Should you use jojoba oil as a moisturizer?

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I've been on Murad Resurgence a few days more than three weeks and just had a follow up derm appointment. She asked what I had been moisturizing with and when I told her jojoba oil she's like "that's an oil it's just going to clog your pores and make more acne." Obviously I had been weary of putting oil on my face to begin with but after reading a lot about it online I realized it wasn't comedogenic and it wasn't even a true oil. More importantly, it has been working great. Has any one else's derm commented on using jojoba oil?..

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Your question was: Should you use jojoba oil as a moisturizer?.

Funny... my derm gave me a bunch of samples of Cetaphil with my first prescription of Murad Resurgence...

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Ur derm must be a dumbass lol.All they must teach is how to prescribe topicals at derms I swear not any basic skincare..

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Yeah, I thought it was ridiculous myself. honestly, I don't trust my derm. all that much, especially the fact that she NEVER has heard of jojoba oiland she went through all those years of school :/. sketchy. i'll see how my skin goes here this next month, and might go back to the cetaphil moist. lotion @ night, and the jojoba oil mixed with it...we'll see.....

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Jojoba oil has only recently become wildly popular and is considered a holistic ingredient. It doesn't surprise me that your derm hasn't heard of it. I've never gone to medical school, but I can't imagine derms or any doctors are learning much about holistic or old world natural products unless certain ones have the potential for negative interactions with pharmaceutical drugs or side effects (e.g. St. John's Wort, milk thistle). Hell, I only learned about jojoba oil last year and when I stopped in the health shop to inquire about it I pronounced it with a J instead of an H.

Educate your derm if she doesn't know about it. Perhaps she might find it worth looking into...

Comment #4

I actually mentioned this to my derm last Friday at my 2 month check-in.She said that I shouldn't use it on my face because of the oils and how it can clog the pores...Using it as a make-up remover is fine (and it works great) or even a bit on your hair before you blow dry it is good too...One thing she said I can use a bit of is tea tree oil on some blemishes because it is a natural antiseptic/bacteria killer...but the best is to just not use anything because it can cause irritation (esp the JJ oil). So, I stopped...

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I asked my derm if I could use Jojoba oil and Tea Tree oil and she said it was perfectly fine. I mix them together so I dont know if that changes anything but she mentioned nothing about clogging pores... just the TTO might be a little too drying so use less then I normally would. Jojoba oil is not supposed to clog pores. My derm could possibly be more into natural and holistic stuff though because about half the doctors at my clinic left to go to a holistic/natural medicine school for a couple years (not even joking I had to keep switching doctors around). She is also the only derm I have ever had that said the for some people food (allergy) does cause acne and foods can irritate it as well.I started iso on 3/13 and have not broken out yet.

I use 1 part TTO to 2 parts Jojoba oil for my mix and apply it only at night, nothing during the day (this will change though once I actually go outside). I know it's helping because the skin on my scalp is flaking sooo bad. If I touch my scalp during the day my hair turns white...

Comment #6

That's neat that the whole derm office went to learn more about holistic methods! Keep that derm!..

Comment #7

If we aren't supposed to use Cetaphil moisturizing lotion then what are we supposed to use?..

Comment #8

Your derm is awesome! I wish my derm would stop recommending Cetaphil. I hate that stuff! It has comedogenic ingredients in it, blah Its in my shampoo too..

Comment #9

Thats weird because my derm said put what ever was nessasary on my face, haha...

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Some derms say jojoba oil is comedogenic? maybe they didn't cover it during their schooling but you'd think they'd be continuing research for their patients after becoming dermatologists, instead of assuming that since it has "oil" in it it's bad to use...

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I say use what works regardless of if your derm has heard of it or not. Jojoba oil is natural so it won't hurt you in any way. If it is working as a good moisturizer for you, use it!! You are the one walking around with your face, not your derm!..

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I used the oil-cleansing method for a long time and jojoba oil was one of the oils I used. My skin was clearer, smoother, and softer when I was using it. I don't care what any derm says - jojoba oil does NOT clog pores! I also use it on my legs, which are prone to ingrown hairs, and I haven't had any ingrown hairs since I started. It's so funny to see the contradictory advice we are given, even from people who are supposed to be experts...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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