Should I try a MAC??

I just got back from Best Buy, and fell in love with an iMac. I've never used an iMac before, I've been with Bill the whole way. I did get a one hour demo on the Mac and thought it was VERY nice..

So, I'm looking for any kind of feedback on macs, good or bad. I have the fever to try one, but I wanted to ask my friends on the forum..

Please let me know what you might know about iMacs/Macs..

Thank you for your time..

Tim.....Birthday money is burning a hole in my pocket!..

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I've always had pc's, but have an iMac for the missus now..

Know that the new versions have Intel processors so they'll run both Mac OS and Windows and you can boot into whatever you want.It's the best of both worlds...

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Got a G4 iMac (the one that has a swiveling LCD) earlier this year as an experiment and I've been somewhat disappointed..

I'm a long-time PC user (20+ yrs) who also wanted to try a Mac mostly for photos and videos. Tried it out in stores and it seemed user-friendly even if somewhat confusing. Not knowing whether I would really like it, I bought a used Mac as an experiment a G4 iMac (1.25 ghz, 768mb ram, OS X 10.4) for a little over $500 on ebay..

After having used it for about 6 mos., here's my opinion comparing it to my similarly-spec'd PC notebook running on XP):Pros:1. Looks cool - both hardware and the interface.

2. I like the iLife 06 suite. iMovie is awesome. iWeb is easy though limited. iPhoto is not bad. Haven't used the others much.

3. stable and reliable - I only reboot about once a week to clean out the cache. I reboot my PC everyday..

4. security - nice not to have to worry about viruses. Not sure about spyware though.5. tech support through Apple geniuses - pretty good6. nice to have built-in print to PDF.

7. Finding files with the search function is easier and faster than on XP. Don't know about Vista..


1. Interface is quirky, not always logical, and sometimes frustrating. Definitely takes a lot of getting used to. I still have to use the help function to figure out how to do some basic tasks..

2. Compatibility with existing hardware is hit or miss - wasn't compatible with my webcam or keyboard. Was compatible with my photo printer and external hd.3. No built-in memory card reader, even on the iMac..

4. To take full advantage of iPhoto and iWeb, you almost have to have a dot Mac account..

5. Mac versions of some software are not as polished or act strangely. For example, Yahoo Messenger doesn't have a chat log (WTF?) and when you're chatting, you have to keep scrolling down manually..

For photo management, I prefer Picasa over iPhoto for simplicity, ease of use, and ease of uploading..

My wife and I are thinking about getting another computer and we'll probably buy a PC...

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Hi Tim,.

I'm surprised the Mac fanatics haven't come out in style. You have very moderate responses so far..

I'm a long time Mac user (I would describe myself as a passionate Mac user), dabble in PCs when I have to at work for something specific. I actually think creaDVty's post isn't a bad summary. He did use an older Mac, and lost the advantage of the larger/better screens and faster processors of the new ones. The con he noted that surprises me is peripheral compatibility. I have never had a connectivity issue, and fuirthermore never need to load drivers when I add a new peripheral. That is generally a major Mac strength, and I have embarassed people on a few occassions with PCs who couldn't get the LCD projector they brought with them to work, but I could plug in my PowerBook and project with no problem.

The interface is just different. I find a PC quirky and difficult to work with - but I've primarily used a Mac for years. They are definitely stable, I haven't had an issue with a virus in 5-10 years, ....

If it grabs you, go for it..


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OK, I'm a Mac Fan. I've used a Mac since they first came out in 1984, and have owned one since the Mac 512K enhanced came out a year later. I've used PCs since that time also, and UNIX boxes in various flavors. Here's my take: any of these computers will let you do plenty of stuff, and nowadays they will let you do it very well. The Window's machines seem more quirky, less intuitive, less standardized with a common interface, less smooth in GUI (graphical user interface), more prone to viruses, spyware, and all sorts of weird operating system glitches that you'll have more trouble figuring out. Your time spent managing a Windows PC is greater than with a good Mac, and the iMac is put together precisely so that there is little management (both pros and cons here)..

The iMac comes with intel core 2 duo processors, and will run Windows if you really want to do that. I've run Windows on an iMac both as a different boot (with Apple's "Boot Camp software"), and in tandem with "Parallels" program. It worked fine and dandy with a minimum of fuss. You actually are also getting a UNIX box with your iMac and can run some pretty nifty Unix software on that as well if you ever want to..

Mac OS X is one nifty Operating System, and in my estimation is better than any version of Windows, and goes Unix a heck of a lot better also. The software suite with the iMc is pretty nifty right out of the box. In fact, it is what most folks buying it ever use. The new iLife 08 is darn cool. iPhoto has been revamped dramatically, iMovie is a rather cool non-linear editor which is what most folks will ever need (unless like me you do more video work), and most major software will be cross-platform anyway (but then again, you can run Windows on it if you so desire)..

My recommendation? Oh, a 20-inch iMac, ($1,899.00) with at least 2GB of RAM, and the 750GB Drive is a good deal, but I have a 24-inch screen iMac and the difference is huge. It comes with everything you'll need to get going. Wireless , bluetooth, etc..

Whichever you get, buy extra memory separately. Apple's memory upgrades will cost you an arm and a leg..



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Http:// should be made not to be broken..

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I use a pc. Howerver I have a friend who swears by a mac.She is very pleased with it and will not change it at all...

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I just got an iMac last month, not necessarily for positive reasonsI told myself my next PC was not going to be running Windows. I'm a photo enthusiast and I'm rather disappointed (and very surprised) with the available software for the Mac. I tried a number of them so far and they seem to be missing one function or another. One highly touted program (not freeware) can't open tif files. Many don't have a curves function. The height of ironies is that Adobe has a newer version of PSE for Windows than Mac.

Many, many converts or potential converts moaned about the absence of a printing program that is as powerful as QImage. The ones I have tried don't seem oriented towards people who are really serious about their printing. As an example, their sites don't mention anything about their interpolation techniques. (Compare with ddisoftware/QImage)..

Having said all that, I think the situation will change shortly. There are rumblings that a new version of Adobe PSE will be coming out. The long awaited Pixelmator hopefully will be released soon. Ultimately, when there's a critical mass of new users, especially converts, there will be more options..

That's my two cents...

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Macs and PCs have always had two different approaches. In the PC world, you have standardized software, and cheap, often flaky hardware. In the Mac world, you have limited software, and expensive but reliable hardware. In the PC world, you have a lot of inexpensive options for parts, and a complex ecosystem of software. In the Mac world, you have more limited set of parts (some difficulty with finding parts that have device drivers), and a less complex ecosystem of software (less available)..

Times are changing. Apple switched to Intel hardware, so their latest Macs can run Windows either under virtualization or via dual-boot. Macs do use higher end hardware, so you're paying for a quality PC. If you don't like Mac OS, you can always dual-boot it into Windows. It's a reasonably safe choice, and a brilliant move by Apple. Since Apple has moved to Intel, there are some fears in the industry that Apple will end up becoming a PC clone maker like all the rest, and that software vendors will simply drop Apple support in favor of suggesting people run their software under Windows on the Mac..


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I would get a mac without hesitation. Think of everything that is annoying about a PC, slow start up times, pop up, viruses, annoying virus scans every 30 seconds, slow hard disk search, un user friendly interface, ughhh!! It makes my skin crawl thinking about it! Well a mac, forget all of that. I run a G5 ibook, which is 2 years old so the new ones are a lot better and I could not be happier, everything just works! Start up in under 30 seconds, and it's DONE, no stupid log in codes or annoying checks to be done, you turn it on, you will be online in 35 seconds. Also the built in Airport card means getting online is a breeze, no passwords, no logging on, if there is a router nearby then you are in!.

Someone said about the intel models running windows? I'm not sure this is true, you can get windows software - I have Office for mac and it's MUCH better than the windows version. Regardless, Tiger, Leopard or Panther on the OSX operating system is much better than windows if you want a simple life, pretty much all you need is on the screen so no looking for programs..

I think a few people who are used to PCs will say it's difficult to get on with macs and I guess if you ran an office or something that is true, but if you want a dedicated media hub and dont expect to run your life through it and have outlook express running 24/7 then you wont be disappointed..

Oh and also, take it out the box, 1 minute your are up and running, no installing software, setting up nonsense..

Get one, they are a real bargain right now too!..

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All I've ever used is a PC, never touched a Mac until I bought one for my son a month ago - a Macbook Pro. Nice hardware, good support, nice software, and a very stable system. I am impressed and those iMacs with the 24" screens in the Apple store really caught my eye. Since the Macs can now boot Windows I can see myself getting one in the future. I could still run Windows and my existing software and use the Mac OS also. My wife being a teacher is a plus since they give discounts to educators.

Since we were buying an iPod ayway, the disounts brought the price down to somehwere close to what it would have cost for a powerful Windows laptop and an iPod.My humble photo gallery:

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Thank you all for some GREAT feedback..

I'm thinking hard on this one!.

Oct...sounds like the time to buy the new os system?.



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I have a 24" iMac (the previous white version) which I use for photo processing. The latest version of iPhoto works much better with raw files and there are plug-ins/utilities for things like uploading photos to smugmug. One gotcha with iPhoto is that it doesn't seem to have a way to convert to sRGB if you shoot aRGB (and it makes my canon raw files aRGB by default) so you need to do the conversion to sRGB outside of iPhoto..


* quiet* big, bright screen.

* integrated design (so just the screen and the keyboard/mouse to worry about and only one power cable)* iPhoto built-in and you can buy Aperture.

Cons:* probably need a ram upgrade and an external hard drive..

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