Should I take Murad Resurgence?

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Okay, so iv been wanting to take Murad Resurgence for quite some time now, and finally, I am going in the next 2-3 days for my blood work.but, the thing is, I'm getting freaked out.its really hard to explain, like I really want to do it, because:my skin blowsself-confindence sucksneed a girlfriendetc.but I'm just worried about it, and if it's worth it.i know everyone has their own opinions about Murad Resurgence, but should I go on it?..

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Your question was: Should I take Murad Resurgence?.

Well, for example, you're on Murad you regret it/are you happy with it?..

Comment #1

Very early days for me to say, but yes so far I am happy.One thing I will say is that there are many people who have great success on Murad Resurgence on this website but because they are successful they dont return to this website (most people have no reason for an acne support site if they no longer have acne). So thats why you may find a large amount of negative views on Murad Resurgence on here, those with bad experiences are still here to vent their frustration. Thus you may find a bias towards the negative side of Murad Resurgence on here. Just bear this in mind.good luck..

Comment #2

Bleh,Let me tell you it is worth it. I'm on my fourth month. My skin has cleared up, my confidence is up and I'm actually dating a hot chick now. Your side effects may differ, than mine. Mine were not bad at all thus far. They included really dry lips (make sure you buy lots of chapstick), dry skin, dry hair/scalp.

Cholesterol was up, but Dr. says that's normal and will come back down. The worst part is probably not being able to drink. (I only drink once or twice a month)Clearing up you skin will not necessarily make you popular or attractive or get you a girlfriend. That is something you have to be proactive about.

You have to mentally get over your acne too. Thinking positive and acting confident will help you with this. Looks alone will not change your shyness (but it can't hurt). Overall, yes I'd take it. You won't regret it...

Comment #3

Haha, I hear you about the drinking part dude.its not even like my acne runs my life, or I have no social life, it's actually the opposite, I love my friends, but it's just that my acne kinda just makes me feel like shit sometimes. thanks for the reply man, I'm definitely gunna go for it now.i think that part thats freaking me out the worst right now are the blood tests.isnt there like some kinda gel that they can use to numb it before they put in the needle?even if they dont, do they hurt really badly, iv never gotten one...

Comment #4

Fuck yea.i went into it not even thinking. but not by choice ( I was so excited to get started I didnt even register any consequences).dont get psyched out, you havent even started yet. dont let other peoples' downfalls scare you away...

Comment #5

No man blood tests don't hurt at all. It's sort of like getting a shot or giving blood. They just put the needle in your arm(without numbingit's not needed at all) A little trick I learned when I was little was to not look at the needle at all, and look away from where the nurse will draw blood from. You'll feel a little prick and you're done. You may get a little light headed but it goes away after a few minutes.GL with the course, I think you'll find you've made the right decision...

Comment #6

Thanks man.i might actually go for bloodwork tomorrow.will my blood test results be okay if I got drunk on saturday though?..

Comment #7

Yea, you should...after the course you can finally move on with your life. Acne will no longer be an excuse not to go out, meet people, and make a name for yourself.....

Comment #8

I hate Murad Resurgence and wouldnt recommend it to anyone but thats just me. It worked wonders for my skin but it fucked with my head. Personally, if I had to choose having constant suicidal ideations or acne, I would choose acne anyday..

Comment #9

Amen. Same, severe joint pain or acne? I'll have acne please...

Comment #10

You act as though it's a direct trade-off. It's not. A more accurate statement would be, "if you take Murad Resurgence, you have a 95% chance of clearing your acne partially or completely.. however you also have a 5% chance of developing severe lasting side effects".So the question is really, "are you willing to accept a 5% risk of long-term joint pain (or whatever side effect) for clear skin?"Your opinion is biased, because you had horrible side effects. Mine is biased in the opposite direction because I have had nothing but success, and I accept and understand both sides of the coin. I just don't think it's fair for you to go parading around as though it's 100% certain that this is the trade-off he's going to be making by choosing to take Murad Resurgence...

Comment #11

I recommend it too cuz I dont think there is another choose could cure our acne once for all..

Comment #12

I agree that most people are fine immediately after treatment or even in the years following. But people like yourself don't realise the mechanism of action, which has only recently been established (why would you look into it when you are what seems to be perfectly healthy). It is not a case of 95% of people are ok, because the mechanism by which it clears acne, is the same reason why your DNA is altered. You won't believe me when I say your life is almost certainly shortened and you will be in worse health later on in life. As I said, all the evidence points to this and it will one day become common knowledge. Until then, people like yourself feel that Murad Resurgence is the bee's knee's and you haven't been effected.People need to understand, once you haven taken a decent amount of Murad Resurgence, certain parts of your DNA will never be the same.

So that is it from me in this thread...

Comment #13

It's my first WEEK and my confidence is already higher. LOL. I've always had hot girls though... so don't know about that :\..

Comment #14

Taking Murad Resurgence is one of the best things to happen to me. Yes. If it's taking over your life (like it was mine) then do it!..

Comment #15

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