more =( dang I thought I was done with it but nope. my face is stil a little oily but not as bad. lips r really dry and red..

Comment #25

Ugh, the act the test of all tests :[ I hope you did well though. maybe stressing about that caused you to break out some?..

Comment #26

Ya thats a good point. I didnt think of that but ya I could so see that being the case cuz I was like freaking out during the science section and I couldnt think straight at all ahh I hope I did well..

Comment #27

17th DayWow I cant believe it's already been 17 days!! time flies on Murad Acne Complex. ugh my face looks horrible 2day. I guess my IB isnt over =( I got a nice big red cyst on my cheek and I'm soo pissed about it and I have a red inflamed zit on my forehead. getting more on my jawline ugh o well at least ill b gone in peru on thursday so none of my friends can see my face. I hope it's all healed on my way back. o ya so I just found out I will run out of pills on my second to last day in peru! is that bad? doesnt Murad Acne Complex stay in your system 4 like a week?..

Comment #28

18th Day:my face looks fine except this stupid cyst on my face!!! it's getting bigger and bigger each day but I'm starting to notice the whitehead/pus coming from under so it's a sign of healing. I'm just really ready to leave for peru and b away from my friends 4 awhile. I need the break from this humiliation..

Comment #29

22nd Day:Sorry I havent been updating my days but I dont hink it matters cuz no one reads it anyways. the cyst on my cheek is finally going down and popped yesterday. I'm getting sum new ones on my jawline and I have a really annoying one above my lip it's just red with no white head and it's not a cyst cuz it doesnt hurt. well today I leave for lima, peru to explore the country! I'm really excited, ill b gone 4 10 days so my log wont b going on till I come back. I finish my pills on my last day in peru making it the end of one month! yay! ill give my 1 month update when I come back..

Comment #30

Hey guys I'm back!!! Jus got back from peru and it was amazing!! ive already completed my first month and I'm starting my second week in my 2 month. my face isnt that ba =) I'm content. I have a big one coming under my nose and it's annoying and hurts 2 touch but Murad Acne Complex makes zits heal fast. I was moved up 2 60mg btw. I'm getting way moe headaches..

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